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Casanova is a British television drama serial, written by television playwright Dennis Potter. Directed by Mark Cullingham and John Glenister, the serial was made by the BBC and screened on the BBC2 network in November and December 1971. It is loosely based on Italian adventurer Giacomo Casanova's Histoire de ma vie (Story of My Life; 1780–92). It was Dennis Potter's first television serial, having previously written single plays for the BBC's The Wednesday Play and Play for Today series. Frank Finlay starred in the title role and was nominated for the best actor award at the 1972 BAFTA ceremony.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Casanova (1971)

S01E01 Steed in the Stable 16/11/1971 After being arrested and charged with "foul atheism" and fornication, Casanova is sentenced to five years imprisonment at "The Leads": the most notorious of Venetian gaols. Brutalised by Lorenzo the gaoler and devoid of hope under the harsh prison regime, Casanova's mind wanders back to his past loves and adventures. He finds himself haunted by the memory of Christina, a simple country girl he gave to another rather than marry her himself.
S01E02 One at a Time 23/11/1971 Casanova receives a new cellmate in the form of Schalon, a corrupt insurance broker, and reflects on his seduction of three daughters at a house in Grenoble.
S01E03 Magic Moments 30/11/1971 Casanova is irritated by his constantly complaining cell mate Schalon and remembers how he once pretended to be a magician casting a spell to seduce the virgin daughter of an old naïve man.
S01E04 Window, Window 07/12/1971 The episode flashes back and forward between Casanova trying to seduce Anne Roman-Coupier, even though his friend strongly discourages this, and him trying to receive some books while being in prison. He is also haunted by memories of watching a man being executed and him smashing a window with a stone in Venice.
S01E05 Fevers of Love 14/12/1971 While in his prison cell, Casanova is tormented by fever dreams and flashbacks to his past loves and especially his stay in London.
S01E06 Golden Apples 21/12/1971 This episode flashes back and forward between Casanova finally managing to escape from his prison cell and him trying to write his memoires in Castle of Duchcov near the end of his life as an old, dying man.