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Nineteen year-old Christy Huddleston decides to leave a sheltered life of luxury in 1912 Asheville to serve as a teacher in a remote mission schoolhouse in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Young and naive but optimistic, she finds herself in the midst of overwhelming poverty, ignorance and superstition, yet also surrounded by great beauty, faith and love. Even as Christy wrestles against seemingly impossible odds to make a difference in her schoolchildren's lives, she is emotionally torn between the attentions of two very different men: Reverend David Grantland, a young, outspoken and idealistic minister from Boston, and Dr. Neil MacNeill, a man with a painful past, born and raised in Cutter Gap, now a physician working hard to establish the benefits of 20th century medicine in a place where folklore and herbalism prevail. The series was based upon the novel written by Catherine Marshall in 1967. The series was filmed on location in Townsend, Tennessee, USA.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Christy

S01E01 Pilot 03/04/1994 Nineteen-year-old Christy Huddleston arrives from Asheville to teach in the poverty-stricken community of Cutter Gap, where she must learn to live on her own and fit it with the locals. Christy makes friends with Miss Alice at the Mission, the local doctor and the Reverend. Meanwhile, Christy and Dr. MacNeill spend some "quality" time together and the discovery of a secret stash of moonshine beneath the school causes problems for David and Christy.
S01E02 Lost and Found 14/04/1994 Rob Allen enters a writing contest and Little Burl is injured when he falls through a crevice in the rocks.
S01E03 Both Your Houses 14/04/1994 When Opal's baby girl dies because of backwoods superstitions, Christy is appalled. Meanwhile, Tom McHone seeks refuge at the mission after being shot and accused of telling the authorities about the moonshining operation.
S01E04 A Closer Walk 21/04/1994 Christy is introduced to Aunt Polly and David rubs Ault Allen the wrong way.
S01E05 Judgment Day 28/04/1994 Dr. Ferrand, mission director, pays a visit to Cutter Gap. Christy receives a large number of donations from Ashville, including equipment to hook up a phone line to El Pano.
S01E06 Eye of the Storm (Journeys of the Heart 1) 05/05/1994 Dr. MacNeill tries an experimental procedure on Becky O'Teale in hopes of curing her trachoma. Meanwhile, Miss Alice disapproves of Christy's friendship with Neil.
S01E07 Amazing Grace (Journeys of the Heart 2) 05/05/1994 Christy meets Hattie McHabe, the oldest Cutter Gap resident. Meanwhile, Theodore S. Harland arrives to record the folklore of the cove, or so he says, and Miss Alice's daughter, Margaret, returns from ""the dead.""
S02E01 The Sweetest Gift (1) 24/11/1994 As the residents of Cutter Gap prepare for Thanksgiving, Christy's father visits. Meanwhile, David tries to find a way to bring the new church bell to town on his own.
S02E02 The Sweetest Gift (2) 24/11/1994 Christy's father suffers a stroke, that leads to a visit from her mother, culminating in her being ordered to return home to Asheville to care for her ailing father. Meanwhile, the the Cutter Gap men have a surprise in store for the Reverend.
S02E03 To Have and to Hold 15/04/1995 When David's sister Ida prepares to marry her penpal, Clarence Sweetwater, this propels David to propose Christy. Meanwhile, Christy attempts to help teenager Lundy Taylor reconnect with his father.
S02E04 The Hunt 22/04/1995 Christy becomes jealous when David's childhood friend, songbird Sissel Jorgensen, arrives for a visit. Meanwhile, Sam Houston and his dog, Singer Lee, search for the great white buck
S02E05 A Man's Reach 26/04/1995 Rob Allen is offered a college scholarship if he can pass a test. Zady Spencer feels left out when Christy begins spending so much time with Rob, tutoring him for his entrance exam.
S02E06 Ghost Story 14/06/1995 Christy and her students set out to disprove a superstition and take a field trip into a cave but trouble ensues. Meanwhile, Ruby Mae discovers that she is related to a famous heroine.
S02E07 Echoes 21/06/1995 Christy and Miss Alice journey back to Freedom, Kentucky, the site of her first mission. Meanwhile, back in Cutter Gap, Neil discovers that David proposed to Christy.
S02E08 The Lie 28/06/1995 New resident, Daniel Scott tries to make friends with the Spencers. Meanwhile, John Spencer becomes enamoured of Christy and Bessie Colburn spreads a malicious rumor about her out of jealousy.
S02E09 Green Apples 05/07/1995 Dr. MacNeill puts the mission under quarantine after an outbreak of scarlet fever.
S02E10 The Hostage 12/07/1995 Christy is taken hostage by a man who blames Dr. MacNeill for the death of his wife.
S02E11 Babe in the Woods 19/07/1995 Christy finds an abandoned baby in the woods and reconsiders David's marriage proposal in order to adopt it.
S02E12 Second Sight 26/07/1995 A visiting benefactor for the mission seeks to acquire land for his lumber business, but it may not be what it seems.
S02E13 The Road Home 02/08/1995 Margaret returns to the cove and Christy is torn between her feelings for David and Neil.