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Connecticut is home to some of the richest suburbs in America, but that doesn’t mean it’s impervious to pests. The state is infested with white-tailed deer, infamous for causing car accidents and spreading Lyme disease. That’s where Mike Andronaco and his buddies come in. The gang keeps the deer population at bay by hunting on the sprawling properties of wealthy landowners. Mike gets the meat and the residents get some relief, but it’s not that simple: a culture clash is unleashed when the arrows begin to fly.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Chasing Tail

S01E01 Welcome To Deer Camp 11/04/2013
S01E02 No Smoking 11/04/2013
S01E03 Bucks & Corvettes 18/04/2013
S01E04 Best Implants 18/04/2013
S01E05 Deer In The Pool 25/04/2013
S01E06 Finders Keepers 25/04/2013
S01E07 Bucks On The Golf Course 02/05/2013
S01E08 Buckzilla In The Burbs 02/05/2013
S01E09 Buck Fever 09/05/2013
S01E10 Smell Of Success 09/05/2013