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In Greek mythology, ancient Greece's most powerful god wages an epic struggle against his father for control of the universe. It's the ultimate power struggle as the Olympians challenge the Titans in mythology's greatest showdown. This is a pivotal battle that experts believe may have been ancient code for a real world event--one of the greatest natural disasters the Earth ever experienced.


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S01E01 Zeus 03/08/2009 The first episode of Clash of the Gods examines the epic battle between the Olympians and the Titans as Zeus challenges his father, Kronos, for control of the universe. Some experts believe that this pivotal battle may represent an actual real world event - one of the greatest natural disasters to befall the Earth.
S01E02 Hercules 10/08/2009 The tale of the strongest superhero in Greek mythology and his quest for redemption. To atone for committing a heinous crime, Hercules embarks on a series of impossible challenges known as the 12 Labors. Hercules endures as one of history's most influential demi-Gods, but recent archaeological discoveries suggest that mythology's strongest man may have been inspired by a real person.
S01E03 Hades 17/08/2009 The myth of ancient Greece's most feared god, and those mortals who tried to cross his path. This episode takes us behind the veil of the ancient Greek belief in life after death. It is a chilling collection of tales about the god Hades and the underworld bearing his name, with eerie links to real world curses, ghosts, and secret cults.
S01E04 Minotaur 24/08/2009 A half-bull, half-man freak of nature, the Minotaur is one of mythology's most terrifying monsters. A bizarre tale of bestiality, human sacrifice, and war, the myth of the Minotaur endures as a symbol of the beast inside all men. But archeological research has uncovered clues suggesting the Minotaur and its terrifying labyrinth were more than just symbols. They may have been inspired by a real place that still exists to this day.
S01E05 Medusa 31/08/2009 The epic tragedy of Medusa, the most infamous female fiend in Greek mythology, whose look turned every living thing to stone. But what is the true story behind the myth? Find out this evil Gorgon's real world connection to human corpses, and learn what clues the night sky holds about the origins of the tale of Medusa.
S01E06 Odysseus: Curse of the Sea 14/09/2009 In part 1 of 2, we take a look at Odysseus, whom Homer made famous in "The Odyssey," including his adventures in light of astronomical and geographical evidence which bases the story on accurate real events.
S01E07 Odysseus: Warrior's Revenge 21/09/2009 Following the Trojan War, a heroic Greek makes a many-year journey home to reclaim his wife and kingdom in Homer's epic tale "The Odyssey."
S01E08 Beowulf 28/09/2009 Beowulf is a legendary hero of Norse mythology best known for slaying the monster Grendel. The story of Beowulf is one of the oldest in history and can be found in many other cultures. The stories are examined to determine if there is any evidence to corroborate the myth and if Beowulf ever really existed.
S01E09 Tolkien's Monsters 05/10/2009 An exploration of one of the most detailed modern mythologies, from its basis in other myths and religions to a reflection of author J. R. R. Tolkien's own personal experiences in World War I.
S01E10 Thor 12/10/2009 Able to wield thunder from his hammer, Thor was the most revered of the Norse gods, from fending humanity from the giants that brought calamity, to his pursuit of the Midgard Serpent. Though his fate is told to be sealed during Ragnarök, it is actually the invasion of Christianity that proves far more damning to this mighty god.

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