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Imagine a city unto itself- a place where 16 year olds are professionals, 18 year olds are revered and many 30 year olds are retirees. Imagine a world so insular that nearly every one of these virtuosos has trained together in an academy since childhood, their lives forever intertwined by work, play, competition, friendship and love. Imagine a world in which the bottom line standard is to be, simply, the best on the planet, and where each night, an empty stage, in front of thousands, beckons with a challenge. This enclave has a name- New York City Ballet- and you are invited into this world, one that has never opened up to the outside before. A documentary series brought to you by Sarah Jessica Parker Pretty Matches Productions and the Emmy award winning Zero Point Zero Production for Aol On Originals.


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S01E01 Intro 11/04/2013 Welcome to the New York City Ballet. Ballet Master in Chief, Peter Martins, and NYCB’s company members discuss what it takes to climb through the company ranks.
S01E02 Apprentices 00/00/0000 Every NYC Ballet dancer must pass through the ranks to reach the top. Silas and Claire are two apprentices standing at the gateway to a potential career with the NYC Ballet.
S01E03 Corps De Ballet 00/00/0000 If and when you are offered a corps de ballet contract, “the hard work begins.” Corps members do the most dancing, and get the least amount of time off.
S01E04 Soloists 00/00/0000 Some dancers feel that the soloist rank is the hardest level of their career. Waiting for the seniority to claim certain roles means much less dancing than previous ranks and that can chip away at focus and confidence.
S01E05 Principals 00/00/0000 Principal dancer is the most highly coveted rank in the New York City Ballet. How much of the work is physical and how much is mental?
S01E06 Relationships 00/00/0000 Romance within the company is inevitable given how much of their lives they spend within the company walls.
S01E07 Sacrifice 00/00/0000 When dancers choose to dedicate their lives to a career in the ballet, they also choose a life full of sacrifice. When you spend thirteen hours a day rehearsing, you can kiss a normal social life goodbye.
S01E08 Male Dancers 00/00/0000 Considering that they jump higher than NBA players and lift women over their head on a regular basis, the male dancer consistently delivers performances that rival any profession athlete. But try explaining to your playground buddies that you're a ballet dancer. It ain't easy being a male dancer.
S01E09 Partnering 00/00/0000 When a female and male dancer are partnered, the sum is often greater than the parts. It's a match-up that relies on a connection beyond simple technique, and sometimes a good pairing is hard to find.
S01E10 Swan Lake 00/00/0000 The lead role of Odette/Odile in classic ballet Swan Lake is such a demanding role that it requires three different dancers to share it. In this episode, we learn how different each of the women playing the role really is, and how they each approached it.
S01E11 Injuries 00/00/0000 Just weeks after landing a spot on the Corps, a young dancer is sidelined with a career threatening injury. It's devastating, but a common occurrence when dancers push their bodies to the limit everyday.
S01E12 Finale 00/00/0000 When the curtain goes down, NYC Ballet dancers return to the outside world and head home. In this finale episode of city.ballet., the cast give us a glimpse of what their lives are like outside the ballet.
S02E01 Corps Stories 00/00/0000 Welcome back to the New York City Ballet. It’s sink or swim for the Corps De Ballet, and the company’s supporting cast of performers, as they struggle for recognition to rise through the ranks.
S02E02 A Choreographer's Story 00/00/0000 NYCB dancer Troy Schumacher steps out on his own in the role of choreographer as he prepares a new imaginative vision of work for his home company.
S02E03 Peter Martins 00/00/0000 Peter Martins talks about his extraordinary 30 year journey from principal dancer to NYCB Master in Chief. This season the NYCB leader returns to his beloved role of choreographer, adding his distinct identity to a ballet classic.
S02E04 New Beginnings - Sara Mearns 00/00/0000 After a potentially career-ending injury, principal dancer Sara Mearns returns to the NYCB while balancing new challenges both on and off the stage.
S02E05 Ballet Masters 00/00/0000 A close look at the honored careers of Ballet Masters as they continue the legacy of the New York City Ballet by passing their teachings on to the next generation of dancers.
S02E06 New Steps - Ratmansky 00/00/0000 Company members discuss working with Alexei Ratmansky, one of the most prolific and sought-after choreographers in the world, as he creates his fourth ballet for NYCB.
S02E07 Where We Come From - Ashley 00/00/0000 Ashley Bouder reflects on her transition from small town ballerina to the highest rank of principal dancer at the NYCB.
S02E08 Staying In The Game - Chase Finlay 00/00/0000 After a serious injury and hiatus, Chase Finlay talks about his determination and perseverance to return to the NYCB. Chase reveals how his family's strong support and his impressive inroads helped him rise up and become the youngest principal dancer in the company.
S02E09 Company Romance - Lauren Lovette 00/00/0000 Soloist Lauren Lovette discusses her relationship with fellow company dancer Chase, including their romance both onstage and off.
S02E10 Inspiration 00/00/0000 Every dancer has a personal inspiration. NYCB dancers discuss how they enjoy their time off from the daily pressures by exploring their individual passions.
S02E11 Veterans 00/00/0000 Veteran dancers face new challenges as they enter the final stages of their career.
S02E12 The Performance 00/00/0000 In the final episode of city.ballet, the countdown begins for performance night. Backstage, dancers reveal their innermost fears, excitement and thrills seconds before the curtain opens.

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