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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de CMT's Next Superstar

S01E01 Pilot 08/04/2011 It's move-in day as the 10 finalists arrive at the Music Mansion and get to know their competition. They're given their first challenge which is to take a smash hit in a genre outside of country music and turn it into a country song. They are responsible for producing the arrangement. That night at the Wildhorse Saloon, one contestant will be eliminated.
S01E02 Nine Contestants Remain 15/04/2011 The contestants receive their second challenge. The nine remaining contestants are grouped into trios. They are to perform outside on Nashville's famed Lower Broadway for the citizens of downtown Nashville, playing for nothing but tips. The trio that receives the fewest amount of tips is forced to 'sing to survive' later that night at a honky-tonk. One more contestant is eliminated.
S01E03 Eight Contestants Remain 22/04/2011 After a rude awakening, the eight remaining contestants find out that a night on the town may not be the best way to start an early morning radio interview. The contestants are put through the ringer with radio personality Cody Alan. The two contestants who receive the fewest votes go head-to-head and must "sing to survive." One more contestant is eliminated.
S01E04 Seven Contestants Remain 29/04/2011 It's outlaw country week, and the remaining seven contestants meet with famous choreographer Robert Royston to work on their performances. The contestants are uneasy when they realize they will be performing at a rough-and-tough biker bar. Bar patrons will decide the fate of our contestants and another one is sent home.
S01E05 Six Contestants Remain 06/05/2011
S01E06 Five Contestants Remain 13/05/2011
S01E07 Four Contestants Remain 20/05/2011
S01E08 Three Contestants Remain 27/05/2011

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