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Unsuccessful sitcom based on male-bonding in an increasingly feminized universe (yes, even in working-class Chicago) -- sort of My Two Brothers Behaving Badly. "Three blue-collar brothers in their twenties, born and raising in work-class Cicero, Illinois, attempt to co-exist peacefully when they find themselves living under the same roof once again. Harry Kulchak is a single, successful architect who lives in the ultimate bachelor pad, overlooking Wrigley Field in Chicago. He would lead the perfect life if not for his older brother Mike, who's been sleeping in the spare bedroom since his wife threw him out, and his younger brother Billy, a born hustler who dropped out of college to set up headquarters in Harry's living room. The brothers Kulchak find solace on the roof of the apartment building, where they can watch Cubs games for free, shoot the breeze, pontificate on the mysteries of life and love, and argue about who has to sleep on the couch. Paula Marshall co-stars as


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S01E01 Pilot 08/01/1997 Harry drafts a blueprint for wooing an attractive co-worker, while recently separated eldest brother Mike moves in with Harry and youngest brother Billy, a get-rich-quick schemer.
S01E02 A Foursome is Not Necessarily a Good Thing 15/01/1997 Harry plans an accidental meeting between Mike and his old high-school sweetheart. ""Take-charge"" Mike learns that his estranged wife, Lisa, has been seeing another man, so he decides to a wade into the dating pool with Kristen, the woman he courted before he met his wife.
S01E03 Butkus, Live! 22/01/1997 Normally close-mouthed Mike opens up to Lindsay about a private matter, which makes Harry feel like he's been ""left out in a lonely rowboat---like Fredo Corleone.""
S01E04 To Have and To Hold 29/01/1997 Unhappily married Mike causes trouble before a friend's wedding. Harry confronts Lindsay about having a romantic relationship with him.
S01E05 The Things We Do for Love 05/02/1997 The brothers rethink their strategy concerning ""that mysterious creature called woman,"" with old-fashioned Mike trying some newfangled approaches to romancing his latest steady Amy. Then smooth operator Harry shows remarkable patience in courting a comely surgeon.
S01E06 Infrequent Flyers 12/02/1997 NBA star Scottie Pippen (in a recurring role as the guys' landlord) joins the cast in an outing about Mike taking his brothers and Lindsay to the Bahamas. While there, Mike is wooed by Bahama sugar mama Nina; Harry has a go-round with the roulette wheel; can-do Billy goes condo; and ""elitist snob"" Lindsay has a fling with a cabana boy.
S01E07 Love in the Time of Cicadas 19/02/1997 The love bug bites Mike, who trysts with his estranged wife, and Harry, who finally has a close encounter with Lindsay.
S01E08 The Belligerent Waitress and the Surly Fry Cook 05/03/1997 An embarrassing private videotape threatens to ruin Harry and Lindsay's jobs.
S01E09 Kolchak Swings ... and Kiss That One Goodbye 12/03/1997 Co-workers Harry and Lindsay try not to mix pleasure with business; and entrepreneur Billy thinks he's on to a real moneymaking scheme.
S01E10 Running Interference 19/03/1997 While Harry and Mike argue about meddling in love struck Billy's private life, their little brother puts his foot down and takes a big step on his own. So, it's up to the older Kuchaks to save their impetuous sibling from the mess he's gotten himself into.
S01E11 Beauty and the Butt 18/06/1997 The unthinkable happens: an attractive sculptress prefers to get sad-sack Billy in the sack instead of his hunky brother Mike, which leads to ""a family crisis of Biblical proportions.""
S01E12 It's a Mezzner 25/06/1997 Billy's latest moneymaking scheme ends in disaster.
S01E13 Mothers, Lost Fullbacks, and Other Soft Things 02/07/1997 When her designing mother comes to town to see her receive an architecture award, Lindsay frets that the woman is there to steal the spotlight from her. Meanwhile, Mike and his macho pals engage in a contest to see who can keep from crying during Brian's Song.