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Casualty is a weekly television show broadcast on BBC One, and the longest running emergency medical drama television series in the world. Created by Jeremy Brock and Paul Unwin, it was first broadcast on 6 September 1986 and transmitted in the UK on BBC One. The producer was Geraint Morris. The programme is based around the fictional Holby City Hospital and focuses on the staff and patients of the hospital's Accident and Emergency Department.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Casualty

S01E01 Gas 00/00/0000 Ewart Plimmer has six months to prove Holby's a going concern and panic sets in when Dr Baz Samuels arrives late for work. Kuba Trzcinski turns detective after a dock land tragedy and Megan Roach reprimands Nurse Clive King for drinking on the job. Charlie Fairhead has words with Ambulance Man Andrew Ponting over his attitude to the job and there's a tragedy in the toilets, when a young woman with a stolen baby, locks herself in.
S01E02 Hide and Seek 00/00/0000 Clive King has to try and find out why two step sisters are unhappy after one of them is badly injured. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that the injured sister felt unloved by her stepfather and Clive tries to make him aware of the problem. A spot check by the DHSS sends ripples through the department and Ewart upsets his wife by cancelling a dinner engagement.
S01E03 Night Runners 00/00/0000 A football match results in a policeman being stabbed and uncovers an aggressive father's not all he seems, when his son's the suspect. Charlie's at odds with Baz and the DHSS, as Megan rallies support from the staff for a Christian Scientist who refuses to be operated on, with startling results and Duffy prepares for her driving test.
S01E04 Jump Start 00/00/0000 A troublesome reporter and a head injury case put the staff under pressure. Kuba turns on Clive for drinking on the job and a motorway pile up causes the death of two people. A woman with a guilty secret breaks her silence and the police break into her home to find her aged father dead.
S01E05 Blood Brothers 00/00/0000 The troublesome reporter's causing more problems and Clive joins the AA after admitting his drink problem. A registrar, accuses a mother of being irresponsible when her little girl is found to be drunk and a pet ferret causes mayhem in the department. A Good Samaritan becomes a victim and a surgeon ignores a haemophilia man's plea and gives him a blood transfusion. Ewart tries to change Baz's mind about leaving.
S01E06 High Noon 00/00/0000 A union meeting over the state of the National Health's closure scheme and Duffy's stand against porno films are just two problems the staff are faced with. Ewart's been kicked out of his home and Megan's being evasive about her health. A law student won't admit he's an epileptic and a young woman involved in a traffic accident, doesn't know she's seven months pregnant. Duffy's demonstration outside the cinema leads to several embers of the staff being involved in scuffles with the police.
S01E07 Professionals 00/00/0000 Charlie and Baz are an item and the staff have to deal with a battered wife, who fears for her young son. Rose Sherman meets her match when she tries to deceive Ewart over the cleaning contract and Megan confides in him about having to have an operation. An old woman with lice and a man with an ulcer are admitted and the night shift ends with a punch-up and Duffy getting thumped in the mouth.
S01E08 Crazies 00/00/0000 A crazed woman's attacking mini-cab drivers and Megan's husband, Ted, picks her up and he nearly becomes her next victim. Charlie and Baz argue over private health care, as Rose Sherman finds she can't bribe Ewart. Nurse Trish tells Duffy she's emigrating for better conditions and a safer life after being attacked. Megan finally tells Ted about her operation and Duffy prepares for her driving test.
S01E09 Moonlight Becomes You 00/00/0000 Andrew and Sandra are having an affair and Duffy failed her driving test. An old man collapses and his friends are determined to be with him until the end. A drunk driver hampers an ambulance taking a car crash victim to Holby but the staff discover he's been fatally shot. A boil on a bum, brings a cocky young man down to size by Baz and Duffy and Ewart's distraught when his daughter becomes a patient.
S01E10 Teeny Poppers 00/00/0000 Megan's smuggled back into casualty as she awaits her operation and Charlie and Baz are getting serious. When three teenagers break into a house and experiment with alcohol and drugs, tragedy strikes and Baz faces the wroth of the dead youth's relatives. A man dressed as Spiderman and a suicidal woman tax the staff and Ewart's thrown into turmoil with the sudden arrival of her daughter.
S01E11 Drunk 00/00/0000 Charlie and Baz are still an item and Megan has her operation. A proposed Royal visit is playing havoc with Ewart's budget and a young lad's found unconscious in a school's swimming pool and a race against time starts to save his life. Duffy's late for work again and as Charlie fumes, he's unaware she's become the latest rape victim.
S01E12 Quiet 00/00/0000 A local boxing match ends in tragedy when the winning boxer's found unconscious afterwards and becomes Baz's patient. Charlie teases Andy's extra martial liaison with Sandra and Duffy confides in Megan about her rape ordeal. Ewart's on hand to attend to a breach birth and Susie gets pestered by a drunk man. A wounded policeman and a drug addict are attended to, as the brain damaged boxer has to be transferred to another hospital for a scan.
S01E13 No Future 00/00/0000 Megan's awoken by a disturbance in a neighbour's garden and becomes a mediator for the police, to end the siege. Andy and Sandra are at odds as they bring a crash victim in with a suspected heart attack, but dies before the police can interview him. Ewart's suspicions of the woman's well founded, for when the police search the car, they find drugs and a search for her, is mounted. All's now well between Charlie and Baz.
S01E14 Survival 00/00/0000 Ewart's wife wants a reconciliation and Baz returns to work amid rumours, she's had an abortion, causing Charlie to fly off the handle. The staff have to deal with an old man's wishes to die, as a young man seeks reassurance on getting married. A bombshell's dropped on the future of Holby and the staff toast a decision to fight for it's survival at the end of their shift.
S01E15 Closure 00/00/0000 Ewart's got the backing of the staff, as he fights the department over the closure of Holby and a meeting's held at Megan's house to determine there strategy. Kuba saves a man being attacked by a another man, wielding a baseball bat and a suspected case of Lasser Fever, closes the casualty department down until the patient's transferred to an isolation unit. Charlie throws a party to cheer everyone up and next day a demonstration to make the public aware of the closure, is held outside the hospital.
S02E14 Burning Cases 00/00/0000 Sophie Bennod suffers verbal abuse from her wheelchair bound disabled husband, Tom and when he accidentally sets fire to the bathroom curtains, he deliberately burns himself. She accompanies him to the hospital where his burns are found not to be serious but he has to stay in for a couple of days. She decides she had enough and tells Dr Mary Thominson she's leaving him but is persuaded to speak to Tom first. He is devastated and tells her he loves her, as she walks out of his life, for good. Ewart declares his love for Elizabeth when they spend the day together, by throwing his wedding ring out of her car window. When he starts his shift later, Mary asks him to look at a young woman who is in severe pain but they clash over his diagnosis. She's after drugs but Mary disagrees but later on, he's proved right, when the woman gets up and walks out because she didn't get what she wanted. Duffy refuses to talk to Peter when he keeps phoning so he turns up drunk and causes a commotion un
S02E15 These Things Happen 00/00/0000 Ewart's recovering from a heart attack and as Megan worries about the old woman's death and the report she has to submit, Lucinda arrives to be told the bad news. When she receives a copy of her mother's death certificate, she is told by the Coroner she can't sue anyone until the inquest has been heard. Kuba lets slip to Ewart the trouble Megan's in and he's told to leave when his heart rate goes up and Elizabeth has to explain what is going on. Megan goes before the hospital board, to answer their questions and is cleared but now she has to face the inquest. Lucinda befriends Mrs King the next door neighbour, and finds a lonely woman, who's still mourning her husband and arrives in time to raise the alarm, when she tries to end it. She has to be pumped out and Lucinda complains to Charlie, who promptly spells out the risks the woman would have faced, if they hadn't done it. A birthday party ends in tragedy for three nurses, when Francine and Jane are injured in a hit and run and
S03E01 Welcome to Casualty 00/00/0000 Megan's now living in a high-rise flat because they had to sell the house to finance the mini-cab business. Charlie gives her a lift to work and Cyril's back, looking for a job and surprised to find Susie's gone. Ewart's feeling low because Elizabeth has left and he visits George, an old friend, who bucks him up. He leaves to return to casualty and findings intruders on the premises, George investigates and is brutally attacked but bites one of them before he passes out. He later raises the alarm and ends up in casualty and Ewart visits him. Later, he recognises one of his assailant's and the police apprehend both of them. Peter's sister brings Duffy a letter from him with a pressed flower in it and tells her he's dead, after driving his car into the river. Dr David Rowe finds it hard to treat a young woman, paralysed from the neck down, after a car she was working on, fell on her. Ewart meets the new out-patient's manager, Valerie Sinclair and battle lines are drawn.
S03E02 Desperate Odds 00/00/0000 Social worker, Steve Selway, is called by a neighbour concerned about the welfare of a boy but when he investigates, the father attacks and seriously injures him, leaving him for dead, by his car. With no identification on him, the staff battle to save him and as he's sent to the theatre for an operation, Megan recognises him. The police go to arrest the father but the boy's been injured and rushed to hospital where the staff battle to save him but who was responsible? The police bring in a prisoner complaining of chest pains but he is sent back to the cells after being examined but he suffers a fatal heart attack and dies. Charlie meets Valerie and talks about the Observation Ward but an irate Ewart arrives, worried about their conversation, dismisses him and then argues with her over savings to be made. A wedding party arrive suffering with food poisoning and an elderly woman with diabetes is brought in by her son and finds she's going to lose her other leg, through a gangrenou
S03E03 Drake's Drum 00/00/0000 Tony, the local Vicar, calls on an elderly man whose lost his faith and later finds he's been rushed to casualty, where a delicate heart operation to remove fluid, has to be perform by the on-duty surgeon. Duffy senses Tony has problems of his own and he eventually tells her he's HIV and Ewart's gone on a trip down the river with an old pal to escape the pressures of work, but finds out about the proposed closure of the Observation Ward. He heads back to casualty and argues with Valerie over the news and he's furious with her. A small child suffering from asthma comes in and the cause is put down to the parents arguments.
S03E04 Absolution 00/00/0000 Amid rumours that the Observation Ward is to be closed, a middle aged woman's rushed in from the airport and found to be a drug smuggler, who has swallowed the assignment, which has to be removed quickly and Charlie and Dr David Rowe are at odds about calling the police. Laura tries to commit suicide in a church, after confessing the baby she's expecting is her brother-in-law's. As the staff battle to save her, her husband's found and shocked to find out about the baby which she's loses. David has to deal with an irate husband who objects to him examining his wife's breast and when Charlie makes an undeserved remark, he puts him in his place. A patient who looks like Peter causes Duffy to freeze and has to ask Cyril to take over and then receives a reprimand from Charlie, but when she explains, he takes her to the church where he's buried and she lays his ghost to rest.
S03E05 Burn Out 00/00/0000 After being attacked by pupils at her school, the teacher returns after plastic surgery on the injuries to her face, only to be taunted by them again. She refuses to report them and when Megan visits that evening, she's shocked at what happened to her. She collapses at school and taken to Holby and told she faces more surgery which will leave her scared for life, and her husband's frustrated that the money they spent on her first operation was a waste. Valerie Sinclair feels Ewart has betrayed her over the proposed closure of the Observation Ward and they have an exchange of words, as Cindy, a squatter, is in a bad way when Keith and Shirley have to deliver her baby in the ambulance and then she rejects it. An irritable patient causes Megan to have a major stress attack and Ewart takes her to his office and she tells him about her problems and then breaks down. The patient who caused her to snap, finds himself on the receiving end when Duffy takes over and treats his injured hand.
S03E06 A Quiet Night 00/00/0000 Charlie meets Megan at the train station as she returns to work after that fateful night and she feel Ewart's family were wrong in not letting his friends attend his funeral. She tells him she had to have more tests and relieved to find the cancer hasn't returned and Ewart knew about it. A rugby player comes in with a broken nose but it's his mate who tries the patience of the staff, complaining about being kept waiting for him. Valerie Sinclair's found in Ewart's office by Charlie looking for some papers he had and Megan's shocked when a woman confides in her that her husband died suddenly and she hasn't told anyone. A farmer injures his hand on some machinery and his wife, realising it needs stitches, sends him to hospital. A group of rowdy teenagers going aboard, cause one of the mini bus drivers to taking his mind off the road and into the path of the injured farmer's car. Both buses crash and the farmer's car bursts into flames, killing him in the inferno and one of the pup
S03E07 Living Memories 00/00/0000 A little girl's rushed in and the doctors quick actions, saves her life and Megan comforts the relived mother. A man dressed as a rabbit comes in, having been pushed through a plate glass window, needs attention and his companion, also in fancy dress disguised as a chicken, causes a few laughs. Valerie Sinclair is definitely not very popular amongst the staff and an old man who comes in after his wife slashed his private parts during a row, refuses to go home. A woman, suspected of having food poison, is distressed with her partner's impatience and is relieved when he leaves. Nurse Kiran Joghill finds out she's having an affair with a with him and this must be her penance for adultery. A sixteen-year-old boy, the victim of a hit and run accident, is pronounced brain dead and as he had a donor card, the parents are asked if they can use he organs but the father refuses. The irony is, the boy will now have to have a post-mortem and what the father objected to, will happen anyway.
S03E08 Inferno 00/00/0000 A hairdresser's mood swings causes a disagreement between Megan and David, who tells the woman to keep taking the pills prescribed by her doctor, but when she returns later with a deep gash on her arm, he realises his mistake. Her husband and daughter have suffered over the years as well and Megan finally gets her to agree to seek professional help. An old war hero gets separated from his dog and is totally confused, when he's admitted but all he wants is his dog and Megan cheers him up when she tells him he's been found by the police. Valerie goes to a local bonfire night with friends and gang of kids cause trouble when they steal some rockets and throw them into the fire. Panic sets in, as parents try to protect their kids but Valerie and her friend's son are injured and rushed to Holby. The boy has to be transferred to a burns clinic and Charlie attends to her badly burnt arm and advises her to go home. A little girl comes in with suspected meningitis and Megan has decided to
S03E09 Caring 00/00/0000 When a drugs rep talks to a doctor about a drug that some of his patients are taking, is now under review, he requests they all be called in for a consultation and then goes off to start his Locum duty at Casualty. An elderly patient, who took the pledge years ago is furious when Dr David Rowe tells her the gripe water she takes for indigestion, contains alcohol. A retired consultant arrives with her GP husband,knowing what's wrong and she's admitted for a cancer operation. Charlie changes Valerie's bandages and then asks her out but before she can give him her answer, there is an emergency which he has to attend to. Kevin brings his brother Robert in, unconscious and he dies. Dr David Rowe diagnoses the probable cause was his medication and blames his GP. Little does he realise, the Locum on duty is the GP, who breaks the news to Kevin. The two doctors are at odds over it at first but realise they're both on the same side and resolve their differences. When a husband, suffering
S03E10 A Wing and a Prayer 00/00/0000 Aired only as a repeat. A patient brought in by his boss, is wrongly accused of glue sniffing but when another man comes in with the same symptoms and suffers a heart attack, the workplace's suspected of being the cause. A GP calls for an ambulance for her elderly patient, as bed shortages cause problems and when no bed can be found for him, it's decided to transfer him but dies on the journey, leaving his daughter distraught. A young mother leaves her new born son for the first time and ends up in casualty, to find he was a victim of cot death, but she blames her husband. Megan takes the parents to see their baby and arrangements are made for them to have their son christened. When two students nurses are robbed in their rooms, Cyril offers them accommodation where he lives. Sadie worries about Kuba when he realises his job's in jeopardy and he seeks reassurances from Valerie.
S04E01 Chain Reaction 00/00/0000 Cyril's keen to find out how his interview went but Charlie‘s keeping quiet about it and Jimmy Powell is in trouble over his attitude to the job and Duffy clashes with the new doctor Lucy Perry, as Charlie shows her round. Duffy tries to help Barbara sort out her children but when she has to have an emergency operation, they are taken into care and her future's not looking good. She's taken to theatre and as she's been operated on, her children arrive and Megan goes to take care of them. Charlie tells Duffy that Megan's in a state of shock because her husband's left her and that why he's keeping her busy. Valerie shocks Charlie and Duffy by admitting they may have to go back to the department for the porters jobs, because of all of the complaints. Out patrolling in their police car, Tony and Nick worry about a young schoolgirl on her own, who refuses to return home and when they leave she gets a lift from a motorist. She soon realises her mistake and as she tries to get out of the
S04E02 Accidents Happen 00/00/0000 Cyril blames Charlie when Sally gets the job, ahead of him and refuses to talk to him during the shift, but does congratulate her on her promotion. When a group of Americans arrive, he finds himself being offered the chance of a career in the States, which cheers him up and Charlie has to reprimand Jimmy again for slacking off. Beverley Miles falls down the stairs and Eric who is mentally handicapped manages to raise the alarm and goes to the hospital with her, but when her husband Colin arrives, he blames him for the accident. She has to have an emergency operation, performed by Andrew Bower to save her life. Megan tries to help an old man after being reprimanded by Duffy, for failing to see his injury was a dog bite. He confides in her that since the death of his wife, he finding it hard to cope and his dog attacked him because it was hungry. He tells her he has three sons and refuses to be a burden on them and when a woman from the Social Services arrives, he feels she let him
S04E03 A Grand in the Hand 00/00/0000 The police jump to the wrong conclusion when two cars are involved in a crash, but they can't interview the suspect because he's in a serious condition. His family arrive to break the news that his sister Karen, and the other two pals are dead and he tells Sheila, his other sister, how the accident happened. She finds Virginia Wilson in the observation ward, who admits she's responsible and the police charge her, but Richard Cumming's has to face many months of anguish, due to her act. A hen's brought in by it's owner and Alex discovers it has a cold, so tells the girl what to do and sends her home. Lucy has problems with a man's dislocated shoulder but Charlie comes to the rescue and resets it. Megan is having problems coping and when Charlie catches her at the medicine cabinet, she admits she's hooked on pills, prescribed by her doctor. Valerie overhears the conversation and tells him to report it but what she needs most, is his help. Duffy drops a bombshell on Andrew as he's abou
S04E04 Day Off 00/00/0000 A third rate comedian ends up being stabbed in the men's toilet and Jimmy finds him and summons help. Valerie's faced with patient unrest over the conditions in casualty and Lucy is stressed over working conditions, as her exams loom. Duffy has doubts about Andrew's commitment and Megan tells Charlie she's overcoming her pill dependency. Jimmy's in a state of shock and the police question him over the stabbing, as Andrew attends to Arthur and has to call for the crash team to take over. Lucy tells him she wants to specialise in general surgery and congratulates him on his new job and assumes Duffy will go with him. Jimmy gives the department a shake up which amuses Valerie and Duffy carpets Alex for giving a patient some pain killers and tells her she's reporting the incident. Megan tries to find out why a woman swallowed bleach and a man with slashed wrists is brought in, refusing to talk. Charlie tells Valerie he wants Jimmy out but she's unwilling and asks why he's in a bad moo
S04E05 Vital Spark 00/00/0000
S04E06 Charity 00/00/0000 Grumpy old man, Ivor collapses and his wife, Avril calls for an ambulance. He's snakey to Lucy as she tries to find out a little about him and he refuses to have an operation to relieve a blood clot on his leg. She falls and Duffy finds he hits her and tries to help her but she refuses. Valerie trying to raise funds for the hospital at a posh ball. Simon's taken ill and goes outside then collapses. Wife goes looking for him. A family rowing brings on an asthma attack on little Emily as they try to live in a tiny caravan. The father goes with her but she stops breathing and the ambulance team have to dash through the cars. As they try to save her, Alex has to comfort the father but she dies. An old lady is admitted but there's no hope for her but she's kept in the corridor as they try to find her a bed and Megan tries to comfort her. Richard Godley talks to Lucy about his inexperience. Dan and wife, Sarah come and she's in a state. She's got an eptopic pregnancy. Richard get
S04E07 Victim of Circumstances 00/00/0000 A newsagent's son is terrorised by thugs on his paper round and is saved by a passer-by who takes him to Casualty. When examined, he refuses to say how he got the knife wound to his neck and it's comes to light, he's been seen before and Dr Lucy Parry thinks he's being bullied. When his father arrives she tries to convince him to report the incident but he refuses. When Charlie takes over, the father tells him about previous attacks and how the police have failed to protect him and his family, so now they just try to get on with their lives. He takes his son home before returning to his shop and finds his assistant has been harassed and she tells him she can't work for him any longer but agrees to stay on until he can get a replacement. Shortly afterwards, the thugs return and when he tries to stand up to them, he's beaten senseless and is rushed to Casualty. As his family wait for news, the staff battle to save him and he survives, although he's in a serious condition. A mummy's
S04E08 Deluge 00/00/0000 There's a crisis at Holby due to cut backs and it puts a strain on all the staff, when patients are kept waiting in corridors because there are no beds available. One of Megan's patient's, who has just lost a baby ends up rowing with the husband because of it and Megan has to keep apologising to them for not being able to move her to the ward. Duffy's first patient has a broken leg but she's more upset by the timing of her accident because she was about to go on holiday. After years of holidaying in the UK, she had finally persuaded her husband to go abroad and now they can't go but Duffy sees no reason why, after treatment, they can't go. Charlie and Valerie are at loggerheads over the bed shortage and when she offers him a course to go on, he sees it as a waste of valuable money, in the current crisis. Duffy's not pleased with him either for allowing Alex to go out with the ambulance team. The receptionist, Julie Stevens, is at odds with Jimmy, the porter over getting drunk on
S04E09 Union 00/00/0000 In the town centre a young girl is thrown from a speeding car but when passers-by go to help her, she's abusive. She is still uncooperative when she's brought into Casualty and gives the staff a hard time. Julie's been promoted and when she tries to ask the girl her name, she refuses to tell her. An agency nurse, Glenn Buchanan reports for duty and it's not long before he's chatting Julie up. Megan arrives for duty but seems nervous at the sight of reporters outside. She goes in via the back entrance and it appears she's spoken out to the press about the conditions in the department. A reporter comes in, wanting to talk to her but Julie passes him over to Valerie Sinclair. When he suggests the problems in Casualty were the root cause of a patient waiting for a heart by-pass operation, dying, she's put on the spot but she denies it. An African family rush in with their little girl who is in a bad way. The parents and grandmother are taken to a side room and Julie goes to gather inf
S04E10 Taking Stock 00/00/0000 Charlie is disillusioned and tries to confide in Megan but she has problems of her own as she faces an interview with the general manager which could result in disciplinary action. A toddler left on his own whilst his mother goes to work, takes some pills and has to be pumped out, and a worried mother's relieved to find he'll be alright, after a stay in hospital. A farmer facing eviction, drives his long suffering wife to despair and she shoots him when he gives her his shotgun, and when the staff fails to save him, she faces a murder charge. A man who had tear gas sprayed in his eyes, is revealed as a rapist not the victim, and is arrested by the police and Megan gets a warning.
S04E11 Banking for Beginners 00/00/0000 Valerie's day starts off badly, when she oversleeps and ignores a cat's cry outside it's elderly owner's home, as she dashes off work. Jane, a social worker calls and finds her in a bad way and she's taken to hospital, where Valerie can't believe she could have done something to help her. Duffy ticks Alex off for being late for work but ends up with egg on her face, when she finds out the reason. She tried to save a man's life after having a working breakfast with a friend, trying to entice her to change careers. An ex-professional footballer has a drink problem and refuses to believe he's over the hill and expects his injury to take priority over other patients. Charlie's away and Valerie tells Duffy the budget for agency nurses has been frozen again and Jimmy's not happy with his new uniform. An elderly mother has to be admitted and it is Jimmy who sees the strange behaviour of the daughter and tries to get someone to check her, but fails, until she attacks her mother again. She
S04E12 Hanging On 00/00/0000 There's a surprise party at the end of a shift, but a city centre explosion puts the hospital on yellow alert.
S05E01 Penalty 00/00/0000 Starts with the funeral of Megan's husband Ted and she feels guilty she did not move to Cheltenham with him. Charlie takes her for a drink before returning to work, to find the staff playing a joke on Ash, which doesn't impress Julian Chapman, who seems to be making Beth Ramenee's life unbearable. An old man's brought in and Jimmy wins his confidence and finds he can't afford to feed himself properly and won't ask for help, so Charlie gets Tony Walker on his case but the old man leaves, refusing to co-operate. Ian and Colin are taunted by a group of football louts and are separated, with Ian being chased by them and ending up in casualty with an eye injury. Colin goes to the football match with a couple and the thugs who chased Ian, pick on him and fighting breaks out and Holby's put on standby to receive the casualties, amongst them, Colin's new woman friend. When the extent of her injuries are revealed, he vows to stand by her, as the boyfriend walks out. A grandfather, daughte
S05E02 Results 00/00/0000 Duffy's having sleepless nights with her young son and is relieved to hand him over to her child minder on the way to work. Keith Cotterill is called to a remote place where he and his colleague are threatened for their drugs and they find the tyres on the ambulance slashed. The two junkies end up in casualty after overdosing but the man's in a bad way and Keith spots the girl, who makes her escape but the police are called and arrest the thief. A lorry out of control, careers into a shop front, mowing down a man in front of his wife, and they are taken to Holby, where the staff fight a losing battle, trying to save him. Tony's called in to help her try and face up to her loss, having just moved from the traumas of city life in London. A drinking binge ends in tragedy, when so called friends take a mate out to celebrate his exam results and Charlie has to break the tragic news to his girlfriend, he's dead. At the end of the shift, Charlie faces a personal tragedy, when he finds a
S05E03 Close to Home 00/00/0000 Megan is woken by a crying child and when she investigates, she sees the mother leaving, alone, so she gets ready for work. As she goes to catch the bus, she passes Tony Walker, the Social Worker but he fails to get her attention. Jimmy, the porter, wakes up in a strange place after a night out on the tiles and has to rush off to work. He doesn't impress Julian Chapman by arriving unshaven but Charlie steps in and gives him his electric shaver, to spruce himself up. Debbie, a young mother of two children, has to leave the hostel because of the no eating policy but she has very little money to buy anything. She returns later and borrows a portable stove to heat some soup up for her son, Richie. As she attends to her baby daughter, Richie grabs the saucepan handle and he's badly scolded. When they arrive at Casualty, Charlie puts in a report to the Social Services because he thinks the child might be at risk. When Tony Walker arrives and talks to Debbie, he can't offer her any other
S05E04 Street Life 00/00/0000 A young woman is brought in after collapsing in a record store and then says she's alright. It later transpires that she and her boyfriend Pete used the ambulance service to help them get away with stealing cd's. They are both ordered to leave by disgusted members of staff. After being seen by Dr Beth Ramanee, Megan attends to the young man's burnt hand and finds out he can't read. Worried about losing his job because of it, she advises him on what to do, to overcome his handicap. David Clarke is ruled by his bedridden mother, Edith and has asked Tony Walker to find her a nursing home. His favourite pastime is phoning the sex lines and getting turned on. Tony calls to tell him it's not going to be easy to find her a placement and as they talk, the old lady falls out of bed and is rushed to Casualty, in a bad way. As David waits in the relatives room, Garry Slater, an unpleasant layabout who has cut his hand and his girlfriend, Lorraine, make a nuisance of themselves, as they wait
S05E05 Hiding Place 00/00/0000 On his way to work, Charlie's route is blocked by a long loader lorry backing into a yard but tragedy strikes when it crushes a man and he has to administer first aid. He's taken to casualty but he can't be saved and Tony Walker's being hounded by a mental patient, who's playing games with him and is threatening suicide. When he receives a phone call from him, he realises it's Wayne and the race's on to find him, but unknown to him, he's wandering round Holby, still swallowing pills. A mother brings in her young son Matthew, but he's fine and it's only when Tony recognises her as an ex-patient, the problem is revealed. He takes her to the canteen for a chat where he spots Wayne and gives chase but he eludes him as he hides in the casualty toilets. When he's found, he is in a bad way and a fight is on to save him. A girl with a nail in her foot, is treated by Beth, but when she removes it, the mother faints. Yobs on a bus are thrown off a bus by a middle aged man but he's hurt as he
S05E06 Salvation 00/00/0000 Duffy has a run-in with a motorist, who almost knocks her down and then finds he was on his way to casualty where he turns on the charm and a friendship is struck. It's a friendship that's not going to last, as he is terminally ill and she visits him after he's been admitted. Jimmy's in trouble again as Julian complains to Charlie and Harry, a porter falls ill and the staff are shocked when he dies. A spat of drunks are allowed to sleep it off but tragedy almost strikes when one of them is discovered by Jimmy to be a diabetic and found just in time. A mother brings her teenage daughter in and the team face a dilemma when prevented from treating her, because her father is bound by religious beliefs. A car race on the open road turns into disaster for two yuppies when Celia's badly injured and Stuart seems more concerned she keeps quiet rather than how she is.
S05E07 Say It with Flowers 00/00/0000 Charlie reaches rock bottom following the death of a close friend and struggles in to work, but when Megan sees the state he's in, she tells him to leave. He goes to the local and strikes up a friendship with Lucy and then goes home to catch up on sleep, which is interrupted by Julian calling on him and words are exchanged. Joe, a minicab driver, chats up Duffy as she attends to his head wound, but another patient has reason to be scared of him. Duffy coaxes her to talk and finds he raped her, she relates her own ordeal, to persuade her to report him to the police. Mandy is on a modelling assignment, when a high heel shoe causes her to fall and the scenery falls on her and she's badly injured. She arrives in a state of shock and Julian's diagnosis is the possibility she has paralysed her left shoulder and her sister Lizzie, sees their lucrative modelling career ending. Charlie finds Lucy at the door and invites herself in for more drinks but she ends up a patient after badly cuttin
S05E08 Love's a Pain 00/00/0000 Duffy's let down by her child minder and is grateful to receptionist Helen's offer of help but then her mother arrives and agrees to take him. Julian has to operate on stab victim Reg to save his life, as his mother, Mavis arrives and Tony's got problems trying to fetch Reg's daughter Tina. When she finally turns up with a friend, Megan convinces her she's not to blame for his accident but her Gran does and they argue and she leaves. On her return the two agree to unite for Reg's sake and go to intensive care to see him. A wife gets caught with her boss by an unsuspecting husband and when he goes berserk, they all end up in casualty. Julian attends to John's injuries and he admits his affair with Diane, caused Gordon to attack him. As Gordon talks to Diane and the children, they're told John's dead and the police arrest him for murder. A young woman's attempted suicide is thwarted again but when her father arrives, he insists she leaves with him and Tony asks Megan to accompany h
S05E09 A Will to Die 00/00/0000 Duffy's at her wits end trying to cope with the pressures of work and motherhood and is relieved, when her mother takes Peter away to give her a break, but Megan decides they should have a girls night out. Josh and Jane bring in a young black remand prisoner, who's been sexually assaulted and Beth intervenes on his behalf, to prevent him being sent back. Jimmy finds his chess mate pal, Frank has been admitted, who refuses to help himself, until his estranged mother arrives and they are reconciled and she offers him a home. A mother and daughter cause concern but tragedy strikes when the youngster takes an overdoes and dies. A gas explosion on a boat has horrific effects on Jenny, who's having an affair with her best friend's husband and has to be transferred to the burns clinic for further treatment. The wife turns up and having got over the shock of the affair, goes with Jenny and leaves Peter to fend for himself.
S05E10 Big Boys Don't Cry 00/00/0000 Josh and Lily are faced with a life threatening situation when they answer a call to an isolated house and are confronted by an axe-man. Inside, they find his elderly father dead but they have to box clever to get out alive. They convince the son that they have to get the patient to hospital but as they drive off, the madman tries to stop them. He later turns up at A&E with his axe and smashes the windows in the entrance and then drives off. He's later arrested by the police and brought into A&E for treatment. Megan gets a visit from Tony's wife Eileen, and finds out he's been lying to her. When a young couple bring their young baby daughter in and she's found to have a broken leg and other old injuries, suspicion falls on the mother but Dr Beth Ramanee has other ideas. She clashes with consultant Julian Chapman and the paediatrician Esther Macauley. When Tony Walker arrives, he too, clashes with Esther and later persuades Beth to get a second opinion, which proves to be the rig
S05E11 Remembrance 00/00/0000 Squatters are thrown off an allotment and end up in casualty where Brian's head wound is attended to and girlfriend, Jody's told she is pregnant. Julian crosses swords with Beth as he takes over one of her cases because Charlie thought she could hand it but his efforts to save the old lady are not entirely appreciated. Her son Howard and his wife Caroline, argue over her treatment but her death pushes them further apart. Jimmy is in trouble with Duffy and Charlie when his girlfriend Andrea, who has a drug problem, reveals he stole the drugs from their department. She eventually tells the truth and clears Jimmy, although Charlie always knew he was innocent. A spillage in a factory causes problems for three men who are overcome by fumes and the young Indian lad, manages to pull Ron and Sam out before collapsing. Ron blames the lad for the accident but has to apologise when he is told he owes his life to him.
S05E12 All's Fair 00/00/0000 Julian joins friends for a fun day of war games and Julian's off-duty dress causes some surprises. A diabetic woman, brought into casualty, suffering from a blackout, finds Ash a comfort. Megan and Beth try to unlock a family secret that could explain a young girl's suicide attempt, Jane and the father tells Megan that his wife died of cancer three years ago. Leigh Clarke's brother Scott, having been hit by a van, tries to cover up the truth by removing him from the scene of the accident before calling for an ambulance.
S05E13 A Reasonable Man 00/00/0000 A jealous man's a dangerous man and Megan's life is at risk when she's held at gunpoint in the crash room. Can Charlie keep his head, even when it's Megan life at risk?
S06E01 Humpty Dumpty 00/00/0000 Charlie's back at work but still recovering from his accident, as Nurse Kelly Liddle starts her first day in casualty. Julian's first patient's back with an old knee injury because he won't do as he's told and is warned again he'll lose the use of his leg, if he doesn't rest it. His job soon makes rest an impossibility, as he receives a call to go to the aid of a group teenagers who have fallen down a cliff face. Beth faces a medical board for an interview to move into general practice but has second thoughts when Julian asks her to stay on. A terminally ill husband's wish is to die and she faces an ethical dilemma when the wife hands her his instructions to let him die, but when Karen, his daughter arrives shortly after he has passed on, she is accused of murder and questioned by the police. Julian and Duffy are called out to help in a dramatic mountain rescue but Terry has to have his foot amputated in order to free him and then he is taken to Holby and faces another operation. Th
S06E02 Judgement Day 00/00/0000 Megan's left and the hospital is under pressure due to staff shortages. Jimmy's lack of first-aid knowledge has disastrous consequences for his girlfriend's daughter Jenny, who's badly burned in a fire in the local market. Sally James, an old lady comes into casualty in a distressed state but when her daughter arrives she refuses to help. An athletics coach pushes Gina, his protégé too far and she makes the decision to pack it in for the sake of her health. A young WPC collapses and Beth is in court facing charges of negligence. The verdict is suicide but the victim's daughter is furious and is going to take matters further.
S06E03 Dangerous Games 00/00/0000 When an unconscious young girl's admitted to the hospital's casualty unit, foul play's suspected by Duffy. The man with her later admits he picked her up and took her home for sex. They both show signs of carbon monoxide and she's a teenage runaway. Charlie shows more than a passing interest in Trish Barnes, a new member of staff. A father's outing with his two young children causes more problems with his ex-wife when their daughter is injured and a woman caught shop-lifting collapses but is distraught about her baby. Trish is called upon to help and when the police go to her home they find the baby has died. Beth discovers that she's going to be sued for negligence and is upset by Julian's lack of support.
S06E04 Hide and Seek 00/00/0000 An old woman refuses to talk when examined and it causes problems for the staff. When frightened by a snake, she starts talking and the mystery's solved but Jimmy wonders if snake charming was in his job description, as he has to find it. Julian's promotion prospects suffer a set-back when he meets a rival for the new consultant's post and two children are in a serious condition after being trapped in an abandoned fridge. A man's heavy drinking results in him dying and Ash having to console the dead man's lady friend. Kelly's career goes from bad to worse. Trish Barnes and Charlie make a date.
S06E05 Joy Ride 00/00/0000 A young woman, due to be married soon, loses two fingers and ends up in casualty. Beth's worried about the negligence case and seeks advice from Julian. Duffy's love life may be going well but her relationship with Kelly is definitely on the rocks. Beth has to deal with a woman whose faking illness and calls on Trish for help. Two brothers are at odds over their failing business when one's injured and ends up in casualty. Three teenagers learn the hard way that joy-riding doesn't live up to its name. One's killed, one's seriously injured and the other's in a state of shock. A man found by police with a head wound is later suspected of killing a pawn broker.
S06E06 Something to Hide 00/00/0000 A young black kid arrives with his mates after a skateboard accident and cause havoc with their lingo and behaviour. When a bomb explodes in a suburban street and wounds a man, kills his dog, the wife finds the intended victim was a neighbour whose work involves experimenting on live animals. She's unaware that the woman injured, was responsible and Kelly questions Charlie and Duffy's judgement on patient confidentiality. A school teacher tells his girlfriend he's gay after being attacked in a known gay area and a worried mother is shocked to find her son could be suffering from MS.
S06E07 Beggars Can't Be Choosers 00/00/0000 When a patient's sent home from casualty after treatment but later rushed back and admitted, an angry wife's furious at their action. A drug-pushing pensioner divides a family and wreaks havoc with a young boy's life. Beth's informed that negligence case is to being dropped through lack of money. Jimmy's decision to give up his first-aid course doesn't impress Charlie and Kelly's in trouble again. Duffy's suspicions of a woman with a baby are later proven when the real parents arrive. When things go missing, Norma finds an old lady brought in earlier is the culprit and there's a mixed reception over Julian becoming the new consultant.
S06E08 Living in Hope 00/00/0000 It's Peter's birthday and Paul's pressurising Duffy to leave nursing. Nicky Watson's violent boyfriend Steve, gives her a beating and Kelly tries to persuade her to leave him. Sarah, a young cyclist, injured in a road accident involving a lorry has to have an emergency amputation on her leg. There's emotional trauma for Kelly as she comes under pressure to give up nursing too. For career woman Stephanie Freeman there is little choice left. Two students smuggling heroin in by swallowing it and end up in casualty in a serious state and Julian is relishing his new role.
S06E09 Making the Break 00/00/0000 A Nun comes in with a bloody nose and it's revealed later that another Nun hit her. The pressures of student nursing take their toll on Kelly. Meanwhile, Trish Barnes handles a harrowing case of a boy covered with bite marks and a mother's rushed to Holby after overdosing but dies. The young daughter waits for her father to arrive, who has to change his life if he doesn't want the same to happen to her. A blind woman's knocked over by a cyclist on the pavement and both end up in casualty, then she claims she can now see; is it a miracle, Julian doubts it.
S06E10 Sins of Omission 00/00/0000 It's the day of Kelly's inter-mediate report but where is she? When news reaches the hospital of her suicide, Duffy feels partly to blame and it affects her work. The lift's out of action so Jimmy has to transport patients via the basement and finds a homeless man living there. An elderly woman with a heart problem comes into Holby and while waiting to see the consultant, dies. Two men involved in a crash on a racing circuit are taken to casualty where the wife of the man who caused the crash, has a hard time trying to get through to him. A young lad who's been living rough in London arrives covered in blood, causing problems for the staff. When Trish tries to get his mother to help she refuses because her husband doesn't get on with him.
S06E11 The Last Word 00/00/0000 When attractive Staff Nurse Sandra Nicholl joins the Holby she has problems dealing with an HIV-positive patient, whilst Julian and Jimmy find themselves attractive to her. A reluctant bridegroom involved in a car accident has his fiancée looks to his best friend for an explanation and an anorexic dancer's rushed to the hospital. Julian has to perform an emergency operation and a little boy's rushed in unconscious and the team battle to save him. Lisa Duffin and Paul argue and split up.
S06E12 Pressure! What Pressure? 00/00/0000 A battered wife arrives with her angry husband and he baits Beth when she tells him his wife's pregnant. Julian and Charlie clash over the ethics of organ donation when Beth raises the question. Julian tells a father his son's dead and asks permission to use his eyes. An overweight man ends up in casualty when taunted by local kids and a woman who likes the attention of hospitals, ends up with a real problem.
S06E13 Facing Up 00/00/0000 Beth tries for a transfer and an accidental shooting leads to a family trauma when a little boy finds a gun, then accidentally shoots his grandmother. Two keen gardeners continue their feud in casualty and Charlie tries to make them see sense. Trish wants to pack up social work after being attacked and Ash's sister reveals family secrets.
S06E14 Allegiance 00/00/0000 A scandal involving an MP has painful repercussions and a devoted partnership's tragically disrupted. Rumours abound about cutbacks, leaving the staff concerned about their jobs and an accident could mean the end of a rock star's career.
S06E15 Cascade 00/00/0000 It's Beth's leaving party and Jimmy announces that he's also planning to leave for a job in the rag trade. News comes through that a plane full of holiday-makers is in trouble over the local airport and Beth's farewell party comes to an abrupt halt. The hospital's placed on standby and everyone rushes back to Holby as news arrives that the plane has crashed into a bridge.
S07E01 Rates of Exchange 00/00/0000 Rookie Dr Rob Khalefa and cheeky Care Assistant Maxine Price find life in the Casualty department tougher than they had anticipated. An agonising decision over a transplant case does little to make life easier for them.
S07E02 Cry Wolf 00/00/0000 Paramedic Josh becomes implicated in a motorcycle accident whilst off duty. Consultant Julian Chapman has to face the boy's distraught dad Bill and sister Lucy. Meanwhile, Charlie clashes Dr Robert Khalefa when he hands out unwanted medical advice about a patient with stomach pains. Duffy's also in a difficult situation and has to tread carefully.
S07E03 Body Politic 00/00/0000 A seemingly unprovoked crossbow attack causes the Casualty staff to turn detective. A patient, turned away by Norma, dies later, when he's rushed back in as an emergency. A fifteen year old girl is pregnant by her step-father and her mother is horrified. Josh has to deal with another motor cycle accident and Sandra becomes a sounding board to a frustrated Julian.
S07E04 Will You Still Love Me? 00/00/0000 A hit-and-run victim is admitted to Casualty but the hospital is not the safe haven she had expected when a bogus doctor attacks her. A son's death brings his parents together and an old lady makes accusations about being abused but it is only a ploy to move in with her son. Charlie's got problems with the budget which is £8000 overdrawn.
S07E05 Cherish 00/00/0000 Charlie Fairhead is out of his depth when confused teenager Carol turns to him for advice about her sexuality. Meanwhile, a pregnant women has been brought in to Holby General by her husband after supposedly falling down the stairs at home. But there seems to be more to the accident than meets the eye. Sandra and Julian make a good team and three old ladies cause havoc when brought in. A daughter cracks, having to care for her mother who's suffering from ME and stabs her but she finds Norma a great help because of her own aged mother.
S07E06 Profit and Loss 00/00/0000 A married couple's plan to commit suicide together is foiled by the wife's sister. An Asian man, covered in blood refuses to tell them what happened but Duffy suspects it's racism. Ash is having money problems and Charlie's unhappy about the staffing problems. The owner of a printing firm is called out, when the place burns down and learns his son, was trapped in the fire and there are some a few surprise performers at the Casualty karaoke.
S07E07 One Step Forward 00/00/0000 The strain's beginning to tell on Norma over the welfare of her mother and Duffy has received a letter about a second smear test. The staff have problems dealing with a handicap girl and a father's worried about his daughter's appearance. Two elderly men argue over a lost love of 40 years ago and end up in Casualty. A squash game ends abruptly when a player is seriously injured and the staff battle to save her. Ash's finances are worse and news spread about Max joining the Territorial Army. Julian puts Sandra in an awkward position when he confesses he's attracted to her.
S07E08 Body and Soul 00/00/0000 Duffy becomes involved with a woman whose been raped by her ex-husband. Duffy tries to persuade the patient, Ruth, to report him to the police, but she is terrified of him. Things are also complicated by the fact that Ruth attacked a stranger who tried to help her and he decides to prosecute. An accident happens at the local fox-hunt and a rider and a saboteur are injured. Julian and Sandra reach a new understanding.
S07E09 Tender Loving Care 00/00/0000 Duffy goes for tests and has to be admitted for a biopsy. Julian's paranoid about his relationship with Sandra turning into local gossip. A man collapses during a Jewish ceremony and finds himself in Casualty but fate deals a cruel blow when his wife collapses and dies. Rob treats a man with suspected pneumonia and prescribes penicillin but he is unaware the man's allergic to the drug. A student on a field trip decides that he's fed up with life and takes an overdose. A clinical error involving Sandra has far-reaching consequences for the department. Norma is under great strain, as the condition of her mother takes a turn for the worse.
S07E10 Money Talks 00/00/0000 The budding relationship between Sandra and Julian is beginning to attract attention in Casualty but she's concerned about the disciplinary hearing she is due to attend for giving an injection on Dr Rob Khalefa's orders. Rob tells Simon Eastman that it was Sandra's fault and Ash's money problems hit rock bottom. The staff have to deal with a badly beaten man, a man whose fallen off an electric pylon and a girl who has taken Ecstasy. Sandra has more differences of opinion with Rob and Julian steps in to reprimand Rob for making a wrong diagnoses.
S07E11 Making Waves 00/00/0000 Rob takes a day off to spend with friends, leaving Sandra to face the disciplinary board but it's suspended until he returns. Back on the river, the yacht hits a sand bank and the two women are in trouble. He ends up in Casualty and proves an awkward patient. A well known junkie tells Charlie she wants to quit and Duffy's recent tests are clear.
S07E12 If It Isn't Hurting 00/00/0000 Ash's day starts off badly and he and his girlfriend decide to part company. A farmer takes violent action when faced with eviction from the family home and kills his baby but the wife and other child are saved, when the police intervene. A paraplegic husband is left in casualty by the wife who can no longer cope and Sandra's in no mood to accept an apology from Rob, after receiving a written warning over her disciplinary hearing.
S07E13 Act of Faith 00/00/0000 Julian's day at the circus ends with him having to go to the aid of an injured performer. A knife thrower becomes another casualty and is also taken to Holby. Sandra's relieved to find that Laura, her daughter is safe because she was with Julian. A surrogate mother is beaten up and Sandra recognises her and shatters a childless couple's dream of a baby. Julian and Simon clash over planned staff cutbacks and the staff share a celebration drink with Max on her promotion to the TA.
S07E14 Point of Principle 00/00/0000 Julian Chapman is forced to make the most difficult decision of he career. The A & E department is facing a crisis of confidence over staff shortages and when newspaper reporters start investigating, he publicly criticises the management. He clashes with Dr Robert Khalefa and Charlie over the matter, as his affair with Nurse Sandra Nicholl is the talk of the wards. Then following a bitter clash with general manager, Simon Eastman, he decides he has had enough and quits. A promising young skater faces the prospects of her career ending and a owner of a Pit-bull terrier suffers horrific injuries during a dog fight. A man whose been made redundant, takes up competitive cycling and is involved with another cyclist and ends up in casualty.
S07E15 Silent Night 00/00/0000 While festive cheer brightens up the busy hospital shift, there's little Christmas spirit for a wife who takes the law into her own hands. After years of abuse, she attacks her husband, leaving him suffering from multiple knife wounds. A young girl, seeks shelter for the night gets turned away but she's soon back, as she takes drastic action to get admitted. Sandra's having a hard time trying to cope, now that Julian's left.
S07E16 The Ties That Bind 00/00/0000 Dr Robert Khalefa treats the fractured arm of a patient while she wonders if her business relationship with a colleague will stay intact. Duffy is in for a huge shock when she discovers that Andrew Bower, an ex-lover who is also the father of her son, is coming to work at the hospital. Bower is to fill in temporarily following the shock resignation of Julian Chapman.
S07E17 Live in the Fast Lane 00/00/0000 Charlie's late for a meeting with Simon Eastman as Ash and Nikki argue over her unexpected pregnancy. Sandra receives a letter from Julian and a drunk drive hits a group of people before fleeing the scene. A cry for help goes wrong, when a teenager finds the pressure too much to bare. Duffy has mixed feelings when Andrew meets young Peter.
S07E18 Everybody Needs Somebody 00/00/0000 Andrew hears whose got the consultant's post. A land dispute gets out of hand, and Josh and Jane learn the dangers of being a paramedic on the front line.
S07E19 Getting Involved 00/00/0000 Mike Barratt arrives to start his job as the new consultant and his first case is the electrocution of a young boy, left at home, alone and the parents wrestle with their consciences. Duffy is getting more involved with her old lover Dr Andrew Bower and on the professional front she has to care for a young mother, who's been stabbed. Also, two old ladies need help when one collapses after they argue about a man whose favours they used to share many years ago.
S07E20 Dividing Loyalites 00/00/0000 The Casualty team face their own personal dramas and the tragic consequences of a robbery. An unemployed man, keen to provide for his wife and child, becomes a driver on a ram-raid, which goes horribly wrong. Charlie's showing signs of stress and Maxine's missing father, turns up to tell her he's in love with a girl, a year older than her.
S07E21 Family Matters 00/00/0000 When a little girl is brought in showing signs of sexual abuse, her father becomes the main suspect. The child tells Duffy that her daddy has been visiting her bed in the night. The staff also have to treat an old man who has been physically assaulted.
S07E22 Child's Play 00/00/0000 A schoolgirl prank backfires over a crush on a good-looking teacher. Easy money has its price for a seventeen-year-old boy on the streets who is picked up by a businessman, but ends up in Holby after being sexually assaulted. Charlie faces the truth about his depression and Duffy realises how serious things have become with Dr Andrew Bower.
S07E23 No Cause for Concern 00/00/0000 The Casualty team are getting very worried about Charlie, who still isn't his old self after sessions with the psychiatric nurse. Is he up to receiving the news that Duffy has for him and will he be able cope with the major crisis when a patient contaminated with nuclear radiation in a road accident, is brought in? A captain and his first officer push themselves too far and an accident happens and Rob's got a new job.
S07E24 Boiling Point 00/00/0000 A group of vigilantes runs riot on an estate and the Casualty team go to tend to the injured but some troublemakers follow their friends to Holby and start a fire. The staff struggle to save themselves and their patients.
S08E01 Cat in Hell 00/00/0000 Holby City's A&E department race to the scene of a major train accident. Consultant Mike Barratt and Staff Nurse Lisa Duffin swing into action in events which are every bit as dramatic as the fire which ended the last series. A stolen car stalls on a level crossing and causes a horrific rail crash and the battle is on to save people trapped in the train. Back at Holby, Charlie is annoyed with Mark over staff problems and Ash fails to get his promotion, losing out to Ken. Josh clashes with Dr Karen Goodliffe, as he tries to do his job.
S08E02 Riders on the Storm 00/00/0000 An enthusiastic student joins the staff, armed with textbooks and lots of questions and her name is Helen Chatsworth. A violent storm sweeps through Holby and a baby is orphaned when her parents are killed in a car crash. Mark Calder is giving Mike and Charlie a hard time, as they fight the cut backs and Mie replaces Norma who has been sent home for drinking on duty. Other casualties include a policeman hit by flying debris, a father stab by his young son, who was defending his mother and two cowboy builders who fell off a roof. Mike has a chat to Karen about her attitude towards the paramedics.
S08E03 The Final Word 00/00/0000 The funfair's in town and there's trouble looming. Jackie Walsh, a pregnant woman, is apparently a victim of muggers but when her brother Kevin turns up, it becomes clear that he is the mugger and she isn't the only victim of his twisted rage. The other problems appear to be in administration, where Mark's feeling the pressure Helen's settling in well and impresses both Charlie and Duffy. Ash finds it hard to accept Ken's appointment and Duffy doesn't know whether to tell Charlie that Ken is gay!
S08E04 No Place to Hide 00/00/0000 Painful secrets are revealed when a woman insists a car crash victim is not her husband. Clinical nurse Ken Hodges finds that his job, and his personal life, are under review. And he discovers that Duffy can't keep a secret when she tells Charlie his. Mark's brought in Mrs Kingston to monitor staffing levels and clashes with Charlie and Mike. Norma's first day back ends with suspension and Ken gives an old war hero a reason to live. Two kids get trapped in a lift and the emergency services are called to get them out.
S08E05 Sunday, Bloody Sunday 00/00/0000 Misunderstandings and deceit propel a group of friends towards a distressing climax in Holby's Casualty. The staff have to deal with a daughter, who's been raped and the rapist, who was attacked by a vengeful father. A traffic accident involving the selling of illegal guns ends in tragedy and Mark tells Charlie and Mike that Ken's job is being replaced by a Line Manager.
S08E06 Good Friends 00/00/0000 Nora ends up in Casualty, when she's mugged but her real problem is menopausal. A father wants to die but needs his daughters help and a night out at a disco, ends in tragedy for Ash. A randy lorry driver gets his comeuppance when his ‘three wives' turn up and Charlie's baffled with Ken's attitude.
S08E07 Kill or Cure 00/00/0000 In a desperate attempt to bolster his self-respect, an man takes up a high-risk sport – with disastrous results. And a male stripper gets a warmer reception than he expected. Mark informs Mike and Charlie that Ken's to be dismissed, to make way for the Line Manager's job and they are furious.
S08E08 Born Loser 00/00/0000 Ash is robbed on his way to work but do the thieves realise what they have stolen? And why is a woman suffering severe abdominal pains?
S08E09 High Roller 00/00/0000 A grudge match between two stock car drivers creates excitement on the track and lethal behaviour off it. And a young girl seems to know as much about running the casualty department as the staff. There's a bed shortage in the ICU Ward and a wife dies because of it and a gambler who fakes a heart attack, then has a stroke when he finds he had a winning hand. A woman with a brain tumour, shuns her husband. Duffy and Andrew seek professional help to have another baby and Jane Scott finds her first day in administration, tough.
S08E10 Deceptions 00/00/0000 Student nurse Helen Chatsworth says goodbye to her colleagues as her work experience at Holby General Hospital comes to an end. Staff nurse Adele Beckford tries to organise a farewell party for her – but will anyone have time to give her a proper send-off? As Helen leaves, a new face appears in the department. Locum Tom Harley joins the team as a replacement for Mike Barratt, who has left to set up a casualty operation in Africa. He soon brings a smile to Charlie's face, when he makes Mark squirm. Josh and Ryan clash over handling a patient and a memory man pushes his luck too far and ends up a casualty. A dodgy MOT car racket leads to tragedy and the man responsible, is investigated by the police, because his daughter was involved.
S08E11 Give Us This Day 00/00/0000 Charlie doesn't know what to do when a young homeless girl, turns up at Holby. She's not ill, she just wants a bed for the night and he is her only hope. Will he follow his heart of his head? Meanwhile, consultant Tom Harley is having a few problems of his own. A daughter has been kidnapped from a religious cult by her father and injured in the process. It's a tense situation, especially when the sect's leader arrives to reclaim his follower. Duffy's pregnant and leaves Charlie a letter on his desk when she finds it hard to tell him, she's leaving.
S08E12 Wild Card 00/00/0000 Newly-qualified staff nurse Mary Skillett, joins the staff at Holby but she gets on the wrong side of Duffy, when she turns up late on her first day.
S08E13 The Good Life 00/00/0000 It's an emotional farewell for the pregnant Duffy as she leaves Charlie and the rest of the staff at Holby to become a full time mother. She finds herself counselling the distraught mother of a cot-death baby, as Ash and Adele are both keen to step into her shoes. Jane turns detective and discovers a stab victim is an illegal immigrate A gypsy makes plans when he's told he's got TB and not Aids. As Charlie and Duffy make up, Mike Barrett returns.
S08E14 Out to Lunch 00/00/0000 Mark's up to no good as he gets Jane to leak a story of the closure of Holby and Charlie's missing Duffy. A daughter can't cope with her father and abandons him in casualty but a guilty conscience makes her return where the staff decide she's the one who needs help. Tempers boil over in the kitchen when a restaurant manager trifles with the chef's sweetheart. And a bee sting brings a man to the verge of death when he and his son are stranded out in the middle of nowhere. Karen's having a hard time swotting for her exams.
S08E15 Comfort and Joy 00/00/0000 The after-Christmas lull is dispelled by the arrival of smoky fire-fighters, a young woman who has lost her sight and an elf with pointed-ear trouble. Then Charlie's life is placed under threat.
S08E16 Family Ties 00/00/0000 A young mother clutches her two-yr-old son, who has stopped breathing, and a distraught mother throws herself into the canal. Two people have intolerable secrets whose crises lead them into Holby's Casualty unit. Rachel's first day is overshadowed by a local paper's story the department's to be closed but Jane admits to Charlie, it's only a rumour. A woman's perm goes wrong and two players from a local cricket match are at odds and have to be seen to by the staff. Karen's told to seek professional help to get her through her exams and sent off early.
S08E17 United We Fall 00/00/0000 A young dancer becomes a conscience-stricken hit-and-run driver. Could the sadistic bully who confronts her in Casualty possibly be her victim? And two competing graffiti artists try to prove their superiority by attempting to scale dangerous new heights. Mark's up to no good as he is evasive with Mike and swears Jane to secrecy, then avoids Charlie like the plague. The hit-and-run driver finds out her victim was at tramp who was taken to Queens where he died of his injuries. Two graffiti artists hurt themselves and Mark returns to announce that Queen's is to close and leaves the staff in a state of shock.
S08E18 Tippers 00/00/0000 After a lorry overturns and spills its load across a suburban street, the Casualty team have to cope with injuries caused by toxic chemical waste. And a soldier's anger explodes when he returns home to find his wife is not there waiting for him. Mark's secret is out and it leaves Jane high and dry but he's not bothered because he's got a new job with a tobacco company.
S08E19 Value for Money 00/00/0000 A group of middle-aged executives are put through a tough physical assessment course – and two of them prove to be anything but fit. The staff are unsettled by the closure of Queen's and worry about their jobs. An elderly couple causes concern, when the husband is admitted and his notes from another hospital have gone missing. A jealous husband causes problems all round when he becomes a patient.
S08E20 Care in the Community 00/00/0000 Dark secrets are uncovered and powerful emotions released when a tortured servant, an unstable young man with a knife and an angry policeman end up in Holby's A&E unit.
S08E21 Signed, Sealed, Delivered 00/00/0000 It's a busy night for the paramedics when their call-outs include an attempted suicide, a boy hurt at the ice-rink, a young deaf woman hit by a van after an argument with her husband, and a drug addict who accuses Josh of assault.
S08E22 Relations 00/00/0000 How deep is beauty? The future suddenly looks very different for two women who have suffered dreadful head injuries. And what is really happening when the school bully gets his comeuppance?
S08E23 Grand Rational 00/00/0000 All the emergency services turn out in force and tempers run high after a disturbed man with a gun holds Lucy and one of his wife's clients hostage in his living-room. And an accident on a dry ski slope brings a teenager into an emotional confrontation with her parents.
S08E24 Hidden Agendas 00/00/0000 A blind girl has fallen down a fire-escape and a drug addict has been beaten up. The team struggle through a heavy workload, but where is Charlie? Matters reach crisis point when a man is found sitting in a cubicle pointing a pistol at his own forehead. Charlie's arrives late and he is in a bad mood, even though it's his 40th birthday. Disgusted with the running of the NHS, he's come in to hand in his notice but he gets involved and has second thoughts.
S09E01 Blood's Thicker 00/00/0000 Family loyalties are stretched to breaking point when a young tearaway is forced to choose between saving his brother and freedom. And Charlie has a decision to make which will change his future – and that of the department. Matt joins the staff on the reception desk and Josh, now manning a motorbike, has a fight on his hands, trying to save a young tearaway's brother but he dies later, of his injuries. The staff are shocked when they find a stab victim has sold one of her kidneys and she now faces kidney failure.
S09E02 First Impressions 00/00/0000 Tensions run high in Holby as foot-ball fans gather for the Saturday match. For Kevin, a rookie policeman, the simple arrest of a drunk biker has tragic consequences. Meanwhile, a disabled young girl poses a challenge for new nurse Jude. The arrested biker arrives at Holby with symptoms of being drunk but tests reveal he has a brain tumour of which he dies of later. A disabled young girl confides to Jude that she has a sexual relationship unknown to her mother. Dr Eddie Gordon and Nurse Kate Wilson disagree over involving Social Services with an asthmatic mother and her home alone daughter.
S09E03 Keeping It in the Family 00/00/0000 A horrifying chain of events begins to unravel after Rachel is the victim of a disturbed patient. A case of sexual harassment by her brother-in-law is uncovered when a woman appears anxious about her job. Tragedy strikes a couple who are mugged, when the man dies and then the woman tells Ash, although they lived as man and wife, they were in fact brother and sister. Mike Barratt finally admits to Charlie that his wife has left him and taken the kids. An elderly woman is found dead and her daughter is brought in with stab wounds. A mentally disturbed patient is recognised as the missing daughter, who killed her mother and stabbed her sister. When she tries to kill herself, Charlie comes to the rescue and talks to her. She reveals how her family made her life hell and she just snapped.
S09E04 Chasing the Dragon 00/00/0000 Two homeless girls are drawn into a murky underworld. A woman who thinks she has the answers to her husband's collapse discovers that life is never that simple. Ash is put on the spot when Mike Barratt takes him into his confidence. Two homeless girls, drawn into a murky underworld of prostitution and drugs, end up in casualty, where one of them dies. The other one decides she'll have to carry on because she can't see any other choices. A woman has to face up to the fact that her husband has cancer and another women goes to extreme lengths to conceal from her husband that she's crashed the car.
S09E05 Love and Affection 00/00/0000 Tragedy strikes when two sisters are determined to stop at nothing to see their idols. Charlie finds there's more to a seeming domestic abuse case than meets the eye. Mike's private life becomes common knowledge, as he surprises everyone by working on Saturday. When a young girl dies after being crushed, the family have to reavalueate their priorities, if they are to overcome the loss of a daughter and sister. A psychiatrist finds an insensitive husband is the problem of his wife's illness and a stay in hospital away from the pressures he puts her under, would help. Rachel tries to calm a panic-stricken man convinced he's been impregnated by an alien life-form but all he has is shingles.
S09E06 Negative Equity 00/00/0000 A long-standing feud over territory explodes into violence, forcing a young man to make decisions about his future. Mike races to a shooting and swift action on his part saves the shot man's life. Dr Gordon is reluctant to tell a patient that she's dying. Mike and Rachel make a pleasant discovery about each other. Adam makes a breakthrough in his relationship with his ex-wife.
S09E07 A Breed Apart 00/00/0000 Ash's professionalism is put to the test by anti-racists and Fascist demonstrators. A demonstration march gets out of control when anti-racists and Fascists clash and Josh witnesses an attack on a black youth but can't help. A DIY enthusiast saves the day as he applies his skills to the problems in casualty and an old man unwillingness to being admitted puzzles Charlie. Kate gets Rachel to talk, after she went missing and admits she needs help.
S09E08 In the Black 00/00/0000 Mike is called to the rescue when Josh is trapped underground with an injured miner. Brave paramedic Josh puts his life on the line when a man is trapped at the bottom of a mine shaft. Mike is called to the rescue, as he Josh face a tough bonfire night shift. Eddie Gordon loses her patience with a hysterical young girl brought in for biting a security guard's hand, after being caught shop lifting. When the girl's mother hears about the charges, she reveals the security guard is the girl's father and his wife is devastated. Ash's world is set to collapse when the police pay him a visit with regards to last Saturday's fight and he's taken away for questioning and Eddie makes the situation worst for him, when questioned.
S09E09 Crossing the Line 00/00/0000 Danny, a 10-yr-old boy, is shocked to find his father unconscious. Hospital staff learn that there is a skeleton in the family closet. Charlie informs the staff that Ash is on bail, facing charges of actual bodily harm. Rachel takes time off for counselling and tells Mike it's helping her. After a failed suicide attempt, a father is confronted by his mother-in-law who wants her grandson to live with her. Two casualties from a bus crash arrive but their personal problems appear more serious, Kate and Jude turn social workers to resolve their differences. Throughout the shift, the staff are questioned about the fighting and Matt's statement should help Ash in court.
S09E10 Only the Lonely 00/00/0000 Hostile rivalries at a village rugby match end in tragedy, and team medic Mike Barratt finds himself back in A&E. Ash, deputising for Charlie, is informed his case has been referred to the Crown Court and it doesn't help when Matt turns up at work in a foul mood. Jude's on hand to talk to him and he confides his family's having problems with his brother. Josh is back in his old job and Liz, his new partner, has an amusing first meeting with Mike Barratt on the rugby field. An affair and a brief lapse of judgement have unfortunate consequences for a son and father at the local swimming pool. Ash and Matt apologise to each other and shake hands.
S09E11 The Facts of Life 00/00/0000 Is Kate Wilson getting ideas above her station? She disagrees with consultant Mike Barratt over the diagnosis of a patient. Everyone is busy reading about Ash and his assault case in the local paper, including the personnel officer, who sends him home in disgrace in the middle of his shift. Ash's last job before being sent home, is removing a moth from an old lady's ear and they end up sharing a taxi. Meanwhile a father's gift to his daughter has disastrous consequences when the car he bought her is involved in an accident and kills his wife, daughter and his son-in-law. He must face life caring for his two young granddaughters.
S09E12 Under the Weather 00/00/0000 An adventure down the sewers for two young boys leads to a race through Holby for Liz and Josh. Matt has evidence that an A&E patient isn't the person she claims to be and Jude tries to solve the puzzle of an old soldier's recurring nightmare.
S09E13 Talking Turkey 00/00/0000 Mike's dreading spending Christmas alone, but after Rachel's invitation, he might not have to. Meanwhile, the festivities give Charlie and Ash a chance to show some goodwill towards each other. But tidings of comfort and joy are absent for a girl who's brought in to casualty after being violently sick by a railway line. Has she just had too much to drink, or is it something more serious. The shift starts off badly with the death of two young boys and the death of a policeman causes heartbreak for his wife and lover. Two young girls arrive and the staff have to deal with their problems. One of them is pregnant and the other has an eating disorder, leaving both sets of parents are shocked.
S09E14 End of the Road 00/00/0000 Jude finds herself embroiled in a suicide attempt. A teenage prank turns a birthday party into a tragic disaster. Mike owes Rachel an explanation, but her response takes him by surprise. The suicide patient disappears but becomes a victim of a road accident, when he's knocked down by an ambulance, driven by Liz and later dies. Ash comes in to ask Charlie if he would be a character witness in his coming trial.
S09E15 Learning Curve 00/00/0000 The team uncovers the secret behind a young girl's mysterious collapse – but what will her religious parents say when they learn the truth? Meanwhile, another youngster pushes his parents to the limit. Matt is threatened by the thug who helped his mate bring charges against Ash and later tells Jude about it. A young boy is attacked by two dogs when he breaks into their home and the owner's concerned about her pets being destroyed. A schoolgirl faces a life in care when her religious parents turn their back on her and her baby son. A car crash helps bring a family together and Emma ends her relationship with Adam. Mike clears the air with Rachel, after returning for his holiday.
S09E16 Stitching the Surface 00/00/0000 Kate is out of her depth when a young girl's confession unearths dark family secrets. The staff have two cases dealing with elderly people, who are at the mercy of their off-springs. One has to endure being beaten by her son but it's the reverse in the other case, where the father feigns suicide, to get his daughter to take him in. A young girl, injured at a railway station, confides in Kate that she's abused by her father, but is she telling the truth? Jude falls out with Matt over he refusal to testify at Ash's trial because he's been threatened and Mike finally asks Rachel out.
S09E17 Heartbreak Hotel 00/00/0000 Tension are running high at Holby prison where an inmate decides to take advantage of the riotous situation and a warder with a secret foolishly risks his job. A prison riot puts the staff under pressure as they have to deal with the inmates first, before the public, but one wants an unscheduled visit to sort out his martial problems. A surprise do for a prison officer, leaving the service, shocks his wife, when she finds out he's leaving her for another woman. Matt has a bad day when first he tells Ash why he can't testify in court and then finds Jude refuses to talk to him. Then his drunken father is brought in after his mother turn on him, so Matt pressures her to get outside help. Dr Eddie Gordon has last minute swotting to do for her exams and Mike and Rachel are getting closer.
S09E18 Trials and Tribulations 00/00/0000 Ash's case finally comes to trial and Matt has an important decision to make. Jude's personal and professional lives collide when a young man with AIDS is rushed into casualty.
S09E19 Out of Time 00/00/0000 It's Ash's first day back. Mike's plans for the future surprise Rachel. A cosmetic operation for a woman leaves her in need of emergency treatment, and a lorry driver and her baby are separated in violent circumstances. Ash has to confront some unsettling emotions on his first day back.
S09E20 Branded 00/00/0000 A new arrival of an old flame makes it a memorable shift for Charlie, while a woman's past leads to the destruction of another's future, and a young mother's children cause Eddie and Kate to disagree.
S09E21 Exiles 00/00/0000 A hold-up in an off-licence goes badly wrong and a phone call from a desperate young girl poses problems for Charlie. A violent fight at an ice-hockey match leads to family recriminations. A mystery illness causes concern for Baz and Eddie, and Kate discovers Charlie's secret.
S09E22 Nobody's Perfect 00/00/0000 Ignorance and fear lead to disaster for an air taxi company. A moral argument causes a family rift, and a body found in a skip gives the staff a few surprises.
S09E23 Not Waving but Drowning 00/00/0000 A father's desperate attempt to get closer to his daughter leads him to commit a crime which backfires. A surfing beach is turned into a battleground after chemical waste is dumped into the sea. Matt is attacked, and Charlie and Bas finally clear the air. Matt and Jude try to come to a new understanding.
S09E24 Duty of Care 00/00/0000 A patient with a grievance causes panic at Holby City and it is left to Baz to try and defuse a potentially explosive situation. An horrific injury on a farm poses problems for Josh and Liz when an old woman insists she does not want to be helped. And it's a day of reckoning for Charlie and Baz.
S10E01 Family Values 00/00/0000
S10E02 Money for Nothing 00/00/0000
S10E03 Sacrifice 00/00/0000
S10E04 Outside Bulawayo 00/00/0000
S10E05 Halfway House 00/00/0000
S10E06 Compensation 00/00/0000
S10E07 Turning Point 00/00/0000
S10E08 Battling On 00/00/0000
S10E09 Hit and Run 00/00/0000
S10E10 When All Else Fails 00/00/0000
S10E11 Release 00/00/0000
S10E12 Bringing It All Back Home 00/00/0000
S10E13 All Is Fair 00/00/0000
S10E14 Shame the Devil 00/00/0000
S10E15 Lost Boys 00/00/0000
S10E16 Castles in the Air 00/00/0000
S10E17 We Shall Overcome 00/00/0000
S10E18 Land of Hope 00/00/0000
S10E19 For Your Own Good 00/00/0000
S10E20 Asking for Miracles 00/00/0000
S10E21 Subject to Contract 00/00/0000
S10E22 Cheatin' Hearts 00/00/0000
S10E23 The Way Lies Ruin 00/00/0000
S10E24 Night Moves 00/00/0000
S11E01 Chain Reactions 00/00/0000
S11E02 Relative Values 00/00/0000
S11E03 It Ain't Me Babe 00/00/0000
S11E04 Thicker Than Water 00/00/0000
S11E05 Waterwings 00/00/0000
S11E06 Still Waters 00/00/0000
S11E07 Nightfall 00/00/0000
S11E08 Vital Signs 00/00/0000
S11E09 Another Day in Paradise 00/00/0000
S11E10 Flesh and Blood 00/00/0000
S11E11 Made in Britain 00/00/0000
S11E12 Mother's Little Helper 00/00/0000
S11E13 Trapped 00/00/0000
S11E14 Do You Believe in Fairies? 00/00/0000
S11E15 The Dying of the Light 00/00/0000
S11E16 The Homecoming 00/00/0000
S11E17 Hidden Depths 00/00/0000
S11E18 Tall Tales 00/00/0000
S11E19 Déjà Vu 00/00/0000
S11E20 Treasure 00/00/0000
S11E21 United... by Blood 00/00/0000
S11E22 Make Believe 00/00/0000 A mugging brings a shy woman and the man she admires together and one of Richard's old flames turns up. It's a sad night in A & E, as Matt has had enough of attending the sick and needy from behind the reception desk and is off to serve the hot and thirsty in his brother's bar in sunny Crete. His leaving party goes awry but can he really leave Jude behind?
S11E23 Monday, Bloody Monday 00/00/0000
S11E24 Perfect Blue 00/00/0000
S12E01 Give My Love to Esme 00/00/0000
S12E02 Private Lives 00/00/0000
S12E03 Nearest and Dearest 00/00/0000
S12E04 What Friends Are For 00/00/0000
S12E05 The Things We Do for Love 00/00/0000
S12E06 Counting the Cost 00/00/0000
S12E07 Always on My Mind 00/00/0000
S12E08 Finders Keepers 00/00/0000
S12E09 Whatever It Takes 00/00/0000
S12E10 A Taste of Freedom 00/00/0000
S12E11 Bad Company 00/00/0000
S12E12 Moving On 00/00/0000
S12E13 Power of Persuasion 00/00/0000
S12E14 Out of Control 00/00/0000
S12E15 Love's Labour 00/00/0000
S12E16 Facing Up 00/00/0000
S12E17 The Golden Hour 00/00/0000
S12E18 An Eye for an Eye 00/00/0000
S12E19 Loco Parentis 00/00/0000
S12E20 Degrees of Separation 00/00/0000
S12E21 Secrets 00/00/0000
S12E22 Love Me Tender 00/00/0000 One of the most powerful Casualty episodes ever. The truth about Tina's rape comes out and in some very emotional scenes she tells Eve in the staff room. At the end of the episode Josh and Penny are giving Tina and Eve a lift home in the ambulance. Tina asks Eve what she's going to do and Eve replies, ""You're going to get through this""
S12E23 Taking Sides 00/00/0000
S12E24 We Can Be Heroes 00/00/0000
S12E25 Everlasting Love (1) 00/00/0000
S12E26 Everlasting Love (2) 00/00/0000
S13E01 Internal Inferno (1) 00/00/0000
S13E02 Internal Inferno (2) 00/00/0000
S13E03 Honey Bunny 00/00/0000
S13E04 The Ties That Bind 00/00/0000
S13E05 Toys and Boys 00/00/0000
S13E06 Eye Spy 00/00/0000
S13E07 A Place of Safety 00/00/0000
S13E08 She Loved the Rain 00/00/0000
S13E09 Public Service 00/00/0000
S13E10 It's Good to Talk 00/00/0000
S13E11 Next of Kin 00/00/0000
S13E12 Home Truths 00/00/0000
S13E13 One from the Heart 00/00/0000
S13E14 Trust 00/00/0000
S13E15 No Place Like Home 00/00/0000
S13E16 Making a Difference 00/00/0000
S13E17 Miracle on Casualty 00/00/0000
S13E18 New Year and All That 00/00/0000
S13E19 Trapped 00/00/0000
S13E20 White Lies, White Wedding 00/00/0000
S13E21 Team Work 00/00/0000
S13E22 Human Traffic 00/00/0000
S13E23 Mother's Day 00/00/0000
S13E24 Face Value 00/00/0000
S13E25 Crazy Love 00/00/0000
S13E26 The Hardest Word 00/00/0000
S13E27 Love over Gold (1) 00/00/0000
S13E28 Love over Gold (2) 00/00/0000
S14E01 Calm Before the Storm (1) 00/00/0000
S14E02 Calm Before the Storm (2) 00/00/0000
S14E03 Truth or Dare 00/00/0000
S14E04 Words and Deeds 00/00/0000
S14E05 Crossroads 00/00/0000
S14E06 Lost Souls 00/00/0000
S14E07 Everybody Hurts 00/00/0000
S14E08 Seeing the Light 00/00/0000
S14E09 Off the Wall 00/00/0000
S14E10 Benny and the Vets (1) 00/00/0000 A boy, Nial, is brought in choking having swallowed the heads of his toy soldiers that he has bitten off. Max and Duffy treat him, and find out he has 6 metal heads and an arm holding a grenade lodged in his stomach. Max tells the woman that they should pass naturally. A man with OCD, Benny, accidentally puts his arm through a glass window while arguing with his daughter. He is brought in to A&E but is very nervous and it is a long time before he agrees to letting Sean and Adam treat him. Duffy is nervous as she is being interviewed for the post of sister later in the shift. Before the interview Max wishes Duffy luck. During the interview Max is hard on Duffy, and so afterwards she is very annoyed with him, as she thought he was a good friend. Duffy goes up to Max's office with him and shouts at him. Max admits that he only acted the way he did because he didn't want Charlie to think that there was anything between them. Duffy was puzzled and asked Max what he meant. They started to k
S14E11 Benny and the Vets (2) 00/00/0000
S14E12 Sins of the Mother 00/00/0000
S14E13 Looking After Number One 00/00/0000
S14E14 To Have and to Hold 00/00/0000
S14E15 Free Fall 00/00/0000
S14E16 Just a Kiss 00/00/0000
S14E17 Peace on Earth 00/00/0000
S14E18 The Morning After 00/00/0000
S14E19 Untouchable 00/00/0000
S14E20 Fall Out 00/00/0000
S14E21 Full On 00/00/0000
S14E22 Mirror Image 00/00/0000
S14E23 Burned Out Hearts 00/00/0000
S14E24 Tough Love 00/00/0000
S14E25 Not Waving but Drowning 00/00/0000
S14E26 Seize the Night 00/00/0000 Max arrives back in A&E as a patient's broken leg is being set. He proposes to Tina and then finds his first patient is a dog, who has been bitten by his owner's snake. It's taken to the staff room to recuperate whilst it's owner goes to do her snake act. But when the snake bites her, she's rushed back into Casualty but there's no snake venom because it was used on the dog. After frantic calls to surrounding hospitals, some is finally found and she is saved. Two sets of parents are at their wits ends after their daughters are rushed into A&E. The twelve-year-old is allergic to light and was knocked down by a car, as she ran after her father. Quick thinking by Max saves the day, when he orders the lights to be dimmed but she has extensive burns to her hands and face. Her parents are reunited and decide to go with her, on her dream holiday to America. The fourteen-year-old is pregnant by a young man who works for her father. He issues orders for the boyfriend to be beaten up an
S14E27 Life Support 00/00/0000
S14E28 Blood Brothers 00/00/0000
S14E29 Being There (1) 00/00/0000
S14E30 Being There (2) 00/00/0000
S15E01 Phoenix 00/00/0000
S15E02 Accidents Happen 00/00/0000
S15E03 Getting to Know You 00/00/0000
S15E04 Too Tight to Mention 00/00/0000
S15E05 Choked (1) 00/00/0000
S15E06 Choked (2) 00/00/0000
S15E07 Travelling Light 00/00/0000
S15E08 Sympathy for the Devil 00/00/0000
S15E09 No More Mr Nice Guy 00/00/0000
S15E10 States of Shock 00/00/0000
S15E11 Marking Time 00/00/0000
S15E12 Starting Over 00/00/0000
S15E13 If You Go Down to the Wards Today 00/00/0000 The ""Well Teddy Clinic"" has the full support of directorate manager Dan Robinson but Holly's enthusiasm fails to rub off on the rest of her colleagues.The project gets more backing, however, when Patrick and Max notice the young attractive teacher Laura with the children. Schoolgirl Michelle follows Patrick around adoringly and even names her Teddy bear after him. Nurses Chloe and Barney both have interviews for the E-grade nursing position. Chloe is dreading the interview while Barney appears to be taking it all in his stride. Charlie is reluctantly arranging a flight to take Louis over to Toronto to join Baz. Duffy seems in better spirits now that her husband has settled into the department but can't understand why she is feeling so tired all the time. Colette cringes with embarrassment when one of her ex-boyfriends, Declan accompanies his wife Ashley into Casualty. Ashley had cosmetic surgery which has become infected. Will Declan recognize this as a cry for help and realize the err
S15E14 Coming Clean 00/00/0000
S15E15 Chinese Whispers 00/00/0000
S15E16 A Turn of the Scrooge 00/00/0000
S15E17 Merry Christmas Dr Spiller 00/00/0000 This episode is at Christmas. Holly and Patrick have gone out to lunch to celebrate. All through the meal Patrick is grumpy and Holly gets really annoyed with him and starts to wish she had not brought him. There is snow everywhere and while Patrick is driving Holly back his car breaks down. Patrick can not get a signal on his mobile to call for help so has to try to mend it himself. While he is trying to fix it he falls over and sprains his ancle badly. Holly leads him over to a barn so that he can sit down in the warmth, they sit down in there talking and Patrick reveals to Holly that the reason he does not like Christmas is because when he was 10 years old his mum died on Christmas Day. Holly goes outside again and when she comes back she says that she has managed to get a signal on her mobile and help is coming. She then looks over at Patrick, he is asleep, she says ""Merry Christmas Dr. Spiller.""
S15E18 Epiphany 00/00/0000
S15E19 On the Edge 00/00/0000
S15E20 Girl Power 00/00/0000 Andrew is worried that they're too old for a baby but Dully disagrees. When Chantelle's estranged father Jerry is hit by a cat she and Penny reach a decision about seeking out their natural fathers. Holly is still puzzled about the identity of her secret admirer. Casualty gets a full taste of girl power when a Spice Girls tribute band rush into A&E after ""Baby Spice"" is electrocuted by a faulty microphone. Things hot-up when ""Posh Spice"" tests positive for a pregnancy test and reveals that manager Leslie is the father, leaving ""Ginger Spice"" horrified because he's secretly been seeing her too.
S15E21 Heart of Gold 00/00/0000
S15E22 Better Safe than Sorry 00/00/0000
S15E23 Something from the Heart 00/00/0000
S15E24 Big Mistake 00/00/0000
S15E25 Ambulance Chaser 00/00/0000
S15E26 Scent of the Roses 00/00/0000
S15E27 Breaking Point 00/00/0000
S15E28 Lost and Found 00/00/0000
S15E29 Kindness of Strangers 00/00/0000
S15E30 Only You 00/00/0000
S15E31 Allied Forces 00/00/0000
S15E32 Heroes and Villians 00/00/0000
S15E33 The Long Road Home 00/00/0000
S15E34 Mix and Match 00/00/0000
S15E35 Breaking the Spell (1) 00/00/0000
S15E36 Breaking the Spell (2) 00/00/0000 This was Holly's last ever episode. She is captured by Tom who smashes up her car and then takes her away to a disued part of the hospital. He makes her put on a silver dress and says they are going to die right now lying next to each other. However Patrick has realized that she is missing and goes of to look for her. Holly manages to throw a chair out of the window which atracts Patrick's attention. Patrick comes up to rescue her but before he arrives Tom injects her with something that will kill her. When Patrick arrives he chases away Tom and finds Holly unconsious. Patick gives Holly mouth to mouth and she comes round. They hug while Robbie Williams's Angels is playing. So think that they are going to live happily ever after together. But in the next episode that you see, Holly has gone off to Australia and Patrick is having an affair with Rachel. Patrick says Holly's name once more before his death, I think it is so sad that he could forget Holly so quickly, but to me they will al
S16E01 Holding the Baby 00/00/0000
S16E02 Dirty Laundry 00/00/0000
S16E03 All's Fair 00/00/0000
S16E04 Crash Course 00/00/0000
S16E05 Bringing Up Baby 00/00/0000
S16E06 White Lies 00/00/0000
S16E07 Facing the Future 00/00/0000
S16E08 For My Next Trick 00/00/0000
S16E09 Distant Elephants 00/00/0000
S16E10 It's a Family Affair 00/00/0000
S16E11 The Morning After 00/00/0000
S16E12 Best Intentions 00/00/0000
S16E13 Someone to Watch over Me 00/00/0000
S16E14 Happily Ever After 00/00/0000
S16E15 Life and Soul 00/00/0000
S16E16 Consequences 00/00/0000 Rachel goes to sort out a fight but they attack her. She is brought into A&E and Patrick, who is having an affair with her, is put in charge of her. Then her husband Greg turns up. Rachel goes into cardiac arrest and they are unable to save her. Greg is told that she was pregnant and that the baby died with her. Greg knew nothing about the baby and asks how long she had been pregnant for. He is told that it was too early to say exactly but it would only have been a few weeks. Greg is shocked and says that he has been away for longer than that. This means that the baby must be patrick's, this a big surprise for him too. Patrick goes to see Rachel's body and to tell her that he loved her but just as he is kissing her hand Greg comes in. He discovers that this is who Rachel has been having an affair with and must be the baby's father. Greg punches Patrick in the face and starts attacking him. The security throw Greg out of the hospital but do not report him to the police. Patrick goes hom
S16E17 Playing with Fire 00/00/0000 The episode starts with Patrick lying alone in the river, half dead, after being attacked by Greg James (Rachel's husband) and left for dead. Lara and the police are walking through the woods looking for Patrick. Eventually they find him, the police are prepared to accept he is dead but Lara will not, she gives him mouth to mouth and eventually he comes back into the world of the living. Niki and Comfort turn up in an ambulance and take Patrick back to the A&E department. Lara's boyfriend Craig turns up and is angry when Lara tells him what has happened to Patrick because he thinks she has been cheating on him. However he forgives her and suggests they book a hotel room for the night, Lara refuses though and says that she can't be with him any more. Lara goes to the hospital to see Patrick who has hypothermia and the rist of brain damage. However while she is there Philippa (Max's locum) ropes Lara into helping treat a patient who has been bitten by a snake, Philippa says that Lara sho
S16E18 Checking In, Checking Out 00/00/0000
S16E19 Blowing the Whistle 00/00/0000
S16E20 You're Going Home in the Back of an Ambulance 00/00/0000
S16E21 Only the Lonely 00/00/0000
S16E22 In the Heat of the Night 00/00/0000
S16E23 Acceptance 00/00/0000
S16E24 Nobody's Perfect 00/00/0000
S16E25 What Becomes of the Broken Hearted 00/00/0000
S16E26 Life Incognito 00/00/0000
S16E27 You Can't Take Them All Home with You 00/00/0000 Another day in A&E and things are hotting up between Lara and Patrick - even the bump Lara gives Patrick's car can't dent his feelings for her. Things are going less well for poor Dillon who's trying to disengage himself from Gemma, without much success. Charlie's pulled a few strings to get her a hostel place but she's reluctant to leave him. Dillon, however, is only too eager to see Gemma move on. It's Tony's first day as the department's EDA and the staff play a little practical joke on him with bedpans! He slips back into his old security role when a patient gives Lara a vicious slap. Tony is all for calling back-up but Lara restrains him. She guesses, correctly, that the patient is a manic depressive and that they just need to calm the situation. On seeing Lara's shiner, Patrick comments that this is becoming a habit with her! Dillon drops Gemma off at the hostel on his way to work. She's clearly upset to be leaving him and cryptically says that everything has to come to an end.
S16E28 Past, Present, Future 00/00/0000 This episode starts off in the flat, where Patrick is trying to persuade Lara to move and come in live with him. She says no. Patrick sets off for his interview. Meanwhile, a driver on the road had fallen asleep in his car and all his notes had gone over the road. He gets out and goes to pick them all up. A mini bus with kids in, sees him and crashes. Patrick then crashes into some bushes, to avoid the man. He is ok and gets out of his car, to go and see if the kids in the mini bus are ok. The man is still on the road collecting his papers, causing a lorry to hit the mini bus, which pushes it down into a ditch, trapping the occupants. Meanwhile, there is now a big pile up on the road, one of the vehicles being a petrol tanker, which has sprung a leak. Comfort and the other Ambulance Driver get there and realise that loads of people are going to get killed because it won't be long before a car could catch fire. So the Male Ambulance Driver drives it away, but a fire starts up and Com
S16E29 Memories 00/00/0000 The staff of A&E are gathered at the crematorium to listen to Max's eulogy for Patrick. The only notable absentee is a red-eyed Lara who's getting ready for her shift. When questioned later she declares that she prefers the land of the living and that's the way Patrick would have wanted it. And it's all change in the department too. Unbeknown to Lara, Patrick's temporary replacement - Dr Simon Kaminski - has arrived. He's already made his mark on the department - by being sick outside A&E! When Lara goes for a lie down mid-shift she's surprised to find a strange man already in there. Luckily Max gets back just in time from the funeral to explain to security exactly who Simon is. He proceeds to introduce himself to Lara as the new Patrick Spiller much to her evident disgust. It's obvious to all around her that Lara's not coping but she refuses to take any time off. Duffy tries to talk to her about how she felt when she lost Andrew but Lara's not ready to hear it. She's not helped when a
S16E30 Hearts and Minds 00/00/0000
S16E31 Dominoes 00/00/0000 A distraught Comfort is finding it difficult to cope with the guilt about her relationship with Fin. She tries going to church to confess her sins but runs out unable to carry on. The day gets worse when she finds out she's been teamed with Fin. He says he's been trying to call her but she's unwilling to talk. She can't see beyond her guilt but Fin is adamant that there's clearly something between them that she just can't ignore. A hectic day for Charlie is made all the worse when Jan tells him a potentially fatal bug has been isolated in a ward upstairs. The subsequent closure of the ward only deepens the chaos in the department. Jan's hoping against hope that they've isolated the problem - Charlie is less confident. Dillon's called to treat a gentleman who Tony discovers is a soldier who collapsed in a gay massage parlour. Tony wonders if his regiment knows the truth and shoots Dillon a meaningful glance. Dillon confronts him and asks him if he thinks he's gay. Tony says he just hate
S16E32 Waving Not Drowning 00/00/0000
S16E33 Big Rocks and Very Hard Places 00/00/0000
S16E34 Scapegoat 00/00/0000
S16E35 Too Close for Comfort 00/00/0000
S16E36 The Sting 00/00/0000
S16E37 Denial 00/00/0000
S16E38 Taking It All Back to the Streets 00/00/0000
S16E39 Broken Hearts 00/00/0000
S16E40 Code Red 00/00/0000 In the previous episode Niki and Josh have had an argument and Josh has told her that she does not use her initiative so Niki is very angry with Josh. The episode starts with Niki and Fin sitting in the ambulance with Niki doing an impression of Josh. Although Fin laughs at it, he tells her that she has gone far enough and to stop. Niki says Josh is a prat but Fin disagrees and explains that all Josh wants is the best for her and to use her initiative. A call comes through for Comfort and Josh who are in another ambulance, telling them that they have to go to Bull Green where there is an injured man and police will also be on their way. Comfort asks why there are police attending if there is just an injured man. The reply over the radio says that the caller hung up before they could get any more information. However Niki, who is trying to prove to Josh that he is wrong and that she does use her initiative, says that she and Fin are closer to Bull Green and should therefore go there ins
S17E01 Déjà Vu 00/00/0000 Three months on, Nikki returns to work and finds the experience still haunts her and has to deal with a stabbing victim on her first shift. Jack is embarrased when she finds out about his spontaneous marriage proposal by her bedside. While taking his children out to the fair, Harry finds himself on-duty after a helicopter crash and is forced to deal with the injured as well as deal with his rebellious daughter. He feels guilty when he finds his heroic actions have infact cost lives. After being arrested, Lara is terrified for her future and looks to David's wife to verify her story in court.
S17E02 Protection 00/00/0000 Lara begins her court trial and suffers flashbacks and the bad memories associated with her assault. New SHO locum Heather Lincoln arrives and doesn't go unnoticed by Simon, who gives her a guided tour – Colette teases ‘Does the tour include the cold showers?'. Later Dillon unwittingly starts to undress in the staff room, unaware Heather is enjoying the view. Heather, is quick to forget about a drink with Simon after shift, and is about to proposition Dillon, when Simon walks in. Heather gets Duffy's back up by bluffing her way through a patient's case and getting Harry on her side – and Duffy becomes more unhappy when her mother is brought in to the department, seriously ill with breast cancer. Finn is unhappy when he finds he is named in Comfort's divorce papers.
S17E03 Judgement Day 00/00/0000 It's the day of Lara's trial, but she's not feeling positive since Melanie Collier denied her husband raped her. Lara tries to convince the jury her act was self-defence. Lara is shocked, when they return their verdict. While Duffy is in court, her mother, Kate, is brought in after her condition worsens. Kate tells Charlie she wishes not to be resuscitated. Duffy is angered by Charlie's attempts at sympathy and finds a shoulder to cry on in new security guard Ryan. Dillon and Harry clash with Charlie over how to treat two sisters, who are found to be drug mules.
S17E04 Thicker than Water 00/00/0000
S17E05 What Little Girls Are Made Of 00/00/0000
S17E06 What's Love Got to Do with It? 00/00/0000
S17E07 Ties That Bind 00/00/0000
S17E08 It's a Boy Thing 00/00/0000 Josh finds himself in the middle of a conflict between a father and his son; Anna tries to uncover the cause of a patient's illness; and Jack lies to Tony about their father.
S17E09 Innocence 00/00/0000 Lara faces judgement day in the appeal court; a suspected overdose patient forces Roxy to confront ghosts from her past.
S17E10 Return of the Native 00/00/0000 It's Lara s first day back and when Heather's incompetence lands her in deep trouble, Simon and Dillon unite to seek revenge.
S17E11 Up to Your Neck in It 00/00/0000 Josh rescues a boy from drowning after his father's car rolls into a river. Nikki is refusing to talk to Jack after his behaviour.
S17E12 Gimme Shelter 00/00/0000 Lara realises how vulnerable the events of the past few months have left her. Meanwhile, Nikki is reprimanded for endangering a patient's life, but later redeems herself when called upon to deal with a little girl whose mother has been violently murdered
S17E13 Blame 00/00/0000 Lara faces new problems when the police officer who helped put her in jail is brought into the department. An horrific RTA dredges up painful memories for Josh.
S17E14 Feuds and Fury 00/00/0000 A Christmas-tree thief chops off his own thumb and a farmer injures his leg while trying to catch him. Things don't look good for the thief's thumb and there's a valuable lesson to be learned about the care of severed digits. The plastic surgeon suggests replacing the thumb with a big toe. It's then revealed the bloke who nicked the tree is the brother-in-law of the farmer who has been brought in with the injured leg, and therein lies a 15-year family feud. Jack is forced to silence a victim of his father's empire when Eddie's gang confronts him. Lara spends an evening with Harry's kids, unaware of Beth's true feelings.
S17E15 Some Comfort, No Joy, Little Peace, Bit Too Much Love 00/00/0000 Spirits are high at the staff Christmas party. As Simon and Colette disappear outside for a kiss, they are unaware that Josh's life is on the line.
S17E16 Living for the Moment 00/00/0000 Diane, a patient admitted early on, has Parkinson's but her symptoms are not consistent with that disease. Could the fact that her police inspector husband's been feeding her ecstasy tablets help explain her condition? Then what about the young man who woke up the night after the party with a cut on his head? Is he a clumsy drunk or just wasting valuable resources of the department? Having avoided her since the incident at the Christmas party, Simon finally admits to Colette that he wants nothing further from her. The question on everyone's mind is why did Colette ever marry Josh? Meanwhile, Roxy becomes extremely close to a male patient; and after Nikki catches Fin and Comfort kissing she uses the knowledge to her advantage.
S17E17 Friend or Foe 00/00/0000 A runaway electric saw is brought to life by a naughty youth, who breaks into a shed. When it's blown up, the youth is not looking too good. Laura casts doubt on a young mother and Duffy sees a nursing colleague doing possibly the worst thing a person in nursing, could do. Also, Jack's dad gets what has been coming to him and there's a Mr Lambert who is still fighting the Korean War. Simon's flirtation with a new arrival infuriates Colette, and Josh seems blissfully unaware of his marital problems.
S17E18 Collision Course 00/00/0000 Harry is determined to rid the department of time-wasters. But when a private patient is brought in suffering from post-operative complications, he wonders if he has been too quick to judge.
S17E19 Sins of the Father 00/00/0000 Josh and Comfort stumble across a badly-injured Jack, while Dillon's Good Samaritan skills are put to use on a neglected teenager with learning difficulties. Meanwhile, Simon's new girlfriend, Jane, visits the department with a close friend suffering from a mystery illness.
S17E20 Spiteful God 00/00/0000 It's trying times for everyone in this episode. While Josh can't accept that he and Colette are history, receptionist Jack is having to do some dirty work for his gangster dad. Meanwhile, paramedic Fin's daughter Emma, is brought in to casualty with what looks like a nasty tummy bug. Fin is busy tending a young footballer with a broken leg and can't attend to her and she gets worse. Not the best time for Charlie to return and there's a further blow for him when Duffy announces she's leaving to get married and set up a business.
S17E21 Flight 00/00/0000 Duffy's intended, Ryan, is obviously a wrong ‘un and yet everybody is wishing her well as she leaves Holby to set up home and a business with him. Receptionist Jack's foray into his gangster dad's twilight world forces him to make a big decision. Elsewhere, Harry and Beth's relaxing sailing trip becomes a rescue mission when he spots another vessel in distress, which turns out to be packed with illegal immigrants from Kosovo. But not all of them are as helpless as they appear… The police close in on Jack.
S17E22 Love Hurts 00/00/0000 It looks as if long-suffering Duffy's beautiful dream may turn into a nightmare, as security guard Ryan proves to be nothing like the perfect man she'd hoped for. Dillon and Colette take it upon themselves to fight it out for her old job, and clash over the treatment of a malnourished toddler. Meanwhile, things seem to be running rather more smoothly for Tony and Ben, who decide their evening together was perhaps more than just a non-night stand.
S17E23 Hitting Home (1) 00/00/0000 Ryan is still AWOL with Duffy's money, and this week Duffy puts her house up for sale in order to get the moeny back. Fin and Comfort are called to a suspected break-in and attack, and at the hospital Lara is treating her. Lara is concerned about her and offers her the chance to talk, she doesn't take it up. Harry treats Anna's mum, who wants to meet boyfriend Merlin. Tony asks Ben to move in with him. Comfort tries to talk to the attackee(referred to as battered wife from now on) and tells her that she is always in the eyes of God. Colette maenwhile is doing a pregnancy test in the toilets, which comes out positive. It is Simon's baby.
S17E24 Hitting Home (2) 00/00/0000 The paramedics are called out to Sheila's house but are surprised to find it's her daughter-in-law Jenny who's in need of help, pushing Comfort into a confrontation. Has the family abuse gone full circle? Meanwhile, one of Jane's clients is rushed to Holby City with a suspected heart attack.
S17E25 Dire Straits 00/00/0000 Events take a tragic turn when Jeff tactlessly threatens a highly-strung man while on a call-out with Nikki, and the arrival of an attractive neurologist causes problems between Harry and Charlie.
S17E26 Fool for Love 00/00/0000 Josh, in his new job as duty officer, clashes with Finlay over the treatment of a heart attack patient, while a face from the past ruins Ben's plans for a romantic evening with Tony.
S17E27 Keep It in the Family 00/00/0000 After the death of an adopted patient, Merlin is compelled to search out his own birth parents, while Simon rushes Jane into casualty when she is diagnosed with a tumour, and Harry `s secret dinner date with Selina is interrupted when Tally crashes her car during a driving lesson with Beth.
S17E28 A Hard Day's Night 00/00/0000 Harry returns to work after the death of his wife; Simon takes an unprofessional interest in Jane's operation; when Colette is attacked by a patient's relative, she is forced to reveal her pregnancy.
S17E29 Side Effects 00/00/0000 It's Harry's first day back at work after his wife's death, and he puts himself in danger after overstepping the mark. Meanwhile, Bex calls the police when he sees Jack sneak into the hospital to see Tony.
S17E30 An Act of God 00/00/0000 With the power down and the ED in chaos, Harry takes drastic measures to save a patient. As Merlin looks forward to meeting his birth mother, she has second thoughts, and Duffy is in for a shock when a familiar face returns to Holby.
S17E31 The Point of No Return 00/00/0000 Ryan returns and Duffy has to make a life-changing decision. Jack tries to persuade a reluctant Tony to accept Eddie's offer of a kidney, and Simon is shocked when Jane leaves hospital early and refuses to let him care for her. Meanwhile, Anna is devastated when her mum reveals the truth about Merlin.
S17E32 Stuck in the Middle with You 00/00/0000 New paramedic Luke spends his first day at work trapped in a cellar with a young girl following a gas explosion, Harry's behaviour leads some members of the team to question whether he's returned to work too soon, and Anna's relationship with Merlin is put in jeopardy.
S17E33 Getting Through 00/00/0000 While treating an injured man, Lara suddenly finds herself in a life-threatening situation, Merlin discovers a terrible secret about Anna but is unable to discuss it with her, and Jack is distraught when his father wakes up from his transplant operation suffering from septicaemia.
S17E34 Hurt the One You Love 00/00/0000 Anna tells a desperate Merlin that they can't be together, and Jack and Tony say their final goodbyes to Eddie as he succumbs to a post-operative infection. Meanwhile, Simon is heartbroken when Jane stakes a claim for her independence and leaves.
S17E35 An Accident Waiting to Happen 00/00/0000
S17E36 Out on a Limb 00/00/0000
S17E37 Baby Blues 00/00/0000
S17E38 Last Man Standing 00/00/0000
S17E39 Three in a Bed 00/00/0000
S17E40 A Special Day 00/00/0000 Niki is on her way to church with Dillion when the see a man lying on the road. Dillion gets out but the man shoots him and kidnaps Niki. He appears to be working for the man who Jack owes money to (don't know his name). Back at the reception everyone is waiting for Niki. Dillion is brought into the hospital starting a search for Niki. Jack gets a call from Niki's kidnapper saying that he wants all his money back, all £300,000 and Jack must bring it to him on a bridge. Jack only has £100,000 left. He tells Tony not to tell anyone. Jack pretends that he's stuck in traffic and manages to follow Niki's kidnapper back to a canal boat. Niki's kidnapper and another man are in the boat. Once the kidnapper leaves to go meet Jack on the bridge, Jack bursts into the boat but the man with the gun gets the upper hand. Back at the hotel Tony tells the police officers what is happening but only if he can go with them to find Jack. On the boat Jack tries to persuade the gunman to leave them and they
S18E01 End of the Line (1) 00/00/0000 First of a dramatic two-part episode which began the 18th series of Casualty. A packed train is derailed to the thunderous sound of screeching brakes and breaking glass. In the chaos that ensues, a multitude of casualties are tended to by the arriving team who are shocked by the catastrophe.
S18E02 End of the Line (2) 00/00/0000 After losing her legs in the train crash, Anna dies after spending her last few moments alive with her friends and the love of her life Merlin.
S18E03 Breathe Deeply 00/00/0000
S18E04 Perks of the Job 00/00/0000
S18E05 Flash in the Pan 00/00/0000
S18E06 Against Protocol 00/00/0000
S18E07 Can't Let Go 00/00/0000
S18E08 Truth or Dare 00/00/0000
S18E09 In the Frame 00/00/0000
S18E10 Black Dog Day 00/00/0000
S18E11 Falling for a Friend 00/00/0000
S18E12 Second Best 00/00/0000
S18E13 First Impressions 00/00/0000
S18E14 Christmas Spirit 00/00/0000
S18E15 Never Judge a Book 00/00/0000
S18E16 Eat, Drink and Be Merry 00/00/0000
S18E17 It Got Bad and Ain't That Good 00/00/0000
S18E18 Ahead of the Game 00/00/0000
S18E19 Where There's Life 00/00/0000
S18E20 No Weddings and a Funeral 00/00/0000
S18E21 Emotional Rescue (1) 00/00/0000
S18E22 Emotional Rescue (2) 00/00/0000 As the three doctors are pulled from the cave, Lara forces Harry to consider the consequence of his actions. Simon fights for his life, Jim comes to realise the truth about Nikki and Charlie races off to stop his son being taken away to Canada by his stepdad.
S18E23 Passions and Convictions 00/00/0000
S18E24 Fallen Hero 00/00/0000
S18E25 Taking Care 00/00/0000
S18E26 What Parents Do 00/00/0000
S18E27 Love and Loathing 00/00/0000
S18E28 Finding Faith 00/00/0000
S18E29 Parenthood 00/00/0000 Roxy and Nikki have a big fight resulting in Nikki threatening to leave the home but her mind is changed when Roxy goes into labour in the car, giving birth to a little boy who has trouble breathing. Tally is extremely jealous of Simon and Lara so she throws a brick through Simon's window when she knows Lara's there; she also defaces Lara's car. Contributor: DouMarNutBle
S18E30 Another Perfect Day 00/00/0000
S18E31 I Love You, I Hate You 00/00/0000 Luke and Josh find themselves being held at gunpoint by a man who demands drugs from the ambulance. There was a struggle in the back of the ambulance and a gunshot was fired. It turned out that the gun had gone off and the man, Greg dies leaving Luke feeling guilty when he finds out he has a family. Roxy continues to spend all her time at the hospital with William. Tally hides important about a patient from Lara putting the patients life at risk. When Lara questions Tally, Tally says Lara deserved it for stealing Simon away from her. Later on Simon tells Lara he loves her.
S18E32 Forget Me Not 00/00/0000 Harry has to suspend his daughter when she confesses to her crimes against Lara and it's a bad day for Simon as Lara finds a bag of coke in his pocket and after he tells Tally she was the biggest mistake of his life She commits suicide in the hospital toilets and the doctors have to resuscitate her but will she survive? Roxy says a final goodbye to her baby as the surrogate parents take him away and Josh has to suspend Luke following the investigation.
S18E33 Lock Down 00/00/0000 A prison riot forces Harry to shut down most of the department to make way for injured prisoners. One of the prisoners takes Roxy hostage to escape but she is rescued. Harry continues to blame Lara for Tally's condition and things get worse for Lara when Simon turns up at the hospital high on drugs. Meanwhile Abs tells a reporter more than he should have.
S18E34 Much Wants More 00/00/0000 Abs faces it tough this week when a young child he is caring for dies and the psychiatric nurse faces the father wrath leaving Abs lying in a pool of blood.
S18E35 Breaking Point 00/00/0000 Lara discovers how bad boyfriend Simon's drug problem is this week when she finds him taking speed at work. When Simon goes home Lara predicts the worse and drags Abs in to help her but when they arrive at Simon's he is completely drugged up and Lara is forced to tell Abs she needs help to help Simon. Also Jim annoys his colleagues by trying to enforce new rules which he used in America and Luke and Bex go out for a drink.
S18E36 Don't Go There 00/00/0000 Jim becomes an unpopular man this week when in Harry's absence the now in charge paediatrician makes a number of changes which start to anger a number of his colleagues. Things get worse for Jim when a patient dies in reception and Jim is blamed because of his new rules. The engagement ring Fin lost at the train site has been found - will this pro-mt Fin to finally propose to Comfort and Simon finally confesses about his drug addiction to Lara.
S18E37 World Gone Wrong (1) 00/00/0000 Lara, Nikki and Josh find themselves taken hostage when they are called to a scene which they enter only to find that a couple of bank robbers need help. As the two armed robbers do a runner they take Nikki and Lara with them as hostages. After driving off in the ambulance, Nikki and Lara are tied up in the back before they stop at a bridge. With the police catching up to them one of the robbers takes one of the hostages out of the ambulance to show they will shoot. However it takes an unexpected twist when the hostage is pushed off the bridge. But who is it Nikki or Lara and will they survive?
S18E38 World Gone Wrong (2) 00/00/0000 Nikki is rushed to hospital as it is reveled she was the one who was pushed off the bridge but will she survive? After a high speed car chase the two robbers are arrested and Lara is brought to safety.
S18E39 The Good Father 00/00/0000 Things go from bad to worse for Nikki, still dealing with the trauma of being held hostage, the young paramedic finds out the right side of her body is paralyzed and Lara begins to blame herself for Nikki's condition.
S18E40 Dreams and Disappointments 00/00/0000 Comfort & Fin finally say 'I Do' in a beautiful ceremony. Meanwhile Nikki decides that it's time to move on & no longer able to be a paramedic she decides to see a bit of the world and says her goodbyes.
S18E41 And the Bride Wore Red 00/00/0000 New technician Nina Farr arrives on the job but riles Comfort up the wrong way straight away. Things take a worse turn when she's called to a shout - not knowing that it's her boss Josh whose ceiling has caved in after leaving the bath on - and treats Josh with little respect. Will Nina be able to get past her terrible first day? Meanwhile Josh's date with Caroline doesn't go as planned and Lara takes desperate measures to make sure Harry doesn't accept Simon's resignation.
S18E42 A Dangerous Initiative 00/00/0000 Nina continues to cause problems for the other paramedics as she ignores Fin's instructions and climbs down a sewer to save a man who is trapped but the oxygen starts to run out and Nina's life is also in danger. Luckily. Nina and the man manage to survive but Nina ends up in trouble with Josh for disobeying Fin's orders. Meanwhile, Simon is summoned to see Harry, knowing too well that his job is on the line. Josh is heartbroken when Caroline decides not to go on another date with him and Bex continues to plot to get Luke back. Contributor: Adam Hague
S18E43 Inside Out 00/00/0000
S18E44 Who Cares? 00/00/0000 Josh and Nina have to put their differences aside when they have to rescue Jim's daughter's puppy. Simon and Lara set a date for their wedding but after a stressed out date, Simon turns to drugs once again. Will his marriage to Lara be over before they've even walked down the aisle? Contributor: Adam Hague
S18E45 Love, Honour and Betray 00/00/0000 Lara and Simon enjoy their last night of freedom tonight but Simon becomes angry when Lara and her girls turn up at his venue. Convinced she is here to check up on him Simon walks out only to be caught taking drugs by Abs. When confronted Simon storms off and heads to the home of another woman. Will Simon cheat on Lara? Meanwhile Tess faces a tough day when she tries to find out how a beaten woman came to get her injuries. Bex tries to get back together with Luke but he ends up going off and kissing Bex's best mate Claire while Abs and Nina look like they're finally going to get together.
S18E46 Ring of Truth 00/00/0000 It was the day of the wedding. Abs arrived at Simon's house only to catch him with the woman he met last week. Abs was outraged but a defensive Simon threw him out. Simon asked Jim to be best man. Bex overheard Luke and Claire discussing their kiss last week. A distraught Bex slapped Claire. Abs rushed to the wedding to tell Lara about Simon's infidelties. While Jim was flying Simon to the venue, a distraught Lara phoned Simon to call off the wedding. In frustration, Simon took out a packet of pills which he dropped under Jim's seat. As he struggled to get them, Jim lost control of the plane. They crashed and although Jim managed to escape, Simon was caught in the explosion. When the others saw the smoke, they rushed to the crash. They fought to save Simon but were they too late? Meanwhile, Lara fled the wedding with Harry. Oblivious to the crash, she instructed him to take her to the airport. She called ahead and bought a one way ticket to Australia.
S19E01 The Ties That Bind Us (1) 00/00/0000 Two frantic parents have lost their children and fears that they have left the hospital while visiting their sick great-grandfather. They have been captured on CCTV outside the hospital, but haven't been seen since. A stricken rape victim is brought in, tied with copper wire. Dad knocks on the flats around their home, and comes across a convicted pedophile, who looks shifty. Meanwhile, police have found a bloodied hood, belonging to the girl.
S19E02 The Ties That Bind Us (2) 00/00/0000 Family friends, police, even hospital staff have rallied around in a desperate search for Adam and Kayleigh. Paramedics Luke and Nina are searching in the sewers for them and come across Adam and Nina goes to save him, but falls and is feared to be paralysed. Adam is in critcal condition and now Lee, a neighbour, is number one suspect after Adam and the rape vitcim have been tied with copper wire, found in Lee's van. Across a river, Kayleigh's body is found and Lee is arrested.
S19E03 Out with a Bang 00/00/0000 The staff of Holby A&E bid a sad goodbye to friend and colleague Roxy Bird who sets off for a new carreer as a nursery nurse. However the drama happens mainly to Fin who has to go into a burning building to save trapped schoolgirls one of them being his daughter but as everyone manages to survive the shock to follow is when a man blames Fin for his wifes death after he wouldn't treat her because of his heroic actions. Elsewhere Nina appears to be falling for Abs big time
S19E04 Love's Labours... Lost 00/00/0000 New doctor Selena Manning makes a return to Holby A&E after working at the hospital for a brief spell 18 months ago. The police doctors first day gets off to a good start, she happens to bump into Harry who she nearly slept with when she was last on the wards of Holby. However after laughing and joking about their last meeting together Selena arrives home for a big shock - her husband in bed with hospital receptionist Bex. As Fin goes to a press conference to discuss his heroic actions following the fire he ends up being branded a killer by grieving widower Karl.
S19E05 Facing Up 00/00/0000 Comfort and Fin are shocked and a bit scared this week when they arrive at a shout and when they return to the ambulance it is trashed. Not realising it could me Karl whose wife Fin left to save his daughter from a fire could be involved Fin brushes it off as kids messing about. Things take a later twist when Comfort tells Tess that she is pregnant and will surprise Fin when she cooks a romantic meal for the two of them later on. However Fin never turns up. Meanwhile Tess tells her son Sam not to tell anyone he is her son as he applies for the receptionist job at the hospital and after finally agreeing to go out on a date Abs and Nina's night is ruined when Ellen unexpectedly turns up. Contributor: Adam Hague State
S19E06 A Life Lost 00/00/0000 Comfort reports Fin's disappearance when he does not return home and no one has heard from him. Tess' son Sam arrives as a new receptionist and gets off to a bad start with co-receptionist Bex when he arrives late. He also hides the fact that Tess is his mother after Tess tells him it would be better that way but Bex discovers the truth. Meanwhile Ellen tells Abs she may have to leave the country soon as she is running out of money. He is further shocked when she confesses that she is terrified to return to her father as he abuses her. Also Luke turns up at Kate's house to try and help her but will she her husband's 'killer' to help her out of her abusive relationship and Selena bins a bunch of flowers from her husband Will.
S19E07 When the Devil Drives 00/00/0000 Comfort turns to Tess for support as news of Fin's disappearance hits the papers. Nina hits the roof this week when Abs reveals why Ellen can't leave the country. Later on Nina gets a shock when she walks in on Ellen kissing Abs but is everything as it seems. Meanwhile Josh has to break up a fight between Luke & Kate's boyfriend.
S19E08 Three's a Crowd 00/00/0000 Comfort starts to really worry about the disappearance of her husband Fin tonight. Josh discovers Fin's knife in a patients pocket who confesses he found it. After overhearing the police discuss where the knife was found Comfort rushes straight over there. As the police search for Fin, a body is found and Selena is called to pronounce a death but is the body Fin's.Elsewhere Luke invites a beat up Kate to stay at his house to escape her abusive partner.
S19E09 Little White Lies 00/00/0000 Abs is shocked when Ellen asks him to marry her this week. He is even more shocked when she reveals that the only reason she wants to marry him is because her visa is running out. When she sees how taken aback Abs is, she tells him she can't go back Ukraine because she will have to face her abusive father but is Ellen telling the truth? Also Comfort is asked to identify a body and breaks down when the body is Fin.
S19E10 Dangerous Games 00/00/0000 Comfort faces a double blow this week when Tess shows her an article in the newspaper which includes an interview with Fin's wife. After storming round there she comes face to face with Fin's wife Ruth but refuses to believe her. She is then introduced to Fin's son but still won't believe Ruth. To add to her problems she then finds out Fin was murdered. Sam and Bex enjoy a night on the town which leads with Sam facing the brush off from Bex and Abs considers marrying Ellen but in the end he tells her he wouldn't be able to go through with her. Contributor: Adam Hague
S19E11 Horses for Courses 00/00/0000 Things go from bad to worse for Comfort at Fin's funeral when she collapses with stomach pains. After being rushed to hospital Comfort is told her baby is alive but how much more heartache can Comfort take? Elsewhere Ellen continues to get Abs to agree to marry her so she can stay in the country but he tells her that in no way he will marry her. Guppy re-thinks his decision to be a doctor after yet another mistake and after keeping quiet about being given the brush off by Bex, Sam tells Bex he is embarrassed by their not so active night.
S19E12 Past Imperfect 00/00/0000 Harry starts the investigation into what happened to the patient who suffered a cardiac arrest. Abs and Ellen are interrogated by Harry and desperate to stay in the country Ellen says she will cover for Abs but only if he marries her. Facing been struck off Abs reluctantly agrees. Also Comfort discharges herself from hospital determined to keep her pregnancy a secret.
S19E13 Responsibility 00/00/0000 There's a dramatic rooftop showdown this week when Comfort comes face-to-face with her husband, Fin's killer. With murderer Karl about to jump Comfort tries to talk him round so that justice can be done but after things get heated Comfort just has to know why Karl did it and as an argument entails Comfort watches as Karl jumps to his death. Is Comfort's nightmare finally over? Elsewhere Ellen reveals her and Abs wedding plans much to the shock of their friends and colleagues.
S19E14 Love Bites 00/00/0000 New paramedic Woody gets off to a bad start when he is caught in a sauna naked and has to be brought into Holby A&E. Selena declares war on Bex. Jim becomes worried about his forthcoming court date in the USA and Abs confides in Claire the real reason he is marrying Ellen.
S19E15 Who Knows Best 00/00/0000 After finally enjoying herself while at the Christmas party things go back to bad for Comfort when she arrives home and finds Ruth has moved into her flat and she is homeless. Selena continues to harass Bex and Abs finds Sam tending to a patient.
S19E16 Forsaking All Others 00/00/0000 After Nina begs Abs not to marry Ellen because she loves him Abs has a lot of decisions to make but in the end marries Ellen to help her stay in the country leaving Nina heartbroken. Tess gets a shock when she goes round to Comfort's flat after work and finds Ruth, Fin's other wife there. Things go from bad to worse for Jim when he's struck off.
S19E17 Casualty@Holby City (1) 26/12/2004 Crossover with Holby Ciy; for part 2, see Casualty@Holby City (2) Catastrophe hits Holby A&E when a truck carrying petrol crashes into the hospital. Even though only at the hospital to collect his things after been struck off, Jim is thrown into the center of the accident when he has to help Holby City character Rosie save a baby's life while Bex's life is put in danger when she takes a man to the drugs section of the hospital to help him find a doctor but it takes a sinister turn when he takes her hostage to help him get drugs for himself. Elsewhere Harry and Luke try to help out in the hospital another explosion happens leaving Bex, Jim and others lives in danger.
S19E18 Casualty@Holby City (2) 26/12/2004 Crossover with Holby Ciy; for part 1, see Casualty@Holby City (1) Catastrophe hits Holby A&E when a truck carrying petrol crashes into the hospital. Even though only at the hospital to collect his things after been struck off, Jim is thrown into the center of the accident when he has to help Holby City character Rosie save a baby's life while Bex's life is put in danger when she takes a man to the drugs section of the hospital to help him find a doctor but it takes a sinister turn when he takes her hostage to help him get drugs for himself. Elsewhere Harry and Luke try to help out in the hospital another explosion happens leaving Bex, Jim and others lives in danger.
S19E19 Secrets That We Keep 01/01/2005 Everyone grieves for Jim while Harry raises awareness on the wards which ends in a shock when Charlie returns from Canada. Ellen receives bad news about her visa and Selena continues to bully Bex.
S19E20 Fathers, Mothers, Daughters, Brothers 08/01/2005 Ellen starts to panic when she finds out her fathers coming to visit and ends up missing her immigration meeting. McFly pop by Holby A&E to surprise two fans who went a long way to meet the famous pop band. Comfort is furious to find Sam tampering with her marriage certificate leading to an argument between Tess and Comfort.
S19E21 First Do No Harm 15/01/2005 Comfort faces more heartache this week when the pregnant paramedic is rushed to hospital with stomach pains and although it looks like the baby's alive but critical things take a horrible twist when she loses her baby resulting in Comfort blaming herself. Also Ellen faces problems when her father arrives early and Nina tells him Ellen told Abs he abused her. Disgusted in his daughters lies he tells Abs and Nina the truth, Ellen is in the country ilegally after fleeing the country after being charged with fraud. Elsewhere Bex throws Charlie a birthday party to remember.
S19E22 Thrown Out 22/01/2005 Abs continues to ignore Nina & Ellen continues to try to get back into his good books which leads to Abs finally snapping at Ellen and throws her out into the streets. Sam continues to act very oddly and his mum Tess still oblivious to her son's odd behavior throws all her effort into getting Comfort the break she needs by jetting her off to Barbados to spend time with Fin's family. Meanwhile Bex thinks she's found Mr Right in Pete.
S19E23 The Cost of Honesty 29/01/2005 Abs gives Ellen her marching orders when he catches her lying again. Tess gets a shock when she spots her son Sam burning patients files outside the hospital. Meanwhile new registrar Maggie stops at the scene of an accident to help out, and Charlie receives a mysterious e-mail.
S19E24 Truth Will Out 05/02/2005 Abs finally stands up to Ellen by threatening to tell immigration about their 'fake' wedding but she then turns nasty. She also makes a big mistake with a patients treatment. Has Ellen made her final mistake? Woody and Luke play a practical joke on Harry, Charlie and Selena. Guppy stands up to his father. Bex feels down after finding out about Pete's cheating ways and Tess really starts to worry about Sam's state of mind.
S19E25 Hoping, Wishing, Longing 19/02/2005 An inebriated Bex pesters Pete all night after she sees him with another woman at the Valentine's Ball, but the evening soon takes a horrific turn when he decides to walk her home. Meanwhile, Guppy refuses to bow to his father's bullying, Tess remains in denial over Sam's increasingly delusional behaviour, and the net closes in on Ellen. Contributor: Soapaholic State: Un-approved
S19E26 Naming Names 26/02/2005 An emotional Bex reports her rape to the police, but then learns that the doctor who will be examining her is Selina, her arch enemy. Selina is a source of comfort, however, especially when Bex has doubts about pressing charges. She encourages her to ensure Pete doesn't get away with his crime. Meanwhile, faced with a possible murder charge over the death of a patient she neglected, Ellen disappears into the night. Contributor: Soapaholic State: Un-approved
S19E27 Boys Don't Cry 05/03/2005 As Sam's condition worsens, Tess and Mike are forced to take him to see a psychiatrist. The day however takes an unexpected turn when after an argument with Tess, Mike storms off and is involved in a car accident. How will Tess cope with this added strain in her life? Elsewhere Harry reveals his very delicate financial troubles to Charlie. Luke supports Bex as she tries to deal with her rape ordeal and an immigration officer interviews Abs and Nina over Ellen's whereabouts.
S19E28 Family Day 13/03/2005 Tess is told to withdraw Mike's treatment and let him pass away but a miracle happens when he begins to come round. Are things finally looking up for Tess? The paramedics face a tough day when they are called to an accident at the docks which sees Woody save a boy from drowning even though he can't swim, putting his own life in danger. Nina has to give drugs to a critically ill woman but if the drugs don't work Josh's neck will be on the line for letting her. Meanwhile Luke continues to help Bex through her rape ordeal.
S19E29 Animals 19/03/2005 Bex returns to work only to be put down by Claire at every available oppurtunity. Following this Bex drowns her sorrows in vodka and the diabetic receptionist collapses in the bathroom while Charlie and Selena find her will she survive? Abs and Nina get closer while Tess breaks down in front of Harry over her family problems and Guppy is comfronted by a face from the past.
S19E30 Forbidden Love 20/03/2005 After Bex survives her suicide, Charlie advices Claire to take some time off work then Claire shares a secret kiss with Luke behind Bex's back. Abs is visited by a loan shark who says Ellen owes him £5000 and he wants it back off Abs. Tess tells Sam the truth about Mike.
S19E31 And on That Farm 26/03/2005 Selena is faced to work with her ex-husband Will on a police related case and as he thinks she wants him back, she tells him she wants a divorce. Luke feels guilty after his kiss with Claire and Nina tells Abs they can escape Ellen's debt by doing a runner.
S19E32 Running Out of Kisses 02/04/2005 Bex returns to work this week and looks back to her old self but when Claire talks to her about Pete's court case Bex breaks down. Later on Bex thinks she sees Pete outside her house so calls Luke and after being told he's no where around Bex decides she can't carry on this way and decides she can't carry on with the court case. Elsewhere Tess brings Sam home from the psychiatric hospital sooner than planned leading to an argument with Comfort. Will puts obsticles for Selena to divorce him. Abs steals money from a dead womans bag to pay off Ellen's debt but is persuaded to put it back after Nina threatens to end their relationship if he doesn't and Guppy helps out a young girl who's brother is dying.
S19E33 In the Dark 09/04/2005
S19E34 Cops and Robbers 16/04/2005
S19E35 Sweet Revenge 23/04/2005
S19E36 Desperate Measures 30/04/2005
S19E37 A Question of Loyalty 07/05/2005
S19E38 Fat Chance 14/05/2005
S19E39 Truth and Consequences 04/06/2005
S19E40 Baby Love 11/06/2005
S19E41 Swallowers 18/06/2005
S19E42 The Long Goodbye 25/06/2005
S19E43 A Father’s Love 09/07/2005
S19E44 There Are Worse Things I Could Do 16/07/2005
S19E45 Brief Encounters 23/07/2005
S19E46 Aftermath 30/07/2005
S19E47 You Need Friends 06/08/2005
S19E48 Smoke & Mirrors 13/08/2005
S20E01 Holding On (1) 00/00/0000
S20E02 Holding On (2) 00/00/0000
S20E03 Deep Water 00/00/0000
S20E04 That's Amore 00/00/0000
S20E05 Paper Moon 00/00/0000
S20E06 Sticks and Stones 00/00/0000
S20E07 All's Fair in Love and War 00/00/0000
S20E08 For Better or Worse 00/00/0000
S20E09 Teacher's Pet/Crash and Burn 00/00/0000 Parts one and two of a two-hour "Casualty@Holby City" special aired in four parts over consecutive weeknights. For parts three and four, see Holby City S08E02.
S20E10 Big Bang Theory 00/00/0000
S20E11 Love and Duty 00/00/0000
S20E12 Antisocial Behaviour 00/00/0000
S20E13 Getting Involved 00/00/0000
S20E14 Skin Deep 00/00/0000
S20E15 Enough's Enough 00/00/0000
S20E16 Do They Know It's Christmas? 00/00/0000
S20E17 Deny Thy Father (1) 00/00/0000 Part one of a Casualty@Holby City crossover. For part two, see Holby City S20E11.
S20E18 Out of Your Depth 00/00/0000
S20E19 Poisoned Love 00/00/0000
S20E20 Crossing the Line 00/00/0000
S20E21 The Things You Do for Love 00/00/0000
S20E22 It's a Man Thing 00/00/0000
S20E23 Trust in Me 00/00/0000
S20E24 Out of the Past 00/00/0000
S20E25 The Lost Boys 00/00/0000
S20E26 World's Apart 00/00/0000
S20E27 Nobody's Perfect 00/00/0000
S20E28 Heroes and Villains 00/00/0000
S20E29 Family Matters 00/00/0000
S20E30 Walk Before You Run 00/00/0000
S20E31 Going Under 00/00/0000
S20E32 Blind Spots 00/00/0000
S20E33 First Impressions 00/00/0000
S20E34 Lost and Found 00/00/0000
S20E35 No Way Back 00/00/0000
S20E36 A Problem Halved 00/00/0000
S20E37 Secrets and Lies 00/00/0000
S20E38 Target Man 00/00/0000
S20E39 All at Sea 00/00/0000
S20E40 Abide with Me 00/00/0000
S20E41 Silent Ties 00/00/0000
S20E42 Needle 00/00/0000
S20E43 Perfect Day 00/00/0000
S20E44 Happy Hour 00/00/0000
S20E45 The Truth Game 00/00/0000
S20E46 Last Orders 00/00/0000
S20E47 Get What You Deserve 00/00/0000
S21E01 Different Worlds (1) 00/00/0000
S21E02 Different Worlds (2) 00/00/0000
S21E03 Waste of Space 00/00/0000
S21E04 Heads Together 00/00/0000
S21E05 Sons and Lovers 00/00/0000
S21E06 Angels and Demons 00/00/0000
S21E07 What You See Is What You Get 00/00/0000
S21E08 Born to Be Wild 00/00/0000
S21E09 To Be a Parent 00/00/0000
S21E10 It's Now or Never 00/00/0000
S21E11 All Through the Night 00/00/0000
S21E12 No Place Like... 00/00/0000
S21E13 The Edge of Fear 00/00/0000
S21E14 In Good Faith 00/00/0000
S21E15 Killing Me Softly (1) 00/00/0000
S21E16 Silent Night (2) 00/00/0000
S21E17 The Sunny Side of the Street (1) 00/00/0000
S21E18 The Sunny Side of the Street (2) 00/00/0000
S21E19 Fish out of Water 00/00/0000
S21E20 Stormy Weather 00/00/0000
S21E21 The Personal Touch 00/00/0000
S21E22 Countdown 00/00/0000
S21E23 The Silence of Friends 00/00/0000
S21E24 No Return 00/00/0000
S21E25 The Miracle on Harry's Last Shift 00/00/0000
S21E26 The Killing Floor 00/00/0000
S21E27 Combat Indicators (1) 00/00/0000
S21E28 Combat Indicators (2) 00/00/0000
S21E29 Sweet Charity 00/00/0000
S21E30 A World Elsewhere 00/00/0000
S21E31 Stitch 00/00/0000
S21E32 Life's Too Short 00/00/0000
S21E33 Day One 00/00/0000
S21E34 Lost in the Rough 00/00/0000
S21E35 Lush 00/00/0000
S21E36 Aliens 00/00/0000
S21E37 Close Encounters 00/00/0000
S21E38 A Long Way from Home 00/00/0000
S21E39 The Apostate 00/00/0000
S21E40 Communion 00/00/0000
S21E41 Brass in Pocket 00/00/0000
S21E42 Entropy 00/00/0000
S21E43 It Never Rains... 00/00/0000
S21E44 Lie to Me 00/00/0000
S21E45 The Fires Within 00/00/0000
S21E46 Walking the Line 00/00/0000
S21E47 Seize the Day 00/00/0000
S21E48 To Love You So 00/00/0000
S22E01 My First Day (1) 00/00/0000
S22E02 Charlie's Anniversary (2) 00/00/0000
S22E03 Meltdown 00/00/0000
S22E04 No End of Blame 00/00/0000
S22E05 Sliding Doors 00/00/0000
S22E06 Core Values 00/00/0000
S22E07 Inappropriate Behaviour 00/00/0000
S22E08 My Aim Is True 00/00/0000
S22E09 As One Door Closes... 00/00/0000
S22E10 Finding the Words 00/00/0000
S22E11 A House Divided 00/00/0000
S22E12 Strangers When We Met 00/00/0000
S22E13 How Soon Is Now? 00/00/0000
S22E14 Inheritance 00/00/0000
S22E15 Behind Closed Doors 00/00/0000
S22E16 Snowball 00/00/0000
S22E17 What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding? 00/00/0000
S22E18 Take a Cup of Kindness (1) 00/00/0000
S22E19 For Auld Lang Syne (2) 00/00/0000
S22E20 Broken Homes 00/00/0000
S22E21 Adrenaline Rush 00/00/0000
S22E22 Take It Back 00/00/0000
S22E23 Where's the Art in Heartache 00/00/0000
S22E24 Before a Fall 00/00/0000
S22E25 Sex and Death 00/00/0000
S22E26 Say Say My Playmate 00/00/0000
S22E27 Silent All These Years 00/00/0000
S22E28 Thicker than Water 00/00/0000
S22E29 Diamond Dogs 00/00/0000
S22E30 Face the World 00/00/0000
S22E31 To Thine Own Self Be True 00/00/0000
S22E32 Bricks and Daughters 00/00/0000
S22E33 Someone's Lucky Night 00/00/0000
S22E34 Walk the Line 00/00/0000
S22E35 The Great Pretenders 00/00/0000
S22E36 Love Is... 00/00/0000
S22E37 Saturday Night Fever 00/00/0000
S22E38 When Love Came to Town 00/00/0000
S22E39 Opposing Forces 00/00/0000
S22E40 Have a Go, Hero 00/00/0000
S22E41 Is She Really Going Out with Him? 00/00/0000
S22E42 They May Not Mean but They Do 00/00/0000
S22E43 I Can Hear the Grass Grow 00/00/0000
S22E44 Salt and Sugar 00/00/0000
S22E45 Paradise Lost 00/00/0000
S22E46 The Things We Do For... 00/00/0000
S22E47 This Mess We're In (1) 00/00/0000
S22E48 This Mess We're In (2) 00/00/0000
S23E01 Farmead Menace (1) 00/00/0000
S23E02 Farmead Menace (2) 00/00/0000
S23E03 Interventions 00/00/0000
S23E04 Guilt Complex 00/00/0000
S23E05 Face Up 00/00/0000
S23E06 Hurt 00/00/0000
S23E07 There and Back Again 00/00/0000
S23E08 The Evil That Men Do 00/00/0000
S23E09 The Line of Fire 00/00/0000
S23E10 Impact 00/00/0000
S23E11 Own Personal Jesus 00/00/0000
S23E12 Reality Bites 00/00/0000
S23E13 A Slip in Time 00/00/0000
S23E14 Happiness 00/00/0000
S23E15 Doing the Right Thing 00/00/0000
S23E16 This Will Be Our Year (1) 00/00/0000
S23E17 Took a Long Time to Come (2) 00/00/0000
S23E18 My Last Day (1) 00/00/0000
S23E19 My Last Day (2) 00/00/0000
S23E20 Crush 00/00/0000
S23E21 No Going Back 00/00/0000
S23E22 Price of Life 00/00/0000
S23E23 Midday Sun 00/00/0000
S23E24 Watershed 00/00/0000
S23E25 Stand by Me 00/00/0000
S23E26 Blood 00/00/0000
S23E27 Could We Be Heroes? 00/00/0000
S23E28 Before a Fall 00/00/0000
S23E29 Shields 00/00/0000
S23E30 Lie Low 00/00/0000
S23E31 All You Need Is Love 00/00/0000
S23E32 True Lies 00/00/0000
S23E33 Someone to Watch over Me 00/00/0000
S23E34 The Trap 00/00/0000
S23E35 Better Drowned 00/00/0000
S23E36 The Price We Pay 00/00/0000
S23E37 Hostile Takeover 00/00/0000
S23E38 With This Ring 00/00/0000
S23E39 Who Do You Think You Are? 00/00/0000
S23E40 Palimpsest 00/00/0000
S23E41 Fight or Flight 00/00/0000
S23E42 The Parent Trap 00/00/0000
S23E43 Not Over 'Til the Fat Lady Sings 00/00/0000
S23E44 Ask Me No Questions 00/00/0000
S23E45 Ashes 00/00/0000
S23E46 Great Expectations 00/00/0000
S23E47 No Fjords in Finland (1) 00/00/0000
S23E48 No Fjords in Finland (2) 00/00/0000
S24E01 Dawn of the ED (1) 00/00/0000 It's Adam's first day as clinical lead. His first job is to show eight new F2s around the ED, which backfires when they are not all what they seem to be. When Adam is called to an emergency at a shopping centre, he chooses new F2 Heather to accompany him. The owner of the centre has set a bomb inside, which explodes, trapping Adam, Heather, Jeff, Polly and a group of homeless people inside. Meanwhile Yuki, May and Lenny are ordered out of resus by now-Trust Doctor Ruth Winters and Curtis' memorial tree is planted.
S24E02 Dawn of the ED (2) 00/00/0000 In the conclusion to the first episode, Adam and the gang get out of the shopping center however he goes back for Heather. He finds her and they set out to get out. Jeff and Lee (the security guard) go in and find them but the roof collapses on Adam, Heather, Lee and the patient. They manage to find the lifts and escape but the lift starts to fall. Adam, the patient and Lee manage to climb up to the exit but Heather, being very slow, is petrified and she screams for Adam to save her. As they both try desperately to reach out for each other, the flaming lift collapses and hits Heather, crushing her and sending her falling to her death as the lift explodes in a fireball that ricochets up the passage, nearly burning Adam. Meanwhile Jessica is frantic and worried about Adam and chaos reigns in the department when the casualties flood in. Adam feels that he has let himself down.
S24E03 And Then There Were Three 00/00/0000 May, Yuki and Lenny start their first shift after Heather's death. Adam patches them off with Zoe and she takes Lenny, Jeff and Polly take Yuki and Ruth takes May. They eventually are asked to sit out. At the end of the day the three go to a counselling session with Ben Harding. He describes May as the Scarecrow (no brain), Lenny as the Tin Man (no heart) and Yuki as the Lion (no courage) from The Wizard of Oz. Meanwhile Zoe is neglecting her work to take mysterious calls about Nick Jordan and an old face returns.
S24E04 Sunset Syndrome 00/00/0000 The episode recaps the three weeks before Jordan goes into a coma. These include meeting a penniless Italian hotel maid and a game of cat and mouse on Zoe's part between Nick, his neurologist Dr Frances Lively and the infamous Professor Walter McFey, who Zoe persuades to operate on Nick, with a operation that could either potentially save his life, or leave him with severe disabilities if he pulls through. How far will she go to save her patient?
S24E05 Not Forgotten 00/00/0000 Ruth attempts to keep her relationship with Jay secret while trying to impress her boss, Consultant Neurologist Sarah Evans. Nick's condition deteriorates and Zoe lies to Frances about Nick consenting to the operation. Ruth finally goes public with Jay but later worries that she might be pregnant.
S24E06 Comfort Zone 00/00/0000 Ruth discovers that she is indeed pregnant, while Sarah Evans invites her to a surgeons' dinner. Jeff has a new paramedic partner, who he takes a dislike to and reports him to Dixie after catching him looking through a patient's belongings. Zoe yet again abandons her work as Nick is discharged into her care - but he gets in a taxi and goes home alone. Adam is angry with Zoe but she stuns the department by announcing that Nick is recovering after having had the operation.
S24E07 Love Is a Sacrifice 00/00/0000 Ruth goes to the surgeons' dinner with Sarah Evans but leaves Jay behind - Jay turns up and is thrown out, but Ruth collapses, haemorrhaging, due to having taken an abortion pill. Charlie visits Nick, who seems to have given up on life. Meanwhile, the F2s are trapped in resus with Jessica by an angry relative of a dying patient and must perform a difficult procedure while Adam is forced to watch from outside.
S24E08 Not Wisely but Too Well 00/00/0000 Ruth is brought into the ED after collapsing and then spends 3 hours in theatre with the gynaecology surgeons. Sarah Evans tells her that she needs doctors without any distractions on her team, and Ruth coldly pushes Jay away. Adam assigns Lenny, May and Yuki a case of a man who alleges that he can see elves. Yuki manages to diagnose his condition and is asked out on a date by May. Zoe finds that her new boyfriend is a 15 year old schoolboy, who steals her memory stick so that she is forced to see him again.
S24E09 Regrets 00/00/0000 Zoe is forced to tell Adam and Henry about her missing memory stick and she is given until 4pm to retrieve it. At the last minute, Jordan steps into help Zoe. Polly and Alistair's relationship goes way beyond normal, when Alistair breaks into Polly's flat. Polly is horrified to see him, as all she wanted was a friendship, and she then calls the police.
S24E10 Every Breath You Take 00/00/0000 To the delight of the hospital staff in the Emergency Department (ED), Jordan returns but, this time, in an unfamiliar administrative role. Jordan is disappointed not to be on the front line but sparks are soon flying when he steps in to assist Lenny in treating bonfire-night casualties. A major incident at a pub, involving a box of fireworks, ensures that it's going to be a long, emotional night in ED. One victim is a young anorexic girl, Fran. To her mother Jenny's consternation, she refuses to have a saline drip in case she puts on weight. Can the medical staff persuade her to accept treatment and talk to her mother about her problems? Meanwhile, it's Jeff's first shift as a solo rapid responder but disaster strikes when, on his first call, he is attacked from behind and left bleeding. The blow to the head also leaves him disorientated and unable to remember exactly who attacked him. For some reason, the name coming to his mind is Alistair.Deeply concerned, Polly decides to pay a visit to Alistair's hostel, where she makes a horrific discovery.
S24E11 Leave Me Standing 00/00/0000 Injured pet shop proprietor Malcolm faces the loss of his home and business and the F2s are given their first patient to treat alone, as the medical drama continues. During a heated discussion with his landlord, Malcolm slips while holding a fish tank and suffers severe lacerations. While Malcolm is in casualty, the landlord is forced to reveal that he wants to build a car park on the site of the pet shop and Malcolm and his wife, Brenda, face losing their home and livelihood. Yuki needs to use all his diplomacy skills when, at the end of his tether, Malcolm decides to take matters into his own hands. Later, Yuki, May and Lenny are thrilled when Adam gives them their own patient to treat - Ruth's friend, Amir, who has a history of heart problems. Ignoring advice from Jordan, however, the F2s decide to follow their own course of treatment. Things go from bad to worse when the patient then goes missing. The F2s conceal their panic but are individually distraught. Elsewhere, paramedic Polly receives some disturbing news about Alistair, which she responds to calmly. However, something is affecting her normally sunny disposition and she is behaving strangely around certain patients.
S24E12 Second Chance 00/00/0000 Tensions are running high in the emergency department as the F2s nervously await an important decision and Ruth struggles to impress Dr Sarah Evans by treating a patient alone. With the department at full stretch treating casualties from a major fire and a car accident victim with cerebral palsy, the F2s bicker through their shift as they anxiously await the fall-out from their treatment of Amir. Adam warns them that they must continue to work as part of a team but Ruth, in particular, is reluctant to work with them and the young medics are uneasy. Could this be the end of their short careers as doctors? Keen to impress neurological expert Dr Sarah Evans, Ruth refuses to ask for advice about the cerebral palsy patient, preferring to struggle on alone. But when the patient's condition worsens, the vastly experienced Jordan steps in to help. Will Ruth be honest about the situation? And where exactly does her future at the hospital lie? Meanwhile, massage parlour workers Bree and Joy are brought into Holby City hospital with burns sustained when a fire broke out in their flat. Both were making plans to escape the controlling clutches of the massage parlour owner, Tony. Bree has the help of her new boyfriend, Dave, but will it be plain sailing for the young couple? nick returns back to treatment with the F2s.
S24E13 The Devil You Know 00/00/0000 The F2s are thrilled when the dean announces a Junior Academic Fellowship Award which will see one of them win a role in the ED with a lucrative salary. However, Adam warns them they must still work together as a team and not be tempted by individual success. May, in particular, is desperate to win the award. However, mentored by the impatient Ruth, things don't get off to a good start. When a bank robbery goes horribly wrong, injured bank manager, Gal, is brought into casualty with a gun-shot wound. But Gal isn't quite the hero he first appears and his obsessive behaviour brings back some disturbing memories for Polly. When Gal starts waving a gun around the ED, Polly leaps into action, putting everyone at risk. It's time for the young paramedic to relive and confront exactly what happened with Alistair in order to get her life, and career, back in order. Meanwhile, Jordan is keen to return to a more hands-on role in the ED. However, despite the department being at full stretch, Adam won't hear of it. Medical back-up soon arrives in the form of a rather unwelcome face from the past. Trevor impresses Tess with his handling of Isabel, a lonely, elderly lady who has been injured during the bank robbery getaway. Tess bravely invites him out on a date but there's something he's failed to mention to her...
S24E14 As Others See Us 00/00/0000 Ruth is horrified when Jonathan turns up in the Emergency Department (ED) looking for her help – much to Jay's surprise, who didn't even realise she had a brother. Jonathan swears to Ruth that he has turned over a new leaf but she sees the track marks in his arms and refuses to believe that he's changed. Later, a group of hard-drinking homeless men cause havoc in ED when they start stealing bottles of alcohol-based hand sanitiser from the wards and take it back to an unsafe hospital annexe to enjoy in private. Tragedy strikes when young security guard Mick, desperate to win Ruth's approval, confronts the homeless men on his own, but Jonathan, who has seen the commotion, is quick to get help. Will his part in the events convince Ruth that he's changed and that she can help him make a fresh start? Meanwhile, Jessica and Adam's wedding arrangements continue apace but Adam struggles to maintain his composure when interference comes from an unwelcome source...
S24E15 No More Heroes 00/00/0000 Competition for the fellowship hots up and the pressure is intense for the F2s, as the medical drama continues. Lagging behind the others, Yuki desperately needs to prove himself and, when a work outing goes disastrously wrong, he gets exactly the chance he needs. Yuki is failing fast in the race for the fellowship and his mentor, Zoe, blames it on his lovesick glances for May. She challenges him to ask her out for a drink. However, a coach-load of crash victims proves a serious distraction. Jim, a young man who sabotaged the bus with his best mate, Pete, for a laugh, is horrified when Becky – a girl he fancies – dies in the crash. He confesses all to Yuki, who advises him to do the right thing, but puts himself in danger in the process. Meanwhile, Jordan is desperate to return to the resus room from his exile in admin. Outside the hospital, he is recognised by a man who collapses in front of him. Once revived, it's clear the man has no idea who he is. Unable to get hold of Adam, who is at a school play with Jessica, Jordan decides to deal with the patient himself. But can he cope with the stressful conditions in resus? Elsewhere, Polly attends Alistair's funeral with his friend, Abe – who is delighted when she arrives knowing that she was the only important person in Alistair's life. When she discovers exactly how fantastical he imagined their relationship to be, however, she snaps – revealing exactly what went on between them. A disgusted Abe promises to tell the hospital, threatening Polly's career...
S24E16 All I Want for Christmas 00/00/0000 Ruth faces a festive family crisis, Lenny considers the prospect of unwanted early Christmas leave and Zoe continues to enjoy a bit too much seasonal "spirit" in this year's festive offering of the medical drama. As the competition for the fellowship continues, May is frustrated by always being regarded the least-promising of the F2s and plays a trick on Lenny which has far-reaching consequences. Acting on May's misinformation, Lenny mistakenly tells two sisters that their father, Barry, has died. He is severely reprimanded by a stressed and furious Adam and it looks as if Lenny's Christmas leave may be lasting a little longer than he would like. Ruth, meanwhile, is looking forward to celebrating Christmas with a long-lost member of her family when she notices an heirloom has gone missing from her flat. As she's plunged into a world of stolen phones, heroin overdoses and male prostitution, Ruth realises that she's likely to face Christmas alone. Will this mean she's ready to accept the support of ex-boyfriend Jay? As matters finally come to a head between Jordan and Adam over Jordan's role in the Emergency Department (ED), Jordan is forced to face the music over his future as a doctor. Meanwhile, Zoe continues to escape the stresses of her life through the bottom of a bottle. Finally, the staff find out who is responsible for the string of disappearances in the ED. Is there a thief at large or could it be a secret Santa working in mysterious ways?
S24E17 Tidings of Comfort and Joy 00/00/0000 It's Christmas party fever in the Emergency Department (ED) on Boxing Day as Noel heads to the celebrations at his father, David's, old people's home, and there's also the Dean's annual bash for the staff to look forward to. After a tough night in the ED, Zoe offers Noel a lift to his father's party. Noel is devastated when he doesn't recognise him but seems very close to another visitor, Jimmy. He's further worried by the fact that his father and several other residents seem ill. He begs Zoe to help his father. The F2s are on their way to help Noel's Charity Christmas visit but are suddenly called into action when they come across a car crash. Working together, they manage to stabilise their patients and get them to the ED. They are hailed as heroes by Adam in front of their colleagues and superiors at the Dean's Christmas party later that evening. The Dean, Eddie, proudly boasts to Henry that May is his daughter but she then tells him that she wants to make it on her own. Henry blurts the news to the other F2s and Lenny is disgusted at her lies and Yuki disappointed at her cover-up. Meanwhile, as Adam and Jessica's wedding day approaches, Adam completely loses his cool with a member of staff as the pressure builds at work and home. Ruth and Jay are thrown together to work on a medical case and Ruth finally admits that she's lonely after another family disaster. Letting down her guard, she accepts Jay's comfort and the pair head home together.
S24E18 A Day in the Life 00/00/0000 Feature-length episode. The big day dawns for Adam and Jessica as they prepare for their wedding but Adam is feeling rather worse for wear, as the medical drama continues. Adam emerges from the on-call room dressed as superman, following a heavy night. He walks past Henry and Zoe with as much dignity as possible but knows Jessica is going to be furious. As he prepares to leave the chaotic ED, he promises Jessica he won't be late – only to walk straight into the path of a patient, who collapses. At their country house venue, Jessica waits impatiently for Adam as the guests start to arrive. Charlie races Adam, who manages to wangle a police escort. As the service gets under way, Adam and Jessica get the giggles. But, before they are officially named man and wife, Tess interrupts – there's been a major road accident. Much to Jessica and the registrar's disgust, Adam returns to the hospital. Back at the hospital, Yuki and May are working well in the crisis unit, but Yuki is struggling to forgive May for her recent deceptions. Meanwhile, Ruth is moved by Jay's sensitive handling of a patient who has been abused. She decides that she'd like to take their relationship further. As their colleagues finish their shift, Adam and Jessica are travelling through country lanes with the kids. As Jessica chats to Zoe on the phone, Adam is forced to swerve to avoid hitting an oncoming vehicle. The call and cords is cut off just before the car skids, flips and lands on a frozen lake where the ice begins to crack. Adam tries to focus as he fights feelings of claustrophobia but, when Harry cries and Jessica leans back to comfort him, the shift in weight causes the ice to crack and the passenger front side is submerged in water. Will Adam get the family out of the car and to safety before it plunges into the icy lake?Back at the hospital, the team battle under hopeless conditions to save the accident victims. As matters go from bad to worse, Jordan faces an impos
S24E19 Dark Places 00/00/0000 The staff try to carry on as normal after the car accident, as the medical drama continues. Meanwhile, Lenny's "brother" turns up at Holby City ready to execute a long-standing plan which could have huge implications for Lenny. Lenny is delighted when long-lost friend Davey turns up at the hospital but he's less than pleased when he hears why he is back. Davey wants to carry out a plan that the two boys hatched when they were younger – to torch the children's home they both grew up in. To Lenny's horror, Davey goes through with his plan, unaware that there is someone else inside the building. Polly's career is on the line when the hearing takes place into her conduct around Alistair's death. The young paramedic is troubled when Alistair's friend, Abe, turns up to tell her that he wants her to know what it's like to lose something she cares about. She is even more concerned when Jeff's attempt to defend her turns out to be less than helpful. Charlie's son, Louis, is back in his father's life, primarily because he needs cash. Charlie is hopeful for some father-and-son bonding but Louis shows his usual disrespect and Charlie is distracted by some health problems of his own. Meanwhile, following the tumultuous events at the wedding reception, Adam has something important to tell someone. But will he find the right time and the courage?
S24E20 Leave Me Alone 00/00/0000 Following the traumatic events of the New Year, Jessica takes a look back at her life, loves and career at Holby. It's 1998 and Jessica is a young nurse, casually flirting with Sean and enjoying wild nights out with best mate Linda. When Linda leaves to travel around America she gives Jessica a pebble saying that if Jessica ever finds herself in trouble it will be her lucky charm. A few years later, Jessica and Sean get married. Sean is keen for Jessica to take elocution lessons so that she sounds like a successful surgeon's wife and Jessica is keen to return to work after the birth of Amelia – much to Sean's distaste. It appears that married life isn't a bed of roses for the couple. When Amelia is older, Sean and Jessica's marriage is on shaky ground when, at a low ebb, Jessica meets Adam in a pub, goes home with him and is moved by their strong connection. Back in the present day, Linda checks up on her old friend and it's time for Adam to find out how his confession has been received.
S24E21 Last Roll of the Dice 00/00/0000 While Adam keeps waiting by Jessica's bedside, life goes on in the Emergency Department with exams approaching for the increasingly stressed F2s. When May fails to impress Ruth and makes a clinical error, Ruth unleashes a barrage of anger on her mentee. Feeling low and worried May retaliates, resulting in a furious Ruth sending her home. Lenny can't believe his luck – with May having such a rough time and Yuki unexpectedly missing, it looks like the Fellowship is in the bag. Still raw from her confession about the abortion, Ruth has a heated conversation about May with Jay, during which he tells Ruth that she should try and be more empathetic. Brought up short by this, Ruth pays May a visit at home, where she is horrified to see May slumped in a chair, with an open bottle of wine and some pills nearby. The Ambulance Trust has made its decision in Polly's tribunal about Alistair's death, but she doesn't care either way; too scarred by events, she is determined to resign anyway. Jeff and Dixie blame each other and set out to do everything they can to change her mind. After a long shift, the team head off to five-a-side football practice. Yuki is in disappointing form, but Charlie is delighted to be selected, despite his fitness levels. But his smile soon disappears when Shona arrives looking for the errant Louis. She has some big, life-changing news for Charlie and his son.
S24E22 The Cradle Will Fall 00/00/0000 It's a day of high tension as the young doctors try desperately to impress, with mixed fortunes, in the F2s' exam. May is given a pep talk by her father, Eddie, and is shocked when he hands her an envelope with the exam questions inside in order to help her along her way. And all the F2s are rattled when Jordan reveals that the exam will also include a day-long assessment, overseen by Henry. Yuki falters while treating Seb, a seriously ill teenager, but redeems himself when he comes up with a brilliant diagnosis. However, when he bravely tells a packed meeting that Seb told him he no longer wants to receive treatment, Henry orders him out of the room. Over-confident Lenny, meanwhile, is disappointed to be stuck in cubicles and, determined to impress, orders a series of tests for elderly patient Chick. However, he is distressed when the tests reveal something sinister and tries in vain to persuade his patient to accept treatment. May initially impresses Henry when surgeon Sarah Evans is rushed to the ED having collapsed in theatre, but she fails to chase up a test result which puts Sarah in danger. She is then horrified to discover that her father and Sarah seem unusually close. When Eddie insists he wants someone more qualified than May to treat Sarah, May is shattered. But will her lack of confidence tempt her to take a peek at the exam questions? Meanwhile, there's more heartbreak for the team as baby Harry is laid to rest and Ruth finally gathers the courage to tell Jay that she loves him, but is it too late?
S24E23 An Ugly Truth 00/00/0000 Adam and Jessica struggle to keep their personal and professional lives on track after the tragic events of the past few weeks. It's the week after Harry's funeral and Jessica is finding it increasingly difficult to live and work with Adam as he reminds her so much of everything she's lost. When Jessica's long-lost friend, Linda, turns up at the Emergency Department with an injured arm, she outlines a proposition to Jessica which gives the grieving mother some food for thought. Elderly patient Mrs Bullock, meanwhile, is brought into the ED distressed and disorientated by a disturbing vision of a clown. Could her condition have anything to do with the energy drinks she's been consuming? Dixie is delighted when her father, Arthur, turns up out of the blue but saddened when he tells her some unexpected news. When Arthur sees Dixie and Jeff sharing a joke together and tells Dixie he's glad she has a supportive boyfriend, something stops her from correcting his mistake. Dog-lover Dom is surprised to be on the receiving end of a vicious attack from reputable businessman Brian, until Brian reveals that Dom's dog had previously mauled his daughter. However, Dom might just hold the key to the family's rehabilitation. Meanwhile, it's the day the F2s find out their exam results and Noel holds firm as they each try to wheedle the results out of him.
S24E24 Love Is a Battlefield (1) 00/00/0000 (Crossover with Holby City; part two is S12E19: Downstairs, Upstairs (2)) Charlie's chest pains are worsening, and his stress levels increase further when he gets a phone call from the police and Louis - Shona has broken into his house. He angers Louis by refusing to press charges against Shona, vowing to deal with her himself. Later he is forced to chase Shona around Holby and finds her drunk and high, slumped in a graveyard.He starts to drive her home, but a combination of the day's events and worsening pains causes Charlie to cough up blood. Shona rushes for help and Charlie is whisked into the ED, where the team stabilise him. The gang rally round as Charlie is taken upstairs to Elliot and the Holby team.Adam insists he's fine to work, but when he upsets a patient Jordan orders him to attend a counselling session before he returns. Annoyed, Adam begrudgingly agrees but, when he is later drafted in for a five-a-side football match, he takes his frustration out on a vicious player. Adam realises he may not be dealing with things as well as he had hoped.Dixie's dad, Arthur, continues to mistake Jeff and Dixie for a couple and tells his daughter he's anxious to see her settled before he dies. Dixie decides she'll give her dad what he wants and asks Jeff to marry her...
S24E25 Past Lives 00/00/0000 There are two new faces in the Emergency Department this week, as the medical drama continues. Robert Boulter arrives as a handsome young doctor who ruffles May's feathers; and Hotel Babylon's Raymond Coultard plays Dr Matt Strong, who has his heart set on Zoe. Meanwhile, a bereavement counsellor gets more than he bargained for from Adam. May is distracted when a handsome stranger turns up in Holby on a motorbike but, when she sees him in cubicles later, she is her usual snooty self. When the stranger reveals himself as Dr Kieron Fletcher, a young research doctor who's hoping to apply for the fellowship, May is seriously unimpressed. Kieron turns out to be a more than capable colleague, but just what is sparking his unusual interest in Jordan? Relaxing after work with a glass of wine, Zoe contacts Jordan to bury the hatchet and offer her full support now that he's head of the ED. But a bottle later, Zoe is horrified to realise that she's left a stream of messages about their relationship on Jordan's answer machine. The next day, fending off the attentions of her admirer, Dr Matt Strong, Zoe is determined to erase the machine before Jordan hears her drunken ramblings. The ED team, especially Alice, are worried about Adam's increasingly erratic behaviour but their concern is only adding to his problems. Reluctantly, Adam attends counselling to talk through his difficulties but, when the counsellor provokes Adam to get a response, the first session doesn't go quite to plan..
S24E26 Life Sentence 00/00/0000 When disaster hits a pleasure cruiser on a lake, Adam is forced to face his demons...but will he accept his own mortality?
S24E27 Angel 00/00/0000 Jordan finds himself driven to the middle of nowhere against his seems that someone has something important to tell him.
S24E28 English Beauty 00/00/0000 Adam seems outwardly to be getting over Harry's death, but as the cracks start to show, Alice realises that he is bottling everything up. And when these pent up feelings are unleashed, Alice finds herself in an impossible situation...
S24E29 Just Like a Woman 00/00/0000 There's a wedding and a betrayal...and one of the gang makes a fatal mistake in resus...
S24E30 Love of a Good Man 00/00/0000 It's the day of a very important internal review at the ED, and Ruth finds herself in an impossible situation with one of her colleagues...will career ambitions ride roughshod over the truth?
S24E31 Loves Me, Loves Me Not 00/00/0000 A motorbike accident makes Jordan realise that he cares more than he realised about one of his staff. And Zoe receives an interesting offer ...
S24E32 Clean Slate 00/00/0000 Adam's insensitivity with an elderly patient backfires...whilst elsewhere, a DNA test comes back with surprising results for all concerned.
S24E33 Alone on a Wide Open Sea (1) 00/00/0000 As Adam's erratic behaviour spirals completely out of control, events take a nasty turn in an out-of-the-way farmhouse.
S24E34 New Beginnings (2) 00/00/0000 With the police closing in, and Adam fighting for old face returns to Holby...and maybe, just maybe, they hold the key to stopping the madness...
S24E35 A Better Past 00/00/0000 With Holby ED sent into lock-down, the F2s and Charlie fight for their lives as something deadly is unleashed...
S24E36 Russian Endings 00/00/0000
S24E37 Mum's the Word 00/00/0000
S24E38 In Your Debt 00/00/0000
S24E39 Inconvenient Truths 00/00/0000
S24E40 The Lesser Good 00/00/0000 Adam is forced to face the loss of his son, while Jordan discovers Jay could be in mortal danger.
S24E41 Die and Let Live 00/00/0000
S24E42 Going Solo 00/00/0000
S24E43 I Am Mine 00/00/0000
S24E44 Making Other Plans 00/00/0000
S24E45 The Enemy Within 00/00/0000
S24E46 Nice and Easy Does It 00/00/0000
S24E47 What Tonight Means to Me (1) 00/00/0000
S24E48 What Tonight Means to Me (2) 00/00/0000
S25E01 Entry Wounds 00/00/0000 Hasina Haque joins the cast as nurse Mads, who struggles to understand the stronger regional accents of her colleagues in her first job since leaving Pakistan, with serious repercussions. Two patients are admitted separately after being shot with ball bearings fired from an air rifle, but Noel's discovery of sinister footage on the internet suggests the two cases may be linked and more attacks are imminent. The incident comes to a head at Holby College, bringing terror into the heart of the fully stretched ED. Guest starring Michelle Collins (Rock Rivals), and featuring an appearance by Holby City actress Jaye Jacobs
S25E02 The Blame Game 00/00/0000 The ED is under attack from the Press and public following the college shooting, and Jordan bears the brunt of it. A war veteran and a boy are admitted with wounds caused by an explosion, but their actions lead to the hospital being evacuated, and Ruth eagerly awaits news regarding her application for a surgical job
S25E03 Chaos Theory 00/00/0000 Jordan has to rally the team after introducing an unpopular new policy, while Zoe suspects a boy who fell from a school building had been taking LSD, which head teacher Mrs Haines claims he has been supplying to other pupils. Kirsty suspects a shooting victim's return to hospital after falling down the stairs is due to deeper psychological issues, and Ruth plans a night of intimacy with her new husband Edward. Guest starring Josie Lawrence (EastEnders' Manda Best) and Michelle Collins (Rock Rivals)
S25E04 Only the Lonely 00/00/0000 Jordan declares the Clinical Decisions Unit open for business, but the new system leaves Adam struggling to keep up - and some poor decision-making only adds to the chaos. Meanwhile, Yuki and Mads form an unlikely partnership and Edward tries to apologise to Ruth by taking her to dinner. Long-running medical drama, starring Michael French, Tristan Gemmill and Georgia Taylor
S25E05 Into the Fog 00/00/0000 Cleaning duties are assigned to the staff in preparation for the impending inspection. However, a visit from Chrissie leaves Lenny distracted, resulting in his losing an elderly Alzheimer's patient and forgetting to tidy his designated area. His day deteriorates further when more negative press about the ED leads to a discovery about his new girlfriend. Meanwhile, Yuki realises Adam has made an incorrect diagnosis. Guest starring David Calder (The Last Enemy) and Serena Evans (The Thin Blue Line)
S25E06 Eliminate the Negative 00/00/0000 Jordan tries to improve public perceptions of the department, but Jeff is uncomfortable with the news that he will play a central role in the plans. As the pressure of being hailed a hero becomes too much to bear, he finds it increasingly difficult to keep his emotions under control. Meanwhile, Simone returns to the ward after collapsing in the park - giving her mother another opportunity to vent her anger at the staff, particularly Kirsty. Hospital drama, starring Michael French and Matt Bardock, with Michelle Collins (Rock Rivals) and Anna Carteret (Juliet Bravo)
S25E07 Reasons Unknown 00/00/0000 The senior members of staff attend the memorial service for those killed in the college attacks, leaving Ruth determined to prove she can adeptly manage the department in their absence. However, she struggles to cope when the teenager responsible for the shootings is brought into the hospital from prison, and the situation is complicated further by the admittance of victim Simone, who is forced to face her demons. Meanwhile, Kirsty and Adam's mutual attraction grows, and Jeff tries to come to terms with his feelings
S25E08 Employee of the Week 00/00/0000 Ruth is determined to prove she is the perfect candidate for the role of Jordan's deputy and sets out to win over the staff by implementing an employee of the week scheme, but her efforts are met with opposition. Charlie is left to care for his baby grand-daughter in the ED when Shona disappears, but his struggle to balance work with personal responsibilities has dire consequences. Meanwhile, Polly becomes frustrated with Jay's apprehension over making their relationship public. Starring Georgia Taylor and Derek Thompson
S25E09 No Place Like Home 00/00/0000 Jordan attempts to rallies the troops as they have an inspection due any time in the next two weeks. Big Mac and Noel ends up theorising with Mads that the inspector might take the form of a "mystery shopper". Kirsty takes a tablet t help her sleep but she had mistaken the time and receives a call that she is due at work. Kirsty struggles to stay at work and after taking some more drugs she ends up collapsing.
S25E10 Hands On 00/00/0000 Jordan attempts to rally everyone as the day of the inspection arrives. Jordan ids a bit worried though when he recognises Charlotte, the inspector. Jay is concerned when his grandmother is admitted to the hospital as he he lied to her by telling her that he is a doctor. Jay is able to persuade Ruth to do a job swap and pretend she's a nurse but things don't go quite to plan. Ruth ends up realizing that she still cares for Jay but before she can tell him she sees him kissing Polly. Jordan ends up offering to resign but has a chance to prove himself and the teams worth.
S25E11 The Enemy Within 00/00/0000 As Ruth's marriage slowly falls to pieces, does Charlie hold the key in stopping her from making yet another reckless desicion? or will he end up a victim of budget cuts. Kirsty's working day continues to be disturpted by her husband's mind games but just what is his secret and will it explain some brusies on Kirsty's arm that Adam has spotted? Polly and Jay's romance hits the rocks.
S25E12 Guilty Secrets 00/00/0000 In an Episode directed by Casualty stars Sunetra Sarker & Suzanne Packer, The gang confront Ruth about her decsion to make Charlie a victim of budget cuts but can anything save his job and will Ruth finally confront her husband about his affair. Lenny vists a woman named Helen and discovers that she is his sister but when he then finds that she needs a bone marrow transplant, will he give her the chance to cling to life?
S25E13 Truth Will Out 00/00/0000 Kirsty's husband and daughter are rushed into the department following a car crash but is Warren catching on about the tension between Adam & Kirsty? The ED is thrown into dissaray by a patient-flow advisor. Is Ruth about to give her marriage to Edward another chance?
S25E14 Grandiosity 00/00/0000 Ruth takes pleasure in revealing the results of a time and motion study but when she then plans a trip to the races in order to boost morale will she be sidelined yet again? Lenny introduces his sister to the gang but will he forced to face feelings he'd rather not face. Jeff returns to work.
S25E15 Ask No Questions 00/00/0000 Jeff takes the law into his own hands.Mads becomes torn between her own beliefs and the department's.Will Lenny be forced to dash his sister's hopes when he finds out he isn't a suitable donor match?
S25E16 Season of Goodwill 00/00/0000 Jordan returns and goes head to head with Ruth over her polices but will he be forced to put his ambitions on the back burner in order to keep her in line? Lenny and Yuki go to extreme lengths to find a donor for Lenny's sister but when Ruth finds out, Yuki takes the blame but then goes on to drop a bombshell.Warren's violent colours come back to the boil when he reads a text that Kirsty has sent to Adam.
S25E17 Winter Wonderland 00/00/0000 Ruth's sham marriage to Edward continues but when she and his lover James are forced to work together, they clash which to a very fatal drugs mishap. Kirsty continues to struggle to work with Adam but can she put her personal feelings to one side? Mads and Noel host a christmas party for all the patients in the ED.
S25E18 All the Time in the World 00/00/0000 When Jordan finds himself late for an important meeting, he decides to drive despite his ban – with fatal consequences.
S25E19 Epiphany 00/00/0000 Adam suspects Warren is being physically abusive toward Kirsty, and a tense confrontation between the two men leads to brutal consequences for her. Jordan is kidnapped at knife point and forced to treat a stab wound on Britney Carter, the cyclist who was injured in the car accident. Meanwhile, Tess tries to convince the others they should support Ruth following her difficulties with Edward.
S25E20 Altered States 00/00/0000 Ruth's fragmented memories of a drunken night point to the possibility she was raped, and she struggles to control the ED in Jordan's absence. The situation grows even more traumatic when a suspected victim of domestic abuse is admitted, and she recognises him as the man who may have attacked her. Meanwhile, a woman's attempts to stop her intoxicated father from driving end in disaster.
S25E21 Choose Your Illusion 00/00/0000 Ruth's manic behaviour is exacerbated by the arrival of a mentally ill patient.
S25E22 A Lion Roars 00/00/0000 After her last beating, Kirsty decides that enough is enough, and it is time to leave.
S25E23 Place of Safety 00/00/0000 Ruth finds herself sectioned in a specialist psychiatric unit after she refuses to talk to consultant Andrew Brookfield and she lashes out at Charlie. There are a series of flashbacks involving Ruth. Ruth ends up finding a bond with patient Jim.
S25E24 Duty of Care 00/00/0000 Jordan finds his authority being threatened when the hospital's Director of Surgery, Henrik Hanssen, shows up to check out work efficiencies. Mads finds herself being forced to make an official complaint about Lenny. A Royal princess ends up being brought in for treatment.
S25E25 'Til Death Do Us Part 00/00/0000 Warren wakes from his coma and his mother reveals Kirsty's infidelity, leading him to confront Adam about the affair, but the stress proves too much for him to handle. Jordan is reintroduced to former mentor Miriam Turner, the new joint clinical lead, who clashes with him over the treatment of a pregnant Jehovah's Witness, and Jay tries to charm an attractive patient, only for her to assume he is gay. Medical drama, starring Stephen Lord, Lucy Gaskell, Tristan Gemmill and Michael French.
S25E26 Boys Will Be Boys 00/00/0000 Kirsty and Adam both have to face some unwelcome inquiries from the police. Jay's preoccupation with his health ends up judging his judgment. Kirsty grows more concerned about Nita.
S25E27 Less than Zero 00/00/0000 After Nita runs away, Kirsty is worried and she's not the only one, as Jay also has to face up to his own problems.
S25E28 Only Human 00/00/0000 Jordan is interviewing for Ruth's replacement and Miriam thinks she knows just the person, but her old friend Dr Dylan Keogh seems reluctant to apply. However, when he hops onto a bus to come and meet her, it crashes, and he soon finds himself assisting in the ED. Jay's ultrasound reveals he has cancer, prompting him to admit defeat and tell his grandmother Maryam she is going into a home, and Ruth escapes from the psychiatric ward.
S25E29 Secrets and Lies 00/00/0000 The arrival of a drug trafficker and his sick girlfriend in the ED proves a welcome distraction for Jay, whose surgery is only hours away, while Mads mistakenly believes that Lenny has asked her out on a date. Miriam and Jordan's constant bickering forces Hanssen to admit there should only be one clinical lead, but his revelation that both doctors can apply for the position is an unwelcome one. Ben Turner stars.
S25E30 Just Because You're Paranoid 00/00/0000 Ruth struggles to accept her bipolar diagnosis, but the discovery that former mentor Sarah Evans has OCD and is still a functioning doctor causes her to realise the illness need not spell the end of her career. New member of staff Dylan Keogh perseveres with a patient's treatment despite being threatened with a lawsuit, while a woman suspects her daughter may have mental health problems.
S25E31 Starting Over 00/00/0000 Jay struggles to cope with work as he returns from his operation, and when his grandmother is brought into the ED following a fall at her care home, he lashes out at the assistant he believes is responsible for the incident. Meanwhile, Polly decides she wants to become a counsellor, and Lenny realises the strength of his feelings for Mads. Ben Turner and Steve Miller star.
S25E32 A Real Shame 00/00/0000 The competition between Jordan and Miriam intensifies after it is revealed the board will take into account the candidates' appraisals when appointing a sole clinical lead. Meanwhile, Jay is apprehensive about opening his cancer test results and, following a phonecall from Charlie berating him for a lack of commitment to Ruth, he visits her in the psychiatric ward. Starring Ben Turner and Michael French.
S25E33 Before the Fall 00/00/0000
S25E34 Momentum 00/00/0000
S25E35 Deception 00/00/0000 Jordan is forced to deal with the aftermath of Polly's death on his last shift as joint clinical lead, and the gang tries to hold things together for the sake of the patients. Meanwhile, Miriam is faced with the possibility of a family reconciliation when her eight-year-old step-grandson visits her in the hospital, and she realises she must choose between her loved ones and her job. Starring Michael French and Cheryl Campbell.
S25E36 A Quiet Life 00/00/0000 An administration error sees the life of a young boy hanging in the balance and leads to Adam and Tess clashing but should they be pulling together in a time of crisis? Lenny is shocked when Mads reveals that she's engaged but when she and Lenny come close to kissing and she then hails a taxi, has she made a decision that she will regret? Ruth (with Charlie's support) makes a surprise return to the department but during all the chaos, will she fail at the first hurdle?
S25E37 When the Bough Breaks 00/00/0000 Tess treats a teenage paitent who used to be friends with her son and when it is revealed that he cannot have a new liver due to his drinking Tess takes drastic action but when Henry finds out and forces her to take the blame for a another paitent death, she refuses and makes a stand against bureaucracy but will the rest of the department support her?
S25E38 The Gift of Life 00/00/0000 Following Tess's depature the previous week Linda Andrews (Christine Tremarco) who is a friend of Adam's ex wife joins the overworked staff at the department. Mads is confronted by the man who forced himself on her in a taxi but will she report the incident to the police in the wake of his behaviour.
S25E39 One Good Day 00/00/0000 Linda struggles to get the team on-side on her first as clinical nurse manager and she is shocked when her one night stand turns up at the hospital with a bombshell. Dylan returns to the hospital for the first time since Polly's death and ends up helping to solve a mysterious patient case.
S25E40 Keep On Running (1) 00/00/0000 Adam is worried that he is becoming too detached from his patients and tries to give a patient with terminal cancer a dignified death at home but incurs Jordan's wrath in the process. Dixie has reservations when Jeff agrees to let Karl Fontayne shadow them and her fears soon prove correct when Karl's friend turns up at the ED and trouble soon brews.
S25E41 Keep On Running (2) 00/00/0000 Ruth has an interview to determine whether she will be fully reinstated as a doctor, but despite appearing confident, she buckles under the pressure when a stroke victim is brought into the ED. A hung-over Linda clashes with Tess over management styles, and a run-in with a grieving patient prompts her to reassess her attitude. Meanwhile, Jeff continues to mentor troubled teen Karl despite everyone considering him a lost cause.
S25E42 Rogue 00/00/0000 Sex offender Matthew is brought into the hospital after being attacked former victim's father. Adam is tempted to help him when he says he wishes he was dead especially after a talk with Matthew’s ashamed mother, Goldie. Mads is upset when she finds out that her new friend is the wife of her attacker.
S25E43 Divine Intervention 00/00/0000 Brothers Michael and Daniel are due in court. Daniel is has asbestos poisoning and is dying, a condition brought on by working for the family business. Michael ends up taking action to stop Daniel from testifying. Dylan is fed up with the Clinical Decision Unit and wants more exciting and unusual problems to solve.
S25E44 Pascal's Wager 00/00/0000 A couple who run a pharmacy take dramatic action against a heroin addict who have been terrorising them with shocking concequences. Jordan is furious when he finds out that the girl that Dylan lent a bed to is underage. A terrifed Mads continues to live in fear of her attacker Ash but can Lenny persuade her to go to the police.
S25E45 System Error 00/00/0000 Adam's moralistic attitude leads to him clashing with Kirsty which ends with the truth about Warren's abuse being revealed to the entire staff in the department. Jordan allows Ruth to return to the department on a probationary period but her first day is anything but easy.
S25E46 When You're Smiling 00/00/0000 Adam finds himshelf under investigation from Jordan as his past medical errors finally begin to catch up with him after a paedophle is admitted into the hopsital. Mads helps to mend the rift between a father and son. Kirsty is given the courage to make a drastic decsion about her future by a patient.
S25E47 Thanks for Today 00/00/0000 An explosion at an airport sends shock waves through the ED. The gang are pushed to their limits, and Adam is given a chance to atone for his sins - is it too little, too late?
S26E01 Partners 00/00/0000 As Jeff and Dixie clean out their ambulance new team members Omar and Tamzin show up. Tamzin makes a bad first impression after she accidentally breaks Jeff's A-Team mug. Jeff and Dixie end up called out to a remote farmhouse, where a drugs baron and a pack of ferocious dogs live. Jordan is concerned that the symptoms of his brain tumour are coming back.
S26E02 Starting Out 00/00/0000 Scarlett and Lloyd start their first shift in the ED as a pair of new nurses. Teaching assistant, Harry finds himself coming unstuck in his new job.
S26E03 Common Vector 00/00/0000 New mother Annie, skateboarder Richie, white-collar worker Chris and teenager Fiona are admitted with sickness and dilated pupils. The race is soon on to get to the bottom of the mystery as their conditions get worse. New nurses Lloyd and Scarlet find it hard to cope with the emotional demands of their positions.
S26E04 Memory Games 00/00/0000 Emma Samms (Dynasty's Fallon Carrington Colby) stars in the show's 25th anniversary episode, as a woman mistakenly convinced she is being pursued by a stranger. Meanwhile, new nurse Lloyd's life is placed in jeopardy when he refuses to break his moral code and lie to a patient, and Zoe is surprised to learn Dylan helps paramedics at the scene of accidents on a voluntary basis. With Sunetra Sarker and Michael Obiora.
S26E05 To Have and Have Not 00/00/0000 Jesse falls from a rope ladder and keeps passing out. Ruth and Jay treat him but as his condition gets worse he needs surgery straight away to relieve the pressure in his brain. Lloyd is responsible for keeping an eye on the injured Seb, who wants to get home to his wife. Lloyd races after he slips away and ends up making a shocking discovery at his house. Ruth ends up being grateful for Jay's support.
S26E06 Fixed 00/00/0000 Annie and Chloe return to the hospital as Chloe is being treated for a blood clot on the leg and Annie believes that she’s using again. When dealer Felix shows up, it puts Chloe’s safety and the future of the clinic under threat. The appearance of an estranged brother at a funeral ends in violence and a long-held family secret ends up being revealed.
S26E07 Wild Horses 00/00/0000 Chloe is in a critical condition after her beating from a dealer. Linda blames Jordan for closing the drugs programme and resorts to desperate measures when Annie's grief and withdrawal symptoms threaten to overwhelm her. Meanwhile, Omar and Jeff learn the importance of teamwork.
S26E08 Charlie's Angels 00/00/0000 A teenage girl is admitted to the ED after losing consciousness on a bridge and falling onto Charlie's car, but the staff are perplexed by her claims that she can see angels. Meanwhile, Scarlett has doubts about a career in nursing, and the treatment of a stab victim puts her abilities to the test.
S26E09 Mea Culpa 00/00/0000 Charlotte Salt (The Tudors) joins the cast as Sam Nicholls, an ambitious Army medic on secondment. She begins by joining a paramedic crew for the day, but has to rely on her military training when an aggressive driver rams the ambulance off the road. Meanwhile, Noel is keen to increase security after a run-in with an angry patient, but an encounter with a grieving mother (Tracie Bennett) changes his mind
S26E10 Sanctuary 00/00/0000 Annie and her pimp Damon are admitted to the ED with injuries sustained from fighting each other, and Linda begins to wonder whether her efforts to save the heroin addict from her destructive habit are futile. Meanwhile, Dylan is shocked when he sees new recruit Sam, and it soon becomes clear the pair already know each other
S26E11 Pound of Flesh 00/00/0000 Jeff and Dixie suspect an elderly man of using their ambulance as a taxi service, but Lloyd investigates the patient's medical history and uncovers the cause of his health complaints. A boy is seriously hurt after being caught in the crossfire between two warring families, and Lenny receives upsetting news
S26E12 Natural Slection 00/00/0000 Dixie is forced to take a call during her break, only to become frustrated by what appears to be a hoax. Unhappy with her working conditions, she complains to ambulance controller Louise, but their feud has fatal consequences. Meanwhile, Dylan goes beyond the call of duty to help a frightened youngster whose mother appears to have taken an instant dislike to him
S26E13 No Goodbyes 00/00/0000
S26E14 The Ties That Bind 00/00/0000
S26E15 Next of Kin (1) 00/00/0000
S26E16 Next of Kin (2) 00/00/0000
S26E17 Duty of Care 00/00/0000 Feature-length episode in which the refurbished ED opens for the first time since the fire. The new facilities are put to the test when a traffic accident occurs on a nearby dual carriageway, and a pipe explosion causes a cloud of poisonous gas to engulf Holby. The staff are stretched to their limits despite the efforts of new paediatric doctor Tom Kent (Oliver Coleman), and as tempers fray, a patient lashes out at Dylan. Guest starring Marshall Lancaster (Ashes to Ashes) and Colin Buchanan (Dalziel & Pascoe).
S26E18 Death and Doughnuts 00/00/0000 Paediatric doctor Tom Kent formally joins the team the day after the Silverton explosion, but finds himself investigating a mystery. Dylan accuses Sam of interfering when her efforts to reunite a dying patient with his ex-wife go awry, and Jordan is uncharacteristically ruffled by attractive police chief Yvonne Rippon (Rachel Shelley from The L Word). With Oliver Coleman and Michael French.
S26E19 Trust 00/00/0000 Linda's sister Denise, on the run from social services, arrives at Holby ED with her teenage daughter Britney and young son Joe, and turns her sibling's life upside down.
S26E20 Hero Syndrome 00/00/0000 Linda is faced with a problem when Denise fails to return for Britney and Joe, and Dylan meets his match when he treats an acerbic homeless man involved in a traffic accident.
S26E21 The Only One You Love 00/00/0000 Hospital drama. A woman learns she cannot cope with the challenges of looking after her beloved mother, who has Alzheimer's.
S26E22 Confidences 00/00/0000 Sam throws herself into treating a patient she believes has been sexually assaulted as a way of distancing herself from her own problems with Keith Parr, much to the worry of Zoe and Dylan.
S26E23 Love Is 00/00/0000 There's a new paramedic in Holby. Calling himself Rossy, he works alone and is responding to all the shouts faster than Jeff and Dixie. Jeff likes the way Rossy is willing to go into potentially dangerous situations to get the job done. He seems too good to be true, and soon Dixie finds out he might be just that. Meanwhile, 30-year-old Tara is getting ready for a special meal with her boyfriend, Simon. She thinks he may ask to make their relationship a little more formal. But her younger sister, Gemma, is less than thrilled about the idea of them getting married. Does she know a secret about Simon? Elsewhere, Brendan's fiance Ali has found a message on his phone from a woman he has arranged to meet, and suspects him of having an affair. She goes to her best friend Stella for moral support, and together they plan to confront her boyfriend and the woman he is meeting
S26E24 Grand Canyon 00/00/0000 Sam is told to keep her head down by Jordan after a formal complaint is made to the GMC.
S26E25 Ricochet: How to Save a Life (1) 00/00/0000
S26E26 Ricochet: Damage Control (2) 00/00/0000 The ED reaps the fallout from the shooting of Jacob Broker when Stevie's girlfriend Jade is brought in, injured as the result of a Farmead Crew attempt to ensure Stevie's silence.
S26E27 Ricochet: What Goes Around Comes Around (3) 00/00/0000 Tensions reach boiling point when Anton's Farmead Crew run riot in the ED. Can Jordan and Yvonne restore order to the chaos?
S26E28 Lest Ye Be Judged 00/00/0000 Sam throws herself into helping an old soldier and his son in an effort to distract herself from the GMC interviews.
S26E29 Saturday Night Fever 00/00/0000 Jordan's date with Yvonne is put on hold when a former ED patient nearly dies in the cells, but who is at fault, and can Jordan and Yvonne's relationship survive the investigation?
S26E30 When the Gloves Come Off 00/00/0000
S26E31 Fools for Love 00/00/0000 A woman takes extreme action after living next door to nightmare neighbours for years.
S26E32 Desperate Remedies 00/00/0000 Sam attempts to treat an injured young woman and her drug addict sister, but is the looming GMC hearing putting her off her game?
S26E33 Appropriate Force 00/00/0000 Will Sam be cleared of wrongdoing by the GMC hearing? And what painful memories will be revealed when she's confronted by an old friend, Corporal Dean, who has been called to give evidence against her?
S26E34 Happily Ever After 00/00/0000 The gang are shocked when a young boy dies in the ED and the police, believing his death to be suspicious, investigate his grieving parents.
S26E35 Home Truths 00/00/0000 Dylan and Sam try to put aside their differences in order to get to the bottom of a case.
S26E36 Teenage Dreams 00/00/0000 Tom is once again drawn into the world of Alicia and Jonas, Dixie befriends a teenage misfit and Linda's attempts to build a happy family are dealt a serious blow.
S26E37 All in a Day's Nightmare (1) 00/00/0000 Charlie helps a family deal with a 16-year-old debt which has come back to haunt them.
S26E38 All in a Day's Nightmare (2) 00/00/0000 Lenny and Linda search for her young niece after she gets into the car of a strange man.
S26E39 Zero Sum Game 00/00/0000 Sam's return to the Army is jeopardised when a fellow soldier asks her to lie for him and Lloyd is less than impressed with new nurse Fletch.
S26E40 Do the Right Thing 00/00/0000 The ED staff handle the fallout of a fatal breakdown of communication in the course of a police initiative on a crime-ridden housing estate.
S26E41 #HolbyRiot (1) 00/00/0000 It is three days after the death of Wesley Royce. He was stunned by police in his home after a passer-by reported an argument taking place between him and his partner Faith. He was taken to Holby City Emergency Department, but died unexpectedly. The death is being investigated and the local community are demanding answers...
S26E42 #HolbyRiot (2) 00/00/0000 Jordan is forced to operate on his girlfriend as the continuing riots block his way to the ED.
S27E01 Kansas 00/00/0000 Zoe's first day as the ED'S clinical lead gets off to a trying start when the team are faced with dealing with the aftermath of a tunnel collapse at a music festival.
S27E02 Cuckoo's Nest 00/00/0000 Tamsin faces a ghost from her past when she and Jeff attend a call out at a lap dancing club. Sam attempts to unravel the mystery of a patient with amnesia.
S27E03 Rock, Paper, Scissors 00/00/0000 Sam and Tom are pushed to their limits when a female cage fighter insists on fighting against their advice, and a wedding is threatened to be ruined by devastating news.
S27E04 An Amateur Sport 00/00/0000 Dylan and Tess must treat an agitated pregnant woman, while Fletch tries to unravel the relationship between a teenage girl and her swimming coach.
S27E05 I'll See You in My Dreams 00/00/0000 The team is put to the test when Holby is hit by severe weather, and the stress of work and dealing with a face from the past leads Big Mac's health to take a dangerous turn.
S27E06 Evolve or Be Extinct 00/00/0000 Medical drama. Fletch plays a practical joke on Lloyd after a staff night out, and Dylan attempts to teach a medical student about the dangers of alcohol abuse.
S27E07 Tough Love 00/00/0000 The team deal with an accident at a troubled small business, and a young businessman with heart problems is demanding staff find his missing phone
S27E08 The Kindness of Strangers 00/00/0000 Zoe oversteps the line when she attempts to help a vulnerable young woman, and Mac gets into serious trouble on his first day back when a patient with Alzheimer's appears to have swallowed some cleaning fluid.
S27E09 Harvest Festival (1) 00/00/0000 Zoe struggles to deal with the fallout of a suspected E. coli outbreak, and Dylan is touched by an elderly patient who has lost his beloved wife.
S27E10 Seeing in the Dark (2) 00/00/0000 Zoe and the ED reap the fallout from the E-coli outbreak and things go from bad to worse for farmer Rob.
S27E11 When Love Breaks Down 00/00/0000 Dylan deals with a woman whose pregnancy is not all it seems, and teenager Angel is desperate to get some cash together to pay off her bullies.
S27E12 Out of the Blue 00/00/0000 Tamzin's decision not to treat an aggressive patient has serious repercussions, and Tom and Sam differ over how to approach a family with a dark secret.
S27E13 Sixteen Candles 00/00/0000 A family are shocked to find out an intruder isn't all he seems to be, and a woman finds out she's the heir to her nasty aunt's fortune.
S27E14 My Aim Is True 00/00/0000
S27E15 The Blame Game 00/00/0000
S27E16 I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus 00/00/0000 Tensions once again rise between Tom and Dominic as they argue over the treatment of a baby with severe hypothermia, and Dylan finally admits that he has not moved on from Sam.
S27E17 Rabbits in Headlights 00/00/0000
S27E18 Smoke and Mirrors 00/00/0000
S27E19 No Other Medicine 00/00/0000 Jordan fights to keep his girlfriend's life support machine switched on but when an ill young woman arrives in the ED, he's forced to reconsider his motives.
S27E20 Broken Heart Syndrome 00/00/0000 It is the day of Yvonne Rippon's funeral, and Nylon gets Jordan to visit him.
S27E21 Life Goes On 00/00/0000 Jordan is called on to save the life of the person who killed his girlfriend.
S27E22 If Not for You 00/00/0000 New doctor Ash hits the ground running when he treats a patient with suspected rabies, and Aoife is forced to take control when ex-boyfriend Craig arrives in Holby.
S27E23 Ostrich Syndrome 00/00/0000 David tracks down his estranged wife, Kate, to get her help in saving their 10-year-old son who is dying of leukaemia. Meanwhile, Zoe has had to go home sick, leaving Ash to deal with the continuing flu epidemic.
S27E24 Though Lovers Be Lost 00/00/0000 Jeff must persuade David to act in his son's best interests, Fletch is determined to help an elderly man in love, and Zoe returns from sick leave and clashes with Ash.
S27E25 Brave New World 00/00/0000 Big Mac thinks he may have finally found the woman of his dreams but when she mistakes him for a doctor he doesn't set her straight. Ash clashes with Zoe when he carries out a risky procedure without telling her.
S27E26 Cross Roads 00/00/0000 Ash and Zoe struggle to make a teenage boy accept the severity of his father's condition, while Linda helps a pregnant woman cope with her waster boyfriend.
S27E27 With and Without You 00/00/0000 Jeff is caught up in a marital dispute, and Robyn breaches patient confidentiality.
S27E28 And the Walls Come Tumbling Down 00/00/0000 Robyn has to try and save her friend's life when a day at the fairground goes badly wrong.
S27E29 Punch Drunk Love 00/00/0000 Tom helps a young man with a troubled home life. Jamie treats a young boxer.
S27E30 Hidden (1) 00/00/0000 Zoe and Ash must work together to reunite two schoolgirls injured during a science exam.
S27E31 Unsilenced (2) 00/00/0000 Zoe goes out of her way to help and protect a young girl who she believes is at risk of female genital mutilation. Fletch deals with a man who needs to take responsibility for his health and lifestyle.
S27E32 Family Matters 00/00/0000 Jeff is distressed when his father and sister are involved in a car accident.
S27E33 Human Resources 00/00/0000 When hoodies break into an off-licence, it is more than just a random attack, and a family must pull together to stop the gang's reign. When a confused and disoriented Godfrey brings his dog Lulu to the ED, it takes teamwork to discover the sad truth behind his condition.
S27E34 The Morning After 00/00/0000 Ash deals with his daughter's admission to the ED after being hit by a drunken police driver, while Tom's judgement is called into question when a baby he has discharged nearly dies.
S27E35 Isolated Incident 00/00/0000 Linda's nursing experience enables her to see the bigger picture concerning a patient.
S27E36 The Milk of Human Kindness 00/00/0000 Tom is determined to show that a previous misdiagnosis isn't affecting his confidence.
S27E37 Love Is the Drug 00/00/0000 When Tess witnesses a stabbing she becomes involved with the attacker and victim.
S27E38 You Always Hurt the One You Love 00/00/0000
S27E39 Garage Flowers 00/00/0000
S27E40 What Goes Up 00/00/0000 Ash and Zoe have to protect a local shopkeeper who has been harassed by unruly kids.
S27E41 Letting Go 00/00/0000
S27E42 A History of Violence 00/00/0000 When Marcus is mugged, Sam and Fletch work together to reveal who the real victim is.
S27E43 Secrets and Lies (1) 00/00/0000 Tom is on a personal visit to a prison when unrest breaks out and trouble ensues.
S27E44 Mistakes Happen (2) 00/00/0000
S28E01 Bedside Manner 00/00/0000 New trainee doctor Lily jumps straight in to investigate a disastrous robbery on the open road, while Dixie builds a bond with a game old bird to help her carry out a romantic mission.
S28E02 Once There Was a Way Home (1) 00/00/0000 Nurse Rita is late for her first shift as she contends with an injured neighbour whose hoarding has got out of control, while Jamie bonds with a failed asylum seeker too scared to tell the authorities he's gay.
S28E03 Once There Was a Way Home (2) 00/00/0000
S28E04 What You Believe 00/00/0000
S28E05 Waiting for a Star to Fall 00/00/0000 Lily is assigned to an emotional case involving a teenage cancer patient.
S28E06 Scars 00/00/0000 Treating two brothers tests Iain and Jeff's ability to get on.
S28E07 Gloves Off 00/00/0000 Rita and Ash look after a young girl who is keeping secrets from her boyfriend.
S28E08 The Longest Day 00/00/0000 Iain helps a teenager caught up in a fatal car crash to face up to the truth.
S28E09 Love Hurts 00/00/0000 Tess has to confront her own problems when a pregnant woman is involved in an RTC.
S28E10 The Memory of Water 00/00/0000 Ash and Tess work to discover why a mother and daughter are so at odds about how far the team should go to save the father's life, while Jamie accidentally helps crack open a love triangle.
S28E11 Crush Syndrome 00/00/0000 Rita's day with the paramedics brings her close to a patient in a serious entrapment.
S28E12 Three's A Crowd 00/00/0000
S28E13 Badge of Honour 00/00/0000 Iain is deeply affected by two police officers who stir up his memories of army life and Charlie tries to help a young family keep hold of their little girl.
S28E14 Rock and a Hard Place 00/00/0000 Lily suspects steroids are to blame for a violent dispute between some rugby players.
S28E15 Between the Cracks 00/00/0000
S28E16 No Place Like Home 00/00/0000
S28E17 What a Wonderful Life 00/00/0000 Fletch has to rescue a child from danger when two brothers are involved in an accident.
S28E18 Away in a Manger 00/00/0000 Sam and Tom's wedding plans are disrupted when a man is electrocuted by a Christmas tree.
S28E19 For Auld Lang Syne 00/00/0000
S28E20 Bad Timing 00/00/0000
S28E30 The Lies We Tell 22/03/2014 A pair of environmental activists are brought in for treatment after causing the explosion of a lorry during an anti-fracking demonstration, and Ethan's conscience is tested when it turns out they are both hiding secrets from each other. Rita and Zoe help a desperate prisoner repair his relationship with his mother, while Lily and Ash go head to head at the latter's disciplinary hearing
S28E31 Valves to Vagrants 29/03/2014 Former director of surgery Connie Beauchamp returns to the hospital and manages to make a good impression on her first day as she saves a man from prison. Ash decides to finally take his daughter Ella in hand.
S28E32 The Quiet Man 05/04/2014 Connie, Zoe and Lily work together to try and help a father and his daughter, but it proves difficult as the girl suffers from ADHD. Charlie helps a biker come to terms with the fact that his his wife is suffering with dementia.
S28E33 Only the Lonely 12/04/2014 A prank by a group of girls leads to the discovery of a morbidly obese man suffering a severe asthma attack - but if he is to be treated properly, the medics need to extract him from his first-floor window. The paramedics witness a motorcyclist fleeing a crime with the victim in pursuit, so when his bike skids they are well placed to deal with his badly broken leg - and before long, Dixie finds herself bonding with the angry young criminal. Back in the ED, Robyn is flattered by Cal's support for her during an assessment, only to have her hopes dashed
S28E35 Carrot Not Stick 26/04/2014 Dixie informs an injured motorbike rider that his mother is in a hospice and that if he doesn't go see her soon, it could be too late. Zoe attempts to find out more about Ginny, a woman who collapsed at her birthday party. Fletch really needs to gt his hands on some money forcing him to ask for extra shifts at work.
S28E36 Who Cares 03/05/2014 An adult reading lesson does not go to plan after a woman becomes jealous of her tutor's girlfriend and causes her to end up in hospital after she suffers with an asthma attack. An elderly woman and her couple of grandchildren make plans to have the best day ever but things don't go to plan.
S28E37 Games for Boys 17/05/2014 Ash works out the truth about his daughter after a patient’s experience with drugs goes bad. Fletch fights to repair a broken family on a couple’s wedding day.
S28E47 The Sicilian Defence 16/08/2014 Cal and Ethan work together to solve a medical mystery.
S28E48 A Life Less Lived 23/08/2014 Zoe is feeling the pressure of reaching her 40th birthday and finds unexpected support in the form of an ex- patient. Cal steals Ethan's proposal idea, but Lily is determined to reveal the truth to Connie. Meanwhile, the competitive duo treat a man who has struck by a falling crate, and when a routine CT scan picks up a pre-existing condition and his son suffers an allergic reaction, alarm bells are sounded. Meanwhile, a building site accident brings a warring father and son closer together as an illness is revealed, Mac convinces Jeff he's being followed by Tamzin's boyfriend Dave, and Rita's behaviour starts to worry both staff and patients when her drinking becomes impossible to conceal
S00E01 Something We Can Do (DoNation Special) 00/00/0000
S00E02 The Parting of the Ways 00/00/0000 Alistair's world comes crashing down around him.
S00E03 Children in Need 2009 00/00/0000
S00E04 EastEnders 25th Anniversary 19/02/2010
S00E05 Blue Peter Special 00/00/0000 Dr Mickey Webb, a new doctor, is pranked by Charlie Fairhead and Jay Faldren using the ED starter pack.
S00E06 Untitled Red Button Special I 12/03/2011
S00E07 Untitled Red Button Special II 02/04/2011
S00E08 Under Fire 00/00/0000 Dr Sam Nicholls' past in Afghanistan.
S00E09 The Kids Aren't Alright 00/00/0000 Jeff and Dixie's relationship.
S00E10 Mistletoe and Rum 00/00/0000 It's Christmas Eve and the nurses from Holby ED head out to party. Fletch dreads all the stress that the big day brings, so he busies himself sorting out everybody else's problems.
S00E11 Nurse Factor 00/00/0000 Three of the four new student nurses interview each other about their new job at the ED.
S00E12 Gone in Sixty Seconds 00/00/0000 Paramedic Jeff arrives at the scene of a school coach crash.
S00E13 Scars and Nightmares 00/00/0000 The exclusive episode begins with Iain agreeing to visit a fellow former soldier, who he served with in Afghanistan. Persuading Sam to accompany him to the hospital where Kenny is being treated, they are surprised to discover it’s not a veterans’ hospital, but a rehabilitation centre for soldiers suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Inside the centre, Kenny welcomes Sam and assumes she and Iain are now together. He reminds her of all the letters Iain used to write to her, much to Sam’s confusion as she never received any. As Iain struggles to confront his own past the bond between him and Sam deepens. And when Sam has to make a call to Tom, will she tell the truth about where she is and who she is with?
S00E14 The Spirit of Christmas 00/00/0000
S00E15 Mrs Walker-to-Be 22/08/2015 On the night before their wedding, Zoe and Max head out to celebrate their final night of freedom… but will Greta’s unexpected appearance reawaken Zoe’s doubts? Meanwhile, Max and Lofty’s night takes a surprising turn when they end up back in the ED… but will Max’s mishap prevent him from getting to the registry office on time?
S00E16 On Call 10/10/2015 Cal gets more than he bargained for when Taylor presents him with a surprise. How will he react? Will Taylor stick around to find out?
S00E17 Back to Ours 20/08/2016 Relive the stunts, explosions, emotional storylines and Hollywood guest stars as Derek Thompson and Cathy Shipton (Charlie and Duffy) celebrate their 30 years in Casualty.