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Based on the classic comic French novel, adapted for television by the acclaimed comedy writing team of Ray Galton and Alan Simpson (Hancock/Steptoe & Son); welcome to the small French village of Clochemerle. Nestled in the Beaujolais region of France, this happy little enclave has avoided all hints of modernity, producing fine wine in an atmosphere of timeless calm and culture… until now. Now, in the autumn of 1922, the mayor wants to build a new public edifice, something that will draw a crowd – and he will, and it does, but none of it will happen in the way that he planned. A small village with a powerful church, a republican government , several beautiful wives, one handsome lover, a staunch catholic spinster and many more headstrong personalities are about to clash in a way that will bring pain to some, mirth to others and even the army to fail to keep the peace in a small French village called Clochemerle.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Clochemerle

S01E01 The Magnificent Idea Of Barthelemy Piechut 18/02/1972 Comedy concerning the brouhaha caused by the building of a public pissoir in a French village.
S01E02 The Triumphant Inaugeration Of A Municipal Amenity 25/02/1972 The mayor organises a wine festival to coincide with the opening of the public convenience.
S01E03 The Spirited Protest Of Justine Putet 03/03/1972 A spinster is convinced that the public convenience is an instrument of the devil.
S01E04 The Awful Awakening Of Claudius Brodequin 10/03/1972 Since Rose Brivaque is pregnant, when a soldier on leave arives, he is given a frosty reception by the town.
S01E05 The Painful Infliction Of Nicholas The Beadle 17/03/1972 The priest's sermon decrying the urinal in interrupted.
S01E06 The Scandalous Outcome Of A Night Of Destruction 24/03/1972 Justine Putet and Monsieur Girodot plot to destroy the urinal.
S01E07 The Inexorable Power Of The Third Republic 31/03/1972 Ascar de St Choul is dunked in soapy water.
S01E08 The Dreaded Arrival Of Captain Tardivaux 07/04/1972 An army captain has an affair with the innkeeper's wife.
S01E09 The Glorious Triumph Of Barthelemy Piechut 14/04/1972 The villagers and the army engage in a fight.