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Catalyst is a program that sees science as a dynamic force changing our world. Each week Catalyst will bring a mixture of Australian and international stories, from science breakthroughs investigating the implications, the ethics, and the politics of the particular issue, to stories about how scientists work in the field.


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S255E01 Meet The Avatars 15/08/2017 Imagine you could make a copy of a loved one. A digital clone with a life of its own – their Avatar.
S255E02 Can Seaweed Save the World? 22/08/2017 Professor Tim Flannery investigates how seaweed is helping to save the world - from growing the foods of the future, helping clean polluted water and even combating climate change.
S255E03 Closing in the Hunt for Alien Life 29/08/2017 Will we soon find evidence of alien life? Scientists are currently in the throes of an unprecedented search for ET - and an answer to this long-pondered question may come sooner than you think.
S255E04 Secrets of the Dinosaur Crater 05/09/2017 A group of world-renowned scientists are on a quest to uncover the secrets of the most significant day in our planet's history: the day that killed the dinosaurs.
S255E05 Heartbeat: The Miracle Inside You 12/09/2017 Dr Nikki Stamp takes us into the amazing world of our hearts -- revealing how they function, how we can look after them and shows us the latest science she uses to help fix them when they go wrong.
S255E06 Music on the Brain 08/03/2016 Could the soundtrack of your life bring back fading memories? Catalyst takes you inside an extraordinary new program, revealing how personalised playlists can re-awaken the brains of people with dementia.
S255E07 Sit Back, Relax; The Dawn Of The Driverless Car 26/09/2017 Catalyst looks at the fast-emerging world of self-driving vehicles on our roads. The dream of the driverless car has always felt like it belonged in the realm of science fiction.
S255E08 Can we Save the Reef? 03/10/2017 The Great Barrier Reef as we know it - home to thousands of marine species - is dying. Can We Save the Reef? is the epic story of Australian & international scientists who are racing to understand our greatest natural wonder.
S255E09 Motorcycle Clothes, Gravitational Waves 29/03/2016 A new kind of telescope will allow us to observe a whole host of astronomical phenomena, like gravitational waves. Plus how protective is safety motorcycle gear anyway? Mark Horstman lays his body on the line.
S255E10 Gut Revolution: A Catalyst special - Part 1 17/10/2017 Gut Revolution seeks to sort the facts from the faeces in an observational series that follows two people with debilitating gut issues on their quest for better health.
S255E11 Gut Revolution: A Catalyst special - Part 2 24/10/2017 Gut Revolution seeks to sort the facts from the faeces in an observational series that follows two people with debilitating gut issues on their quest for better health. Garry has tried it all to lose weight, from the Biggest Loser to meal replacement shakes. And despite temporary victories, the kilos always pile back on. Are Garry's gut bacteria keeping him fat and can the Gut Revolution help him? Nutrition scientist Dr Joanna McMillan and her team of experts explore new and controversial science that suggests gut bacteria might just be affecting our appetites and moods.
S255E12 It’s A Twin Thing 31/10/2017 For the past 35 years, twins have been some of the most carefully studied people in Australia. 75,000 twins have been revealing the secrets of how much we inherit from our parents and in what ways our experience shapes who we become. Researchers are trying to understand what determines their personalities, makes them succeed at a school or even live longer.
S255E13 Short Sightedness in Children, Saving a Furry Friend 26/04/2016 We look into the rise of myopia & how scientists are finding a way to turn the tide on the epidemic. Plus meet Australia's first koala scat detection dog that's helping koala conservation researchers.
S255E14 Exercise and Cancer 10/05/2016 By the time you hit mid life, odds are you or someone close to you will be touched by cancer. In this half-hour special, Dr Jonica Newby investigates a medicine that will double your chance of survival – Its exercise, but not as we know it.
S255E15 Too Much Medicine 27/10/2015 Advances in medicine have propelled health care to new heights. But are we getting too much of a good thing? Dr Maryanne Demasi examines how our relentless pursuit for good health, could be making people sick.
S255E16 Becoming Superhuman (2) 31/05/2016 Biomedical engineer Dr Jordan Nguyen & 13-year-old Riley Saban aren't content to just develop cutting edge technology that gives Riley superhuman powers, now they want to push the boundaries to see if Riley can drive a car.
S255E17 Meditation: Can It Really Change You? 07/06/2016 Dr Graham Phillips embarks on an 8 week meditation course to find out if the ancient art lives up to the current hype. New research shows that it can affect the body & the mind & even alter the structure of the brain.
S255E18 Oldest Aussie Beer, Unboiling an Egg 14/06/2016 Could bottles, salvaged from a 220 year old Tasmanian ship wreck, contain the remnants of the world's oldest beer? Plus 'unboiling an egg' technology leads to new discoveries in renewable energy.
S255E19 Live Long Die Young 21/06/2016 Lab experiments show it's now possible to fight the four major diseases of old age. Anja Taylor investigates one of these methods achieving extraordinary results. Could this be the key to a long & healthy life?
S255E20 Stress and Cancer, Secrets of Pluto 28/06/2016 Researchers may have found a way to prevent the stress induced spread of cancer cells. Guest reporter, oncologist Dr Ranjana Srivastava investigates. Plus we reveal Pluto's secrets with mind boggling pictures.
S255E21 Toxic Ticks 05/07/2016 Do Australian ticks pose a greater health risk than we thought? For the first time, microbes inside native Aussie ticks are being probed, leading to new discoveries which may reveal the causes of unexplained illnesses.
S255E22 Soundscape, Juno's Mission 12/07/2016 The natural world tells unseen stories through sound. Catalyst discovers what we can learn from listening to nature. Plus we go to Australia's tracking station Tidbinbilla to witness Juno going into orbit around Jupiter.
S255E23 Stormageddon, Orangutans 19/07/2016 In the first week of June, four states were battered by a ferocious east coast low unusual in its size, damaging storm surge and intense rainfalls. Orangutans are highly intelligent animals and keeping them mentally engaged and challenged is paramount for Melbourne zoo keepers and researchers
S255E24 Gut Reaction (1) 26/07/2016 Could our food be making us sick - very sick? In the first of a two-part special, Dr Graham Phillips reveals research about the interplay between food and the bacteria deep within our guts. #ABCcatalyst
S255E25 Gut Reaction (2) 02/08/2016 The final part of a Catalyst investigation into whether food could actually be our medicine. A healthy diet could be even more important than previously thought because food affects the bacteria deep inside our guts.
S255E26 Artificial Sweeteners, Antarctica Fossils 09/08/2016 GP & guest reporter, Dr Zeeshan Arain looks at artificial sweeteners and how they may impact our health, & an Australian paleontologist goes on a US expedition searching for dinosaur fossils in Antarctica.
S255E27 Stentrode, Fantastic Voyage 16/08/2016 Catalyst looks at the game-changing new Australian device that aims to help the paralysed walk again. Plus virtual reality takes scientists and patients on a unique interactive journey inside the human body.
S255E28 Alzheimer's - Can We Prevent It? 23/08/2016 Can lifestyle choices delay or even prevent Alzheimer's disease? From what we eat to how much we move & sleep, scientists are suggesting that the power to push back the disease is largely in our hands.
S255E29 Gene Editing Made Simple 30/08/2016 Graham Phillips goes into the desert on a meteorite hunt to investigate the question: is there life on Mars? Plus the powerful gene-editing technique CRISPR that is transforming the field of genetics.
S255E30 Making Dogs Happy (1) 06/09/2016 We all like to think our dogs are really happy with us, but how can we be sure? New research suggests most of us can't even tell. Are our dogs really happy & can we use science to make them happier?
S255E31 Making Dogs Happy (2) 13/09/2016 In Part 2 of Making Dogs Happy, discover new science-based ways of communicating with dogs, how to better read what they are saying, how our own personalities impact their happiness & new technology to help make pets happier.
S255E32 Smell: Our Most Underestimated Sense 20/09/2016 Smell is our most ancient, but also our most underestimated sense. In this episode Anja Taylor investigates the hidden powers of smell & how smell influences many aspects of our lives in ways we often overlook.
S255E33 Hidden Secrets Of Art / Out Of Africa 27/09/2016 Catalyst goes behind the scenes at the NGV to see how scientists are revealing concealed gems with stunning clarity. Plus we revisit what genomicist Professor Vanessa Hayes discovered about the origins of modern society.
S255E34 Forensic Future, Alien Megastructure 04/10/2016 Catalyst investigates how cutting edge forensics together with developments in DNA testing are working towards putting a face to the nameless. Plus the massive megastructure puzzling astrophysicists - could it be alien-built?
S255E35 Coral Bleaching 11/10/2016 In this confronting special, Catalyst explores the lethal threat of bleaching to the Great Barrier Reef, and the challenges we all face to protect this global treasure.
S255E36 Plain of Jars, Satellites 18/10/2016 South East Asia's Plain of Jars is an archaeological enigma. Who carved these megalithic stone jars & what were they used for? Plus, Space is being invaded by a new breed of cheap satellites, smaller than a loaf of bread.
S255E37 Testosterone 25/10/2016
S255E38 Medicinal Cannabis 01/11/2016 Anecdotal evidence is building that cannabis has a positive effect on a long list of medical conditions from epilepsy, cancer, even Alzheimer's Disease. By applying scientific rigour can researchers uncover clinical evidence?
S255E39 Tick Bites, Swift Parrot 08/11/2016 Dr Jonica Newby meets Dr Sheryl van Nunen, the clinician who discovered the link between tick bites & meat allergies. Plus we revisit a story on one of Australia's most charismatic & endangered birds - the swift parrot.
S255E40 The Anthropocene 15/11/2016 Scientists claim that the Earth has shifted out of the Holocene state & into a new geological epoch. We look at how the last 60 years has transformed the human race into a geological force to rival nature. #ABCcatalyst
S00E01 Surviving Extremes: Don't Panic 01/12/2013 How would your family cope in a tropical cyclone or a catastrophic bushfire? Dr Jonica Newby uncovers the links between climate change, human psychology & disastrous bushfires & cyclones, & how to survive the extremes.
S00E02 Surviving Extremes: How to Get Prepared for Extreme Weather 01/12/2013 Dr Jonica Newby explains how this website can help you prepare for an extreme weather event.
S00E03 Earth on Fire 03/06/2014 In this Catalyst special, Anja Taylor and Mark Horstman travel to opposite sides of the planet to investigate mega-fires, large uncontrollable fires that are on the rise globally.
S00E04 Fatherhood: Secrets of the Superdads 15/09/2014 In a Catalyst special 'Fatherhood: Secrets of the Superdads' Dr Jonica Newby, Dr Graham Phillips and the team explore whether science can tell us how to be good dads.
S00E05 10th Anniversary Special (Part 1) 23/09/2014
S00E06 10th Anniversary Special (Part 2) 30/09/2014
S00E07 Catalyst: On The Road (Part 1) 07/02/2013 The team defy gravity at 'The Leaning Tower of Gingin', before driving an electric Lotus into the ground on their way to a Future Farm to measure methane in sheep.
S00E08 Catalyst: On The Road (Part 2) 14/02/2013 On this leg, the trio mine gold in Kalgoorlie and meet an international team of scientists who are using the salt of Lake Lefroy to gather accurate satellite data.
S00E09 Catalyst: On The Road (Part 3) 03/03/2013 Teeing off at the start of the Eyre Highway, Catalyst reporters Anja, Derek and Simon brave the bitumen visit to the fantastic water-filled caves at Weebubbie.
S00E10 Catalyst: On The Road (Part 4) 01/03/2013 Standing atop the spectacular Bunda Cliffs, Derek and Simon ponder how to accurately calculate the length of Australia's coastline.
S00E11 Catalyst: On The Road (Part 5) 08/03/2013 Three Catalyst reporters, Anja, Derek and Simon, continue their road trek across Southern Australia. They have arrived where the Murray River meets the ocean and the Coorong Wetland.
S00E12 Catalyst: On The Road (Part 6) 15/03/2013 In the final summer Catalyst, Derek and Simon visit Warrnambool to join a team of researchers mapping and revealing for the first time the stunning natural features of Victoria's seafloor.
S00E13 Extras: Einstein's Mistake 24/02/2011 If Einstein were alive today he’d be so excited …well relatively speaking of course. Almost 100 years ago he came up with an idea that he deemed the greatest blunder of his life. But now it seems, this cosmic boo boo could have been a stroke of insightful genius.
S00E14 Extras: Moon Mining 24/07/2014 Dr Graham Phillips speaks with scientists at UNSW who are developing technology to mine the moon, exploring how we might build there, and possibly even establish a colony.
S00E15 Extras: Parallel Universes 30/06/2011 What makes our universe just right for our existence? It could be that the universe we call home is one of many, just a small part of a huge multiverse. Graham Phillips looks into various multiverse theories and highlights the difficulty in proving the theories. However, there are high hopes that CERN's Particle Accelerator will turn those theories into reality.
S00E16 Extras: The Search for Alien Astronomers 01/11/2012 Graham Phillips travels to Hawaii to look for signs of extra terrestrial astronomers.
S00E17 Extras: Mars Curiosity 16/08/2012 As the Mars science rover Curiosity touched down on the Martian surface this month, Graham Phillips was in NASA’s control room to feel the tension and excitement.
S00E18 Extra: HIV Cure 03/10/2013 Dr Maryanne Demasi travels to the US to meet the scientists who are working on a cure for HIV and shakes hands with the first man to be cured of the virus.
S00E19 Extra: Testosterone 18/09/2014 Testosterone has long been considered the hormone that makes men masculine. But is this common perception selling the hormone short?

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