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Welcome to Chris Hardwick's All Star Celebrity Bowling - the Battle Royale of celebrity bowling. Each episode, celebrity teams will do battle for bragging rights and donate to the charity of their choice.


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S01E01 Machinima vs. Chris Hardwick & Team Nerdist 02/04/2012 This week was a fierce battle between Team Machinima & Team Nerdist - 8 of the whitest people in existence. Team Machinima: Adam Kovic (Inside Gaming - Machinima) Khail Anonymous (ETC - Machinima) Bruce Greene (Wrecknology - Machinima) Matt Dannevik (Inside Gaming - Machinima) Team Nerdist: Chris Hardwick (Founder) Alex Albrecht (4Points) Klye Clark (Nerdterns) Steve Agee (Indoor Kids) Team Machinima donated their $1,000 to the charity Child's Play. To learn more about Child's Play please visit
S01E02 Epic Meal Time & Hannah Hart v Chris Hardwick 09/04/2012 This week Team Nerdist takes on Team Celebrity Chef and cooks up a storm of comedic proportions. Team Nerdist: Chris Hardwick (Founder) Alison Haislip (4 Points / Course of the Force) Jonah Ray (Nerdist Podcast) Sandra Daugherty (Sex Nerd Sandra Podcast) Team Celebrity Chef: Harley Morenstein (Epic Meal Time) Hannah Hart (My Drunk Kitchen) Jennifer Behm (Winner Master Chef Season 2) Michael Voltaggio (Chef/Owner of ink & ink sack -- Winner Top Chef Season 6) Featured Charities: Harley Morenstein: Make- A-Wish Foundation Hannah Hart: Homeless Children's Network in San Francisco Jennifer Behm: American Freedom Foundation Michael Voltaggio:St. Joseph's Center in Venice - Culinary Program /
S01E03 G4 & Kevin Pereira v Chris Hardwick & Nerdist 16/04/2012 This week Team Nerdist takes on Team G4, a gathering of the most athletic people on the planet...or not. Team Nerdist: Chris Hardwick (Founder) Chloe Dykstra (Just Cos) Matt Mira (Nerdist Podcast, Just Cos) Jessica Chobot (Correspondent, Attack of the Show) Team G4 Candace Bailey (Host, Attack of the Show) Blair Herter (Host, X-Play) Kevin Pereira (Host, Attack of the Show) Morgan Webb (Host, X-Play) G4's Charity: Child's Play
S01E04 Jon Hamm is perfect EVEN AT BOWLING -- Mad Men v Nerdist 23/04/2012 This week Jon Hamm and Team Mad Men take off their cufflinks and roll up their sleeves for a high-stakes game of bowling against Team Nerdist @ The Spare Room in the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Team Mad Men: Jon Hamm ("Don Draper" - Mad Men) Vincent Kartheiser ("Pete Campbell" - Mad Men) Rich Sommer ("Harry Crane " - Mad Men) Matt Weiner (Creator and Executive Producer -- Mad Men) Team Nerdist: Chris Harwick (Founder) "Weird Al" Yankovic (Face to Face with "Weird Al" Yankovic) Jonah Ray (Nerdist Podcast) Pete Holmes (You Made it Weird Podcast) Mad Men's Charity: St. Jude's
S01E05 Reggie Watts Plays a Cat Board & Bowls w/ Bo Burnham, Garfunkel & Oates 30/04/2012 This week the bowling gets funnier and more tuneful as these musical comedians face-off. Which team will do a victory dance on the lanes of The Spare Room in Hollywood and which team will sing a tearful ballad of defeat? Musical Comedians Reggie Watts Nick Thune Kate Micucci (Garfunkel & Oates) Bo Burnham Nerdist Chris Hardwick Mike Phirman (Hard 'N Phirm) Riki Lindhome (Making It with Riki Lindhome, Garfunkel & Oates) Eli Braden
S01E06 BOWLING DEAD - Robert Kirkman & Walking Dead Cast 07/05/2012 What's tougher than fighting zombies? Bowling against Team Nerdist is! The cast and creator of AMC's The Walking Dead take on the undefeated Team Nerdist in Celebrity All Star Bowling. Only one team will survive, and the other will be slain on the lanes. Team Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman- Creator/Executive Prodcuer (Childs Play) Steven Yeun -- Glenn (Big Brothers, Big Sisters) Lauren Cohan -- Maggie (Ace of Hearts Dog Shelter) Scott Wilson -- Hershel (MPTF Community Care Fund) Team Nerdist: Chris Hardwick - Founder Dana Gould -- The Dana Gould Hour Podcast Emily Gordon -- Indoor Kids Kumail Nanjiani -- Indoor Kids
S01E07 GEEK ON NERD ACTION - Felicia Day and Geek & Sundry 14/05/2012 The cyber warriors of Geek & Sundry do battle with Team Nerdist. Will their virtual sword swinging bring them victory or will they get pwnd like n00bs in the wake of Team Nerdist? TEAM NERDIST: Chris Hardwick - Founder Justin Willman - Magic Meltdown Jenny Fine - Nerdterns Mo Fathelbab - Nerdterns TEAM GEEK & SUNDRY: Felicia Day - Overlord, Geek and Sundry Jeff Lewis - The Guild Veronica Belmont - Sword and Laser Kim Evey - Executive Producer, Geek and Sundry Charity: Best Friends Animal Society -
S01E08 Can Adam Savage & Mythbusters Destroy Pins? 21/05/2012 This week the science mages from MythBusters try to debunk the voodoo bowling of Chris Hardwick and his Team Nerdist. Will Team MythBusters find victory over Team Nerdist plausible? Team Nerdist: Chris Hardwick - Founder Linda Le - Just Cos Adam Rogers - Senior Editor, Wired Magazine Holly Conrad - Crabcat Team MythBusters: Tory Belleci - Italian for "Li'l Wolverine" Kari Byron - Dynamo Grant Imahara - Possibly Cyborg Adam Savage - Mad Genius Charity: Habitat for Humanity of Greater San Francisco
S01E09 Marc Maron, Todd Glass, Sklar Bros, Pardo, Hardwick - PODCAST-O-RAMA 28/05/2012 This week Team Nerdist challenges Marc Maron and a team of comedy podcasters. How will their scores compare to their iTunes download stats? Team Podcasters: Marc Maron - "WTF with Marc Maron" Jimmy Pardo - "Never Not Funny" Greg Behrendt - "Walking the Room" Randy Sklar - "Sklarboro Country" Team Nerdist : Chris Hardwick - Founder, "Nerdist Podcast" Todd Glass - "The Todd Glass Show" Cole Stratton - "Pop My Culture" Jason Sklar - "Sklarboro Country" Charity: Smile Train (
S01E10 BREAKING BAD - Bryan Cranston & BB Take on Nerdist 04/06/2012 This week Team Nerdist challenges Bryan Cranston and Team Breaking Bad on their home turf. Will Team Nerdist triumph in this rare Away game, or has Team Breaking Bad cooked up something too intense for them? Team Nerdist: Chris Hardwick - Founder Matt Mira - Nerdist Podcast, Just Cos Chloe Dykstra - Just Cos Jonah Ray - Nerdist Podcast Team Breaking Bad: Bryan Cranston - "Walter White" Betsy Brandt - "Marie Schrader" RJ Mitte - "Walter White, Jr." Aaron Paul - "Jesse Pinkman" Charity: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
S02E01 MATT SMITH & KAREN GILLAN - DOCTOR WHO vs. NERDIST 31/08/2012 Team Doctor Who: Matt Smith - The Doctor Karen Gillan - Amy Pond Arthur Darvill - Rory Williams Steven Moffat - Lead Writer and Executive Producer Team Nerdist : Chris Hardwick - Founder Wil Wheaton - Uber Geek, Fez Enthusiast Alex Albrecht - Host, 4 Points Chloe Dykstra - Host, Just Cos See more Doctor Who on - Season Premiers Saturday, September 1st @ 9pmET/8pmCT. Doctor Who props and toys provided by Underground Toys:
S02E02 NASA Mohawk Guy & JPL vs. Nerdist 30/11/2012 Nerdist takes on the engineering wizards behind the Curiosity Mars Rover, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory! Team Nerdist Chris Hardwick - Founder Monica Moon - Chris' Assistant Dan Casey - Nerdist News, TOKYOPOP Kyle Clark - NerdTerns Team Curiosity (NASA JPL) Adam Steltzner - Entry Descent & Landing Phase Lead Al Chen - Entry Descent & Landing Operations Lead Steve Collins - Cruise Altitude Control Engineer Bobak Ferdowsi (aka Mohawk Guy) - Flight Director
S02E03 TEAM WORKAHOLICS vs. CHRIS HARDWICK 23/01/2013 Welcome to a very special edition of All Star Celebrity Bowling! Watch as the multi-faceted personas of Chris Hardwick challenge the industrious cast of Workaholics. Working Hard or Hardwick Working? Team Workaholics: Blake Anderson - "Blake Henderson", Writer Adam DeVine - "Adam DeMamp", Writer Anders Holm - "Anders Holmvik", Writer Kyle Newacheck - "Karl Hevacheck", Director Team Nerdist: Chris "The Nerdist" Hardwick - Founder, Nerdist Industries Chris "Big C" Hardwick - Host, Talking Dead Chris "C3" Hardwick - Host, Singled Out Chris "Spare Kitty" Hardwick - Host, Nerdist Podcast
S02E04 ROOSTER TEETH vs FREDDIEW / KEY OF AWESOME / NERDIST 30/01/2013 Welcome to an epic YouTube mash-up edition of All Star Celebrity Bowling! Join Chris Hardwick as he takes on the machinimists of Rooster Teeth with the help of Freddie Wong (freddiew), Todd Womack and Mark Douglas (Key of Awesome). Get the animated gif of Breakin' Chris Hardwick: Rooster Teeth's Charity is Child's Play: Team Rooster Teeth: Burnie Burns, LC12 "Leonard L. Church" Joel Heyman, MC84 "Michael J. Caboose" Gavin Free, JN99 "Jones" Gus Sorola, DS54 "Dick Simmons" Team Nerdist: Chris Hardwick, Founder Nerdist Industries Todd Womack, Key of Awesome & Barely Political Mark Douglas, Key of Awesome & Barely Political Freddie Wong, YouTube: freddiew
S02E05 STAR WARS: Clone Wars & Ashley Eckstein vs Nerdist 06/02/2013 Welcome to an intergalactic edition of All Star Celebrity Bowling! Join Chris Hardwick as he takes on Ashley Eckstein and the cast of Star Wars: Clone with the help of Robert Paulsen (Pinky and the Brain, Animaniacs, TMNT), and Alex Albrecht. Will Team Nerdist harness the Force and bring honor to the republic? Watch to find out! Star Wars: Clone Wars Charity is International Wolf center ( Team Clone Wars: Ashley Eckstein, Voice "Ahsoka Tano" ( Dave Filoni, Supervising Director ( Catherine Taber, Voice "Padmé Amidala" ( Dee Bradley Baker, Voice "Clone Troopers" ( R2-D2, Droid Clone x4 Team Nerdist: Chris Hardwick, Gold Leader ( Rob Paulsen, Voice Actor ( Alex Albrecht, Host: 4 Points ( Gil, Host: Mutant Season (
S02E06 CONAN O'BRIEN & ANDY RICHTER vs Team Nerdist 13/02/2013 Welcome to a hair-raising episode of All Star Celebrity Bowling as Team Nerdist takes on the Late Night crew from Conan. Will Team Coco steal the bowling spotlight and throw Team Nerdist into the backstage gutters? Watch to find out! Team Coco's Charity is Cor Unum Meal Center: Team Coco: Conan O'Brien, Host Andy Richter, Announcer Aaron Bleyaert, Senior Producer Team Coco Digital Mike Sweeney, Head Writer Team Nerdist: Chris Hardwick, Founder Nerdist Industries Matt Mira, FEaB podcast Jonah Ray, Jonah Raydio podcast Jimmy Pardo, Write Now! / Never Not Funny Podcast / Conan defector
S02E07 Vsauce's Bowling Science vs. Hannah Hart & Nerdist 09/08/2013 It's a special scientific edition of All Star Celebrity Bowling as the YouTube wizards of Team Vsauce (Michael Stevens, Kevin Lieber, Jake Roper and Jess Whitton) take on Team Nerdist (Hannah Hart, Ro Pansino, Corey Vidal and Chris Hardwick). Will Vsauce's facts come out ahead? Watch to see! Watch more All Star Celebrity Bowling: Team Vsauce: Michael Stevens, Kevin Lieber, Jake Roper, Jess Whitton, Vsauce Editor Team Nerdist: Chris Hardwick, Hannah Hart, Corey Vidal, Ro Pansino,
S02E08 Touching Balls w/ SIMON PEGG, NICK FROST, EDGAR WRIGHT & STEVE JONES 20/09/2013 It's a special British Trilogy/World Ending edition of All Star Celebrity Bowling as the UK comedy genre-bending maestros of Team Cornetto Trilogy (Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Edgar Wright and the Sex Pistols' Steve Jones) take on Team Nerdist (Jonah Ray, Matt Mira, Chloe Dykstra and Chris Hardwick). Will the World's End boys' bloody frozen lactose fixation prove victorious?
S02E09 JIMMY FALLON & QUESTLOVE vs NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON & Nerdist 22/10/2013 Welcome to All Star Celebrity Bowling! Brace yourself for a Late Night battle of Galactic proportions as Team Nerdist takes on the crew from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
S02E10 CM Punk, AJ Lee, & Team WWE wrestle Nerdist 19/12/2013 It's a no-holds barred edition of All Star Celebrity Bowling, as WWE Superstars CM Punk, AJ Lee, Fandango, and Kofi Kingston try to put Team Nerdist into submission.