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Mac OSX for IT Administrators On the Job Training


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de CBT Nuggets Mac OSX

S01E01 Introduction 00/00/0000 Overview of the series
S01E02 OS X Basic Orientation 00/00/0000 Introduction to the Mac OS X workspace, including Finder, Spaces, Expose, Dashboard, and so on.
S01E03 Disk Management and Maintenance 00/00/0000 How to work with entire disks, and an introduction to disk maintenance.
S01E04 User Accounts and Security 00/00/0000 Creating and managing user accounts, global security options, and protections like anti-malware and firewalls.
S01E05 File and Application Management 00/00/0000 Installing and uninstalling applications, a complete orientation of Finder and Spotlight, and details for working with files and folders in Finder.
S01E06 Printing and Other Peripherals 00/00/0000 Working with printers and fax printers, Bluetooth accessories, USB accessories, FireWire accessories, and other external devices.
S01E07 Core Networking and Network Troubleshooting 00/00/0000 Setting up networking, managing network connections, finding and using network troubleshooting tools.
S01E08 Network Services and Sharing 00/00/0000 Sharing files, folders, printers, XGrid, remote login, and other sharing features.
S01E09 Setting System Preferences 00/00/0000 How to use every system preference setting available, including appearance, hardware, and more.
S01E10 Backup and Recovery 00/00/0000 Basic backup and recovery, using Time Machine, Disc mode and Target mode, and so forth.
S01E11 Terminal Windows Crash Course 00/00/0000 A quick look at using the Mac's command-line window, a Bash shell.
S01E12 Built-in Applications 00/00/0000 Configuring Safari, Mail, iCal, Address Book, and iChat.
S01E13 Consuming Windows Based Resources 00/00/0000 How to connect to Windows-based file and print shares, as well as other Windows-based resources.
S01E14 Ongoing Maintenance 00/00/0000 Using Software Update, defragmenting disks, and other periodic maintenance topics.
S01E15 What Else? Remote Control, Useful Utilities, and More 00/00/0000 Useful utilities (both free and commercial), using remote control (VNC and Back to My Mac) features, and related topics.
S01E16 Advanced Integration with a Windows-Based Network 00/00/0000 Connecting to Active Directory, getting Group Policy, and using other advanced Windows feature on a Mac.
S01E17 Missing Links: Getting Key Windows Features on a Mac 00/00/0000 Applications - including virtualization - designed to help you replicate key Windows features on your Mac.
S01E18 Boot Camp: Windows on a Mac 00/00/0000 How to repartition your drive, install Windows and use Boot Camp drivers, and switch between operating systems.

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