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Chelmsford 123 was a situation comedy produced for British Channel 4 television by Hat Trick Productions. It ran for two seasons, of six and seven episodes, in 1988 and 1990. The series was located in the British town of Chelmsford in 123 AD and concerned the comic power struggle between Roman governor Aulus Paulinus (Jimmy Mulville) and the British chieftain, Badvoc (Rory McGrath). Britain is cold and wet, and Aulus was given the Governor's job as a suitable punishment for accidentally insulting the Holy Roman Emperors' girlfriend. Aulus was a rather delicate Roman, who was usually outwitted by the scheming Badvoc, who hadn't had a haircut for twenty-five years. It was the first series from Hat Trick Productions who were set to become the most successful independent company making comedy and comedy-quiz-shows for British TV in the 1990s.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Chelmsford 123

S01E01 Arrivederci Roma 09/03/1988 Aulus is given the Governor's job as a suitable punishment for accidentally insulting the Holy Roman Emperors' girlfriend (a horse!). They arrive in England to a surprisingly warm welcome from the Brits but inadvertently upset them at the first night celebration.
S01E02 What's Your Poison? 16/03/1988 Aulus tries to win over the Brits by doing an early morning walkabout and arranging a banquet. Grasientus buys poison from Wolfbane with a view to killing Badvoc. Aulus is dismayed when Grasientus is exposed as a poisoner... but then Badvoc and Aulus are found to be up to the same tricks.
S01E03 The Girl of My Dreams 23/03/1988 Aulus is having troubled dreams and tries to have them interpreted. A tribe of female warriors demands a male sacrifice after their cheif's three daughters are de-flowered. The women lay seige to Aulus, Badvoc, Grasientus and Functio for over a month.
S01E04 One for the Road 30/03/1988 Aulus pledges to build a Roman road from Chelmsford to London but the proposed route goes straight through a brothel that is being run by Badvoc and his men and being frequented by Functio. Blagg makes a career change from Shepherd to Masseur.
S01E05 Vidi, Vici, Veni 06/04/1988 Badvoc is kidnapped by two Triconi. Aulus decides to 'protect' Gargamadua. Badvoc outwits the Triconi and talks them into sending a ransom demand of 100 bags of gold to Aulus.
S01E06 Peeled Grapes and Pedicures 13/04/1988 Aulus decides to liven up Chelmsford with the Festival of Saturnalia. As part of the revelry, a fool is made king for a day - and so the Romans naturally choose Badvoc.