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Join Yattaro, Skashee, and Pururun at Pizza Cats, the most popular place in Edoropolis. On the surface, they're a trio of goofball delivery cats, but their actual identity is as a Secret Ninja Trio, the Nyankees! Led by Lord Wanko, the Nyankees are tasked with keeping the scheming Lord Korn and his evil Crow Ninjas, Gennari and Karamaru, from staging a coup against the dimwitted Shogun Yetyet.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Cat Ninden Teyandee

S01E01 Secret Ninja Group, Nyankii Dispatch! 01/02/1990
S01E02 The Town is full of Sushi! Panic! 08/02/1990
S01E03 Dig Dig a Hole and Dig More! 15/02/1990
S01E04 Have a Worry? A Card will solve it! 22/02/1990
S01E05 An Idol is Born? Sweet Trap of the Entertainment World 01/03/1990
S01E06 Exploration! Amusement Park for a Tomboy Princess 08/03/1990
S01E07 Is it True!? Karamaru Becomes a Hero? 15/03/1990
S01E08 Is it Dreadful? Koon no Kami's Se-cr-et 22/03/1990
S01E09 The Princess is Excited! Everyone is worried! 29/03/1990
S01E10 Teyandee! This is Nyankii 03/04/1990
S01E11 Father of the Bullied Child is a Gifted Scientist?! 10/04/1990
S01E12 Unusual play, wonderful play! The Weakness of Nyankii! 17/04/1990
S01E13 Nyankii Defeat? The Dark 4 Ninja Appear! 24/04/1990
S01E14 Reversion! Nyankii Fly Through the Air 01/05/1990
S01E15 Wish! Koon no Kami Wants to be Popular 08/05/1990
S01E16 A Lie! The Shogun is an Imposter!? 15/05/1990
S01E17 Where? The Professor Disappeared 22/05/1990
S01E18 Courtship, Courtship A Baseball Challenge 29/05/1990
S01E19 Double Date It is Full of Danger 05/06/1990
S01E20 Eh!? Pururun's Debutante Declaration 12/06/1990
S01E21 Boom-boom A Tanuki Makes a Fuss! 19/06/1990
S01E22 A Crow with Pizza, Limited Express Delivery? 26/06/1990
S01E23 Crash! Who is the Star of the Movie? 03/07/1990
S01E24 Strange? Koon no Kami has a Child!? 10/07/1990
S01E25 Cute? Yattaro Turns into a Girl 17/07/1990
S01E26 A Big Adventure! Search for the Zekko Bird 24/07/1990
S01E27 Unpleasant! We are Banished to an Island? 31/07/1990
S01E28 Is it so? The Nyankii are Disbanded?! 07/08/1990
S01E29 Exposed!? Nyankii's True Character 14/08/1990
S01E30 Legendary Idol? Sukashi Dispatched 21/08/1990
S01E31 Karamaru in Pain! A Ninja's Love 28/08/1990
S01E32 Pururun's Flute has a Story 04/09/1990
S01E33 Mysterious?! A Friend from the Stars! 11/09/1990
S01E34 A Plan for Certain Victory! The Karakara Clan is Strong 18/09/1990
S01E35 Sagase! Nekkii Disappeared at the Lake 25/09/1990
S01E36 Youth Burn with Passion! Also, the Professor returns. 02/10/1990
S01E37 Really!? Yattaro Dies at Sundown 09/10/1990
S01E38 Defeat Karamaru! Tears, Tears of a Big Revival 16/10/1990
S01E39 Hello! Yattaro Flies to Another Country 23/10/1990
S01E40 UFO!? Nyankii vs Aliens 30/10/1990
S01E41 Touching! Mother Returns Home 06/11/1990
S01E42 A Big, Confusing Fight at the Spa? 13/11/1990
S01E43 Everyone is Coming! A Contest to decide Who is #1 in the Land 20/11/1990
S01E44 Pinch! The Masamasa is Stolen 27/11/1990
S01E45 Disappointment! The Misery of Koon no Kami 04/12/1990
S01E46 Nyankii are Stuck in Time 11/12/1990
S01E47 They Appeared! Imitation Nyankii 18/12/1990
S01E48 Nyankii Santas Fly Through the Air 25/12/1990
S01E49 Tired Yattaro is Banished to an Island 08/01/1991
S01E50 Gennarisai's WAHAHA Big Plan! 15/01/1991
S01E51 Frightening! Koon no Kami's Big Research 22/01/1991
S01E52 Koon no Kami's Biggest Operation Ever! 29/01/1991
S01E53 Tomorrow will be Absolutle Beautiful! 05/02/1991
S01E54 Nyankii is Forever! 12/02/1991

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