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For as long as he can remember, Tom Chance has had a life which lived up to his surname”from the coincidence that led to his meeting his true love to his run-ins with the law for crimes he didn't commit (run-ins that eventually have the police sergeant ordering his men not to arrest Tom, no matter what the circumstances!). Tom Chance is a very likeable bloke to whom bizarre things which are a-million-to-one-chance for most people happen to Tom Chance as a matter of course. For example, his shy librarian girlfriend Alison Little becomes enmeshed in Tom's bizarre world when a series of strange "coincidences" lead to the pair being arrested for housebreaking while dressed only in underwear. Nothing is ever Tom's fault, of course, just the inevitable chain of coincidence that seems to follow him wherever he goes.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Chance in a Million

S02E01 The Taxman Cometh 06/01/1986
S02E02 For Whom The Bell Tolls 13/01/1986
S02E03 The Lost Weekend 20/01/1986
S02E04 And What Shall We Do For A Ring? 27/01/1986
S02E05 Winning Streak 03/02/1986 Tom suddenly begins to win things.
S02E06 Naming The Day 10/02/1986 Tom visits the paper to correct the report of his wedding.
S03E01 Goodbye Mr Henstridge 27/10/1986
S03E02 Guess Who's Not Coming To Dinner 03/11/1986
S03E03 The Blessing 10/11/1986
S03E04 The Once And Future Chance 17/11/1986
S03E05 Pre-Matrimonial Tensions 24/11/1986
S03E06 The Wedding 01/12/1986