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Classic British Aircraft is a documentary series, in which each of the ten half hour episode (including advert break) celebrates two classic aircraft through archive footage and with first-hand accounts from the crews and the passionate enthusiasts who keep many of them flying today. Narrated by Harry Enfield.


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S01E01 Jetliner 31/12/2004 Highlighting de Haviland's Trident and Vickers VC10, this episode explores the history and pioneering features of these early passenger jetliners. Find out why these classic aircraft still have fans to this day.
S01E02 Surveillance 31/12/2004 This episode focuses on military aircraft - the English Electric Canberra and the Hawker Siddeley Nimrod. Built for information gathering, surveillance and rescue missions, find out how these planes did their job.
S01E03 Buccaneer and Victor 31/12/2004 The Blackburn Buccaneer was a military aircraft developed in the 1950s to carry nuclear weapons. With advanced features for its day such as low detectability and high speeds, it played a valuable role in the military effort. The Handley-Page Victor, saw service during the Falklands War.
S01E04 Helicopters 31/12/2004 Celebrating the Bristol Sycamore and Westland Wasp and profiling the passionate enthusiasts that keep them flying.
S01E05 Navy Fighters 31/12/2004 Harry Enfield narrates a celebration of Navy fighters, including the Hawker Sea Hawk and de Havilland Sea Vixen.
S01E06 Early Jets 31/12/2004 Harry Enfield narrates a film in celebration of the Gloster Meteor, the first operational British jet fighter, and the de Havilland Vampire, which entered RAF service in 1946.
S01E07 Radar 31/12/2004 Harry Enfield narrates the stories of the Royal Navy's Gannet aeroplane and the Shackleton, a maritime patrol aircraft used by the RAF.
S01E08 Transport 31/12/2004 Harry Enfield narrates a celebration of the Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer and Blackburn Beverley, and profiles the passionate enthusiasts who keep them flying.
S01E09 Twin Engines 31/12/2004 Celebrating the de Havilland Rapide and Avro Anson, as well as profiles of the enthusiasts who keep many of them flying today. Narrated by Harry Enfield.
S01E10 WWII Stalemates 31/12/2004 A celebration of the Gloster Gladiator and Bristol Blenheim.

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