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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Cedric the Entertainer Presents

S01E00 Pilot 00/00/0000 Sketches include: ""Que Hora Es?"" - a mock Spanish soap opera in which the cast knows little Spanish. ""Owww!"" - Velvet Anderson and 'his girl' Maleena try to pitch jingles for apple juice...Owww! ""Cafeteria Lady"" - The Cafeteria Lady is seemingly nice, until she'll bring up extremely personal topics and insult you with them. ""Channel 6 News"" - A newscast is interrupted by breaking news--acutally children breaking things as this newscast takes place during 'take your child to work day'. ""Love Doctor"" - A couple is having trouble in their relationship and they go to see a psychiatrist who thinks hes Barry White.
S01E01 Episode 1 00/00/0000 Sketches Include: •Cooking With Chef Reverend: a melding of a religious show and a cooking show. One of Ced's best roles so far. •Calcutta Golf Classic - who can play golf (or even announce a live radio broadcast of it) in such sweltering heat? •Babies - three babies talk to each other in while in their bassinets. •Cafeteria Lady - in this one, she caters a wedding. The cake is sculpted from (what else?) MASHED POTATOES AND CORN! •Shock Jocks vs. Journalist - a serious journalist tries to deliver the news on a morning radio show, but the shockjock can't keep his finger away from the ""fart"" button.
S01E02 Episode 2 00/00/0000 Sketches include: -Mr. Tibbs: A temperamental waiter trying to fit into a 50's restaurant. -Grown Babies: A group of babies in cribs discuss modern philosophies about being babies. -Cult Crazies: People wait for Baltrar, some superior being, to take them to space. The apocalypse doesn't come to cult members' chagrins. -Raj Binder: An Indian reporter at an LA gay parade stirs up the folks. -Divorce Court: Beauty v. Beast. Beauty is upset at beastly activities.
S01E03 Episode 3 00/00/0000 Sketches include: - ""Que Hora Es?"": A wedding goes awry when people use their limited knowledge of the Spanish language to imitate a Spanish soap opera. -Movie Theatre Mix-Up: When Cassius goes to see a movie with his well-to-do girlfriend, his old trashy girlfriend tries to change his mind about her. -Civil Candy: A company is brought up on charges of distributing candy that harms people. The defendants aren't of much help when they admit to adding over 100,000x the recommended amount of a 'sour ingredient'. -Chef Reverend: Cedric makes cooking holy. -Mama ESQ: A lawyer who lacks in legal knowledge, makes up for it with maternal instinct.
S01E04 Episode 4 00/00/0000 Tap Dawgz, President Cedric #1, Cafeteria Lady vs. The nutritionist, President Cedric #2, Thug Praknz, President Cedric #3
S01E05 Episode 5 00/00/0000 Sketches Include: -""Que Hora Es?: A funeral goes awry when the parties involved only have a minimal knowledge of the Spanish language. -Friendly Salesman: A salesperson becomes a little too personal with customers, by claiming to be gay--but he acts awfully straight. -$1 Bathroom Attendant: In a men's bathroom, the attendant wishes to help patrons--but not without charging them. -Kyle Dunnigan: An ""inspirational"" guitarist sings songs to children on such topics as drugs. -Killa Mike X- A rap artist preaches his sentiments in his songs and arguments. He sings a balad about a maid. -Gag Order- A job interview that is going well becomes complicated when the applicant repeatedly gags.
S01E06 Episode 6 00/00/0000 Sketches Include: -Tattoo Dude: Cedric is beginning to make one tattoo, but messes up and soon looks a whole lot different. -Plane Crew Mix-Up: Cedric goes on vacation with his girlfriend, only to find out his ex-girlfriend is the stewardess. And watch out when they meet! -""Happy Birthday"": A person sings a ""Happy Birthday"" song while revealing some ""extra"" things. No total nudity. -Cafeteria Lady: She is working in college and gets her rude button on. Watch out when someone ask for green beans!
S01E07 Episode 7 00/00/0000 Chef Reverend 3, Chatty Bailiff, St. Louis Jerry's, Dumb Lawyer, Heather Morgan, Third Street Promenade
S01E08 Episode 8 00/00/0000 Sketches Include: Somewhere in Afghanistan: America VS. Afghanistan as the war soon turns into a dance competition. Mama for U.S. Senate: She's back and after defending her son against the haters, she's going for Washington haters with her weapon of ""Ass Destruction"". But Glen Cox becomes Mama's opponent in a unique style. Girl Trouble: Cedric Bear tries to become lotion boy for two beautiful women, but has to get rid of the other one. Campaign Debate: Mama VS. Glen Cox. Glen Cox insults Mama and she ain't taking that with her strong comebacks and finally uses the ""Weapon of Ass Destruction"" Lawyer for Stand Up: Cedric is at a murder trial trying to be a lawyer, but instead ends up amusing the coutroom. Taste Buds: A game show where Cedric and Amy compete and ""Howard"" can never get the ingredients right.
S01E09 Episode 9 00/00/0000 In this holiday episode, Sketches Include: -Channel 6 Action News: While amale reporter tries to read news, his colleague is visibly inebriated. -Cafeteria Lady: Aiming to insult again, this time the staff party has yule-like offenses. -Toddler Sandbox: A bunch of babies discuss Goodwill and crying. -Deray Davis: Raunchy reindeers smoke and drink while tricking other animals. -Black Panther: Pretentious socialites gather at a party and view a large diamond--but the Black Panther, a master thief is on the case of the diamond.
S01E10 Episode 10 00/00/0000 Meeting Mama, Mafia Shop Teacher, Killiionaire Forgets to Thank God, Shayma's Shopping Channel, Cubicle
S01E11 Episode 11 00/00/0000 A Man's Shampoo, The Barkley Center, Cafeteria Lady Supermarket, Drama Couple, The Eddie Mays Story, Her Inner Self
S01E12 Episode 12 00/00/0000 Talking by numbers-When they speak they say a number in every sentence! Bond-Dr.Samander and James Bond need to refresh their licenses to kill. Depo-employee problems! She is very crazy. No one understands her! Time For Church-Everybody get ready for church! They're fighting and getting ready for church at the same time. (Guest star Marcus T. Paulk) Talent Surpreme-Like American Idol they choose the best singer! While in auditions when someone can't sing he is choosing people with no talent! (Guest star Nelly)
S01E13 Episode 13 00/00/0000 Joe Millionare, Bathroom Guy 2, Sell Out Music, Coolstick, The White Hulk, Doctor Love 2
S01E14 Episode 14 00/00/0000 Tap Dawgs Return, Dead Alien, Mariachi, Thug Prankz II, L. Witherspoon, Dr. Bill
S01E15 Episode 15 00/00/0000 Ced's Vice President, Craig and Tanisha, Ced's Vice President #2, Dual Conscience, Wedding Vows, Ced's Vice President #3
S01E16 Episode 16 00/00/0000 Jingle Fever II, Daddy's Dying Wish, Psychic Date, Schleppie & Frypan, Ring Shopping, Just Like Home
S01E17 Episode 17 00/00/0000 Santa's bottom Line, Underwear Dream, Roman Slave Ship Efficiency Expert, Dr. Hip Hop, Sexual Harassment, Beth and Rodger
S01E18 Episode 18 00/00/0000 Schleppie & Frypan II, Kathryn Yanderborn, Horny Bears, Battle Briefing, Billy Wright, Texas vs Maine
S01E19 Episode 19 00/00/0000 Robin Hood, Nacpt Summit, Sports Legends, Curtain Call, Funeral Rehearsal
S01E20 Episode 20 00/00/0000 The Sheik, You Don't Know, The Marriage Game, Byzantine Machinations, Kevin Ruf, Cafeteria Lady Cliffhanger
S01E21 Episode 21 00/00/0000 Crispus Attucks, We Ain't Hatin', Player Babies' Birthday, Love Doctor Bus Strike, Two Piece and A Biscuit