Affiche Chasseurs de trolls
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    25 minutes
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Plongez dans le nouvel univers du fabuleux conteur Guillermo del Toro, un monde fantastique où deux jeunes héros font une incroyable et terrifiante découverte.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Chasseurs de trolls

S01E01 L'amulette de Merlin #1 23/12/2016 Two trolls in an epic battle lead to consequences in the human world, especially for one boy.
S01E02 L'amulette de Merlin #2 23/12/2016 Still reeling from discovering the amulet's power, Jim meets with his new mentors, and learns about the sacred responsibility he has been tasked with.
S01E03 Un chasseur de Trolls sachant chasser 23/12/2016 Toby and Jim tour Heartstone Trollmarket, where Jim starts his training; the presence of a human Trollhunter creates resentment.
S01E04 Le nain, votre ennemi 23/12/2016 Jim gets a crash course in troll history, and is faced with problems, his first mission and a bully.
S01E05 Waka Tchaka 23/12/2016 During a field trip to a museum, Jim tries to get closer to Claire; Jim discovers that the museum curator has a surprising secret.
S01E06 Avec ou sans Draal 23/12/2016 Jim gets ready for a high-stakes rematch against Draal, who seems to be the amulet's rightful heir; a surprising partnership emerges.
S01E07 La Chasse aux Changelins 23/12/2016 With the help of an ancient troll-hunting tool, Jim and Toby try to unmask the changelings living among them; Claire presents Jim with a tempting offer.
S01E08 Mission : Babysitting 23/12/2016 Draal gets accustomed to his new digs; Jim tries to find out if Claire's little brother is a changeling.
S01E09 16 ans et toutes ses dents 23/12/2016 Jim's birthday is full of surprises, including the arrival of a new species of troll that is immune to the effects of sunlight.
S01E10 Jeune Atlas 23/12/2016 Draal gives Jim a totem to help lessen his anxiety about Claire; Jim's resulting overconfidence leads to a realisation.
S01E11 Mauvaise tambouille 23/12/2016 Claire's suspicions grow; Jim's mother invites Strickler over for a tension-filled dinner.
S01E12 Sauvez Claire ! 23/12/2016 The door to the Darklands still won't open, even though the Killahead bridge is complete; when Claire becomes a target, Jim must tell her the truth.
S01E13 La bataille des deux ponts 23/12/2016 Two battles unfold when Strickler and Bular make Jim unlock the portal and free Gunmar and his army from the Darklands.
S01E14 Le retour du chasseur de Trolls 23/12/2016 Claire sees the Heartstone Trollmarket for the first time; Jim receives a summons; Strickler rouses an ancient assassin.
S01E15 À l'aise, glaise 23/12/2016 Jim looks for a way to destroy Gunmar so Claire can bring her brother home; a power-hungry Strickler comes back to Arcadia.
S01E16 Voyage au centre de l'abdomen 23/12/2016 The heroes go on a dangerous quest in search of the first Triumbric Stone; Angor Rot creates a charm that links Barbara and Strickler's fates.
S01E17 La folle Journée de Blinky 23/12/2016 An unrecognizable Blinky experiences the highs and lows of being a human; Angor Rot marks Jim for a fate that is worse than death.
S01E18 Toby, roi des marais 23/12/2016 As the heroes look for the second Triumbric Stone, they wind up in unfamiliar marshlands. Claire wants Jim to be her dance partner.
S01E19 Têtes en l'air 23/12/2016 Toby and Claire are constantly fighting because Claire got the Shadow Staff and Toby feels slighted. Toby and Claire tackle a Trollhunter task so Jim can win a Spring King challenge. In the process, they master new weapons.
S01E20 Cauchemar au lycée 23/12/2016 When a horde of pixies descends on Arcadia Oaks High, the students are sent into a tailspin; Angor Rot has a surprising proposal for Jim.
S01E21 Une fête monstre 23/12/2016 The changeling posing as Claire's brother throws a party for the trolls of Arcadia; Jim and Toby want to take Strickler's ring.
S01E22 Il était temps ! 23/12/2016 Every second counts when Jim uses a time-stopping Kairosect to take Strickler's ring and find the second Triumbric Stone.
S01E23 Part'naires 23/12/2016 A troll queen arrives and a devastating secret is revealed; Strickler asks for Jim's protection.
S01E24 Quand y en a plus, y en a Angor ! 23/12/2016 Jim reluctantly joins forces with Strickler to keep Barbara alive; Gnome Chompksy returns with important news regarding Enrique.
S01E25 Une nuit inoubliable 23/12/2016 Jim races to break a spell that bonds Barbara and Strickler; Angor Rot attacks Claire and Toby.
S01E26 Rot face à son destin 23/12/2016 The heroes brace for Angor Rot's invasion and get ready for the fight of their lives; Jim finds the last Triumbric Stone.