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The series chronicles the lives of successful UK girl group The Saturdays, as they work to break into the American music market.


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S01E01 #UnitedSatsOfAmerica 20/01/2013 UK pop music sensation, The Saturdays, intend on spreading their popularity worldwide. The all-female British. Pop group the Saturdays arrive in the U.s. during the premiere of this reality series about their road to superstardom, which gets a little rocky as the girls prepare for a big concert.
S01E02 #SatsCriesAndVideotapes 21/01/2013 Vanessa and her boyfriend have a blow up and it leads to a rocky music video shoot.
S01E03 #SatsOnTheBeach 27/01/2013 Vanessa and Frankie help Mollie move past a previous relationship by introducing her to a new guy. Rochelle's money spending habits worry Una.
S01E04 #DeepFriedSats 10/02/2013 The Saturdays take in American culture at the LA County fair; Frankie has a panic attack.
S01E05 #SatsAndTheCity 17/02/2013 Una and Vanessa bond while out on the town and Rochelle finds out some shocking news.
S01E06 #HomeSweetSats 18/02/2013 The group goes back to London but an unexpected injury might delay their return to the United States. Frankie sets up a date for Mollie.
S01E07 #KeepCalmAndSatsOn 04/03/2013 Una struggles over whether she should stay in London; Frankie gets an opportunity.
S01E08 #SatsAndTats 11/03/2013 The group celebrates their first Halloween in America. Frankie and her sister get matching tattoos.
S01E09 #SatsOnTheRox 18/03/2013 With their first headlining concert in America coming close, the group is unexpectedly hit with some nerve racking news and vocal issues.
S01E10 #SatsForever 25/03/2013 The Saturdays get ready for their upcoming album release but Rochelle has to take an unplanned trip home.

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