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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Castle Haven

S01E09 Episode 009 00/00/0000
S01E10 Episode 010 00/00/0000
S01E11 Episode 011 00/00/0000
S01E12 Episode 012 00/00/0000
S01E13 Episode 013 00/00/0000
S01E14 Episode 014 00/00/0000
S01E15 Episode 015 00/00/0000
S01E16 Episode 016 00/00/0000
S01E17 Episode 017 00/00/0000
S01E18 Episode 018 00/00/0000
S01E19 Episode 019 00/00/0000
S01E20 Episode 020 00/00/0000
S01E21 Episode 021 00/00/0000
S01E22 Episode 022 00/00/0000
S01E23 Episode 023 00/00/0000
S01E24 Episode 024 00/00/0000
S01E25 Episode 025 00/00/0000 The search for Dickie Everitt continues. Mr. Pack offers Mr. Thorn a bungalow.
S01E26 Episode 026 00/00/0000 Dickie Everitt explains his disappearance and Delilah and Betsy have to face facts.
S01E27 Episode 027 00/00/0000
S01E28 Episode 028 00/00/0000
S01E29 Episode 029 00/00/0000 Mr. Pack gives Ivor Davies a warning. Jo Mercer has a surprise visitor out of her past.
S01E30 Episode 030 00/00/0000 Harry Everitt is taken ill. Mr. Morris comes home from the sea.
S01E31 Episode 031 00/00/0000 The Meeks have a flood in the basement - Jo and Phil meet Fiona's needs.
S01E32 Episode 032 00/00/0000 The Mercers receive and unexpected present. Harry finds himself in trouble. Ivor Davies has a long talk with Alice.
S01E33 Episode 033 00/00/0000 With the death of Hugh, Fiona Morris has to adjust to a new life. Jo Mercer meets Jill Bates again.
S01E34 Episode 034 00/00/0000 Harry Everitt gets himself a new job, and Fiona attends Hugh's funeral.
S01E35 Episode 035 00/00/0000 Fiona Morris meets Hugh's mother and learns a little more about Hugh Morris. Betsy and Delilah receive a visit from a detective.
S01E36 Episode 036 00/00/0000 Mr. Pack puts a stop to the Meek's plans and Phil Mercer comes face to face with Councillor Bates.
S01E37 Episode 037 00/00/0000 Mr. and Mrs. Bennett pay a surprise visit to Jo and Phil to tell them about a new business venture they are considering. Mr. and Mrs.Thorn return from their holiday.
S01E38 Episode 038 00/00/0000 Harry Everitt makes a big decision. Del and Betsy receive a warning from their bank manager.
S01E39 Episode 039 00/00/0000 Mr. Pack comes to see Fiona on behalf of the owners and a storm breaks over Castle Haven.
S01E40 Episode 040 00/00/0000 The Waters visit the Vicar, Pack makes a date, and Lorna Everitt gives in.
S01E41 Episode 041 00/00/0000 Fiona Morris has dinner with Edward Peck and Betsy Hilldrup keeps a secret rendezvous.
S01E42 Episode 042 00/00/0000 Fiona learns some startling news, and Sylvia suffers another setback.
S01E43 Episode 043 00/00/0000 Ivor Davies finds himself in debt. Vlasta Pospichal comes home again.
S01E44 Episode 044 00/00/0000 Jo and Phil both learn a little more about Ivor and Alice Davies. Vlasta receives a visitor from the past.
S01E45 Episode 045 00/00/0000 Anton Pastek causes friction between Josip and Vlasta. Lily Makepeace tries to stop the Davies' divorce.
S01E46 Episode 046 00/00/0000 Everitt has a surprise for Mr. Pack. Josip receives some bad news.
S01E47 Episode 047 00/00/0000 Alice Davies is under pressure not to go through with the divorce. Arthur Thorn has an embarrassing moment.
S01E48 Episode 048 00/00/0000 The Davies' forthcoming divorce proceedings cause alarm and despondency. Jo gets a painful shock.
S01E49 Episode 049 00/00/0000 Arthur and Meg Thorn come to a satisfactory arrangement with Mr. Pack; Harry Everitt increases his assets.
S01E50 Episode 050 00/00/0000 Ivor is thrown on the defensive; Jo's father brings disappointment to Josip, but welcome relief to Betsy and Delilah.
S01E51 Episode 051 00/00/0000 Harry Everitt refuses an offer, and Meg Thorn wins a battle. Phil Mercer hears some scandalous gossip.
S01E52 Episode 052 00/00/0000 Harry stands on his dignity and Fiona makes a confession. Phil finds it easier to give advice than take some.
S01E53 Episode 053 00/00/0000 The Mercers' plans horrify Mrs. Bennet; Mr. Pack helps Tom Meek with his plans, and Dickie Everitt has long-term plans for the future. Arthur Thorn causes Meg a great disappointment.
S01E54 Episode 054 00/00/0000 Meg Thorn comes to an independent decision.
S01E55 Episode 055 00/00/0000 Phil Mercer gets to the bottom of Dickie Everitt's trouble; Alice Davies is offered a way out of her troubles. Meg and Arthur Thorn prepare to welcome their son.
S01E56 Episode 056 00/00/0000 David Bates and Edward Pack plan to make a killing and Ivor Davies revives some dying embers.
S01E57 Episode 057 00/00/0000 The Davieses give Eric and Mabel Waters a shock. Jo Mercer has a small success.
S01E58 Episode 058 00/00/0000 Jo Mercer suffers a setback, and Arthur and Meg Thorn get more than they bargained for.
S01E59 Episode 059 00/00/0000 Darlene gives rise to considerable speculation, and the Meeks get a new tenant.
S01E60 Episode 060 00/00/0000 Councillor Bates rebukes Mr. Pack. Tom Meek and Harry Everitt strike a bargain. Jimmy Thorn and Darlene make a big impresion in the ""Gate"".
S01E61 Episode 061 00/00/0000 Jimmy Thorn makes a cash offer and Harry Everitt refuses one. The Pospichals suffer a setback.
S01E62 Episode 062 00/00/0000 Phil Mercer makes an apology, Mr. Pack makes another offer, and Harry Everitt makes a sale.
S01E63 Episode 063 00/00/0000 Phil Mercer makes an apology, Mr. Pack makes another offer, and Harry Everitt makes a sale.
S01E64 Episode 064 00/00/0000 Jimmy Thorn suffers a temporary loss. Harry Everitt becomes a hospital case. Vanessa Bardell calls on David Bates for help.
S01E65 Episode 065 00/00/0000 Vanessa Bardell appeals to David Bates for help. Jimmy Thorn evades questions about his money. Lorna Everitt anxiously awaits the outcome of Harry's operation
S01E66 Episode 066 00/00/0000 Darlene survives an accident. Alice Davies' worst fears are confirmed. Mr. Pack hears that Tobias.
S01E67 Episode 067 00/00/0000 Jimmy Thorn devises a counter-plot. Phil Mercer takes a moral stand. Ivor Davies gets a shock.
S01E68 Episode 068 00/00/0000 Ivor Davies enlists Fiona Morris' help. Tobias Angell and Jimmy Thorn win a battle. Josip Pospichal must make a decision.
S01E69 Episode 069 00/00/0000 Betsy and Delilah Hilldrup consider their future. David Bates has some unwelcome visitors. The Pospichals make a tactical decision.
S01E70 Episode 070 00/00/0000 The Pospichals try gentle persuasion. Betsy Hilldrup makes an independent decision. Ivor Davies appeals to Alice.
S01E71 Episode 071 00/00/0000 Councillor Bates shows interest in the ""Gate"".
S01E72 Episode 072 00/00/0000 Harry Everitt discovers the truth about Lorna. Mrs. Bennet gives a lecture. Ivor Davies seeks advice from Fiona Morris.
S01E73 Episode 073 00/00/0000 Eric Waters threatens to tell Councillor Bates the truth about Alice. Jimmy Thorn takes advice from Tobias Angell. Vlasta Pospichal wins Charlie.
S01E74 Episode 074 00/00/0000 Harry Everitt arranges a new job for Sylvia. Jo Mercer finds a new interest. Josip Pospichal makes an important decision. Darlene accepts a proposal.
S01E75 Episode 075 00/00/0000 Jo Mercer decides to offer Phil a choice of Christmas dinner. Tobias Angell makes a confession. Sarah Meek and Lorna Everitt put their heads together.
S01E76 Episode 076 00/00/0000 Meg Thorn looks forward to going to Australia. Sylvia Everitt walks out of her job. Sarah Meek makes a sale. The Pospichals make a crucial decision.
S01E77 Episode 077 00/00/0000 Ivor Davies appeals to Fiona Morris for help. Jimmy Thorn hears from a friend. Sylvia Everitt and Tony Becket unite against the older generation.
S01E78 Episode 078 00/00/0000 Tom Meek suspects he has been got at. Counc. Bates sees Alice Davies in a new light. The Davieses relive the past. Matthew Bennet shows his hand.
S01E79 Episode 079 00/00/0000 Meg Thorn suffers a setback. Alice Davies gets good advice and Mr. Bennet takes the initiative.
S01E80 Episode 080 00/00/0000 Tobias Angell refuses to co-operate. David Bates gets an unexpected call. Fiona Morris reaches a crisis.
S01E81 Episode 081 00/00/0000 Fiona Morris becomes a patient. Harry Everitt tries his hand at education. Tobias Angell meets a very old friend.
S01E82 Episode 082 00/00/0000 Sylvia Everitt gets an unexpected birthday present. Harry Everitt and Counc. Bates arrange a meeting. The Davieses look forward to the future.
S01E83 Episode 083 00/00/0000 Harry Everitt takes exception to Phil Mercer's teaching methods. Sylvia Everitt applies to Sid Buller for a job. The Mercers reach a crisis.
S01E84 Episode 084 00/00/0000 Phil Mercer is lectured by Wiggy and by Mr. Bennet. Tom Meek and Harry Everitt finally come to terms. The Marina meeting reaches an impasse.
S01E85 Episode 085 00/00/0000 Darlene contracts a mysterious illness. Jo Mercer visits two old age pensioners. Emily reveals a secret.
S01E86 Episode 086 00/00/0000 Meg and Arthur Thorn become increasingly worried about Jimmy. Alfred and Bertie find another ""soft touch"". Betsy decides upon her terms for selling ""The Gate"".
S01E87 Episode 087 00/00/0000 Jimmy Thorn's past catches up with him. Mr. Pack brings Counc. Bates good news. Meg Thorn puts her foot in it.
S01E88 Episode 088 00/00/0000 Counc. Bates acknowledges Emily Fry's help. Phil Mercer meets Georgie Kelly. Harry Everitt finds it is necessary to read a contract.
S01E89 Episode 089 00/00/0000 Mrs. Bennet expresses her point of view. Jimmy Thorn is reconciled to his fate. Mr. Pack makes a proposal.
S01E90 Episode 090 00/00/0000 Vanessa Bardell borrows a limousine. Arthur Thorn takes an active hand. Counc. Bates is optimistic about the future.
S01E91 Episode 091 00/00/0000 Tom Meek and Harry Everitt come to another agreement. Georgie Kelly offers Jimmy Thorn employment. Counc. Bates hears that the police are interested in his car.
S01E92 Episode 092 00/00/0000 Jimmy Thorn finds out more about his bet. Lorna Everitt gives an ultimatum. Counc. Bates changes his mind.
S01E93 Episode 093 00/00/0000 Tom Meek applies to Harry Everitt for a job. Counc. Bates takes steps to save his reputation. Delilah Hilldrup makes plans to sell the ""Gate"".
S01E94 Episode 094 00/00/0000 Charlie Higgs foresees a rich future for Delilah and Betsy Hilldrup. Mr. Bennet gives Counc. Bates a stern warning. Phil Mercer recovers his losses.
S01E95 Episode 095 00/00/0000 Harry Everitt meets an old sparring partner again, and Tom Meek loses his partner again. Counc. Bates and Vanessa Bardell both receive summonses.
S01E96 Episode 096 00/00/0000 Jimmy Thorn considers his assets. Mr. Pack makes a literary comparison. Councillor Bates betrays his staunchest ally.
S01E97 Episode 097 00/00/0000 Tom Meek sees an opening into the Marina. Mr. Pack drops a bombshell. Phil Mercer meets his father-in-law half-way.
S01E98 Episode 098 00/00/0000 Tom Meek makes a substantial investment. Jimmy Thorn proposes a quick solution to his difficulties. Vanessa Bardell underestimates David Bates.
S01E99 Episode 099 00/00/0000 The Meeks offer their services as housekeepers. Harry Everitt plans his new home. Charlie Higgs is fired.
S01E100 Episode 100 00/00/0000 The tenants begin to move out of Pope's Avenue. The Mercers come to a decision about their marriage. The Castle Haven registrar has a busy day. Weddings and marriages in last episode.