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When a friend asks Natsuki what high school club she's going to join, she cheerfully responds "the go-home club" (meaning, she's not going to join any of them). However, she soon realizes that this club actually exists at her high school, and she's just expressed interest in joining it! Before she knows it, she ends up as one of the two new members of "the go-home club," which is a small group of eccentric school girls. One of the girls likes fighting bears, while another is ridiculously rich. But what exactly constitutes the activities of "the go-home club"?


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S01E01 Going Home Club Applicants / Life is Short; Go Home, Young Lady / Beware of Hagizuki-ryuu Practitioners / Extravagant Youth: Priceless 05/07/2013 Andou Natuski, starting her first year in high school, feels annoyance at the prospect of joining a club. Her classmate Touno Karin sees her and leads her to a certain club room. Natsuki realizes that it is the club room for the "Go-Home Club." Despite her reservations, Natsuki joins the Go-Home Club. She asks the club president, Doumyouji Sakura, what the club does. As for the answer she receives... The Go-Home Club's tactical supervisor, Oohagi Botan, is the heir to the ancient Hagizuki-ryuu style of martial arts. Her extraordinary abilities involve slicing through a plastic bottle with a single chop. What is the story behind her "Summer Bear Tour"?! Kokonoe Claire is the daughter of the head of the Kokonoe Corporation. She feels no sense of loss when she spends money. The shocking extent of her money-spending and her fleeting aspirations are brought to light in this chapter.
S01E02 The Cuckoo Isn't Singing. It Appears to be Dead / Feminine Appeal Overdrive / Social Mixer Training 12/07/2013 Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu each have a poem to describe their personalities that begins "If the Cuckoo won't sing...". The Going Home Club members each try to compose a version of the poem to describe themselves. Although assumed to be a "serene blockhead" type, Karin brings in cookies that she made herself. She reveals a level of Home Ec Club-cultivated "Girl Power" that astounds her fellow members. Karin tells a story about a peer from middle school attending a social mixer. Sakura decides to have the club assume the role of boys and girls and practice so they'll know what to do if they're ever get caught up in a social mixer.
S01E03 Kill the Suspicious Person! / Middle School Diary / Don't Feed the Cute Girls / Fifteen Years in Solitude 26/07/2013 Botan's powers are incredible, but she doesn't get much use out of them in daily life, so she doesn't know what to do with herself. Karin greatly admires Botan's strength. Botan proclaims that her strength is not physical, but mental. Claire just can't help herself in the face of Karin's cuteness. A certain event inspires Botan to tell the other girls about her lonely life in middle school.
S01E04 Fierce Battle! The First Term Sports Tournament / Burn! Fire Safety Soul! / Fundamentals of a Retool 02/08/2013 The school holds a sports tournament. Sakura and Botan's class 2-1 faces Claire's class 2-5 in a softball match. The club is discussing a schoolwide fire evacuation drill that occurred the day before. Botan reveals a surprising reason for her training: She thinks the show will retool itself into a fighting show if its popularity drops!
S01E05 The Demon King's Dignity / Recommended Literature / Vaguely Remembered Folk Tales 09/08/2013 Schubert famously wrote a song called "Demon King," but Botan believes that the Demon King in the story lacks the desired qualities of the real thing. Sakura starts talking about other good stories in their textbook besides "Kokoro," and starts remembering other works of literature she once read. The Going Home Club realizes that while they remember the stories of Momotaro and Urashimataro well, they're hazy on the story of Kintaro.
S01E06 Youth is an Explosion / Guilty Judge / The Four Heavenly Kings of Hagishirabe-ryuu 16/08/2013 The girls are playing video games when Sakura proposes that they play a game that doesn't require electricity. Sakura abruptly faints in the club room, shocking the other girls. Just then, a masked figure appears on the TV screen and announces they will play a "Judgment Game." The Hagishirabe-ryuu is a long-time rival to its father house, the Hagizuki-ryuu.
S01E07 Sealed Words!! / The Fierce Battle's Conclusion!! / Surprise Party 30/08/2013 Natsuki and Sakura are alone together in the club room, and decide to play Word Chain to pass the time. The Natsuki vs. Sakura Word Chain battle has escalated from a mere pastime to a fierce competition. The girls are planning a Surprise Party before Natsuki's birthday.
S01E08 Big Sis and Little Bro / Street Poems / Big Sis and Friends / The Nameless Landmark 06/09/2013 It's revealed that Natsuki has a brother two years younger than her. Intrigued, the other girls start peppering Natuski with questions about him. Sakura makes the members of the Going Home Club write poems to be sold on the street around the station. The club members come to Natsuki's house to meet her little brother. Sakura asks the question "Which is the main body?" and points to Natsuki's cowlick.
S01E09 The Ultimate Decision / A Magnificent Training Camp / Starry Sky Imagination / Mankind's Greatest Invention is Air Conditioning 13/09/2013 Sakura suggests a "training camp" for summer vacation so the girls can take a trip together. Sakura has decided on a location for their training camp! The location is... Kagawa? After their training, the girls spend the night at an inn. The Going Home Club heads out to the pool. The subject comes up of just how "free" freestyle swimming is, which leads to a discussing of summer vacation research projects.
S01E10 Judge People by Appearances / Feild Trip!! The Ancient Art of Hagishirabe-ryuu / Five Girls, One Hundred Ghost Stories / I Won't Give It Up 27/09/2013 At the end of summer vacation, Natsuki had a dream that the members of the Going Home Club have undergone striking changes in image. Botan and the club head to the dojo of Hagizuki-ryuu's sworn enemy, Hagishirabe-ryuu, for training. The girls participate in the "Telling of One-Hundred Tales" which involved putting out a candle each time they tell a ghost story. Sakura wants the girls to join the club relay at the Athletics Festival. When they go to the field to practice, they find the soccer club is already using it.
S01E11 Names of Flowers / Bound by School Rules / All's Well That Ends Well 04/10/2013 It's her first day of high school, and Doumyouji Sakura is looking forward to a fun high school life. The Going Home Club is about to go bowling in the school corridors, when the student council president, Takamado Reina, appears. Sakura tries to get the girls to think about the final episode: what they "should do" and what they "want to do." What kind of "final episode" does each of the girls want to see?
S01E12 Misreading / What's Tap-oom? / I Hate Bugs / Conserving Water / Antonyms / Debut!! Aikarin / Aikarin Strikes Back / Complacency / The Perfect Equal / Animal Sounds / Map / Taste of the Commoners / Heroic Tale / What if the Person Inside the Four Bear 11/10/2013 Misreading / What's Tap-oom? / I Hate Bugs / Conserving Water / Antonyms / Debut!! Aikarin / Aikarin Strikes Back / Complacency / The Perfect Equal / Animal Sounds / Map / Taste of the Commoners / Heroic Tale / What if the Person Inside the Four Bear Kings / A Song That's Not Even Vaguely Remembered / You Fed the Cute Girls Too Much / The "How to Draw" Song / Cute / The "How to Draw Sakura-chan" Song / The Retorters' Pit / Important Announcement

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