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Channel 4, in common with the other main British stations broadcast on analogue, airs a highly comprehensive range of programming. It was established in 1982 with a specific intention of providing programming to groups of minority interests, not catered for by its competitors, which at the time amounted to only the BBC and ITV.


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S255E00 00/00/0000
S255E01 The World's Greatest Spy Movies 00/00/0000 Real spies choose the ten most thrilling spy movies and reveal which are the most accurate This special programme reveals the top secrets of espionage through a countdown of the ten most thrilling spy movies of all time, chosen by real spies and spy-masters from MI6, the CIA and the KGB
S255E02 Supercommuters: How Far Would You Go? 02/01/2017 Charlie Luxton meets extreme commuters to explore what happens to your lifestyle when you live hundreds of miles away from work. The programme explores the new home and lifestyle opportunities created by the boom in city property prices, the fall in air fares, and the rise in remote working via the internet. Charlie meets three London commuters with vastly different journeys to work. He joins one super commuter with a daily six-hour round trip, and another who at the end of the working day flies home to another country.
S255E03 Gouge 29/11/2001 Through rare footage and interviews with musicians such as David Bowie, Bono, Radiohead, Blur and PJ Harvey, the story of the influential US band the Pixies is told.
S255E04 On the Edge of Blade Runner 00/00/0000 Mark Kermode charts how the film, Blade Runner came to influence films, television, feature films and define the future, charting the genesis of what is arguably one of the all time great sci-fi films from Philip K. Dick's 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?' to the Director's Cut.
S255E05 Meet the Trumps: From Immigrant to President 17/01/2017 The remarkable true story of Donald Trump's family history - one of the most extraordinary immigration success stories ever told - and what it reveals about the United States' 45th President
S255E06 Women Who Kill (1) 25/01/2017 One third of the world's female prison population is in America; 30,000 of them are serving long sentences for murder. But unlike many male murderers, female killers tend to know their victims. So what pushes ordinary women to kill people they know and love? This documentary meets three women behind bars for murdering people they knew. Each has an extraordinary story. Amber Hilberling was 19 years old and seven months pregnant when she pushed her husband out of a 25-storey high-rise window. She has always maintained her innocence. Patricia Ignacio admits bludgeoning to death her cousin with a rock, and Ana Trujillo murdered her boyfriend by stabbing him 25 times with her stiletto shoe.
S255E07 The Modern British Slave Trade 31/01/2017 The Modern British Slave Trade explores the rise of modern slavery in the UK, giving a portrait of the dark world of forced labour through the eyes of the people involved. The British government estimates that there are approximately 13,000 people forced into slavery in the UK today and this documentary provides a unique insight into this hidden criminal world, from the 'slaves' themselves to the investigators and the people who are trying to tackle this criminal industry. From agriculture to nail bars, the programme explores the dark world of modern-day slavery and many of the people trapped in plain sight.
S255E08 Prince George: The Queen's Lost Uncle 06/11/2003 Biography of Prince George, Duke of Kent, the controversial uncle of the Queen, who became the source of scandals during the 1930s involving The German Nazi Party, homosexual tendencies and conspiracy theories about his death.
S255E09 Confessions of the Paparazzi 06/02/2017 For freelance paparazzi photographer George, it's all about being in the right place at the right time. This documentary shows him and his apprentice in hot pursuit of Britney Spears, Little Mix, Wayne Rooney, Dawn French, Katie Hopkins and Judge Rinder. George also shares some of his more colourful anecdotes that may help explain why many celebrities view him with such disdain. George estimates that he sells over 500 photographs a year to news organisations and magazines around the world, but in getting the photos is he staying the right side of the legal line? To get those photos, George has become a master of deception, distraction and disguise, entering an area where public interest, morality and privacy laws collide.
S255E10 9/11: The Falling Man 16/03/2006 The Falling Man is a documentary that examines one of the many images that were circulated by the press immediately after the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001. It shows a man plummeting headfirst to the ground, having leapt from the burning towers. After touching on the events of the day and how the nation reacted, the program focuses specifically on this image, the photographer who took it, its subsequent circulation, the public's reaction to it and why it was later deemed UN-newsworthy.
S255E11 Britain's Greatest Hoaxer 07/02/2017 Simon Brodkin, the man behind comedy character Lee Nelson, created one of 2015's most iconic images when he showered disgraced FIFA President Sepp Blatter with banknotes in front of the world's media in Zurich, but the methods behind this and his other audacious stunts have always remained secret. Until now. In 2016 Channel 4 secured exclusive and unrestricted access to Simon as he set his sights on three of the world's most notorious figures: Simon Cowell, Sir Phillip Green and the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald Trump. With never before seen footage, Britain's Greatest Hoaxer lifts the lid on the months of meticulous planning and preparation that go into pulling off a successful stunt. With tension, drama, disguise, false starts, arrests and near misses with the U.S. Secret Service, the documentary will reveal the extraordinary and even dangerous measures Simon takes as he bursts the bubbles of some of the world's richest and most famous people. The 2015 image of Simon showering Sepp Blatter in banknotes made the front pages of the Times, Telegraph, Guardian and Independent in the UK, as well as countless headlines around the world. Previously Simon has joined Kanye West on stage during the rapper's headline set at Glastonbury; helped Volkswagen fit the latest in emissions-cheating technology to their new car at the Geneva International Motor Show; gate-crashed a prime-time Saturday night broadcast of The X Factor; and joined the England football team ahead of their flight to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Britain's Greatest Hoaxer airs as part of Channel 4's Fake News Week.
S255E12 The Great British Skinny Dip 14/02/2017 Andrew Welch has a difficult job. As marketing director for British Naturism, he's paid to promote social nudity and attract new and younger recruits to an organisation with a membership that gets smaller and greyer every year. His brainchild for 2016 is the Great British Skinny Dip. The idea is for venues across the country to host nude swims over one weekend in September - so young people can give nakedness a go in its most accessible form. The Great British Skinny Dip follows Andrew over six busy months, including meetings with other members of this very private community. Linda is a kitchen assistant, John a former trade union officer, and Christine used to be a head teacher. All have decided to join Andrew's initiative to try and bring more people into the fold. In John's case this will involve coming out as a naturist. During the filming, after ten years of being single, Andrew gets a new girlfriend, Sheryn.
S255E13 The Trouble with Dad 20/02/2017 Comedian David Baddiel has a problem: his 82-year-old dad Colin has a rare form of dementia, which makes him prone to extreme outbursts of swearing, aggression and sexual-inappropriateness. Colin suffers from one of the most extraordinary forms of dementia, called Pick's disease, which has stripped Colin of all his inhibitions, and is stripping him of his memories. Filmed over the course of a year, this extraordinarily intimate Cutting Edge documentary charts David and his brothers' attempts to care for their dad in the aftermath of their mum's death. With the help of his older brother Ivor, David is trying to hold on to what is left of Colin, while at the same time attempting to have a more emotional connection with his dad - the man who he says gave him his sense of humour - before it's too late. By turns deeply moving and funny, The Trouble with Dad is a touching portrait of a family dealing with a situation that many of us may find ourselves in.
S255E14 The Wedding Day 13/02/2017 The Wedding Day looks behind the pomp and ritual of one wedding to unveil British attitudes to marriage, through two very different families. Serena and Jordan, a bright, ambitious couple in their twenties, are getting married. They have contrasting backgrounds: Serena is from a wealthy Cambridgeshire family while Jordan comes from a more modest background in Stoke. Serena's parents are divorced, Jordan's are still together. For the first time in years the entire family will all be in the same room but this time with new girlfriends and step-parents. Confessional interviews with the couple and their families reveal their expectations of married life and how their different stories influence their view of marriage.
S255E15 Rich Kids Go Shopping 04/01/2016 This documentary meets five 18 to 21-year-olds with an incredible desire to earn and spend money. They've all grafted for every penny. How do they make their money and how has it changed their lives?
S255E16 Queen Victoria's Last Love - Abdul Karim 25/04/2012 In 1897, Queen Victoria celebrated her Diamond Jubilee - the first British monarch to do so. But beyond the grand celebrations on London's streets, a war was raging between Victoria and her court over her relationship with her Indian servant Abdul Karim. Victoria's friendship with her Scottish servant John Brown is a familiar story. Her relationship with Karim is less well known but produced even greater shockwaves in the palace. Originally one of two Indians selected to join the Queen's household, Karim rose from being a humble waiter to become Victoria's most intimate confidant. He introduced her to the delights of Indian cuisine, fed her romantic visions of India, and became her 'Munshi' or teacher, giving Victoria daily lessons in Hindustani. Their relationship violated Victorian taboos of race and class as well as stoking bitter jealousy in the royal household; Karim was showered with honours and promoted over the courtiers whose families had served the royal family for generations. The presence of a Muslim at the heart of the British court even threatened to destabilise the politics of Empire itself. A crisis point was reached in the summer of 1897 in a dramatic confrontation between the Queen and her family, which threatened to plunge diamond jubilee celebrations into chaos. The film features interviews with relatives of both Victoria's household and Abdul Karim, as well as extracts from Victoria's diaries and journals.
S255E17 The Trouble with My Dad 20/02/2017 David Baddiel's dad Colin has Pick's disease. This intimate, moving and sometimes funny documentary explores the impact that Colin's condition has on his sons' relationship with him.
S255E18 9/11: The Firemen's Story 31/08/2011 Of the 2752 people who died in the September 11 attacks, 343 were New York's firemen. This film tells the stories of those who died, those who survived and those who still bear the scars.
S255E19 Staying Healthy: A Doctor's Guide 21/02/2017 Dr Pixie McKenna examines NHS health data to reveal what made people ill in Britain in 2016. She reveals how changing the clocks could be a health hazard and why not only colds and flu increase when the kids go to school.
S255E20 Has Political Correctness Gone Mad? 23/02/2017 In a powerful and provocative authored film, Trevor Phillips investigates the liberal urge to protect minorities from offence by gagging so-called populists and concludes that for liberals it's backfired. The backlash has stirred the Trump-Farage-led revolt - and even alienated the minorities whom liberals claim to champion. From the sacking of a Nobel scientist for a politically incorrect joke to the banning of sombreros on campus, the liberal elite's unwritten rules about what you can or can't say risk becoming not only ridiculous but self-defeating. For Trevor, the acid test of a democracy is whether it truly encourages the airing of different opinions whatever they might be - a test that Britain seems in danger of failing.
S255E21 The 2,000,000 Calorie Buffet 27/02/2017 All-you-can-eat restaurants are taking over the high street. Here you'll find limitless servings of food for a fixed price - and we Brits just can't get enough. Narrated by Jonny Vegas, this one-off documentary features the extraordinary diners who can eat four days of calories in one sitting; and the canny restaurateurs who know every trick going to fill us up quickly. Welcome to the world of the all you can eat - the fad diet that Britons are really getting stuck into.
S255E22 The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off 25/03/2004 A film about Jonny Kennedy, who had a terrible genetic condition called Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) - which meant that his skin literally fell off at the slightest touch, leaving his body covered in agonizing sores and leading to a final fight against skin cancer. In his last months Jonny decided to work with filmmaker Patrick Collerton to document his life and death, and the result was a film, first broadcast in March, that was an uplifting, confounding and provocatively humorous story of a singular man. Not shying away from the grim reality of EB, the film was also a celebration of a life lived to the full.
S255E23 Rich Dog, Poor Dog 09/03/2017 An innovative exploration of the wealth gap in modern Britain, following two south Londoners of differing fortunes as they meet up in the park while walking their dogs
S255E24 The Mona Lisa Curse 05/12/2009 The Mona Lisa Curse is a Grierson award-winning polemic documentary by art critic Robert Hughes that examines how the world's most famous painting came to influence the art world. With his trademark style, Hughes explores how museums, the production of art and the way we experience it have radically changed in the last 50 years, telling the story of the rise of contemporary art and looking back over a life spent talking and writing about the art he loves, and loathes. Director: Mandy Chang; Executive Producer: Nick Kent; Prod Co: Oxford Film and TV
S255E25 Three Wives, One Husband 30/03/2017 Abel Morrison has three wives and eleven children. His newest wife, 22-year-old Marina, is heavily pregnant so it's a chaotic time for the family and relationships are under strain. While Abel's first wife, Suzie, takes the challenges of plural marriage in her stride, his second wife Beth is struggling with Marina's demands on Abel's attention. On the day of the birth, things come to a head and she finds it difficult to contain her emotions. While the family work to overcome their insecurities and rebuild relationships, a bombshell could turn life as they know it upside down. Meanwhile, Anna, the daughter of the community's founder, is busy preparing for the 'end of days', when society will collapse ahead of Christ's second coming. She and her husband Cary have eight children, and while he's open to the possibility of plural marriage, she's in no hurry to find a sister wife.
S255E26 Bare Knuckle Fight Club 29/03/2017 Documentary uncovering the hidden and shocking underground world of bare knuckle fighting, where men from all walks of life compete against each other in bloody battles. The man at the heart of the Fight Club is Shaun Smith, who is being monitored by police as he plans put on the biggest bare knuckle fight ever seen in the UK.
S255E27 Kitchen 999 Emergency Chefs 06/04/2017 Chefs are known for being fiery and temperamental. But what happens when they walk out, leaving restaurants in the lurch? These days, desperate owners call the relief agency for an emergency chef, who must master unfamiliar menus, handle inexperienced staff and satisfy demanding owners and customers. Here, cameras follows three such chefs as they descend on a luxury London hotel, a Devon manor house and a busy Midlands pub
S255E28 What British Muslims Really Think 13/04/2016 With Europe on heightened terror alert following the attacks in Paris and Brussels and the security services raising the threat posed by hundreds of home-grown jihadists, politicians and Muslim leaders claim that the values of these extremists are shared only by a tiny minority in the UK. To find out if this is the case, Channel 4 has commissioned one of the most extensive and rigorous surveys ever carried out to get a better understanding of the views of British Muslims directly from a representative cross section of Muslim men and women, rather than those who claim to speak on their behalf; and, in particular, to try to understand why young Muslims are being drawn to violence. The survey explores attitudes to being British and British institutions, as well as social issues including gender equality and homosexuality.
S255E29 Murder in Paradise 20/04/2016 In the early hours of 15th September 2014, two British backpackers, Hannah Witheridge and David Miller, were found dead just yards from their hotel in Koh Tao, Thailand. Murder in Paradise delves into life on the seemingly idyllic island and discovers a darker undercurrent to this popular tourist hotspot. David and Hannah's murders are just two of a number of British deaths in Thailand, but with authorities anxious to protect the booming tourist industry, the deaths of Westerners often go unexplained. With previously unseen footage inside the police station, and rare interviews with the Burmese migrant workers convicted of the murder, Murder in Paradise takes a closer look at the dangers of the island and asks if Koh Tao is becoming more of a nightmare than a dream destination for Western holidaymakers.
S255E30 Digging the Great Escape 28/11/2011 Fascinating documentary that ollows a team of engineers, archaeologists and serving RAF officers who have assembled on the site of Stalag Luft III - the supposedly escape-proof World War II Prisoner of War camp. This was the Great Escape, immortalised by Hollywood and Steve McQueen in 1963, and now internationally known as a story of extraordinary courage and ingenuity. But how did the POWs do it? How did they dig a 100-metre tunnel, seven metres below ground, with only cutlery for tools? How did they forge more than 100 documents? What did they do with the 90 double bunk beds, 635 mattresses, 3424 towels (and more besides) that they stole from the camp? And who were these remarkable people? Interweaving the historical narrative with first-hand testimonies and the unfolding story of the excavations and experiments, this film offers a new insight into the Great Escape, and is a celebration of a remarkable group of men.
S255E31 Katie Piper's Face to Face 11/04/2017 We all worry about the way we look and when you have a facial condition - this can be magnified. Whether it's a port wine stain or vitiligo, scarring or rosacea, many wish to exert control over their appearance and have fun with makeup. In this ground-breaking programme, Katie Piper invites women with facial conditions to Central London's Harvey Nichols for a special makeover. But what they don't know is that the glamorous person helping them shares the same facial condition - will they be able to tell? Rochelle is interested to see how her vitiligo looks with makeup. Will she spot Rochelle shares the same condition? Can Katie help Phyll with her makeup and her facial scarring? Katie pairs Lisa with Amy, who wants to show that wearing makeup is an option with a port wine stain. And Sanna meets Lex, who also has rosacea, uses makeup and even has her own beauty blog. And there's Lewis, who wants help with his acne.
S255E32 The Knowledge: The World's Toughest Taxi Test 12/04/2017 Competition in the taxi trade is at a record high. Each month, for every new driver joining the elite club as a black cab driver, 16 new minicabs, including the likes of Uber, hit London's roads. This programme goes behind the scenes of one of the hardest exams in the world; the one that all the black cab drivers in the capital must take: The Knowledge of London. Candidates must memorise the capital's 25,000 streets and traffic restrictions, and its ever-changing 100,000 points of interest. The volume and detail of information is compared to doing a degree in law or medicine. It takes an average of four years of grit and determination to pass, and the dropout rate is 70%. This programme follows a single mum, a Kosovan immigrant and a bus driver - ordinary people doing something extraordinary. When it comes to our increasing dependence on technology, The Knowledge reveals the power of our brains when they're pushed to the limit.
S255E33 The Super Orgasm 13/04/2017 For most women multiple orgasms can seem almost mythical. But some women orgasm not once, twice or even ten times, but 60, 70 or 100 times: a super-orgasm. In this documentary, a group of ordinary women with an extraordinary ability have volunteered to be put through a series of challenging tests in an unprecedented scientific investigation to reveal the truth behind the super-orgasm. With the help of these women - who include a motorbike-mad engineering student, a stay-at-home mum and a woman whose passion is singing in her Catholic church choir - a group of international scientists from a range of disciplines attempt to measure and record the super-orgasmic phenomenon for the first time. They hope to see how the brain and the body react before, during and after super-orgasm, to find out if these women are wired differently to the rest of us or whether we can all learn to have a super-orgasm.
S255E34 9/11 - Ground Zero Underworld 11/09/2007 Television viewers all over the world are familiar with the iconic images of destruction and devastation that followed the collapse of the Twin Towers. What people don’t realise is that underneath the gargantuan mountain of rubble that greeted rescuers was an extraordinary world, hundreds of feet deep, which held even more incredible stories. 9/11: Ground Zero Underworld presents the untold stories of those who searched tirelessly for their loved ones, sifting through tonnes of debris in an attempt to bring them home to rest. In the hours and days following the disaster, relatives and friends of those inside the buildings descended on Ground Zero, vowing to find their loved ones, dead or alive. And so began one of the greatest search operations in history - a story of extraordinary courage, perseverance and humanity. Some worked in the emergency services, some were volunteers, but all were driven to Herculean lengths to keep the promise they’d made to themselves and their families. This film follows some of the people engaged in the search effort, documenting the emotional turmoil with heartrending testimony and harrowing, previously unseen footage of the rescue and recovery effort, including the eerie images of police cars lying perfectly preserved beneath 100 feet of debris.
S255E35 Hunting the KGB Killers 17/04/2017 The inside story of the murder of Alexander Litvinenko in November 2006 by means of the radioactive poison polonium 210, and of the international manhunt that led to the steps of the Kremlin. The Scotland Yard detectives who led the enquiry and the doctors who fought to save Litvinenko's life reveal the political and diplomatic obstacle course they faced in investigating the murder and tell how their quarries left a toxic trail through the heart of London
S255E36 Man Made Planet: Earth from Space 22/04/2017 In 1972, astronauts aboard Apollo 17 captured the iconic 'Blue Marble' photo of Earth, the first time the whole of the Earth had been captured within a single frame. At the time, this new perspective had a profound effect on our perception of ourselves; since then NASA has taken millions more. In this epic, powerful and revelatory film, a new generation of astronauts (including Tim Peake) uses those images of the earth from space to reveal the astonishing transformation humanity has wrought in the 45 years since 'Blue Marble'. Together the astronauts give us an armchair tour of the change they've witnessed from orbit, as they've watched us etching our presence on the planet. The film will show these images together in stunning time-lapse sequences to reveal how we are reshaping our world, for better and for worse - from the sprawling megacities of China to vast desert farms in the Middle East, and the melting snow cap of Kilimanjaro, to giant solar arrays in Nevada.d worse
S255E37 Quadruplets and Homeless 10/05/2017 If one new baby is enough to turn a household upside down, what happens when four come along at once? After trying for a child together for 10 years, Aynur and Tony are finding out. With newborn quadruplets and no home of their own, they move in with Aynur's supportive, traditional Turkish parents for a helping hand. Aynur's parents and Tony don't always see eye to eye, but Tony's determined to get stuck in and show his willingness and commitment to Aynur when their new arrivals are born. This modern British love story explores one family's big surprise and the challenges they face, particularly given the fact that Tony struggles with alcohol.
S255E38 You're Fayed 31/03/2005 Keith Allen spends some time getting to know Mohammed Al Fayed.
S255E39 The Search for the Northwest Passage 24/03/2005 A look at the search for the fabled Northwest passage, the legendary path through the ice across the Canadian Arctic, and the attempts made by wealthy British explorer Sir John Franklin and penniless Norwegian Roald Amundsen.
S255E40 China's Forgotten Emperor 03/07/2016 For 1300 years, Wu Zetian – China's only female Emperor – has been remembered as a callous tyrant who brought calamity to China. But new discoveries paint a very different picture of her reign.
S255E41 Spying on Hitler's Army: The Secret Recordings 02/06/2013 This powerful docudrama tells the story of one of World War II's last secrets. British intelligence undertook an audacious operation to listen in on the private conversations of 10,000 German prisoners of war without their ever knowing they were being overheard. The prisoners' unguarded reminiscences and unintentional confessions have only just come to light, and prove how closely the German army were involved in the atrocities of the Holocaust.
S255E42 Flat Pack Mansions 21/05/2017 Luxury mansions are undergoing a facelift. New construction technology and cutting edge techniques have opened the door to custom designed and eco efficient super-sized houses being built in super-quick time. Narrated by architect Charlie Luxton, this documentary looks at three unique prefabricated builds and meets the people who call these incredible structures home. Pizza restaurant entrepreneurs Richard and Nikki Cooper are building a 5000-square-foot dream home in just four days. David and Lesley Lennox's strict deadline for their daughter's wedding puts massive pressure on their build. And a risky cliff top plot means that Paul Cook's dream house teeters on the edge of completion.
S255E43 The Secret World of Lego 14/06/2015 This documentary goes behind the doors at Lego's headquarters, meeting some of the notoriously secretive superbrands's key people and revealing more about its company DNA than ever before.
S255E44 Interview with a Murderer 12/06/2016 In this one-off documentary, criminologist Professor David Wilson conducts a series of revealing interviews with convicted murderer Bert Spencer, the man never charged with, yet widely suspected of killing paperboy Carl Bridgewater in 1978 – a crime he has always denied.
S255E45 Battling the Bailiffs 15/06/2017 The documentary follows a group of campaigners on a mission to defend people who stand to be evicted from their homes. Filmed over nine months, the documentary sees 42-year-old boxing trainer Chrisy Morris and a group of his pals as they stand up to the bailiffs in their spare time. An astonishing 50 families a week are thought to be evicted by bailiffs each week due to the housing crisis. When is the show on TV? Battling The Bailiffs is on Channel 4 at 10pm TONIGHT (Thursday 15 June). It will then be available on Channel 4’s on demand service, 4OD, immediately after broadcast. It’s a one-off documentary and it’s yet to be confirmed if there will be a follow-up episode in the future. Who is Chrisy Morris? Boxing coach Chrisy Morris, 42, is a campaigner against bailiffs. He is a prominent YouTube campaigner and frequently uploads videos of himself battling the authorities on behalf of the public. He is also an avid Twitter user where he shares his take on politics and cyber security.
S255E46 Britain's Great Gay Buildings 24/06/2017 Stephen Fry is joined by seven fellow celebrities to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Sexual Offences Act, which decriminalised private homosexual acts between men. The group explores the histories of several buildings that became cornerstones in the battle for gay rights in the UK. The Rev Richard Coles revisits the hedonistic past of London's Heaven Nightclub, while Mary Portas visits Shibden Hall near Halifax to celebrate the life of 19th-century lesbian heiress Anne Lister. Craig Revel Horwood investigates Britain's drag scene at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, and Simon Callow tells the story of Oscar Wilde's downfall at the Old Bailey. Plus, Rikki Beadle-Blair visit the Theatre Royal Haymarket to remember how the British public showed their support for John Gielgud after he was arrested for cottaging, and Liz Carr takes in Bletchley Park, the one-time home of Alan Turing. Finally, Waheed Alli tells the story of recent battles for gay right in the Houses of Parliament
S255E47 Raised by Queers 20/06/2017 Actor and gay dad Kieron Richardson explores same-sex parenting and introduces his twins
S255E48 True Stories: Seventy with a Six Pack 01/06/2016 Documentary exploring the ageing population through the eyes of some of Britain's oldest muscle men, as they work towards the competitive World Bodybuilding Finals in Miami. The programme takes an alternative look at what it is like to be old in today's rapidly changing world, and meets contestants including 79-year-old Eric Dowie, who is the oldest man in the competition and hopes to retain his 2014 title of Over-70s World Champion. Cameras also follow Jimmy, who is desperate to reclaim the title from Eric, and 76-year-old Roger, who is determined to succeed with the help of his right-hand lady Joan.
S255E49 Dunkirk: The New Evidence 02/07/2017 Documentary examining the famous Second World War evacuation of Allied soldiers - codenamed Operation Dynamo - from the beaches of Dunkirk, France, between May 26 and June 4, 1940. Recently released Ministry of Defence files reveal that, far from being absent as many historians have believed, the RAF was suffering massive losses supporting the evacuation. Operating at high altitude and deep inside France, RAF planes were halting the bulk of Luftwaffe bombers before they could reach the beaches. The files also reveal that the famous Spitfire took flight for the first time during the mission, and the agile fighter was a spectacular success
S255E50 50 Shades of Gay 03/07/2017 Rupert Everett explores how gay life has changed since male homosexuality was decriminalised in England and Wales in 1967
S255E51 Life Behind Bars: Visiting Hour 04/07/2017 Cameras focus on the visiting room at HMP Low Moss, one of Scotland's largest maximum security prisons. It offers an insight into the people doing hard time as they meet loved ones. Featured contributors include Gary and Charley who plan their wedding, even though he doesn't have a release date. Meanwhile, fellow inmate Mike receives a visit from his ageing father
S255E52 Catching a Killer: The Wind in the Willows Murder 10/07/2017 n the centre of historic Oxford a man lies dead in his doorway. There are no suspects, no witnesses and no sign of forced entry. Adrian Greenwood, a 42-year-old antiquarian book dealer, is dead, stabbed over 30 times in his own home in a frenzied and brutal attack. Greenwood had built up a reputation throughout his short life as an exceptionally talented book dealer. He had bought and sold early editions of Harry Potter and came to media attention following the sale of a rare piece by Banksy in 2011. The pressure is on Detective Superintendent Kevin Brown and his team to discover who killed Greenwood. And what has happened to his £50,000 early edition of The Wind in the Willows? With unprecedented access to Thames Valley Police Major Crime Unit, this episode of Catching a Killer - The Wind in the Willows Murder - follows all the twists and turns of this real-life crime.
S255E53 On the Edge and Online 01/07/2015 This documentary film follows a group of extraordinary young people as they navigate the everyday challenges of life, love, jobs and family, but they all share one thing in common. They all have a mental health condition. From the unpredictability of bi-polar to the frightening hold of anorexia, these conditions often leave young people isolated and ostracised from their peers. In this film we explore what it’s like to be young and have a mental health condition and using a unique video chat forum, gain some insight into how the internet is helping bring people together, breaking stigmas and stereotypes surrounding mental illness. We witness this group of young people as they guide and support each other through some of the biggest challenges of their lives and as they attempt to manage their conditions in the real world.
S255E54 Europe: The Final Debate with Jeremy Paxman 22/06/2016 Just hours before voting begins, Channel 4 hosts the final debate on the EU Referendum. Jeremy Paxman is joined by politicians, celebrities and high-profile men and women from business, science, sport, the military and security services. The audience consists of 150 handpicked guests, consisting of 50 remain, 50 leave and 50 undecided. The panel members will be drawn from the audience on a rotating basis.
S255E55 Sex In Class 06/08/2015 Belgian sexologist Goedele Liekens launches a new kind of sex education for 15-16 year olds at a Lancashire school
S255E56 Brits Behind Bars: Cocaine Smugglers 10/08/2015 This documentary examines Peru's cocaine industry, meeting drug gang members, as well as the elite British-funded Peruvian drug force with the dangerous job of stopping them and their European mules
S255E57 Kinky Britain 11/07/2016 From eye-crossing fetishists to balloon and bubblegum poppers, roll neck-shamers and ear-diddling enthusiasts, Britain is in the grip of a secret fetish obsession, with an army of amateur filmmakers ready to cater to our every quirky need. Welcome to the world of porn to order. Exploring the bizarre and highly lucrative business of bespoke online fetish video production, this entertaining documentary follows a growing number of British producers as they make their fortune delivering other people's fantasies on tape.
S255E58 Would You Take In A Stranger? 11/07/2017 Following three young people in very different circumstances who have come to Nightstop, a national emergency accommodation service, in need of somewhere to stay
S255E59 Who Wants My Council House? 13/07/2017 Documentary following five households looking to swap their council house. Some want to upgrade to their ideal home, others simply fancy a change of scenery and some are parents seeking to downsize now that their children have flown the nest. However, council house swaps do not involve estate agents with sharp sales patter. It is up to the tenants to show each other around their homes and do the hard sell. If the first viewing goes well, there will be an invitation for a return viewing before both sides decide whether to swap - or not
S255E60 Is Love Racist? The Dating Game 17/07/2017 Sociologist and broadcaster Emma Dabiri looks at racism in Britain through the world of modern dating, unveiling the results of a national survey of British online dating habits. A volunteer group of young British singletons take part in a series of experiments to discover if there's more than meets the eye going on in the flighty world of modern dating apps. Emma also meets a number of controversial interviewees - from Mobo-award-winning rapper Nadia Rose, through to BAME equal opportunities campaigner Baroness McGregor-Smith
S255E61 When Football Banned Women 18/07/2017 Clare Balding uncovers the hidden history of women's football. A hundred years ago, the women's game dominated the headlines and attracted crowds of up to 60,000. The star players everyone wanted to see were teenage striker Lily Parr and her teammate Alice Woods, and the most popular team in England was Dick, Kerr's Ladies. Clare reveals how women's football teams grew out of munitions factories during the First World War where women had replaced men sent into battle. It also uncovers an untold chapter in the fight for equality waged at a time when women ruled the pitch.
S255E62 Bear About the House: Living with My Supersized Pet 24/07/2017 The world's pet population stands at a staggering 57 million. But for some, owning a cat or a dog just isn't enough. Around the world thousands of dangerous animals live as human companions. Why do people want to live with large animals, or choose a pet that could so easily kill them? There's a seven-foot Russian bear, who regularly has meals with his owners. Then there's Jilly, an eight-foot-long deadly salt-water crocodile, who has sleepovers at her owner's house in Melbourne. Meanwhile, Mike and Valerie in Minnesota are parents to a one-tonne buffalo called Cody who has to be showered in the local car wash and who goes on nights out to the local bar. There's also a tiger and a wallaby in this one-off documentary that explores the unusual relationship between owners and their exotic pets.
S255E63 Excluded at Seven 25/07/2017 Record numbers of children are being permanently excluded from primary schools. This documentary meets six young, funny and riotous children who are hoping for another chance after being excluded.
S255E64 Diana: In Her Own Words 06/08/2017 Documentary featuring never-before-seen footage of Diana, Princess of Wales, recorded by her speech consultant between 1992 and 1993 as she sought to define her public persona and present her own version of events reported in the press, touching on her marriage and experience of public life. The programme also features in-depth interviews with people close to her
S255E65 Nightmare on Everest 24/04/2016 The spectacular natural beauty of the Himalayas draws three quarters of a million people to Nepal every year. But the same forces that created these mountains also have the power to destroy. In April this year a violent earthquake struck the country, triggering deadly landslides and avalanches across the Himalayas. This programme, made with footage shot by people who were there, tells the story of climbers and trekkers trapped in remote corners of the mountains. What should have been the trip of a lifetime quickly became a nightmare. Who lived, and who died, was a matter of chance.
S255E66 Catching The Tax Dodgers 14/08/2017 With the public demanding more than ever that something must be done about tax avoidance and evasion, this documentary reveals for the first time the methods HM Revenue & Customs uses to find out who is and isn't paying tax and how they target those individuals. Leading the charge is Duncan McCallum, a veteran customs officer who has tackled drug rings, smugglers and massive duty fraud, while new teams are also targeting offshore accounts that could secure the Government millions in unpaid tax.
S255E67 Flights from Hell: Caught on Camera 15/08/2017 Documentary exploring the extremes of human behaviour in airports and on planes. Footage includes angry missed check-ins to bizarre drunken antics at security, alternative safety briefings, deafening party flights and near-death experiences on flights from hell.
S255E68 Taxi of Mum and Dad 17/08/2017 One-off documentary exploring the joys and challenges of parenting teenagers today from the one place where conversations are likely to take place - the family car. Eight cars have been rigged with multiple cameras, allowing viewers to eavesdrop on the conversations between parents and their children as they catch up and connect away from their home lives
S255E69 My Mania And Me 25/10/2015 This film meets ordinary people seized with overwhelming, totally intoxicating manias such as sex, shopping, stealing & surgery. Through real life stories, it discovers the boundary between normal life & complete compulsion.
S255E70 George Clarke's Amazing Builds by the Sea 26/08/2016 George Clarke looks back at some of his favourite amazing builds by the sea, including a multifunctional beach hut in Bournemouth built for less than £400, and a 21st-century update of a Victorian bathing machine in Margate. George also looks back at some of his favourite waterside retreats in Germany: an extraordinary life guard tower and a holiday home with incredible views across the water, as well as reflecting on the seaside build he undertook with master craftsman Will Hardie that pushed the humble beach hut to its limits by making it float in the open sea.
S255E71 Sex, Lies and Cyber Attacks 31/08/2016 Ashley Madison is the controversial dating site that marketed itself directly to potential adulterers. In August 2015 the private details of over 30 million users of the site were hacked and made public, with catastrophic effect. But when internal company emails purporting to be those of the then CEO of the company were also published by the hackers, it seemed a lot more may be going on behind the scenes. Havana Marking's gripping documentary investigates a world of porn, genius marketing and media manipulation as well as claims of prostitution and cyber bullying.
S255E72 Lady C and the Castle 02/09/2016 I'm a Celeb contestant Lady Colin Campbell attempts to transform a crumbling stately home back into a desirable residence in this one-off documentary. When Lady C bought Castle Goring for a knockdown price, the place was a complete ruin with a leaking roof. Undeterred, Lady C takes on the challenge of restoring this derelict money pit to its former glory, aiming to turn it into a home fit for a lady and an upmarket venue for weddings and events. Can she finish all the restoration work before the grand opening ball is scheduled to take place in a few weeks time?
S255E73 Trump's War on the Border 04/09/2017 A timely insight into life on the US-Mexican border during the first days of Donald Trump's presidency.
S255E74 White Kid, Brown Kid 04/09/2017 Documentary following two teenage girls from very different worlds as they try to become friends in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, which is one of Britain's most racially segregated places. The film shows how 16-year-old Siobhan and 17-year-old Farhana cross this racial divide to step into each other's world for the very first time, revealing a story that highlights the complexities of integration. As they face up to their differences, they find themselves navigating both family and community concerns
S255E75 24 Hours Inside Your Body 13/09/2017 Two ordinary people take part in an extraordinary experiment, as they are filmed for 24 hours and given a unique medical MOT, using state-of-the-art medical equipment. Three world-renowned scientists will analyse the findings of patients Charlotte and Dave, as their brain activity, heart rate, movement, posture and glucose levels are all closely monitored throughout the day
S255E76 Egypt's Great Pyramid: The New Evidence 24/09/2017 New discoveries are revealing the secrets of Egypt's Great Pyramid. Mystery has long surrounded the construction of Egypt's Great Pyramid, but now new discoveries are revealing its secrets, as archaeologists uncover the last surviving relic of the pharaoh Khufu.
S255E77 Cruel and Unusual 02/09/2017 The story of the Angola Three: three men who fought for 40 years against a miscarriage of justice that left them in solitary confinement in the Louisiana state penitentiary for decades
S255E78 Stand Up to Cancer 2016 21/10/2016
S255E79 Barbie: The Most Famous Doll in the World 04/10/2017 Mary Portas explores the iconic status of Barbie. The visits the manufacturer, meets the superfans, and asks if the doll can survive in an increasingly gender-neutral world.
S255E80 Get a House for Free 08/08/2017 Landlord Marco Robinson, who owns a business and property empire worth £25 million, is giving away a flat worth £120,000. First, he must find the right person or people who will benefit the most. Marco himself experienced homelessness as a young boy as he and his mother were evicted from numerous properties. Over the course of 6 weeks, Marco meets many applicants from the overwhelming response to his advert. As he gets to know the people desperate for a home, the decision becomes more difficult. Everyone he meets has a strong reason why they need his flat – from the single mum to the Syrian refugees, but ultimately he has just one property to give away. Once he finds them, their lives will be changed by this extraordinary gift.
S255E81 Public Enemies: Jay-Z vs. Kanye 31/07/2017 Last year, Kanye West took aim at Jay-Z in a series of onstage rants culminating in a bizarre speech begging his former mentor to not have him assassinated. Hours later Kanye had been hospitalized amid reports of a breakdown. But behind the headlines, lies the story of a fascinating creative partnership spanning two decades. With unseen footage and exclusive interviews with the people who know them best, Public Enemies: Jay Z Vs Kanye reveals the story behind these two iconic artists’ meteoric rise, and colossal falling out.
S255E82 George Michael Freedom 16/10/2017 The singer-songwriter narrates a documentary charting his life and career, focusing on the period around the release of his 1990 album Listen without Prejudice Vol 1. The star opens his heart about his great love and loss, as well as the well-documented High Court battle with his record label, and there is personal archive and home footage and interviews, with contributions by Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Ricky Gervais, Nile Rodgers, Mark Ronson, Liam Gallagher, Mary J Blige and Tony Bennett
S255E83 Trump and Russia Sex, Spies and Scandal 18/10/2017 A year after one of the greatest political upsets of all time, Matt Frei travels to Moscow and Washington to discover more about the alleged conspiracy between Donald Trump and Russia during his presidential campaign. Speaking to insiders and examining a wealth of evidence, Frei explores the deep links between Trump confidants and Russia. The President denies the accusations, stating that it is the greatest witch-hunt in American history, but did the Trump campaign really collude with the Russians?
S255E84 Home Front Heroes with Ian Lavender 06/11/2016 Forty years on from Dad's Army, one of Britain's best-loved actors, Ian Lavender (who played Pike), meets the men and women who were just teenagers when they served on the Home Front during the Second World War. Pike from Dad's Army served in the Home Guard, but this was just a part of the larger Home Front. What was life really like for the millions of young people serving in thousands of different roles that were so vital to victory? Travelling across the country, Ian takes to the skies in a Spitfire, meets former land girls, nurses, WAFS, entertainers, forestry workers and coal-mining Bevin Boys - all of whom had wartime experiences that changed them forever. At a time of the year when the nation remembers the wartime sacrifices of previous generations, Ian meets the often unsung heroes who 'did their bit' for their country.
S255E85 Michael Moore in Trumpland 29/10/2016 Oscar-winner Michael Moore dives into hostile territory with his daring and hilarious one-man show, deep in the heart of TrumpLand, in the weeks before the 2016 US presidential election
S255E86 Extreme Makeovers: On Fleek 08/11/2016 From contour kings and queens to bad Barbies, cyber mermaids and tattooed goddesses, extreme image lovers from around the UK showcase their skills in this one-off show. Eight personalities begin the process barefaced and stripped of their `identity', before showing the tricks of their trade with unique tutorials.
S255E87 The World According to President Trump 12/11/2016 The World According to President Trump will see RTS award-winner Matt Frei talking to those in the know in an attempt to get to the bottom of what a Trump presidency means. Will Trump really seek to ban all Muslims from entering the United States? Will he actually build The Wall? What will the US-Russia relationship look like? Channel 4’s George Waldrum said “We have never seen anything like it before, or possibly ever will again. The controversy surrounding the election has been remarkable and it is a great opportunity to continue the coverage and analysis on Channel 4. “Matt Frei has been at the heart of the election coverage and can provide great insight into the aftermath of the election," he added.
S255E88 The Rolling Stones: Ole Ole Ole! A Trip Across Latin America 19/11/2016 Documentary following The Rolling Stones' tour of early 2016 through 10 Latin American cities. The film combines their electrifying live performances from across the tour and from the historic tour finale as the first ever rock band to perform in Havana, providing an intimate insight into the world of The Rolling Stones. It's a road movie that celebrates the revolutionary power of rock 'n' roll and chronicles the tour, the local culture and the unique bond that exists between the Latin American people and The Rolling Stones.
S255E89 The Lost Lotus: Restoring a Race Car 20/11/2016 Philip Glenister and Ant Anstead sink their own hard earned cash into restoring a 1950s Lotus Elite
S255E90 0 to 60mph: Britain's Fastest Kids 20/11/2016 Documentary about three children on the professional go-kart racing circuit and the parents who support them through gruelling training and the pursuit of sponsorship deals as they work towards becoming Formula 1 drivers when they grow up. While two families are able to spend large sums of money on their children's ambitions, 10-year-old Fenn Chapman, who has found the sport useful in managing his autism, is unable to join a professional team and faces competitors with much higher budgets.
S255E91 Inside LEGO at Christmas 26/12/2015 More than half of all Lego sales come in the last three months of the year. This documentary goes behind the scenes at the secretive superbrand as it prepares for Christmas
S255E92 What Britain Earns with Mary Portas 22/11/2016 The shopping guru lifts the lid on the nation's salaries, at the top and the bottom of the wage scale, and explores why people are so secretive about their pay packets. From the PM's salary to footballers' wages, Mary Portas meets a range of earners to discover how far their salaries stretch in Britain today, and reveals the best and worst places in Britain to live.
S255E93 One Killer Punch 22/11/2016 Documentary exploring the consequences of deadly single hits, from a row over a parking space in a supermarket car park to an unanticipated fight outside a nightclub. By examining three different assaults, the film shows that a single punch can have a colossal effect, often in innocuous locations and circumstances.
S255E94 Lee McKenzie Meets Mark Webber 26/11/2016 Lee McKenzie talks to former F1 and current World Endurance Championship driver Mark Webber about his illustrious racing career. Webber speaks openly about his relationship with Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull Racing, and his career highs and lows.
S255E95 Guy Martin's Wall of Death: Behind the Scenes 27/11/2016 An edited version of Guy's world record attempt, with added behind-the-scenes footage.
S255E96 Life on the Psych Ward 29/11/2016 How do you discharge a patient from a psychiatric hospital when they committed terrible crimes in the past? This documentary meets three men who may be released after decades under lock and key.
S255E97 My Psychic Life 04/11/2015 Psychic mediums reveal what life is like for people who claim they can talk to the dead. From romance to business and popping down the shops, does psychic ability make life easier or more complicated?
S255E98 My Crazy Christmas Lights 24/12/2015 A look at the world of extreme festive lighting across Britain The world of extreme festive lighting - from the tears and tantrums to the moving tales behind the dazzling displays
S255E99 The Great Polar Bear Feast 05/12/2015 Polar bears are typically intensely solitary creatures, and the stunning footage of this documentary relays a behaviour which is highly atypical. Every September, residents of Kaktovik, Alaska, hunt and harvest a bowhead whale, Dozens of polar bears turn up to gnaw on the remains after the villagers have had their fill. Since this behaviour is a relatively recent phenomenon, some experts believe climate change is to blame. The documentary takes a look at polar bearsmaking their way onto human territory.
S255E100 Skeg Vegas 07/12/2016 Just like Las Vegas, Skegness is a town built on live entertainment. For agents and performers, this is where dreams are made - and broken. It may be a million miles away from Nevada's Sin City, but the highs and lows of this coastal town in Lincolnshire are just as visceral, and over the summer Skegness comes alive. With more than a million holiday-makers visiting Europe's largest caravan park complex, demand for entertainment is feverish. Competition between the artistes is fierce, and the audiences can be brutal. Virtually everyone in the town is involved in some way in the live entertainment industry. Noel Gee, a veteran talent manager who narrates this documentary, has been in the business for over 40 years. Along with his trusty sidekick and legendary Skegness glam rocker Kriz Garrick, Noel can help make dreams come true. Noel aims to help his roster of stars to ascend the glittering stage of venues such as Club Tropicana, but the reality can be far from glamorous.
S255E101 I Do At 92 13/12/2016 This First Cut documentary follows three spirited pensioner couples who are set to tie the knot and prove that you're never too old for love. In 2015 the number of grooms in their late sixties increased by 25%, while the number of brides in the same age group went up by 21%. The programme captures their excitement as well as their fears as they tackle the challenges of getting down the aisle and face the realities of what the future might hold for them. Widow Georgina, who's 94, is marrying 86-year-old retired chef Raymond, who has terminal cancer. Defiant in the face of this knowledge, they hope to have at least a couple of years together. Margaret, who's 81 and has 11 great grandchildren, has turned to the internet to find love. She met Victor, who's 77, fell for him instantly and, ignored her granddaughter's warning not to take him home on the first date.
S255E102 House of Teen Mums 29/11/2016 This film follows the lives of young mothers who have ended up in a YMCA hostel when they found themselves pregnant and homeless. Shot over several months, this observational documentary follows five young mothers spending the first year of their baby's life in a hostel. Every year, thousands of teen mothers and mums-to-be become homeless. Rising private rents, a shortage of affordable housing and benefit cuts mean more and more young parents find themselves living in unsuitable accommodation, B&Bs or night shelters. This film focuses on five mothers and their journey towards independence over 12 months. The mothers tell their stories in their own words, giving a unique and surprising perspective on what it's really like to become a parent in your teens when you don't have a home.
S255E103 The 90s: Ten Years That Changed the World 13/06/2015 Documentary charting the 1990s revolution in British music, fashion, film, sport, art and media, featuring a decade-defining soundtrack, unseen archive and candid interviews.
S255E104 Doctor in Your House 17/11/2015 Dr Xand van Tulleken moves in with a family for the weekend, to give them a thorough health check and a plan to help them live well and feel better
S255E105 Cleopatra\'s Lost Tomb 00/00/0000
S255E106 My Self Harm Nightmare 18/03/2015 Reported rates of eating disorders and self-harm among young people are increasing dramatically and experts are warning this could be connected to the rapid growth in pro-anorexia and self-harm websites. Thousands of blogs and websites have emerged, made by young people and encouraging their users to compete to lose more weight, share pictures of themselves, post comments, or glorify their own self-harm. They include images of emaciated bodies alongside tips and tricks on how to make yourself vomit or hide your self-harm scars from your parents. One in 12 people self-harm, and in 2014 there were over 38,000 admissions to hospital as a result of self-harm injuries; an increase of nearly 70% in 10 years. Meanwhile, the number of young people seeking help for an eating disorder increased by 110% between 2011 and 2013. This intimate documentary meets three young women who have been drawn into this chilling online world. They share step-by-step accounts of how their illnesses developed, the painful steps to recovery, and for some, the ongoing battle with negative thoughts
S255E108 In Bed with Jamie at Christmas 26/12/2016 Made in Chelsea's Jamie Laing uses his loveable charm to entertain and quiz a host of celebrity guests in their beds, getting a surprisingly candid look at their home and private lives. In this special festive episode, Jamie runs riot through Charlotte Crosby's brand new mansion, snuggles up to Tattoo Fixers' Jay Hutton in his Shoreditch apartment and gets naked with cult 90s TV star Pamela Anderson. In Bed with Jamie at Christmas stops at nothing to deliver outrageous, awkward and revealing moments, with some kisses under the mistletoe!
S255E109 Arrivals 28/12/2016 Arrivals is a refreshingly warm and intimate insight into the lives of some of the thousands of people travelling in today's ever-shrinking world as they pass through the Heathrow airport arrivals halls. Captivating, surprising, heart-warming and often heart-breaking stories are told by passengers and their waiting loved ones, all meeting under the same roof. Narrated by Julie Walters, this documentary goes beyond plain airport 'people-watching' and reveals the incredible and momentous life stories that people have to share. From long-lost friendship to newly found romance, Arrivals is a captivating and honest exploration of love and life.
S255E110 19 Kids and Counting 29/12/2016 19 Kids and Counting follows the fascinating lives of Britain's largest family, the Radfords, as they take parenting to a whole new level. The cameras return to the family home as Lancashire pie-maker Noel, Sue and the kids prepare to welcome a new baby to their ever growing brood and only weeks later set off on their most ambitious family holiday to date, down under. In Australia, the Radfords meet Australia's biggest family, the Bonnells, who have 16 kids but enforce much stricter house rules. As Sue, Noel and their offspring meet another supersized family, it transpires that they have something else in common: with over 30 children between them, both sets of parents were adopted as babies themselves. As the Radfords explore Australia's Gold Coast, cooking kangaroo pies for their hosts and falling out with each other on the other side of the world, at its heart the documentary is about love and the family bonds that tie us together.
S255E111 Bruce Springsteen: In His Own Words 29/12/2016 With home video from his youth, and footage from his early years performing solo in Greenwich Village, this 90-minute special provides a unique insight into the life of Bruce Springsteen.
S255E112 Peter Cook & Dudley Moore's Missing Sketches 31/12/2016 The hunt for the lost sketches and clips of one of Britain's most-loved comedy acts
S255E114 What Britain Bought In 2016 28/12/2016 Mary Portas catches up with some of the nation's leading influencers, forecasters and stores, from John Lewis to Asos, to examine the retail trends of 2016, from corgi cakes to eye contours
S255E115 Jamie's Ultimate Christmas 00/00/0000 Jamie Oliver shares his 20 years experience cooking Christmas dinner and all the trimmings and treats. In this one-off programme, he offer tips on cooking Christmas dinner and festive treats - from turkey, gravy, sprouts and roasties to cocktails and gooey chocolate pudding.
S255E116 Eurotrash: The Referendum Edition 00/00/0000 As the British nation prepares to vote in the EU referendum, cult hit Eurotrash returns with an édition spéciale to remind us of the many, varied and occasionally alarming cultural delights enjoyed by our European cousins. At a time when we are deciding whether to either break up with or embrace the EU, the eternally debonair Antoine de Caunes and Jean Paul Gaultier return with some rudity and nudity to remind us - their straight laced British chums - of some of the best, worst and weirdest things that Europe has offered us over the years. This one-off hour long special is a mix of a bit of old and a bit of new as Antoine and Jean Paul are joined in studio by guests including Andreja Pejic, and, naturally, a man who paints with his privates.

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