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Clarissa is an average teenage girl living in suburban America. She dreams of one day getting her drivers license, killing her annoying little brother, and going to college. As events unfold in her life, Clarissa explains to the viewer the motivations behind people's actions.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Clarissa Explains It All

S01E01 Clarissa's Revenge 01/03/1991 After Ferguson brings Clarissa's training bra to school for show and tell, Clarissa and Sam hatch a plot to get rid of Ferguson using a straight jacket and a bundle of helium balloons.
S01E02 School Picture 27/04/1991 Clarissa and her friend Jody want to wear the most unique clothes to school for Picture Day. However, Clarissa has to convince her mom to let her wear something out of the ordinary.
S01E03 No T.V. 23/03/1991 Janet decides a no TV week is in order so while the rest of the family have the times of their lives, Clarissa struggles to see her beloved TV again.
S01E04 Urge to Drive 04/05/1991 While trying to buy a 1976 Gremlin, Sam and Clarissa take on jobs selling Christmas cards door to door in July.
S01E05 Clarissa News Network 06/04/1991 Clarissa dreams about being a TV journalist like her idol, Jane Pauley. Meanwhile, Janet faces her old dance school friend who steals one of Janet's best moves. Ferguson cons Marshall into buying a rock music casette by pretending to have purchased a tape that will help him learn Swahili.
S01E06 Haunted House 13/04/1991 When annoying Aunt Mafalda visits from Canada, Clarissa tries to scare her off by pretending the house is haunted. The haunting doesn't work quite the way Clarissa had hoped, so she sets up a seance to contact Aunt Mafalda's deceased husband.
S01E07 The Bully 11/05/1991 When a bully bullies Ferguson into giving him Clarissa's walkman, Clarissa meets up with the bully to get her stuff back.
S01E08 New Addition 20/04/1991 When her parents start planning to add a new room to the house, Clarissa thinks they're about to have a baby. Hoping to convince their parents not to have another child, Clarissa and Ferguson start to act like babies themselves.
S01E09 Brain Drain 18/05/1991 After taking an IQ test, Ferguson has himself convinced that he's a genius. Attempting to prove him wrong and show him up, Clarissa joins him on the game show Brain Drain.
S01E10 Clarissa Makes a Cake 25/05/1991 Clarissa plans to help celebrate her parents' anniversary end in disaster. After arguing about what to do for their special evening, Janet and Marshall stop speaking to each other. Then Clarissa's homemade cake for the event almost explodes.
S01E11 Parents Who Say No! 15/06/1991 Bored with 'kiddie' jobs like babysitting, Clarissa asks for permission to apply for a job at the Baxter Beach Carnival. But even after her parents say no, she still goes ahead and applies.
S01E12 Cool Dad 08/06/1991 Clarissa is embarrassed when her dad plans to speak at her school's career night. Things get worse when her dad tries to get hip, quick!
S01E13 Sick Days 01/06/1991 Trying to get out of a part in a school pageant, Clarissa plans to fake sick and miss it. However, trouble ensues when the pageant turns out to be better than expected, including an appearance by Queen Latifah, and Clarissa ends up getting sick for real.
S02E01 Clarissa's Crush 19/02/1992 Clarissa gets a major crush on local weatherman Flip Fontana. But she's in for a big disappointment when she finally meets him.
S02E02 She Drives Me Crazy 23/02/1992 In order to win a brand new car, Clarissa enters herself and Ferguson in a contest for siblings that have extraordinary relationships. When the editor for the magazine comes to interview the close siblings, it becomes a struggle for them to pretend to be friends.
S02E03 Sam Darling 01/03/1992 While staying with the Darlings for a weekend, Sam seems to be spending all of his time with Mr. and Mrs. Darling, making Clarissa jealous. Both Ferguson and Clarissa plan how to get rid of Sam.
S02E04 President Ferguson 08/03/1992 There's chaos in store when Ferguson runs for school President and turns the Darling household into his campaign headquarters.
S02E05 ME 101 07/06/1992 After failing a magazine quiz on 'How Well Do You Know Your Daughter?', Janet attempts to get to know Clarissa better. But Clarissa gets fed up when her mom plans to take her to a concert and even dresses like her.
S02E06 Misguidance Counselor 14/06/1992 Clarissa's school guidance counselor, Ms. Cheesebrow, makes Clarissa try more 'normal' activities, such as Home Ec and Cheerleading. But Clarissa soon learns that one person's normal is another's abnormal.
S02E07 Sam in Love 28/06/1992 After helping Sam to land a new girlfriend, Elise Quackenbush, Clarissa feels left out when Sam cancels his plans with her to spend more time with Elise.
S02E08 The New Look 12/07/1992 After a commercial producer spots Marshall in line at the grocery store, she chooses him as 'the perfect face.' However, Marshall starts taking his new role as a male model a bit too seriously.
S02E09 Total TV 15/08/1992 Clarissa finds a topic for her school project- TV. She has to watch for 24 hours in order to make observations for her report. However, a plot created by Ferguson makes her think she's lost her mind from watching so much television.
S02E10 The Understudy 22/08/1992 Clarissa gets chosen as the understudy for the lead in the school play. She is extremely happy about this 'easy job' until the lead comes down with sore throat on opening night. Ferguson tries to 'help' Clarissa learn her lines in time, but secretly has her memorizing the lines to several other different plays.
S02E11 Can't Buy Love 29/08/1992 Ferguson's new friend, J. Elliot Fundsworth III is the founder of the Junior Yacht Club and Ferguson will do anything to join. However, trouble ensues when Ferguson realized that J. Elliot is really only interested in Clarissa.
S02E12 The Great Debate 05/09/1992 Clarissa becomes worried about her parents' marriage when a debate starts between the two of them. Marshall wants to follow his dream of building a brand new mall, while Janet is more concerned about saving the trees on the same piece of property.
S02E13 The Return of Aunt Mafalda 12/09/1992 Clarissa's plans for a slumber party are ruined when her parents go away and ask overbearing Aunt Mafalda to stay with the kids.
S03E01 Janet's Old Boyfriend 26/09/1992 Janet's old high school boyfriend Joey Russo, a famous writer, comes back to town and Janet invites him over to have dinner with the family. However, things don't go well when tension builds between Marshall and Joey and Joey proves to not be too helpful when he offers Clarissa advice on a paper she's writing.
S03E02 Sam's Swan Song 03/10/1992 After Sam's mom Debbie arrives in town, she announces that she's going to take Sam back to Seattle with her. Clarissa and Sam remember all the great times they've had before they have to say goodbye.
S03E03 Poetic Justice 10/10/1992 Clarissa is chosen to represent her school at a poetry banquet after her computer helps her write a strange but well-loved poem.
S03E04 The Darling Wars 24/10/1992 Clarissa and Ferguson are left home for the night and try to scare each other with a huge war of spooky pranks. However, they both end up being scared out of their wits when someone tries to come inside the house.
S03E05 Punch the Clock 21/11/1992 Clarissa learns a thing or two about money and responsibility when she lands several part-time jobs and tries to keep up with all of them.
S03E06 The Silent Treatment 28/11/1992 After having an argument with Clarissa, Ferguson tries to get her back by giving her the Silent Treatment. Clarissa has to figure out how to get him to talk and break his silence. Meanwhile, Janet gets paranoid over being a juror at mobster Fishface Eddie's trial.
S03E07 Involunteering 12/12/1992 After Janet asks the family to participate in Volunteer Day at the Chidren's museum, Clarissa tries to figure out a way to escape her duty of helping out.
S03E08 Take My Advice...Please 19/12/1992 Clarissa tries to ruin Ferguson's new romance with Fiona by giving him lots of bad advice. But her plan backfires when numerous girls from school start to go crazy for him.
S03E09 Marshall's Midlife Crisis 26/12/1992 As Marshall's birthday arrives, he loses interest in everything and decides to sell the house and move the entire family to Mango Island. Everyone goes along with the idea until Marshall has a couple interested in buying come look at the house and they realize just how serious he is.
S03E10 Football Fever 23/01/1993 Marshall bets his neighbour that a Darling can make the varsity football team. But Ferguson realizes that the only way he's going to make it is by marketing himself as the Smallest Student Football Player. Clarissa runs Ferguson ragged during special 'training' for football try-outs.
S03E11 Life of Crime 30/01/1993 After Clarissa accidentally walks out of a clothing shop while wearing a piece of lingerie that she didn't pay for, she has nightmares about being a hunted criminal. When Clarissa doesn't want to tell Sam what's bothering her, it causes tension in their friendship.
S03E12 Marshall's Parents Visit 13/02/1993 The Darling's are in for a surprise when Marshall's parents come to visit and have completely changed. Clarissa also must figure out how to be the DJ at her grandparent's anniversary party and go to a Pearl Jam concert with Sam in the same night.
S03E13 Blind Date 27/02/1993 After Sam sets up himself and Clarissa up on a double blind date, Clarissa starts to contemplate all the ways that the date could go bad and what her blind date Milton might be like. Meanwhile, Ferguson takes an interest in law and starts filing suits for his parents without their knowledge.
S04E01 The Flu 13/03/1993 When Marshall and Janet come down with the flu, it's up to Clarissa and Ferguson to take care of the household chores. But trouble ensues when Ferguson buys nothing but chocolate from the grocery store and a big snowstorm leaves them snowed in the house without any water or real food.
S04E02 ESP R Us 27/03/1993 Olivia believes that she has psychic powers, but Clarissa doesn't believe it. After Olivia takes an ESP test and unknowningly committs herself and Clarissa to receiving psychic-related items in the mail, they have to figure out how to pay for the merchandise.
S04E03 Commitment 17/04/1993 Clarissa starts to have commitment fears in her relationship with Clifford. Meanwhile, Ferguson tries to get into the Guinness Book Of Records by making the world's largest rubber band ball.
S04E04 Road Trip 08/05/1993 The annual family vacation to Lake Winnemucca is usually filled with doom and disaster. This year the family decides to give the Grand Canyon a try as a change of pace. Trouble ensues when all plans for the upcoming vacation start to go wrong.
S04E05 The Bicycle Thief 22/05/1993 After leaving her bike out in the front yard, Clarissa finds that it's been stolen. She soon finds out that while it may not have been a car, it was her only mode of transportation.
S04E06 Boy Thoughts 19/06/1993 Ferguson convinces Clarissa's boyfriend Clifford to star in his cable access show called 'Boy Thoughts'. But once the show is a hit, Clifford doesn't have time for Clarissa.
S04E07 Hero Worship 26/06/1993 Clarissa has a problem when Eve, the meek and mousy new girl in school, starts copying her style and taking over her life. Clarissa is annoyed but flattered until Eve steals her idea for a newspaper article. Then it becomes war.
S04E08 A Little Romance 14/08/1993 After one bad date too many, Sam realizes that the perfect girl for him is Clarissa. They agree to go out on a date, but it turns into a disaster and they both decide they're better off as friends.
S04E09 Tale of Two Moms 28/08/1993 Sam's mom Debbie is back in town for the roller derby playoffs. But there's trouble in store when Clarissa invites Debbie to stay at her house. Debbie's a little too messy for the Darlings and the Darlings are just a little too neat for Debbie.
S04E10 The Zone 10/09/1993 Clarissa gets stage fright when her music teacher picks her to play a flute solo at the school music recital. Suddenly she finds herself not being able to play her flute like usual and has to figure out how to get back in 'the zone.'
S04E11 Don't I Know You? 11/09/1993 When Clarissa has to compete against winner Cindy Sparkle in the talent show, she turns to the journal of her great great aunt once removed hoping for some helpful show stopping hints.
S04E12 Babysitting 25/09/1993 After vowing to never babysit Elsie Soaperstein again, Clarissa lets herself get guilted into sitting for her on the Soaperstein's anniversay. Elsie's a big time troble maker with only one weakness- Ferguson.
S04E13 Educating Janet 16/10/1993 Both Clarissa and Ferguson have issues when Janet starts teaching at their high school. Ferguson gets frustrated when she doesn't give him the grade he wants on an art project and Clarissa doesn't like having her mom be everywhere she goes.
S05E01 The Cycle 23/10/1993 When Olvia's brother wants to sell his motorcycle, Clarissa stores it in the garage and plans to later buy it. Her parents have always told her she couldn't get a car but they never mentioned a motorcycle...
S05E02 A New Mom 13/11/1993 Clarissa has a history assignment: take something old, tired, and worn out, and reinvent it. So Clarissa tries to reinvent her mom.
S05E03 Editor In Chief 13/11/1993 Clarissa learns a few lessons about responsibility when she becomes the editor in chief for her school newspaper.
S05E04 Piper Comes to Visit 04/12/1993 Clarissa has her work cut out for her, when Piper, the daughter of one of her mom's old school friends comes to stay and is far from friendly.
S05E05 Alter Ego 18/12/1993 Clarissa and Sam go to a party dressed as cool, hip, outrageous characters. Clarissa dons a wig, a tatoo, and a nose ring and decides to call herself Jade. At the party, she falls for a cute guy named Paulie. But Clarissa isn't sure if he's interested in her or the ficticious Jade. Meanwhile, Ferguson finds a stray cat who he names William F. Buckley and tries to hinder his parents from looking for the real owner.
S05E06 Sam's Dad 08/01/1994 Clarissa and Sam sign up for the school intern program to help them get aquainted with the real world. Clarissa ends up as Mr. Ander's intern and Sam is Mr. Darling's intern. However, trouble ensues when they both get annoyed with each other's fathers.
S05E07 The Firm 15/01/1994 Marshall joins an architectual firm after receiving some very generous offers from the corporation. But the money doesn't seem to make up for how the entire family feels about the firm. Meanwhile, Clarissa tries to write an essay to win a scholarship for college.
S05E08 Janet and Clarissa, Inc. 05/02/1994 After Clarissa is given a class assignment to invent and market an environmentally safe product, she teams up with her mom to market Bouncy Balls- yummy health treats that bounce when they're dropped on the floor. The business doesn't work out so well when Clarissa feels left out of marketing process. Meanwhile, both Ferguson and Marshall have their tonsils removed.
S05E09 Ferguson Explains It All 23/04/1994 Ferguson orders a pair of new mind control glasses and decides to try them out on the family. However, Clarissa decides to fight back too as she has the same mind control glasses.
S05E10 Dear Clarissa 12/03/1994 Clarissa is given her own advice column in the school paper. She soon finds out that giving people good advice isn't as easy as she thought.
S05E11 U.F.O. 16/07/1994 Clarissa discovers that real science can be really weird. After interviewing a woman who supposedly spotted a UFO, Clarissa decides to get to the bottom of the UFO phenomena herself.
S05E12 Clarissa Gets Arrested 23/07/1994 When Clarissa decides to protest against animal testing at Woolcott Industries, she and Sam end up getting arrested! But afterward they can't decide whose parents they should call from the police station.
S05E13 The Last Episode 01/12/1994 It's a sad day as Clarissa complete her last assignment for the Dispatch - an article dedicated to the future.. where will everyone be in 20 years?