Affiche Chuggington : à la conquête des médailles
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Animated adventures with the trains that think, talk and do not need drivers. Join Koko, Wilson and Brewster as they learn new skills and life lessons on their quest for different badges.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Chuggington : à la conquête des médailles

S01E01 La pesée 24/07/2010
S01E02 Bruno à la station de lavage 25/07/2010
S01E03 Les wagon arc-en-ciel 31/07/2010
S01E04 La patrouille de surveillance 01/09/2010 Join Koko, Wilson and Brewster as they learn new skills and life lessons on their quest for many different badges. The Chuggers are on a mission to try and beat the record for the number of problems reported on the rails, while they go on chug patrol for their Chug Patrol badge.
S01E05 Souvenez-vous du parcours 07/08/2010 Join Koko, Wilson and Brewster as they learn new skills and life lessons on their quest for different badges. The Chuggers earn their 'Remember the Route' badge by memorising a list of three destinations and visiting them in the correct order. Brewster finds that using rhymes helps him memorise his destination list.
S01E06 Comme un train neuf 08/08/2010 Brewster learns about the importance of good presentation.
S01E07 Wilson, le roi du Klaxon 14/08/2010 In order to earn his 'Horn Honking' badge, Wilson has to prove that he knows when to use his horn, and when not to use it.
S01E08 Prêts pour la route 15/08/2010 Before setting off on a long-distance night run, the Chuggers must make sure they complete their safety checks. If they remember everything and reach their destination, they will earn their Ready to Roll badge.
S01E09 L'incroyable Bruno ! 21/08/2010 Brewster tries for his 'Capability' badge by transporting loaded cars to the quarry. But the task isn't as easy as he initially thinks, and soon he finds himself seeking out the help of his friends.
S01E10 Les consignes incendie 22/08/2010 To earn their 'Fire Safety' badge, the Chuggers need to follow the fire safety rules when they hear the alarm.
S01E11 Wilson sait où il va 28/08/2010 Wilson needs to remember where he is going and not be distracted in order to earn his Knowing Where You Are Going badge.
S01E12 Au secours d'Emery 29/08/2010 Brewster and Wilson earn their Helping Wheels badge by helping others on and around the tracks.
S01E13 L'heure, c'est l'heure 04/09/2010 Brewster and Koko try and earn their Running On Time badge by sticking to schedule while transporting their passenger carriages.
S01E14 Bruno le gardien d'animaux 05/09/2010 To be able to earn his Animal Helper badge, Brewster is asked to look after Ebo the elephant while some work is being done to Ebo's enclosure at the safari park. At first it's all fun and games, but when Ebo refuses to go back to the safari park Brewster has to come up with a creative solution to get him back.
S01E15 A fond les pistons 11/09/2010 In order to earn their Work Those Wheels badge Koko, Brewster and Wilson need to put together a work out. When Wilson realises that he isn't strong like Brewster or fast like Koko, he has to invent a new and fun workout for himself.
S01E16 Les meilleurs amis 12/09/2010 Koko and Brewster try for the Buddy Badge. To earn the badge they must learn to trust each other, as they have to direct one another while the other has their eyes closed. Koko has a hard time trusting Brewster, but when she realizes that they are indeed best buddies, she starts to trust him.
S01E17 Le ciel étoilé 18/09/2010 To earn their Star Map badges, Koko, Wilson and Brewster must find pictures in the stars and use the them to guide them where they're going. Brewster finds it very difficult to see the pictures, but when he starts to use his imagination, it becomes very easy and clear.
S01E18 Main dans la main 19/09/2010 Brewster and Wilson try and earn their Emergency badge by staying calm while running through an emergency drill where Emery pretends to be stuck in a tunnel. The chuggers find it difficult to stay calm, but when a real emergency happens they have no choice but to stop themselves from panicking and work together to help Emery.
S01E19 Les cargaisons de Koko 25/09/2010 In order to earn her Cargo badge, Koko must be able to transport certain cargo from point A to point B. She soon realizes that some cargo is more fragile than others, and that so requires more careful transport.
S01E20 Concentre-toi Wilson 26/09/2010 Wilson has a hard time concentrating when playing the game Two of a Kind with the other chuggers, in an effort to earn his Concentration badge. The task becomes easier when he is taught some tricks that will help him memorize things.
S01E21 A vos ordres, chef ! 02/10/2010 Koko leads Brewster and Wilson in delivery of the morning paper. She soon learns that the best way to delegate is to recognize each chuggers' individual strengths. Koko may well be the leader of the team, but what's more important is that they are a team!
S01E22 Savoir faire un choix 03/10/2010 To earn the Good Judgment badge, the chuggers need to complete a brake test. Wilson fails the test, but should he use his good judgement and confess to it, or hide his mistake?
S01E23 Il faut être efficasse 09/10/2010 The chuggers learn about being efficient, when they work towards earning their 'Clean Up' badge. They must clean up litter, and then make sure that the litter gets recycled. The chuggers attempt different methods some of which are fast and others which are more efficient.
S01E24 Silence s'il vous plait 10/10/2010 In order to earn their Quiet badge, the chuggers need to keep their bumpers zipped all day. When Wilson finally manages to stop talking, he realizes that there is so much more to see when he stays quite - especially in the safari park.
S01E25 Chuggington, ville propre 16/10/2010 The chuggers have to think of a way they can help make Chuggington even more beautiful. Koko decides to wash down the platforms, Brewster paints a few fences, and Brewster picks up litter. But when a cheeky monkey starts throwing the litter back onto the tracks, Brewster realizes he has a big problem!
S01E26 Une médaille à un ami 17/10/2010 When the chuggers are given a shiny new badge, they are also given the task of forwarding that badge on to someone they really appreciate. But who do you choose when there are so many great chuggers around?
S01E27 Les 'crieurs publics' 24/01/2011 Brewster and Wilson try for their Town Crier badges - a badge recognizing their public speaking skills. They need to learn to be loud, clear and say their message with style!
S01E28 L'épreuve des coursiers 25/01/2011 Koko and Brewster must each deliver three packages before three o'clock so they can earn their Courier badge. But this isn't as easy as it sounds, especially for Koko.
S01E29 Wilson chef de sécurité incendie 26/01/2011 Wilson struggles to concentrate when working towards his Fire Warden badge. He must make sure not to miss that alarm.
S01E30 L'épreuve de l'orientation 27/01/2011 Wilson is sent to a mystery location and needs to find his way home with the help of the Chug-nav. Will Wilson earn his Find Your Way Home badge?
S01E31 Travail d'équipe 28/01/2011 Wilson and Koko have to rescue a stranded Chugger from the snow in an attempt to earn their Snow Rescue badges. But working together can be tricky.
S01E32 Le chargement casse-tête 31/01/2011 Koko and Wilson struggle to get their Loading badge, as they need to figure out how best to transport a selection of special blocks. it's not as easy as it sounds.
S01E33 Bruno, guide touristique 01/02/2011 Brewster has to invent a fun tour that teaches some visitors a little bit about Chuggington. If Brewster manages this then he will get his Show and Tell badge, but with visitors that get easily bored, Brewster really has to work hard to keep it fun.
S01E34 Les locos 'écolos' 02/02/2011 Hoot and Toot need to double check the recycling in order to get their Green Machine badges.
S01E35 Wilson et le wagon-photo 03/02/2011 Wilson has to use the camera car in three different ways to earn his Chug and Click badge. But he only has one hour to get it all done, so he must be snappy.
S01E36 Avec le sourire ! 04/02/2011 Wilson has to learn about good customer service to earn his Service With a Smile badge. What a difference a smile can make.
S01E37 Une chose après l'autre 07/02/2011 Hoot and Toot need to learn about setting priorities when they work towards their First Things First badge. But how should they know what to do first?
S01E38 Locos de nuit 08/02/2011 Hoot and Toot need to deliver the cargos waiting in despatch before sunrise so that they can earn their Night Chuggers badge. But it is hard to stay away in the middle of the night.
S01E39 Wilson, moniteur 09/02/2011 Wilson has to teach Hoot and Toot to use the paint wagon. If Wilson does so successfully then he will get his Trainer badge.
S01E40 Bruno réaménage le zoo 06/02/2012 Brewster learns about camouflage when he repaints the lizard's house.
S01E41 Safeguarder Wilson 07/02/2012 Wilson learns to keep the tracks safe as he tries for his safeguarder badge.
S01E42 Ramassage express 08/02/2012 Hoot and Toot have to round up all the stray cars around the depot in record time.
S01E43 Attention ''danger'' Bruno ! 09/02/2012 Brewster goes on the look out for potential safety hazards on the track.
S01E44 Wilson, l'ami des animaux 10/02/2012 Wilson and Koko doivent nourrir les animaux en plein hiver, mais Wilson n'arrive pas à trouver les moutons.
S01E45 L'équipe des trois 13/02/2012 Bruno apprend l'importance de partager les taches lorsque la charge de travail est trop importante.
S01E46 Les bonnes manières 14/02/2012 Les jumeaux découvrent que les bonnes manières c'est ce que l'on fait, pas ce que l'on dit.