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For decades, countless hopeful young singers have struggled to fight their way from the hollers of Appalachia for the opportunity to be plucked from obscurity and rise to the top of the music charts. Many have tried, while only a select few have succeeded. "Chasing Nashville" delves into the real lives of these four young singers as they embark on the uncertain path thousands of others have sought for the rare chance at securing a recording contract. The pressure mounts onstage as they are coached and recruited for high-profile showcases by some of country’s best scouts. But behind these budding stars are their cutthroat stage moms and dads who take competition seriously – maybe too seriously – as family dreams ride on their daughter’s success. The girls are committed to make a better life for themselves by attempting to scale to the top of the mountain in the music world.


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S01E01 Small Town, Big Dreams 22/10/2013 Singers from the Appalachia region travel to Pikeville, Ky. for the annual "Hillbilly Days'' singing competition; the singers learn that they may have a chance at a record deal.
S01E02 Chance of a Lifetime 29/10/2013 Music producer Keith Thomas approaches promising singers and invites them to Nashville; the girls face challenging situations in their hometowns.
S01E03 Welcome to Music City 05/11/2013 Helena's mother takes Keith's makeover suggestion seriously; Lauren Marie's mother makes her attend a rival's birthday party; Keith pits Autumn and Savannah against each other in a karaoke competition.
S01E04 Surprise Showdown 12/11/2013 The girls are invited to Keith's recording studio in Nashville; the girls must prove they can write and sing their own song.
S01E05 No Place Like Home 19/11/2013 Autumn, Helena and Savannah head home from Nashville; Lauren Marie's mother searches for a producer to work with her daughter.
S01E06 Fight or Flight 26/11/2013 Autumn, Helena and Savannah prepare to return to Nashville for a big performance; Lauren Marie is frustrated with how her mother is managing her career.
S01E07 Under Pressure 00/00/0000 The girls find out that the pressure of becoming a Nashville star has more to it than just being able to sing. With the showcase nearing they must decide if it's all too much, or if they can rise to the challenge.
S01E08 Showtime! 00/00/0000 All of the girls struggle through the rehearsals for the showcase and try to overcome their nerves. After numerous mistakes, Lauren Marie begs Keith to allow her to perform, while Helena goes to drastic measures.