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S01E01 New Kids 00/00/0000 The series opens with the arrival of Jamal Grant and Chris Anderson to Manny High School. Both make different entrances with Jamal paying guys to walk him to school as his posse and Chris driving his Dad's car. El Train warns Jamal that he's dead meat if he even thinks about painting over his graffiti. Chris learns about it and proceeds to paint over it. In the end they both get assigned to do a video year book for the school year.
S01E02 For the Love of Mother 00/00/0000 Chris' mom learns Manhattan High does not have a Music Department because of lack of money, she vows to throw a fundraiser at the Anderson home. When she learns of Jamal's musical talents, she invites him to headline the event. Chris, however, is jealous of the attention his mom pays Jamal. He tries to discredit Jamal by revealing Jamal's checkered school career. Chris and his mom argue at the fundraiser and he storms out of the house.
S01E03 Knicks Tickets 00/00/0000 Shakespeare in the Park is playing the same time as Chris's Knicks and Lakers game. Chris and Jamal are expected to tape the play, but they get Dawn to tape the play. Meanwhile Cassidy, Jamal and Chris got to the game and get caught when Ms. Noble sees them on the tv. Chris and Jamal let Cassidy take the blame until they decide to admit the truth.
S01E04 The Package 00/00/0000 Alberto is delivering drugs for a drug dealer and doesn't know it. So the boys devise a plan to blackmail the dealer into leaving Alberto alone.
S01E05 The Date 00/00/0000 The Spring Dance returns to Manny High. Chris tries to get Cassidy to go to the dance with him. She rejects him and Chris encounters Jamal's sister. He asks her to the dance without Jamal knowing about it. El Train wants to go to the dance with Cassidy and gets the nerve to ask her. Al wants to DJ at the party, but Dawn refuses until Al gets rid of the competition. Jamal doesn't like his sister going to the dance with Chris. He tells Kaisha that Chris is no good for her and she responds to telling him to let her make her own choices.
S01E06 The Communication Gap 00/00/0000 After getting into a fight with his father, Chris moves in with Jamal and his father. Chris soon realizes that not every father and son relationship is like his. Eventually Chris and his father settle their differences. Dawn and Cassidy ask Al if he has any ""connections"" on how to get tickets for an upcoming Jim Carrey movie.
S01E07 Red Ferrari 00/00/0000 Jamal convinces Chris to have a party and drive his father's car after Chris reveals that his parents forgot his birthday. However it is the complete opposite when they return home with a birthday celebration on thier mind.
S01E08 Rock the Vote 00/00/0000 Dawn and Cassidy both run for Student Council President with Jamal and Chris as their individual advisors. Dirty politics arise and even Alberto and El Train get tired of it and El Train decides to run at the last minute.
S01E09 The Movie 00/00/0000
S01E10 Future Shock 00/00/0000 Jamal reconsiders the value of spending time studying after his new friend, Charlie, a straight-A Manhattan High student, is killed by a drunk driver. But with the PSATs coming up in a few days, everyone tries to cope with the loss.
S01E11 Easy Money 00/00/0000 Chris uses Jamal's skills at guessing the results of games and gets them both into trouble.
S01E12 The College Girl 00/00/0000 Chris falls for an older woman. Afraid she'll dump him, Chris tells her that he's an under cover cop only to discover that she's his new student teacher.
S01E13 Bye Mom 00/00/0000 Karen goes to the hospital as a patient. While she is staying there, Jamal remebers the time of his mother's death and how Karen reminds him so much about his mother.
S01E14 Old Friends 00/00/0000 One of Jamal's friends finally gets out of juvenile Hall and returns. He then proceeds to continue doing the things that led him to the hall in the first place. Meanwhile Chris is trying to finish the school project that he and Jamal were assigned to in the first episode.
S02E01 Men Behind Bars 00/00/0000 Chris and Jamal end up in jail after getting caught with fake IDs. But the situation worsens when Al and El-Train (Steven Daniel) come to bail the guys out and end up behind bars as well. Meanwhile, Dawn and Cassidy offer their tutoring services at the school fundraising auction, but they're worried that Vinnie and Rocco have more than tutoring on their minds when they bid on the girls.
S02E02 Shocked Jock 00/00/0000 Chris and Jamal uncover the school's old radio station. The station is restarted and quickly ended after an unapproved song gets played on the air. The boys now have to figure out how to get the station back on the air.
S02E03 The Roomate 00/00/0000 El-Train has a fight with his mom and decides to move out of his home. But when Chris lets El-Train stay at his Park Avenue penthouse, he soon realizes that El-Train isn't interested in going back home anytime soon, so he has to come up with a plan to get El-Train back with his mother. Meanwhile, Al asks Cassidy and Dawn to be models for a photo shoot, but the girls become angered when they see where the photos end up.
S02E04 Jamal Got His Gun 00/00/0000 After being robbed at gunpoint during the nighttime, Jamal buys a gun himself to feel safe.
S02E05 The Divorce 00/00/0000 Chris finds out that his parents are getting a divorce, he becomes a recluse and blames himself for their breakup. But his friends help him realize that it was not his fault and that he should talk things out with his parents.
S02E06 Bully, Bully 00/00/0000 After El-Train beats up a local bully, he starts reverting back to his own days of bullying people, and even begins to isolate his friends. But when Miss Noble gets ahold of him, she reminds him of how far he's come, forcing him to think twice about his attitude, and his next schoolyard fight. Meanwhile, Dawn is embarrassed after a terrible date with school quarterback Brent (guest star Scott Hamm), where she tried to pass herself off as a football expert and ended up looking like a fool.
S02E07 Dance Fever 00/00/0000 Jamal asks Cassidy if she can get her new boyfriend, 98 singer Nick Lachey, to perform with the rest of the group at an 'unofficial' school dance on the roof of Manhattan High. Although the dance is supposed to be kept a secret from Miss Noble, the gang soon realizes the consequences of trying to fool the principal.
S02E08 A Guy and a Goth 00/00/0000 Chris decides to go on a date with one of the callers to his radio show, but when he sees that she dresses like a Goth, he is unsure about whether or not to go out with her again, even though he likes her. Meanwhile, El-Train leads the gang in throwing a surprise party for Miss Noble's tenth anniversary at Manny High.
S02E09 Big Brothers 00/00/0000 Miss Noble asks Jamal and Chris to become big brothers as part of a class project. But their little brother, Ernesto, turns out to be a handful of trouble, especially when he keeps disappearing on the guys. Meanwhile, Cassidy tries to pass Driver's Education again, but first she has to get by the very strict teacher's assistant, El-Train.
S02E10 Over the Speed Limit 00/00/0000 Cassidy starts taking pills when she is overworked.
S02E11 A Noble Profession 00/00/0000 Ms. Noble quits after the students take her for grant one too many time. She returns when her replacement gets out of control.
S02E12 Party of Three 00/00/0000 During his radio show, Jamal advises an anonymous caller to drop her current boyfriend for the guy she has a crush on, but doesn't realize that Al is going to be the one cut loose. The situation worsens when Jamal finds out her crush is on him, so he concocts a plan to get her to stop liking him. Meanwhile, El-Train sees Dawn's comet viewing party as an opportunity to signal aliens and befriend them.
S02E13 Saving Private Johnson 00/00/0000 When El-Train continues having problems with his test scores in school, he decides to drop out and join the Marines. He becomes even more distraught when he fails the Marines' admission test, until someone discovers that El-Train may be suffering from dyslexia.
S02E14 Gift of Friendship 00/00/0000 The gang help AL and his family during the holidays after Al's father loses his job.
S03E01 Greece is the Word 00/00/0000 Chris finds himself in the middle of a love triangle when the girl he dated during summer vacation in Greece makes a surprise visit to Manny High just as he starts a new, romantic relationship with Cassidy. Meanwhile, Al and El-Train pull pranks on unsuspecting freshman
S03E02 Mr. Baseball 00/00/0000 Jamal lets being the hero of a baseball game go to his head. WHen he fails to lead the team to victory, he wants to quit the team.
S03E03 Alley Oops 00/00/0000 Chris, Jamal, Al and Dawn prepare to face their bowling league rivals in a tournament, but the guys consider dropping Dawn so they have a better chance of winning. When Dawn overhears their plan, she fakes an injury to her wrist to avoid embarrassment, but Cassidy forces her to confront the guys about their selfishness. Meanwhile, Ms. Noble develops a crush on the new substitute teacher, Mr. Washington.
S03E04 Face the Music 00/00/0000 El-Train sings the blues when his musical hero Slick Willy Bill steals a song he wrote. Meanwhile, Al publishes unflattering photos of Cassidy and Dawn on the cover of his magazine.
S03E05 The Players 00/00/0000 After seeing Cassidy perform in a student film, Jamal and Chris decide to make their own movie and enter it in a film festival. But when their ideas clash, they end up competing with each other to see who can make a better movie on their own. Meanwhile, Dawn, Al and El-Train volunteer for a psychology experiment and Dawn becomes frustrated when she can't do as well as the two guys.
S03E06 Raise the Roofies 00/00/0000 Cassidy is tricked into drinking a date rape drug by a college guy.
S03E07 Ebony & Ivory 00/00/0000 Chris and Jamal each like the deputy mayor's daughter. She tells her father that she is going out with Chris while Jamal, her real date, doesn't understand why she lied to him until she tells Jamal that her father is racist.
S03E08 Reluctant Hero 00/00/0000 It's ""Crime Prevention Week"" at Manny High and the students are given self-defense classes. Jamal uses his newly-developed skills to stop a mugging, but makes Chris take the credit, and reap the rewards, because he was supposed to be home grounded at the time. Meanwhile, Al, El-Train, Cassidy and Dawn are enlisted by Ms. Noble to patrol the halls as ""Manny Monitors.""
S03E09 In this Corner 00/00/0000 Jamal decides to become a boxer and compete in a local tournament, even though his father warns him not to. But when Mr. Grant finds out that Jamal disobeyed him, Jamal leaves home, until Miss Noble has a chance to help iron things out.
S03E10 El-trainmania IV 00/00/0000 El-Train is offered the opportunity to work as a professional wrestler. When his wrestling practice interferes with his volunteer work with underprivileged kids, Dawn and Cassidy demand that he choose one or the other. Meanwhile, Jamal and Chris start accepting bribes from local merchants in exchange for endorsements on the school radio station, until Ms. Noble forces them to eat at a particularly filthy restaurant they claimed to have liked.
S03E11 Marriage Go-Round 00/00/0000 Jamal is jealous that Ranya is spending too much time with Chris after the two are paired up in Ms. Noble's marriage project. Meanwhile Jamal's partner is having to do the project alone and El-Train is getting bossed around by his partner-Tasha.
S03E12 Movin' on Up 00/00/0000 The gang from Manny High move in together as part of a reality TV show. When Chris and Jamal hear the producers talk about cancelling the show, they try to create conflict among the roommates to make the show better. Things get out of hand and threaten to break up the whole group. Meanwhile, Miss Noble is frustrated when she is forced to work with an incompetent assistant who also happens to be her boss' daughter.
S03E13 Down and Out in Soho 00/00/0000 Dawn gets the group involved with helping foreigners adjust to life in America. One of the foreigners decides to take advantage of his new friends and steal from them. Meanwhile El-Train and Chris have to figure out how to tell Cassidy that she can't sing.
S03E14 When Al Met Dawn 00/00/0000 Al and Dawn are getting along really well working together on a science project. They kiss. Dawn wants to keep their relationship a secret because of the Reality House cameras. Al agrees. Later, El-Train wants to go on a double date with Al. He is hesitant, but Dawn urges him to go. On the date, Dawn spies and sees the girl kiss Al. Dawn gets upset. She storms out on Al at the Science Fair. Ms. Noble talks with Dawn and helps her realize that she said ""yes"" but really meant ""no."" Dawn gets on the radio to apologize to Al for wanting him to be a mind reader. Al forgives her and they decide to have their relationship go public.
S03E15 Funny Business 00/00/0000 It's career week at school and Chris and Jamal pick architect, but soon their boss Rebecca starts making seductive advances toward Chris. Chris is not sure if he can handle it, especially when she threatens to give him a poor grade if he doesn't accept her advances.
S03E16 Get Your Vote On 00/00/0000 El-Train challenges Jamal by running against him in the school elections.
S03E17 Angels of Harlem 00/00/0000 Ms. Noble's church is celebrating its 100th Anniversary, and Chris, Dawn and El-Train help out. They grow to love the church but are devastated when Noble tells them that the church is going to be torn down by Chris' dad's construction company, in order to build a mall. When Chris' attempts to reason with his dad fail, the gang joins in and creates a radio-a-thon to raise money to save the church. After this fails, Noble says there's nothing more to do, but Chris and Dawn chain themselves to the church. Chris' dad sees his dedication and decides to build the mall around the church. Noble learns tenacity and determination from the kids.
S03E18 Rollin' with the Homies 00/00/0000 The gang start working at a toy store and the owner wants Jamal and Chris to be friends with his son. His son, Tommy, is in a wheelchair don't like it when Jamal treats him different because of his disability.
S03E19 El-Train in the Sky with Geena 00/00/0000 El-Train's girlfriend has a secret addiction. She steals from people to continue her drug habit.
S03E20 Miracle on 134th Street and Lexington Avenue 00/00/0000 The gang is working at the NY Toy Co. for the Christmas holiday. Dawn and Chris go to deliver toys to the community center and meet Alison. They have a great time playing together, but realize that Alison and her mom need help. They decide to throw a Christmas party for Alison, her mom, and the rest of the center. At the party, Alison is sad and Chris and Dawn realize that Alison wants her dad back in her life. They find her father and convince him to come back to spend some time with Alison and her mother.
S03E21 Yoko Oh-No 00/00/0000 Jamal is getting too close to his new girlfriend and does whatever she wants to do.
S03E22 Party Like It's 1999 00/00/0000 The gang from Manhattan High prepare to celebrate New Year's Eve in Times Square. When they find out it has been closed off because of too many people, Chris and Al convince Dawn to use her spare keys and let them into the school so they can watch from the roof. While on the roof, the whole gang reminisces about the times they've spent together, until Miss Noble shows up, wanting to know why they broke into the school
S03E23 Fast Time at Manny High 00/00/0000 Manny High is entered in a charity event. If the kids fast for one night, the Keeny company will donate $500 to feed the homeless, and $500 to Manny High. Everybody agrees to try the fast, but their commitment doesn't last long. El-train is caught smuggling in food, Al and Dawn are caught sneaking off to celebrate their anniversary, Cassidy is caught trying to turn in a re-written term paper, and Chris and Jamal are caught with food stains on their clothing, which indicates they sneaked out on a date. Noble is upset because the kids broke their commitment, and all the kids who fasted lost out on the $500. The gang apologizes, makes the rest of the student's breakfast, and arranges to fulfill the school's charitable obligation themselves.
S03E24 Harlem Honey 00/00/0000 Jamal creates an internet woman for his father. The problems start when his father wants to meet her. Jamal convinces Ms. Noble to pretend to be Harlem Honey. Mr. Grant and Ms. Noble fool Jamal into thinking that they really like each other.
S03E25 Mom on the Rocks 00/00/0000 Dawn is embarassed by her mom's drinking problem.
S04E01 Kickin' It 00/00/0000 When Al gets special treatment because he is a star athlete, Dawn tries to tell him he still needs to do his homework. Not taking her advice, he and El-Train work on a paper together, with poor results. Meanwhile, Cassidy and the rest of the gang help get Ms. Noble in shape for her class reunion. Ms. Noble meets a very special friend from high school.
S04E02 The Users 00/00/0000 Chris and Jamal are in need of tutoring for midterms, and find an unlikely study buddy in the irritating studio technician Jasper. When Chris and Jamal get the opportunity to meet famous deejay ""Jo-Jo On The Radio"" for an internship interview, they are afraid Jasper will ruin their chances so they lie to him about the meeting time. When Jasper finds out he is hurt and the guys feel guilty, until they come up with a plan to make it up to Jasper. Meanwhile, Ms. Noble is having man trouble and her bad mood is scarying all the students so Al, El-Train, Cassidy and Dawn plot to get Ms. Noble and her boyfriend Billy back together again at what turns out to be quite an engaging dinner date.
S04E03 Cheat Happens 00/00/0000 When Jamal and Chris don't study for their chemistry final and are faced with the prospect of summer school they decide to make cheat sheets. Just before the test the sheets are accidentally switched and end up in El-Train's book. When Ms. Noble discovers the cheat sheets she decides to make the entire class re-take the test. The students are all mad at El-Train but Chris and Jamal do not confess until they understand the consequences of their actions on their friend. Ultimately they decide that it is better to tell the truth and save their friendship. Meanwhile, Dawn and Cassidy decide that if the guys can have their own radio show that the girls can too.
S04E04 Presumed Innocent 00/00/0000 Tempers flair between Jamal and a gangbanger classmate until they decide to settle their differences in student court, and the gang discovers through trial and error that looks can be deceiving. Meanwhile, Al and El-Train face the challenge of auditioning as slang-free radio deejays.
S04E05 The Third Wheel 00/00/0000 While Dawn and Al seek some time together, El-Train seems to spoil every opportunity for them to be alone. With Dawn's urging, Al sets El-Train up for a date in order to distract him. Meanwhile Chris, Jamal, Ms. Noble, and Cassidy create a horror radio play.
S04E06 Students of the Bride 00/00/0000 Ms. Noble is getting married. Ms. Noble cancels the wedding after discovering Billy's bachlar party with Hula girls. SHe regrets the choice as Billy decides to leave town, so it's a race to the airport to prevent him from leaving. Jamal and Cassidy develop feelings for each other as the wedding is being planned. They soon find out the feelings are just from the wedding and not themselves.
S04E07 Mo' Money, Mo' Problems 00/00/0000 When El-Train arrives at the dinner with a bruised nose, he complains about the lack of lights at the basketball court. He comes up with an idea for a glow in the dark basketball. El-Train, Al, Chris, and Jamal decide to go into business together after El-Train's invention turns out to be lucrative. When Al starts to take over, Chris and Jamal decide to start a rival company. Al discovers it's hard to run a business with only one employee-himself. Cassidy becomes jealous after Dawn gets the part in a famous director's movie.
S04E08 Kodak Moment 00/00/0000 Chris gets involved with Sarah, an international star and soon realizes her life is harder than he thinks. Meanwhile Jamal helps Cassidy and Dawn with thier project on the rumor ghosts of Manny High.
S04E09 Meet Mr. History 00/00/0000 Chris and Jamal are assigned to write a paper about someone who has witnessed an important historical event but when they can't find anyone to interview, they make one up. Ms. Noble is so impressed that she books ""Great Uncle Jesse"" on a local television show and El-Train attempts to assume the role. Meanwhile, Dawn and Cassidy decide to go into business selling the fruit tarts they created in home economics class.
S04E10 Keep on the Download 00/00/0000 No one is laughing when Chris and Jamal's rivalry with the deejays from another school escalates from spirited pranks to costly property damages. They destroy the other deejay's equipment and end up losing thier radio show until reapairs are done on the other. Meanwhile, Manny High's Quiz Team captain Dawn's is obsessed with winning the city finals trophy.
S04E11 Havoc 00/00/0000 Chris quits the jazz group to play with a popular band that just lost it guitar player. Cassidy and Dawn try to learn more about El-Train's troll doll.
S04E12 Making Up is Hard to Do 00/00/0000 Jamal battles Malcolm in a dance contest during the school dance. Meanwhile Al and Dawn break up after arguing.
S04E13 Living in America 00/00/0000 This is another clip show as the gang refelct on events from the past year. Ms. Noble informs the gang that their international penpals in Japan, had just suffered from an earthquake. The gang e-mail thier friends about the times they have had during the year.
S04E14 Shock Treatment 00/00/0000 When ""Mean Dean,"" New York's morning shock jock, can't make it to his live broadcast from Manny High, Chris and Jamal are offered the chance to fill in for him. The guys do such a great job making their friends the butt of jokes that they are offered a permanent show -- and must decide if they want to acheive success by hurting the people they care about. In the meantime, Cassidy, Dawn, Al and El-Train try out for cheerleading, all for different reasons, with suprising results
S04E15 Frisky Business 00/00/0000 The gang returns from summer vacation to find Manny High resembling a prison after the school board installs new security measures. When Ms. Noble encourages the unhappy students to find a constructive way to voice their objections, they go on strike and are suspended and nothing is solved until the gang learn to compromise with the school board. In the meantime, Dawn and Cassidy's friendship is tested when they promise to be honest with each other, no matter what.
S04E16 Jamal X 00/00/0000 Jamal's uncle comes to the school to speak to his class and sparkes something in Jamal to be more active in African American affairs. He starts a club for the Black students and excludes Chris from joining.
S04E17 Subway Confessions 00/00/0000 Ms. Noble has to figure out the truth as the gang must account for their whereabouts after sneaking into school. The stories all occur on subway train and range from a clown giving birth, Al and El-Train battling Russian spies, and an emergency make over of a homeless woman.
S04E18 Who Da Man? 00/00/0000 Dawn saves Al and Cassidy from robbers on the train and the school newspaper soon learns of Dawn's heroic actions.
S04E19 Get to Preppin' 00/00/0000 Everyone is obsessed with making the grade during midterms at Manny High. When Jamal and Chris fail their first midterm, Chris' father pulls strings to put Chris back in prep school. At the same time, Dawn feel like she is losing her brainpower after Cassidy scores higher on a test than she did. While Jamal and the rest of the gang begin to take study group more seriously, Chris discovers that no matter how much he goofs off, he will not fail at prep school thanks to special arrangements made by his father. After midterms, the gang celebrates passing grades and discover it feels good when they apply themselves to school, while Chris is left feeling like a spoiled loser. Ms. Noble convinces Chris to talk to his dad about the important lesson he has learned and about returning to Manny High where he belongs. Meanwhile, Al (Dion Basco) and El-Train discover that they can big bucks selling old items from the school basement on an internet auction. They accidently sell the school basketball
S04E20 Unhappy Hour 00/00/0000 The gang are invited to appear on a teen show to talk about thier friendship. The night before the show they all get drunk and fight with each other. Ms. Noble and Billy discover them and attempt to knock some sense into them. The gang go on the show and realize what true friendship is really about.
S04E21 Compromising Principal 00/00/0000 When Ms. Noble decides to loosen up and be more cool in order to win a most popular principal contest, the school turns into an undisciplined zoo. In the midst of the chaos, the gang try their hand at after school elective classes.
S04E22 Dating Games 00/00/0000 Love is in the air at Manny High as the gang prepares for the Valentine Dance. Cassidy decides to play a ""dating game"" to get the school's resident hottie to go with her, only to realize that she has feelings for Chris. Meanwhile, Jamal, Ell-Train, Al and Dawn participate in Ms. Noble's meditation class only to cause Ms. Noble to become stressed herself.
S04E23 Wager Money Go 00/00/0000 Jamal develops a gambling addiction that strains his friendship with Chris, Al and El-Train.
S04E24 El Brain 00/00/0000 El-Train enters the Science Fair to prove that he's smarter than everyone, including Jamal thinks.
S04E25 Pier Pressure 00/00/0000 The gang's holiday weekend at the Anderson's place in the Hamptons goes adrift when Chris, Cassidy, Dawn and Al run out of gas while yachting. Meanwhile, on shore, Jamal and El-Train's attempts to score with two honeys are interrupted by an unexpected visit from Ms. Noble and Billy.
S04E26 Blast From the Past 00/00/0000 Chris tries to make surprise anniversary dinner plans for Cassidy, but his sneaking around leads her to think he's cheating on her. She thinks that he has another girlfriend besides her. Meanwhile, Dawn and Al challenge Ms. Noble and Billy to a ""Best Couple"" contest.
S05E01 This Old Nerd 00/00/0000 Jamal runs into one of his old friends and discovers that his friend is a nerd. So Jamal attempts to change his image and soon creates an egotistical jerk. Meanwhile, El-Train buys Ms. Noble a brand-new watch for her birthday that the gang all pooled with their money, but it turns out that the watch that El-Train purchased from a mysterious bearded woman was actually the same exact watch that was reported stolen.
S05E02 E-Breakup 00/00/0000 By spending all her time designing the Manny High School website, Dawn becomes distant from Al and that puts a strain on their relationship. She becomes involved with another student whom she had been chatting and e-mailing to on the internet. Then she has the shock of her life when she finds out that it was El-Train whom she was communicating with. This situation forces Al and Dawn to realize that even though they care about each other, they really do not have anything in common to sustain their relationship so they decide to break up. Also, Jamal feels alone and unlucky with the ladies, so he spends all his time interrupting Chris and Cassidy when they want to be alone together.
S05E03 Chicken Run 00/00/0000 Jamal is labeled a chicken when he refuses to fight a gang member. Wanting to get rid of his reputation, he fights the gang member. The gang member pulls out a knife and stabs Chris, who was trying to save Jamal.
S05E04 Papa Please 00/00/0000 Chris meets Cassidy's father for the first time. Also, Dawn vows with the help of Al to rid Ms. Noble of her addictive smoking habit.
S05E05 Red Dawn 00/00/0000 Dawn has trouble accepting that Al has started dating a new girl so soon after their break up. Meanwhile, Chris, Jamal and El-Train hold a survivor type competition in the park with Noble overseeing.
S05E06 Dances With Malcolm 00/00/0000 Jamal teams up with Malcolm, his dance nemesis to audition as backup dancers for a group called six-street. Dawn and Cassidy ask Al and El-Train to secretly take over their advice column for women temporarily. So they can attend a taping of Late Night with Conan O'Brien. The column becomes a bigger success, but it proves to be an unfavorable double-edged sword for the two when Al and El-Train decide to manipulate the column for their own purposes.
S05E07 Just for the Record 00/00/0000
S05E08 Skips, Lies and Radiotapes 00/00/0000 It is senior ditch day at Manny High. Jamal and Chris want to spend this special day bungee jumping with Cassidy, Al, and El-Train. Ms. Noble tells them they can't go because they have to have a radio-thon to raise money for children. Jamal and Chris decide to skip this and rig their radio booth with pre-taped reel-to-reels of their show. Meanwhile, Dawn fights against a student named Kitty Collins for the attention of Ms. Noble and the title of valedictorian.
S05E09 Dawn Don't Know Jack 00/00/0000 Dawn falls for and starts dating Chris's old friend, Jack from his former prep school and she tells Cassidy that he might be the one. Chris finds out that Jack is still with his old girlfriend and Cassidy tries to tell Dawn, but she doesn't believe her. Dawn confronts Jack who tells her that it is over between him and his old girlfriend, but later finds out that she had been lied to. El-Train hits the road with Al and Jamal in his fixed up van to go attend a DMX concert. On the way, they pick up a hitchhiker who robs them and leaves the three tied up on the side of the road.
S05E10 Rosie O'Diner 00/00/0000 Jamal falls for and after some mistakes in introducing himself, he hooks up with and starts dating one of the waitresses at the Manhattan diner named Rosie. She is very independent and not afraid to speak her mind, which proves to be trouble when she begins to offend customers who get on her nerves at the diner. After numerous complaints, Mr. Grant gives his son the uncomfortable job of firing her.
S05E11 Cassidy Couch 00/00/0000 Cassidy auditions for a play with a prominent Broadway director. She manages to get a small role but is thrilled just being in the play. Later, Chris sees the lead actress quit because the director is hitting on her. The director then gives Cassidy the lead role. Cassidy is thrilled until Chris tells her what happened to the other actress. Instead of believing him, she thinks he's just jealous that she's spending so much time with the director. But when the director comes on to Cassidy, she realizes Chris was right. The gang then sets up as sting operation on the radio to trap the director into admitting what he did. Meanwhile, El-Train falls out of bed and hits his head. After a few coincidences, El-Train believes he now has premonitions of the future and even goes so far as to predict that Death will be visiting Ms. Noble.
S05E12 Brother From Another Mother 00/00/0000 There is a heat wave going through New York, Dawn convinces Ms. Noble to allow a small waiting pool on the roof of Manny High. Instead Al and Chris secretly set up a large swimming pool for the whole school to enjoy and relax. Ms. Noble later finds out about the pool when one of the many interruptions preventing her from having a peaceful lunch break is leaking water coming from the ceiling. She tells Al to get rid of the pool. Before he does this, Al attempts to conquer his fear of the pool and learn how to swim, but in the process he almost drowns. Ms. Noble comes in the nick of time to rescue him and decides to teach Al how to swim before she gets rid of the pool. Meanwhile, Jamal's father and El-Train's mother develop an attraction for each other while attending a parent-principal conference. They set up a date and have the time of their lives. Jamal freaks out and doesn't know what to think of this blossoming relationship, the possibility of someone else being his mother, a
S05E13 Weight On Jamal 00/00/0000 Jamal wants to get into USC, but his coach tells him that he isn't in shape enough to be considered for the team. He starts working out and is offered steroids at the health club. Meanwhile Dawn, Cassidy, Chris and Al have to deal with a cruel pottery teacher. Ms. Hotz scares the students and they eventually fight back. She reveals that she is only mean because most people take her class due to her sexy looks.
S05E14 Basket Case 00/00/0000 El-Train believes that by participating in any form of sports competition against his new girlfriend, Kianna will result in conflict which will lead to the disintegration of their relationship. He comes to the conclusion of this by witnessing Kianna become riled up during Chris and Jamal's radio show over wanting to beat El-Train in the basketball shoot out competition at the recreation center. Meanwhile Jamal, Chris, and Cassidy work extremely hard to appease a newspaper food critic who has given a bad review to the Manhattan Diner. Also, Dawn develops a crush on Chip, the head of the rec. center.
S05E15 An SAT Carol 00/00/0000 Ms. Noble concludes the SAT prep class that she has been teaching and tells her students to go home. She is excited because Billy is taking her out to the disco tonight. Ms. Noble tells the class to follow Billy and her example by relaxing tonight. Being that the SAT's are almost around the corner, the gang decides to meet later at the Manhattan diner so that they can rigorously study and prepare for it. El-Train becomes overwhelmed and frustrated during the group's final study session, and he decides not to take the SATs a day before the test. As El-Train is sleeping, Ms. Noble comes to him in a dream wearing a sparkly outfit and grooving to the sounds of disco music. The purpose of her visit as his Fairy Disco Godmother is to show him the two different courses that his life will take if he completes or avoids the test. With the help of Ms. Noble and a disco ball, El-Train is whisked away to his ten year Manny high class reunion. In the future, it is revealed that Chris is a su
S05E16 Mock The Vote 00/00/0000 Dawn is running for Senior Class President against a pompous and overconfident student named Thane Watkins. Jamal and Chris contribute to Dawn losing out on the position when they make a mockery of the whole election on their radio show which affects the voter turnout. In turn making Thane win by a landslide and unwittingly giving him the power to mess with many Manny High programs and to act on his distaste of their radio show by canceling it and dismantling the radio booth. Now Chris, Jamal, Al, and El-Train must work with Dawn to veto this decision. Meanwhile, Cassidy receives letters from a fan who has seen her in a commercial and he writes that he is flying to New York to visit her. She becomes a paranoid and nervous wreck when she believes that this fan and a crazed stalker that has escaped who are both from the same town is one in the same person.
S05E17 Pros And Cons 00/00/0000 El-Train becomes popular among the ladies during the reciting and singing of his poetry which causes him to pay less attention to his girlfriend, Kianna. Meanwhile Al, Chris, and Jamal attempt be the first students to prank Ms. Noble during her tenure as the Principal of Manny High.
S05E18 Why Y'All Clippin 00/00/0000 The whole gang is having problems over a yearbook picture and are giving each other the silent treatment. So Ms. Noble calls everybody to Manny High on Saturday to work things out by reflecting on memories of the good, the bad, and the ugly that they had over the span of their time as friends.
S05E19 Model Behavior 00/00/0000 A model agency is recruiting girls for thier magazine. Jamal's girlfriend, Rosie, signs up and gets featured in the magazine. Jamal is having probelms with guys googling over his girlfriend.
S05E20 Almost Fatal 00/00/0000 After Chris, Jamal, and Al survive a car crash, they start going through some changes as they now view life in a whole new perspective. The three friends begin live to their lives on the edge by doing certain activities to the extreme.
S05E21 Anchors Away 00/00/0000 The time for Ms. Noble's retirement and the gang's graduation is drawing near and everybody is excited, except for Dawn. Witnessing the preparation for next year and the new changes being made at the school makes Dawn uneasy. She begins to become anxious about moving on from Manny High and the thought of being apart from her friends when they all go their separate ways in the fall.
S05E22 Video Killed The Radio Star 00/00/0000 The students of Manny High have a statue made of Ms. Noble in honor of her tenure as principal of Manny High placed near the front of the school. At the tribute, Ms. Noble tells the gang that there is an opening to produce a television show for Manny High. Chris and Jamal turn it down because they are already busy working on their radio show. Dawn, Cassidy, El-Train, and Al take on the job by creating and producing a spoof of the show, ""Buffy the Vampire Slayer"" called ""Muffy the Werewolf Slapper."" Jamal and Chris find out that their radio show will be competing with the TV show during lunch time and decide to work extremely hard to maintain their listening audience. They are shocked to find that the rest of the gang's tv show is a success among the students of Manny High. So they decide to sabotage the show by tampering with the audio during editing. Resulting in the whole student body turning on Dawn, Cassidy, El-Train, and Al because they believe that this audio mistake was due
S05E23 Prom-Lems 00/00/0000 The gang all prepare for the Manny High Prom. Chris prepares to give a ring to Cassidy for this special occasion and to highlight their relationship. He also wants her to visit him at Duke University from Cal Art. Cassidy and Dawn misinterpret his message about the ring as a marriage proposal and the Duke brochures as Chris wanting Cassidy to go with him to Duke. Meanwhile, Al asks Dawn to the prom and she accepts. At the prom, the two fondly reflect on the memories of their time together when they were dating. Ms. Noble worries that by Billy being away, this will be another prom that she will have to attend alone. Also, Jamal and El-Train want to set up something special for Rosie and Kianna before they go to the special dance, but things don't seem to go right.
S05E24 Goodbye Manny High 00/00/0000 The whole gang is getting ready for graduation, but they are sent the wrong diplomas. There is another problem when El-Train might not be able to graduate. Things all work out in the end when they receive their correct diplomas and El-Train receives the credit he needs to graduate by performing in a play. Chris and Jamal have to find a way to end their radio show. A bizarre twist of fate hooks them up with the perfect goodbye. They attend graduation.
S05E25 And Then There Were None 00/00/0000 A few months have passed since Ms. Noble has retired as Principal and Jamal, Chris, Cassidy, El-Train, Dawn, and Al have graduated from Manny High. Ms. Noble and the gang decide to have a final farewell meal at the Manhattan diner before they head off to the beginning of a new chapter in each of their lives. They fondly look back at the memories of the good times, as each member of the gang departs and says their goodbyes.
S05E26 Al's In Toyland 00/00/0000 At his new job, Al attempts to advertise a toy gun without violence and gore, which is against his boss's wishes. Meanwhile, Ms. Noble has signed up Chris, Jamal, El-Train, Dawn, and Cassidy to the Manny High marching band against their will to fulfill their Arts elective credit for graduation.