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This investigative series delves into controversial and sensational cases involving some of the most prominent entertainment figures of our time. "Celebrity Crime Files" seeks to uncover the truth behind headline-making events, such as celebrity homicides like the fatal hotel shooting of Sam Cooke or the murder of once up-and-coming R&B singer LaLa Brown; or unexplained mysteries, like the disappearance of basketball star Brian Williams aka Bison Dele and many more. Each episode introduces the case of a celebrated figure then it takes the audience through the rise of the celebrity's life to an intimate exploration of their publicized tragedy or downfall. Through dramatic recreations surrounding the events, eyewitness accounts, culture experts, family, friends and/or colleagues, a clear picture emerges of the days leading up to the fateful moment and thereafter. Created and produced by K2 Pictures. (Source: TV One)


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Celebrity Crime Files

S01E01 Rae Carruth (Pilot) 15/10/2012
S01E02 LaLa Brown 22/10/2012
S01E03 Marvin Gaye 29/10/2012
S01E04 Jam Master Jay 05/11/2012
S01E05 Bison Dele aka Brian Williams 12/11/2012
S01E06 Rae Carruth 19/11/2012
S01E07 Merlin Santana 26/11/2012
S01E08 Donald Goines 03/12/2012
S01E09 Peter Tosh 10/12/2012
S02E01 Bumpy Johnson 05/08/2013
S02E05 Mac Dre 09/09/2013
S02E06 Lorenzen Wright 16/09/2013
S02E07 Magnolia Shorty 23/09/2013
S02E08 Lyman Bostock 30/09/2013
S02E09 The Notorious B.I.G. 07/10/2013
S02E10 Michael Winans 14/10/2013
S02E11 Kwame Kilpatrick 21/10/2013
S02E12 Michael Jackson 28/10/2013
S02E13 Mac Dre 00/00/0000
S03E03 Jessie Jackson, Jr., Ray Nagin & William Jefferson 22/09/2014
S03E05 James Byrd & Michael Donald 06/10/2014
S03E06 Trevor Berbick, Riddick Bowe & Henry Tillman 13/10/2014
S03E07 Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr. & Medgar Evers 20/10/2014
S03E08 Tookie Williams 27/10/2014
S03E09 Shakir Stewart 03/11/2014
S03E10 Huey P. Newton & Bobby Seale 10/11/2014
S03E11 Contenders to Offenders 00/00/0000 Trevor Berbick, Riddick Bowe & Henry Tillman
S03E12 Sam Hurd & Darryl Henley 29/09/2014

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