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To me, to you! The Chuckle Brothers Barry and Paul get into a series of gaffs and mishaps.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de ChuckleVision

S01E01 Breakfast Telly 00/00/0000
S01E02 Dance 00/00/0000 The duo try dancing.
S01E03 Sport 00/00/0000
S01E04 Movies 00/00/0000
S01E05 Fitness 00/00/0000
S01E06 Halloween 00/00/0000
S01E07 Antiques and Heirlooms 00/00/0000
S01E08 Travel 00/00/0000
S01E09 Fashion 00/00/0000
S01E10 Magic 00/00/0000
S01E11 Do It Yourself 00/00/0000 The Chuckle Brothers give out some useful tips on decorating and DIY
S01E12 ChuckleVision Clip Show 00/00/0000
S01E13 Traditional Christmas 00/00/0000 The brothers celebrate Christmas in true style.
S02E01 Clean Up 19/11/1988 The Chuckle Brothers return for a new series of sketches & stories and begin by cleaning up their new offices.
S02E02 Australia 26/11/1988 It is exactly 200 years (and a bit) since Australia was discovered. To commemorate this momentous occasion, Paul and Barry present their own Australian bicentennial-and-a-bit special.
S02E03 Nature Watch 03/12/1988 Paul and Barry show how to observe wildlife on a very low budget...or was it budgies?
S02E04 Music 10/12/1988 Today, the brothers show how to become a top soloist with a symphony orchestra - in less than 24 hours!!!
S02E05 Hobbies 17/12/1988 The Chuckles take a look at different hobbies.
S02E06 Christmas Special 24/12/1988 Christmas again - time to ring bells, hang decorations, gather round the fire and put up your Easter bonnet. Easter bonnet??? Find out why with Paul and Barry...
S02E07 Farming 07/01/1989 The duo take a look at the history of agriculture.
S02E08 U.F.O. 14/01/1989 Paul & Barry Chuckle look out of the studio & past the chip shop as they ask the question, 'Is there life on other planets?'
S02E09 Invention 21/01/1989 Today the brothers deliver Paul's new invention.
S02E10 Hi-Tech 00/00/0000 The Chuckles investigate the world of High Technology, with the help of the McChuckles and their abacus and Paul decides to build a robot Barry, which unfortunately goes haywire.
S02E11 Puppets 04/02/1989 It's a glittering occasion when Paul & Barry present their first annual festival of performing arts, with a particular emphasis on puppetry.
S02E12 Fishing 11/02/1989 A look at the world of fish and fishing.
S02E13 Circus 00/00/0000 Paul is determined to turn Barry into a seasoned circus performer with the help of the Chucklevinskis.
S03E01 Stand and Deliver 00/00/0000 Armed with a gleaming new handcart The Chuckle Brothers set off to deliver some leaflets for a builder. Among their problems is a block of high-rise flats and a rather irate cake deliverer.
S03E02 Parks and Wreck-Reations 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry become park attendants
S03E03 Stop That World...! 00/00/0000 Whilst look after Uncle Henry's mansion, a runaway globe causes problems for The Boys.
S03E04 Home Helpless 00/00/0000 Paul is telling his brother scarey ghost stories but Barry gets revenge when the lights go out...
S03E05 Shipshape-Less 00/00/0000 The brothers try to make on old boat seaworthy.
S03E06 Window Wind-Ups 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry go into the window-cleaning business. In the end the clients end up as clean as the windows.
S03E07 Trouble In Store 00/00/0000 The brothers get jobs at a supermaket. As usual, it's Barry who finds out just how much there is to do!
S03E08 Poster Pranks 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry go into the high-pressure world of advertising and marketing. They have to start somewhere which means putting up the posters.
S03E09 On The Move 00/00/0000 Things don't go smoothly when 'Chuckles' Removals' are contracted to deliver a wardrobe and a chest of draws to a new housing development.
S03E10 Car Carnage 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry go into car cleaning. But this isn't as simple as it sounds - especially when they decide to clean the cars piece by piece.
S03E11 Hotel Hostilities 00/00/0000 The Chuckles get jobs at a posh hotel but there's trouble with the Manager, who's insistence on 'No Slacking' proves a problem for Paul and Barry.
S03E12 Cabbies and Chips 00/00/0000 Today the Boys help out a friend of Dan's called Maxi the Taxi.
S03E13 Cycle Crazy 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry enter a cycle race and, of course, they are soon lost.
S04E01 Plumb Crazy 00/00/0000 The duo are hired by Mrs. Blenkinsop to fix a fountain.
S04E02 Cafe Chuckles 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry answer an advert for staff to run Pete's Café. They quickly get to work when they hear a Royal procession is passing by.
S04E03 The Perils of Porters 00/00/0000 A hospital administrator unwillingly gives Paul and Barry jobs as hospital porters, but they soon get into trouble with the laughing gas.
S04E04 Telephone Traumas 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry have set up Chucklecom and are called out fix a problem with a phone. They don't really do much to help (more like make it worse) and then they erect a telegraph pole in the garden by mistake.
S04E05 Goofy Golfers 00/00/0000 It's the brothers' day off so they decide to have a relaxing game of golf.
S04E06 Market Forces 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry set up a stall at a market but where are the other traders and, more importantly, the customers?
S04E07 The Great Outdoors 00/00/0000 The brothers go tent-testing in the country.
S04E08 Bowl-Derdash 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry decide to play cricket (Barry gets confused between a batsman, so he's batman instead!), but then they get confused between ten pin bowling and cricket! (oh dear oh dear...)
S04E09 Careless Caretakers 00/00/0000 Dan the Van has some impressive new offices, but with Paul and Barry looking after them, something's bound to happen.
S04E10 Carpet Capers 00/00/0000 The Boys are hired by Mrs. Blenkinsop again - this time, to lay a carpet.
S04E11 Shore Thing 00/00/0000 The daffy duo go into the beach hut business.
S04E12 In The Doghouse 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry look after Uncle Henrys dog pound where they have some trouble with Mrs.Bloggs' dog, which they think has shrunk in the bath, so the try to fatten it up before she gets back.
S04E13 On The Trail 00/00/0000 The duo go in search of Jack Lafitte's Treasure while being followed by a charity collector, who wants the treasure for himself.
S04E14 Oddball Inventors 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry become inventors, and show off their creations to a couple, but they keep ruining there clean washing in the garden.
S04E15 Movie Moguls 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry take over Harry Houseys Bingo Drome, and they decide to turn it back into a cinema, so Paul decides to make his own film, by joining lots of old films together.
S05E01 Caravan Capers 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry buy a caravan, but they have a bit of trouble with a farmer when they put it in his field.
S05E02 Crimebusters 00/00/0000 After catching a bank robber Paul and Barry go looking for other criminals, and they spot a man climbing though a window, but all is not as it seems.
S05E03 Up In The Air 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry spend the day in a hot air baloon.
S05E04 Ducks and Grouses 00/00/0000 The brothers go in search of the rare Botty Wiggler duck.
S05E05 A Lazy Day 00/00/0000 The brothers plan to watch a film on TV. However there are problems: First, they can't get a reception on the TV and then Barry has trouble with snacks and getting comfortable.
S05E06 Rock A Bye Baby 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry babysit Mrs Russels' son, Tommy.
S05E07 In The Ring 00/00/0000 The brothers are helping out at a leisure centre. Paul learns that Terrible Trevor is unable to get to tonight's wrestling match against Big Bad Brian and decides to volunteer Barry.
S05E08 Romany Days 00/00/0000 In one of the strangest episodes ever, Paul and Barry go in search of the Emperor's underpants!
S05E09 On The Radio 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry produce a song and try and get into a radio station to put it on the air.
S05E10 Rich For A Day 00/00/0000 When Paul wins first prize in competition, the Brothers visit Bedside Manor for a taste of upper class life.
S05E11 Runners and Riders 00/00/0000 After cleaning out the caravan Paul and Barry discover an old painting of a horse, and so become jockeys.
S05E12 Wrong Number 00/00/0000 After dialing the wrong number while trying to get through to a circus, Paul and Barry are persued by spies. They adopt various disguises to give them the slip, with little success...
S05E13 The Art Dealers 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry try and put up a painting, but things don't go according to plan.
S05E14 Spooks and Gardens 00/00/0000 The Chuckmobile gets a flat tyre one night, so Paul and Barry take shelter in a house. But strange things happen - why is there a garden in one of the rooms?
S05E15 Minibus Madness 00/00/0000 If Paul and Barry want to get jobs as bus inspectors with Happy Valley Buses, they must find their own bus first...
S07E01 Spilt Milk 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry arrive home after doing the shopping and, of course, Paul fancies a cup of tea. Barry has a few accidents with the milk, meaning they have to go and get some more. They trek all over town trying to get some and even get locked in dairy. It seems no sooner than they have got some milk, they lose it!
S07E02 The Hunt For Chalky White 00/00/0000 A newspaper competition to find a mystery character called Chalky White results in Paul and Barry finding the wrong people
S07E03 Not In Our Back Yard 00/00/0000 The brothers' find out that there are plans to demolish their mill to make way for a new road. So they take on the town hall in an effort to stop the new road going ahead.
S07E04 Another Fine Ness 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry go in search of the Loch Ness Monster and end up competing against the McChuckles.
S07E06 Power Play 04/02/1995 When the power is cut off, Paul and Barry decide to find new ways of generating electricity.
S07E07 A Clean Sweep 18/02/1995 Paul and Barry are trying to sell houses for Dan the Van. They get sidetracked and end up cleaning a chimney instead.
S07E08 The Missing Piece 25/02/1995 The brothers discover their friend, Beaming Beryl's first ever jigsaw puzzle in an antiques shop. Excitedly, they contact her so she can see it again. But they had reckoned without the shop owner, Mr. Cheeseman, who wants the puzzle for himself when he discovers it's valuable... or is it?
S07E09 The Barge 04/03/1995 The brothers 'help' Jimmy move his canal boat.
S07E10 Pick Your Own 11/03/1995 Paul and Barry help out at Jerry the Berry's Pick Your Own fruit farm. As usual, things go pear shaped and they anger some fruit pickers.
S07E11 Final Frontier 18/03/1995 Paul builds a rocket, naming it Apaullo 1, and prepares to send Barry to the moon.
S07E12 My Lucky Number's Nine 25/03/1995 It's Barry's lucky day, and he can't lose with the number nine - much to the annoyance of a bingo caller.
S07E13 Clueless Chuckles 01/04/1995 Paul and Barry take shelter in a mysterious old house, which turns out to be a hotel, but during the night it becomes apparent that there is a murderer at large!
S07E14 What's Cooking 08/04/1995 Paul and Barry have set up a dessert business and they receive an order to make pink blancmange. After being told not to forget the 'hundreds and thousands' they are confused and end up making a giant sized one.
S07E15 Monkery Business 15/04/1995 The brothers get invitations to Dan the Van's party, which turns out to be fancy dress. They each end up in monk costumes and head off on the Chuck-mobile. They follow another monk on bicyle, asuming he is going to the party but he leads them to a monastary...
S07E16 Monkery Business 00/00/0000 The brothers get invitations to Dan the Van's party, which turns out to be fancy dress. They each end up in monk costumes and head off on the Chuck-mobile. They follow another monk on bicyle, asuming he is going to the party but he leads them to a monastary...
S08E01 The Exterminators 00/00/0000 The brothers do battle with a persistant woodworm in Mrs. Wilson's tallboy. Matters aren't aren't helped by her nosey neighbour.
S08E02 Monkey Business 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry agree to mind Chester Merriment's pet, Tiddles. They aren't so keen when they discover Tiddles is a gorilla!
S08E03 Marquee Madness 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry are sent to put up a marquee at a stately home and accidentally destroy a new statue in the process.
S08E04 Out Of Sight 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry take cleaning jobs at a Research company, and cause trouble while thinking they are invisible.
S08E05 Football Heroes 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry are mistaken for two old Rotherham United players, Ronnie Moore & Tony Towner, and end up playing in a football match in there places.
S08E06 Chucklestein 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry visit the home of Dr. Bonkers to show him some brushes. But, Dr. Bonkers has other ideas. He plans to swop Paul's brain with a robot. He can.. if he can find the machine to make it work...
S08E07 Oh Brother 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry are running a railway station when a tramp is thrown off a train and claims to be their long lost brother.
S08E08 Lottery Lunacy 00/00/0000 The silly siblings decide on which numbers to choose for their lottery ticket. When Paul tells Barry to mark 49 balls from 1-49, Barry labels the balls as 1, 2 and 49. After deciding which numbers to use - and loosing the pound a few times - the duo head to the shops, only to find that it is closed. In the end, they (inadvertantly) donate their £1 to a charity for dogs for the blind.
S08E09 Lock In 00/00/0000 The brothers are locked in a DIY store for the the night and must keep out of the way of a security guard.
S08E10 Charm School 00/00/0000 After a few mishaps in the catering business, Paul and Barry train as butlers at Mrs Butler's Charm School, and then take jobs at a Stately Home.
S08E11 Traction Attraction 00/00/0000 Barry enters his mangle worzel in a vegetable competition at the county fayre.
S08E12 Finders Keepers 00/00/0000 Barry and Paul turn up for a job that involves 'a little light house keeping'. They have the wrong end of the stick, as usual, and end up causing havock for a lighthouse keeper.
S08E13 Costa Lotta 00/00/0000 The duo are sent to look after Dan's apartment in Spain, which isn't a bad job, really, although they have been asked to take a look at the plumbing.
S08E14 Dear Diary 00/00/0000 A series of misunderstandings occur when the brothers read each other's diarys.
S08E15 Steeple Chucks 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry are hired by Dan The Van to blow up an old chimney.
S09E01 Bats in the Belfry 00/00/0000 The duo go totally batty when they inspect a church belfry.
S09E02 High Jinx 00/00/0000 The bumbling brothers cause havoc when working as stewards on a plane bound for Greaseborough. Barry accidentally pours soup down the captain's shirt, so the captain changes into holiday gear. Paul mistakes him for a stowaway and ties him up and puts him into the hold. Later, when the co-pilot realizes the captain has been gone a long time, he goes to find him but accidentally gets locked inside a room by Barry. The silly brothers soon discover that no one is flying the plane…
S09E03 Chuckles in Charge 00/00/0000 The brothers are put in charge of running a holiday camp.
S09E04 Digging for Dinosaurs 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry hinder an archaeological dig.
S09E05 Wheels of Misfortune 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry drive No Slacking to distraction as their veteran London to Brighton car race runs into disaster.
S09E06 Paint Drips 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry attempt to decorate the local library. They don't seem to realise that they're only supposed to paint the walls.
S09E07 The Big Day 00/00/0000 Running a jeweler's shop, the Chuckles pounce on an unsuspecting customer who they assume is after a ring. Before he can get a word in edgeways, they're arranging the wedding.
S09E08 Loch Aye 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry attempt to reach the Highland Games.
S09E09 Lord Chuckle 00/00/0000 Paul thinks he has become Lord Chuckle when he finds ""The Birthmark"" on his back but the Butler is having none of it.
S09E10 Oh Dear What Can The Mattress Be? 00/00/0000 Whilst working at the bed shop Paul and Barry are asked to do a favour for the manager and deliver a bed to his house as a surprise for his wife, only with those two in charge there's bound to be trouble when waters involved.
S09E11 Shipwrecked 00/00/0000 The bumbling brothers get stranded on an island near Birmingham. However, they are not the only people on the island…
S09E12 Put Up Job 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry stay at Jimmy's Inn when they enter for a sandcastle competition. When the the manager takes a dislike to Paul they must find a way of getting him inside and keep him hidden...
S09E13 Tailor's Dummies 00/00/0000 The brothers make a tartan jacket.
S09E14 Clowning Around 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry help Jimmy 'No Slacking' Patton in rehearsals.
S09E15 Kidnapped 00/00/0000 The duo try to track down Dan the Van but it turns out to be a mission impossible.
S10E01 The Perils Of Petrovich 00/00/0000 When Petrovich Leningrad, a russian ballet star comes to visit, Paul and Barry become his bodyguards. But then, the duo suspect he is a spy and decide to stop him performing...
S10E02 Gold Rush 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry take jobs as country postmen and find themselves in the middle of a feud between two landowners, Mrs. Blenkinsop (a poor lonely old lady with not much money) and Mad MacMidus. Who will be the first to catch gold fever?
S10E03 New Pages 00/00/0000 A delivery man slips up Paul and Barry's fish and chip shop. Threatening to sue, this sends them to a stately home where they attempt to put up a valuable tapestry but will they even get it upstairs?
S10E04 Outward Bounders 00/00/0000 The Chuckle brothers Paul and Barry set out to be champions in a survival course, but two military types have other ideas.
S10E05 The Shout 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry are posted at Little Wallop On The Head fire station. No sooner have they arrived, they are called out to the fire chief's house - his Russian Roof Rabbit is stuck in a tree.
S10E06 Flat Broke 00/00/0000 Accident-prone Paul and Barry deliver a fireplace to Dan the Van's flat but will they find the right one?
S10E07 Safari Park Keepers 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry look after lions at a Safari Park but trouble lies ahead when they attempt to catch some poachers.
S10E08 Stop That Stamp 00/00/0000 The race is on to recover the valuable Mongolian Moon stamp which the duo are responsable for taking care of.
S10E09 A Night At The Theatre 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry investigate when they suspect a theatre is haunted.
S10E10 Auto-Manics 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry get jobs at a garage, where the manager takes a shining to their bike and buys it from them.
S10E11 Indiana Chuckles 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry seek the lost pyramid of King Rother.
S10E12 Sleepwalker 00/00/0000 Barry goes walkies in his pyjamas, with Paul and a professor in hot persuit.
S10E13 Bigfoot 00/00/0000 The lumberjack brothers are in the woods where they hear of the legendary Bigfoot.
S10E14 Waiting For Dan 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry help out at Dan the Van's rest home - but will anybody get any rest?
S10E15 The Gathering 00/00/0000 The brothers travel all over the world to invite their various relatives to a family christening.
S11E01 Breakdown 00/00/0000 When the float showcasing Dan's new Mexican restaurant breaks down Paul decides he can fix it. Quite soon there is a large traffic jam building...
S11E02 Garden Pests 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry visit a garden centre, causing chaos as usual.
S11E03 Matchstick Men 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry arrive to do a spot of cleaning for an avid matchstick modeler. Unfortunately things don't go quite as well as they might.
S11E04 One Man and his Barry 00/00/0000 The siblings need to find a dog fast to enter into the sheep-dog competition otherwise they'll lose their jobs, so Paul decides to put Barry in a costume...
S11E05 Brothers in Law 00/00/0000 An unfortunate misunderstanding over the ChuckMobile puts Paul and Barry on the run. Can they escape the long arm of the law?
S11E06 Brazil Nuts 00/00/0000 The duo travel are going to enter a kite competition. However, a sudden gust of wind whisks them away to South America.
S11E07 Chairmen Chuckles 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry go into the sedan chair business.
S11E08 Stargazing 00/00/0000 Barry discovers a new comet but Paul is out to steal his stellar success.
S11E09 All At Sea 00/00/0000 Trouble for Paul and Barry when a party arrive expecting a sophisticated night out on a luxury yacht. Unfortunately all the Chucks have available is an old bus.
S11E10 Getting The Bird 00/00/0000 Chuckle Pet Supplies is sadly bereft of decent animals ... until the budgie starts doing impersonations. After a few weeks the Lads are pretty fed up. Barry wants to sell it but Paul sees its future in show-business.
S11E11 Chuckle and Hyde 00/00/0000 Whilst working at a laboratory, Barry starts to behave very strangely - Paul can't understand what's making him so aggressive.
S11E12 Mountain Excitement 00/00/0000 Paul decides to conquer a mountain - with Barry's help of course. Unfortunately things don't go too well between them and co-operation soon turns into downright hostility.
S11E13 Optical Illusions 00/00/0000 The brothers try to assist a TV presenter, who's having a bit of trouble with his glasses and unfortunately wanders into their optician's for advice.
S11E14 Comic Relief Special 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry film a music video for their song and perform it in front of a tough music executive.
S11E15 In The Soup 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry are running a café but they have mislayed the tin opener.
S11E16 King of the Castle 00/00/0000 While on holiday in Ruritania, Paul and Barry discover an ancient well.
S12E01 No Pets Allowed 00/00/0000 The duo's host is allergic to animals so they try to remove the Rhino they discover in the Paul's bedroom.
S12E02 Lotta Bottle 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry attempt more than one kind of delivery when they get jobs as milkmen.
S12E03 Spaced Out 00/00/0000 There's a close encounter with the X Files when Paul investigates the paranormal and Barry meets a man from Venus.
S12E04 Well Suited 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry decide they need a change of image and purchase some suits from a second-hand shop. They discover that there's something special about Barry's - it won't stain! Any marks just disappear. Paul names their discovery Pauloline and they take the suit to show fabric giant, Harold Stone. He is very interested and it soon becomes clear he wants the suit for himself and to cut the Chuckles out of the deal...
S12E05 King of the Mill 00/00/0000 It's not all plain sailing when Paul and Barry take over the running of the windmill!
S12E06 The Maltby Falcon 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry look after their Aunt Hilda's flat and chance upon an international jewel smuggling racket.
S12E07 Mayor Today, Gone Tomorrow 00/00/0000 Working as assistants at the Town Hall, Paul and Barry resolve that today they're going to do everything perfectly.
S12E08 Where's Aunty? 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry take Mrs Pringle for a stroll in the park and meet up with No Slacking and his aunt.
S12E09 Out For The Count 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry enter the Transylvanian garlic hunting competition and stay in an eerie castle.
S12E10 Fete Accompli 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry set up a white elephant stall and meet up with an unscrupulous bric-a-brac dealer.
S12E11 Double Trouble 00/00/0000 Paul tries to get a job as a movie star and Barry meets his doppleganger.
S12E12 Watch The Birdie 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry discover a rare Macaw when they attempt to put up a radio mast.
S12E13 Food For Fort 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry take charge of a cake stall in the Sahara and get their just desserts.
S12E14 The Real Dan 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry have a job delivering invisible glass and Dan the Van opens an exhibition.
S12E15 The Good, The Bad, And The Chuckles 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry tangle with an infamous outlaw and find out what made the West 'wild' when they visit a genuine cowboy town.
S13E01 Lollipop, Lollipop 00/00/0000 Paul gets a job as a lollipop man and Barry is a traffic warden. When a disgruntled motorist takes Paul's lollipop stick, the brothers disguise themselves as old ladies to get it back.
S13E02 Dim Waiters 00/00/0000 Paul, Barry and No Slacking are catering for the Duke of Kumquat's candlelit meal with Dan's niece. A proposal is on the cards, but is the Duke just in it for the money?
S13E03 Wrong Number 00/00/0000 The brothers are having a spot of trouble with the telephones in their office. Trying to fix them does more harm than good and causes problems for an engineer.
S13E04 Fowl Play 00/00/0000 The duo are looking after the chickens for a farmer's wife.
S13E05 Prize Exhibits 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry have left their precious potato in the Rotherham Museum of Vegetables and with Jimmy about there isn't much chance of getting it back.
S13E06 Cousins At War 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry have a grudge golf match with their identical cousins and their Chuck-mobile is at stake.
S13E07 Lets Get Quizzical 00/00/0000 Paul decides to put Barry's photographic memory skills to good use and enters him in a gameshow. But not all's as it seems with TV's Mr. Memory and Raymond Trophy, the presenter.
S13E08 Knights to Remember 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry are asked to set out on a medieval quest - but nobody mentioned anything about a fire-breathing dragon!
S13E09 Buzz Off 00/00/0000 The brothers turn up for a job as honeypot labellers at Honey Castle but B. Hives mistakes them for beekeepers. They end up taking care of things for the day but hadn't bargained on a hostile takeover from a shady American businessman!
S13E10 Hairs Apparent 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry run into trouble when they try hairdressing.
S13E11 Grounds For Complaint 00/00/0000 The brothers are looking after a cricket pitch for Mr. 'Get-Out-Of-It' Silage. But dodgey Reg the Hedge's grass seeds grow into a vegetable patch - right on the wicket.
S13E12 Lost and Floundering 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry are put in charge of a lost and found office.
S13E13 Ghillie Me, Ghillie You 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry travel to McClackie Castle in Scotland to become Ghillies, Scottish game keepers.
S13E14 Send In The Clones 00/00/0000 The silly siblings are guarding an ancient Egyptian vase at Dan's warehouse and, when some thugs attempt to steal it, it's decided that they need an extra pair of hands. But they get more than they bargained for when four clones of Barry appear thanks to one of Paul's inventions...
S13E15 Silence Is Golden 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry are working as porters at a hospital and must be as quiet as possible.
S14E01 Safe and Sound 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry install a safe for Dan the Van's Gran and discover a priceless ruby and some suspicious dinner guests.
S14E02 Trouble at the Mill 00/00/0000 The ruby has gone missing, so Paul and Barry visit the mill owner, Tatlock, who they believe to be the most likely suspect, on his own teritory.
S14E03 Flat and Apartmental 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry go to the second suspect on their list of suspects, the suave Carrington-Smythe. Rather than tackle him direct, they search his flat for clues.
S14E04 On The Hoof 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry are sent for special training with MI7. Things go from bad to worse when Paul has to look after a donkey due to be presented to a visiting diplomat.
S14E05 Out of this World 00/00/0000 Carrington-Smythe reveals Paul and Barry's mission and sets them on the trail of Professor Rex Frimley.
S14E06 All Clued Up 00/00/0000 With the Professor kidnapped, Paul and Barry return to his house in search of clues. They find his diary and try to recreate his movements, which takes them to some unusual places.
S14E07 Chips That Pass In The Night 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry set about tracking down the missing components to complete the professors machine.
S14E08 Mission Implausible 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry discover the final component is concealed on a medallion worn by the famous pop idol MCC Ugly. They follow him on his hectic schedual to retrieve it.
S14E09 Barry The Spider 00/00/0000 Maddy has the ruby, the three components and the professor.There is nothing to stop her completing the machine, but Paul has an idea to stop her.
S14E10 The Hidden Genius 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry manage to track down the professor, who is being held captive by Maddy. The only problem now is how to get into Maddy's lair.
S14E11 Run Robot Run 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry celebrate saving the world then discover that they have been locked in and the door is guarded by a silver robot.
S14E12 Do As You Are Bid 00/00/0000 Paul thinks that they can flush out the original robber by pretending there's another jewel. Dan the Van agrees to help as long as they sell one of his antiques.
S14E13 That Ol' Chuckle Magic 00/00/0000 Now they have the duplicate ruby, Paul and Barry recall all the original guests back to Gran's house on the pretence of a magic show by the illusionist, Stomoli.
S14E14 The Men From The Monastery 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry find that Maddy is hiding out with the mysterious Shoo-ing monks. They go undercover to try to track her down.
S14E15 A Change In The Weather 00/00/0000 Maddy has been captured. As Paul and Barry celebrate the weather starts to turn. Could it be due to the professor's machine?
S15E01 Messy Xmas 00/00/0000 With Paul and Barry helping out in Santa's workshop, will Christmas cheers turn into Christmas tears?
S15E02 Christmas Chuckle 00/00/0000 Christmas in the 19th century at the Chuckle's Sweet Emporium and it's Peace and Goodwill to all men, except Barry. That is, until Paul recieves a ghostly visitation.
S15E03 Keeping It Under Wraps 00/00/0000 Mummy's the word as Paul and Barry look after a spooky museum after dark.
S15E04 In A Class Of Their Own 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry return to their old school for the Pupil of the Century competition, and Paul has no doubt who the winner willl be.
S15E05 Magnetic Distraction, Part One 00/00/0000 A quiet outing in the park, a balloon with a mind of its own and Barry suddenly becomes attractive. Is it pure balloonacy or some greater power at work?
S15E06 Magnetic Distraction, Part Two 00/00/0000 Dirty work afoot when Paul and Barry are taken to a safe house to find out what makes Barry tick. Has he got special powers or just a loud wristwatch?
S15E07 Magnetic Distraction, Part Three 00/00/0000 After the balloon with the device in it has been stolen, Paul and Barry decide to find it. But, Paul and Mr Carrington Smythe gets kidnapped by the evil doctor. Now Barry has to save Paul and the balloon. Will he save them?
S15E08 On Your Pike 00/00/0000 A quiet day by the river, and Paul proceeds to demonstrate his prowess as an angler.
S15E09 Bookshop Chuckles 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry look after a bookshop and meet a strange visitor from the past.
S15E10 Music of Time 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry goes to Dan the Van's gran to clean out the loft. They discover a music box, which makes time go backwards. Paul wants to keep it, but Barry's not too sure. What will the powers do next...?
S15E11 The Purple Pimple - Kidnap 00/00/0000 Political intrigue from the eighteenth century. There may be a revolution in France but Paul and Barry are safe in England. The question is how safe is everyone else?
S15E12 The Purple Pimple - Mutiny 00/00/0000 Anxious to make amends for losing the Countess, Paul and Barry sneak aboard ship for a bit of Channel hopping, but soon find themselves suffering from the deep sea blues.
S15E13 The Purple Pimple - Escape 00/00/0000 The brothers must rescue the countess in Paris.
S15E14 Storm in a Teashop 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry take tea in a quaint country cafe.
S15E15 War of the Hoses 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry start a bin washing business.
S16E01 For Peat's Sake 00/00/0000 A mischievous leprechaun digs up trouble for Paul and Barry when they give No Slacking's garden a makeover.
S16E02 No Getting Away 00/00/0000 TV Reality comes to Paul and Barry as they attempt to turn a run down cottage into a solar powered pottery
S16E03 On The Verge 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry are running a roadside mobile café but, first things first, can they get it to balence?
S16E04 Incredible Shrinking Barry, Part One 00/00/0000 After rescuing Barry, a small barry and Paul try to put Barry back to normal. But, Sharkey has taken Paul's invention. So, they return to Sharkey's place to get it, but they must do challenges to get it back. Can they succeed?...
S16E05 Incredible Shrinking Barry, Part Two 00/00/0000 After rescuing Barry, a small barry and Paul try to put Barry back to normal. But, Sharkey has taken Paul's invention. So, they return to Sharkey's place to get it, but they must do challenges to get it back. Can they succeed?...
S16E06 Which Witch Is Which? 00/00/0000 The silly siblings are invited into a woman's cottage for dinner. Barry is worried that they might be on the menu!
S16E07 Bedlam and Breakfast 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry learn that there are many roles in running a Bed and Breakfast, especially when they are the only staff. To make matter worse they get two guests but there's only one room.
S16E08 Mocha Ado About Nothing 00/00/0000 The duo's coffee stand is put under threat from a gangster, Barry Vaderci, and his hitman, Garibaldi. They decide to go into hiding.
S16E09 The Return of the Purple Pimple 00/00/0000 It's 18th Century France and Paul and Barry are once again caught up in the French revolution with their old ally, The Purple Pimple.
S16E10 The Whole Tooth 00/00/0000 Barry visits the dentist to find Paul is the dentist! Barry accidently swallows a fly, so Paul tries to help him by taking him to Hospital. Will they get the fly out?
S16E11 Cross-Country Chuckles 00/00/0000 It's a Croos-Country race, and Paul wants to win and beat Barry, so he decides to cheat. But, will it work, or will Barry beat him?
S16E12 Can of Worms 00/00/0000 The brothers are staying with Mrs. Finnegan and enter themselves in the annual worm charming competition. Can they beat the cheating Mr. Block?
S16E13 Bringing Home Dan 00/00/0000 The duo visit their 'old friend' Dan the Van in hospital and, unsurpisingly, end up on the run.
S16E14 Paul of the Ring 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry are working in a restaurant. When Barry serves Mr Naza, he gives Barry a package with a ring in it. Paul thinks they'll do everything for him if he wears it. But, Barry must stop Paul from the temptation...
S16E15 Sherlock Chuckle 00/00/0000 It's Victorian times and Paul dons his deerstalker to go in search a mysterious jewel thief.
S17E01 Crocodile McChuckle 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry pay their Scottish cousins, the McChuckles, a visit. It seems Douglas thinks he is an Australian, so they attempt to help him rediscover his roots...
S17E02 A Job Well Done 00/00/0000 A consumer TV programme manages to engage the duo's services for three different jobs. They must fix a tap, then a door that is sticking and also a lay a new drive-way. The Chuckles proceed to demonstrate how NOT to do things...
S17E03 Who's Minding the Store? 00/00/0000 Barry is minding Mr Hersee's grocery shop, but then Paul turns up and decides to show him how things are done. When the brothers discover someone has ""stolen"" all the supplies, they set out to retrieve them, but all is not as it seems...
S17E04 Funny Money 00/00/0000 The duo stumble upon a fraud when they go to see their elderly uncle Richie.
S17E05 The Chuckle & The Pea 00/00/0000 Whilst visiting Dan's great-grandmother, the bumbling brothers indavertantly wreck her kitchen when they go to extraordinary lengths finding a pea!
S17E06 The Vengeful Viking 00/00/0000 Paul takes Barry to visit the Norse for a birthday treat. But things take a turn for the Norse when Paul wakes a sleeping viking, named Magnus, who vows revenge!
S17E07 Grande Fromage 00/00/0000 Barry and Paul go to work for the biggest cheese in dairy products
S17E08 Pride and Prejudice 00/00/0000 The duo paint the outside wall of their office, but no sooner have they finished, than someone graffitis on it. This someone turns out to be Paul, so Barry tries to get to the bottom of things.
S17E09 Highway Robbery 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry meet up with their old friend the Countess and try to make a ruthless highwaywoman see the error of her ways.
S17E10 Smugglers 00/00/0000 The Rotherham twosome are are tricked into helping a smuggler and meet an old enemy.
S17E11 The Real Purple Pimple 00/00/0000 Paul and Barry try to save Sir Percy and the Countess from the clutches of Robespierre.
S17E12 The Lift 00/00/0000 After ""repairing"" a water dispenser on the top floor of an office block, Paul and Barry decide to take the lift back down. Unfortunately the lift breaks down, trapping them - and No Slacking - inside! Can they figure out a way to get it working again before No Slacking goes crazy?
S17E13 The Diva 00/00/0000 When the brothers become personal assistants to a failing pop star, Paul does his best to impress...
S17E14 Let Them Beat Cake 00/00/0000 When a sleeply village is hit with a sudden wave of cake-splattering crime, Paul and Barry investigate.
S17E15 One's Bitten, Two's Shy 00/00/0000 Barry is bitten by a werefox as the disasterous duo visit one of their many anties.
S18E01 Barryella 06/03/2006 TBA
S18E02 Off the Cuff 07/03/2006
S18E03 Skipshape 08/03/2006
S18E04 Don't Lose Your Rag 09/03/2006
S18E05 Alien Antics 10/03/2006
S18E06 Sushi and Sumo 13/03/2006
S18E07 Oompah Oompah 14/03/2006
S18E08 Pretty Polly 15/03/2006
S18E09 Tennis Menace 16/03/2006
S18E10 Hippy Isle 17/03/2006
S18E11 Caterpillar Crisis 20/03/2006
S18E12 Chuck Bodgers 21/03/2006
S18E13 The Picnic 22/03/2006
S18E14 Cable Fable 23/03/2006
S18E15 In A Pickle 24/03/2006

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