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This short-lived FOX college drama was a starting point for several actors who would later do soap operas. One critic dubbed the show "Cancelled In '93."


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S01E01 (pilot) 19/01/1993 Its everyone's first day on Campus, and everyone meeting their roommates, getting to know one another and getting settled in. The show revolves around seven people who become friends. Jessica,a rich Jewish girl shares a room with two other girls, Patty, the daughter of a famous actress and Robin, a knockout from Florida. On the other side you have the guys, David, a guy from New Jersey just trying to become a writer and his roommate Stroke, who is just wants to be an entrepreneur. Then you have Whitney a Rich prep who just wants to live up to dads expectations, but try to live his life as well, who to both him and his dads surprise ends up sharing his dads old room with Antonio, a black Kid from the inner city and unbeknown to Whitney is a star basketball player and the school top recruit. This is also the episode where David meets Jessica and they start dating.
S01E02 They Shoot Baskets, Don't They 26/01/1993 The athletic director advises Antonio that it would be in his best interest to take easier classes and focus on basketball. A psychological test unsettles Stroke.
S01E03 Breaking up is Hard to Overdue 02/02/1993 A political underclassman intrigues Patty. Meanwhile, Jessica meets a debonair student. Elsewhere, David attends a frat party.
S01E04 Midterm Madness 09/02/1993 As the gang prepares for mid terms, Whitney's drinking gets more and more out of hand. To make matters worse, Whitney's older do-gooder brother george shows up to check on him for his dad. Meanwhile Jesica and David have their own problems to deal with , when a classmate who prepares for the exam in a study session with them, puposely feeds them the test that he has some how gotten a stolen copy of. Patty and stroke study for their exams together and get a little closer.
S01E05 Look Homeward Angela 16/02/1993 Whitney and David receive visits from their girlfriends. Robin tries to date guys at once.
S01E06 The Adventures of Pat's Man and Robin 23/02/1993 Patty's favorite artist comes to the campus and falls for robin, which causesafalout between her and patty.
S01E07 David is Authorized 02/03/1993 David falls in love with a visiting journalist and upsets Jessica.
S01E08 The Accused 09/03/1993 A professor at Havenhearst is accused of being racist and a chauvenist. It pits david and Antonio against each other.
S01E09 When Whitney Met Linda 16/03/1993 Whitney agrees with a bet to go out with Linda a waitress at the local hang out on campus. In the process of trying to win the bet, she wins his heart.
S01E10 Parents Weekend 23/03/1993 Its parents weekend and all the gangs parents are scheduled to arrive, except for Whitney and Antonio, who's parents couldn't make it. So the two guys decide to take a road trip which turns out to be more than they bargained for. Meanwhile, back on campus David's uncle Joe and Jessica's Corporate mogul dad meet for the first time. Patty's actress mother gives her more than she can handle and Robin's parents tell her that they can no longer afford to support her at Havenhurst Financially.
S01E11 The Best Little Frat House at Havenhurst 30/03/1993 An anti-semitic flyer circulates around campus, prompting Jessica to confront her own past. David thinks about joining a frat.
S01E12 Bright Smoke, Cold Fire 06/04/1993 David and Jessica consider reigniting their romance. Patty gets excited about a possible movie role, but Stroke isn't so happy about it. Antonio is upset by a gossip column.
S01E13 Greenwich Mean Time 20/04/1993 Robin is asked to pose for a men's magazine. Antonio discovers that Janet's father
S01E14 Educating David 27/04/1993 Jessica worries about David's devotion when he tutors an attractive girl.
S01E15 Howie Farr is Too Far 04/05/1993 Stroke and David versus Whitney and Antonio in a practical joke battle. But, no one is laughing when Robin begins an affair with a professor.
S01E16 The Jessica File 11/05/1993 Stroke is attracted to an woman who is hearing impaired. Antonio and Whitney are on the radio.
S01E17 See You in September 25/05/1993 Freshman year is over and the gang prepares to leave for summer.