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This Windows Server video training course with Tim Warner covers the latest version of Microsoft’s popular server, including configuring network load balancing, recovering servers, implementing AD FS, and more.


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S01E01 Course Introduction 00/00/0000 Topics covered: The new MCSA and MCSE certifications; how this course works; tips for exam success.
S01E02 Configuring Network Load Balancing (NLB) 00/00/0000 Topics covered: What is NLB? Configure NLB prerequisites; install NLB nodes; configure affinity and port rules; configure cluster operation modes; test failover.
S01E03 Configuring Failover Clustering 00/00/0000 Topics covered: Understanding failover clustering; Windows Server 2012 improvements; configuring storage and networking for clustering; building single-site clusters; managing cluster roles, including highly available Hyper-V VMs; monitoring VMs.
S01E04 Managing Virtual Machine Movement 00/00/0000 Topics covered: Brief history of Hyper-V; importing and exporting virtual machines (VMs); Quick Migration vs. Live Migration; shared Nothing Live Migration; Hyper-V Replica and Replica Broker; P2V overview with System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) 2012.
S01E05 Configuring and Optimizing Storage 00/00/0000 Topics covered: Configuring iSCSI, including iSNS, initiator and targets; configuring SAS, including Storage Spaces; implementing passthough disks with Hyper-V virtual machines; using Windows Server 2012 Features on Demand.
S01E06 Configuring Advanced File Services 00/00/0000 Topics covered: Understanding BranchCache architecture; configuring BranchCache from both server and client perspectives; implementing a file classification infrastructure (FCI) with File Server Resource Manager (FSRM); configuring file access auditing; understanding Server for Network File System (NFS).
S01E07 Implementing Dynamic Access Control 00/00/0000 Topics covered: Understanding Dynamic Access Control; creating user and device claims; classifying folders manually or automatically with FSRM; deploying Central Access Policy; configuring access denied remediation; implementing advanced auditing policy.
S01E08 Configuring and Managing Backups 00/00/0000 Topics covered: Understanding disaster recovery purpose and methods; reviewing backup terminology and techniques; mastering Windows Server Backup options, including Windows Azure Online Backup, WBAdmin, and PowerShell 3.0.
S01E09 Recovering Servers 00/00/0000 Topics covered: Active Directory Recycle Bin; performing a Bare Metal Restore (BMR) with Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE); using Windows Server Backup and Windows Azure Online Backup to restore volumes, folders, and files.
S01E10 Implementing an Advanced DHCP Solution 00/00/0000 Topics covered: What's new and what's changed in Windows Server 2012 DHCP; creating special-purpose scopes, including superscopes, multicast scopes, and split scopes; implementing DHCPv6; understanding DHCP Name Protection; deploying and managing DHCP Failover.
S01E11 Implementing an Advanced DNS Solution 00/00/0000 Topics covered: What's new and what's changed in DNS in Windows Server 2012; DNSSEC; Windows PowerShell for DNS; implementing the GlobalNames DNS zone; optimizing DNS.
S01E12 Deploying and Managing IPAM 00/00/0000 Topics covered: Understanding IP Address Management (IPAM) in Windows Server 2012; IPAM deployment "gotchas"; IPAM implementation steps; migrating an Existing IP Infrastructure to IPAM; performing day-to-day IP administration tasks with IPAM.
S01E13 Configuring Active Directory Forests and Domains 00/00/0000 Topics covered: Reviewing Active Directory logical and physical components; interoperating with previous versions of AD; reviewing forest and domain functional levels; upgrading forests and domains to Windows Server 2012.
S01E14 Configuring Trust Relationships 00/00/0000 Topics covered: Differentiating the different trust types (transitive vs. non-transitive, domain, tree, forest, shortcut, external, and realm trusts); implementing trust authentication options, including selective authentication.
S01E15 Administering Active Directory Sites 00/00/0000 Topics covered: Understanding Active Directory site terminology, including sites, subnets and site links; placement of domain controllers and global Catalog servers; understanding the role of intrasite and intersite replication.
S01E16 Managing Active Directory and SYSVOL Replication 00/00/0000 Topics covered: Active Directory from a file system perspective; understanding AD partitions; replication to RODCs, including Password Replication Policy; managing SYSVOL replication; configuring, managing, and monitoring replication with the Active Directory Sites and Services console and Repadmin.exe.
S01E17 Configuring AD CS Planning and Implementation 00/00/0000 Topics covered: Understanding the purpose of AD CS and public key cryptography; what's new and what has changed in AD CS in Windows Server 2012; planning and installing a two-tier PKI hierarchy; configuring the AIA and CRL paths.
S01E18 Configuring AD CS Day-to-Day Administration 00/00/0000 Topics covered: Administering certificate templates; configuring certificate enrollment and autoenrollment; managing CRLs and certificate revocation; basics of AD CS backup; key archival and recovery.
S01E19 Configuring AD RMS 00/00/0000 Topic covered: What is Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS)? Differentiating the AD RMS server and client components; deploying AD RMS; protecting content with AD RMS (manually and with rights management templates).
S01E20 Implementing AD FS 00/00/0000 Topics covered: What is Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)? How ADFS works in brief; ADFS deployment basics. Bonus content: Tim's tips and tricks for passing the 70-412 certification exam.

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