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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Champs

S01E01 As the World Twirls 09/01/1996 The guys find out that Mary and his wife have separated.
S01E02 Breaking Up is Hard to Do 16/01/1996 Marty prepares to ""woo, wow, and win back' his wife Doris, but she's decides that she needs some space -- ""about 150 feet in each direction."" A legal document makes it official.
S01E03 A Match Made at Seven 30/01/1996 Linda talks Tom into fixing up one of his buddies with her friend Barb, who just moved back into town. Her plan: ""We introduce them, they have dinner, they get married, they're our best friends forever.""
S01E04 For Art's Sake 06/02/1996 Vince is blue because he can't get a loan to cover the art school tuition for his ""gigantically talented"" son Matt; but he turns red when Herb offers to foot the bill. Meanwhile, Marty is green with envy when he learns his estranged wife is daring an attractive young waiter.
S01E05 We'll Never Have Paris 10/07/1996
S01E06 Live and Let Breathe 17/07/1996 Marty gets clobbered in his divorce settlement.
S01E07 To Be There or Not to Be There 24/07/1996
S01E08 Two of a Kind 31/07/1996 Widower Coach is smitten by a woman with whom he has much in common; Marty outmaneouvers a process server armed with divorce papers; Tom and Linda await results from a pregnancy test.
S01E09 Home Alone 07/08/1996 Tom's attempt to have a dad-daughter night out at the movies with Phoebe is a bomb; the single guys go looking for dates at the local coffeehouse.
S01E10 Valentine's Day Massacre 00/00/0000 A thoughtless and forgetful Tom ruins Linda's carefully planned Valentine's Day dinner by letting the guys talk him into playing in their weekly basketball game.
S01E11 The Loop 00/00/0000
S01E12 It Must Have Been Gridlock 00/00/0000