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As the saying goes, opposites attract, but that is just the tip of the connection between Liz and Michael. Liz is the cop; Michael, the corporate lawyer. They come from different worlds: the ivy-league world of a law firm where Michael is engaged to the boss's daughter, and the gritty world of the LAPD, where Liz is a hardboiled cop on the beat.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Chemistry

S01E01 Upside Down 19/08/2011 Successful attorney Michael becomes involved with a strong, sexy cop named Liz who saved his life. He soon finds himself torn between his steady corporate life with his fiancee and the undeniable mutual attraction he shares with the exciting and unpredictable Liz.
S01E02 A Kiss Is Not A Kiss 26/08/2011 After a hot-and-heavy session of making love, Liz and Michael get into a heated debate about what constitutes a perfect kiss, and she calls on a third party to help settle the argument.
S01E03 Smoke & Mirrors 09/09/2011 Michael's birthday leads to an unexpected meeting between Liz and Jocelyn; Michael's father throws him a wild yacht party featuring sexy contortionists and more; Luther reveals to Michael that he made a sex video with Jocelyn's married sister.
S01E04 Montecito 16/09/2011 Michael brings the ever-intuitive Liz on a business trip to Santa Barbara where he negotiates a deal between a tough businesswoman and a newspaper magnate. Meanwhile, Luther's affair with Pemmie takes a turn when he buys her an intriguing gift.
S01E05 Flesh Wounds 23/09/2011 Jocelyn undergoes a highly liberating experience (she gets a dragon tattoo) that changes her relationship with Michael. Meanwhile, Liz has a crisis on the job and must rely on Michael to help her through it.
S01E06 Downtime 30/09/2011 Michael's healthy sex drive and use of a profanity prompt Jocelyn's suspicions that he's having an affair. But while his sex with Jocelyn has become incredible, it leads to performance problems when he's with Liz. Luckily, Luther may have just the cure for Michael's issues.
S01E07 The Proposition 06/10/2011 A nude Liz paints the sleeping Michael, which leads to a paint fight and sex. In the meantime, Michael helps Jocelyn rewrite a speech she’s giving at a trade conference.
S01E08 Night on Bald Mountain 13/10/2011 Michael accepts an invitation to attend a weekend retreat of Liz’s police unit, but problems arise when he learns it is being held at a mountain cabin owned by her ex-lover.
S01E09 Split 20/10/2011 A defining moment in Liz and Michael’s relationship leads to a momentous decision. Later, Michael receives a surprise visit from Jocelyn, and Liz agrees to drinks with Judd.
S01E10 Lust In Translation 28/10/2011 Far-too-busy Michael and Liz try to squeeze in some quality romance time; Luther mixes business with pleasure when Pemmie interrupts his meeting with a comely client.
S01E11 Intimacy 04/11/2011 Michael quits the firm; Jocelyn opens up to Michael; Michael's fears complicate his relationship with Liz.
S01E12 In or Out (1) 11/11/2011 A promotion at work comes with a life-altering decision for Liz, who must also deal with the return of an old boyfriend. Meanwhile, Jocelyn wants Michael to try something different.
S01E13 In or Out (2) 18/11/2011 Liz reconsiders her big promotion; Luther and Pemmie take a novel approach to the idea of a threesome; Abigail gets news that knocks her for a loop; and a tragedy puts things in perspective for Liz and Michael.
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S00E11 Intimacy 00/00/0000
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