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Hayden Fox is the head coach of a university football team, and eats, sleeps and lives football. His partner, however, does not share his passion for the sport, which frequently causes friction in their relationship. While Hayden often fits the stereotype of dumb jock (as do his co-workers Luther and Dauber), he sincerely cares about his friends and family, and tries his best to make things work out.


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S01E01 Pilot 01/03/1989 Kelly's return to Minnesota for college awakens Hayden's paternal instincts, disrupting his relationship with Christine.
S01E02 Kelly and the Professor 28/02/1989 Kelly tells Hayden she had a date with a faculty member, and he wants to know who.
S01E03 Kelly, Meet Christine 08/03/1989 Christine demands Hayden be truthful with Kelly about their relationship.
S01E04 I'm In Love With A Boy Named Stuart 15/03/1989 Hayden detests Kelly's new boyfriend.
S01E05 The Loss Weekend 22/03/1989 A losing streak makes Hayden unpleasant company for Christine.
S01E06 Gambling For Meat 05/04/1989 Hayden suspends Luther for 30 days for gambling when he bets against the team and wins a steak at the Touchdown Club; but Luther think he has been fired, and takes another job.
S01E07 19 Candles 12/04/1989 Hayden plans a quiet birthday celebration for Kelly, who invites Stuart.
S01E08 Parents' Weekend 19/04/1989 Christine is seized by an uncontrollable urge to get a look at Hayden's ex-wife, who's come up for Parents' Weekend.
S01E09 I'm Sorry I Told You My Wife Was Dead 26/04/1989 Hayden consoles a wealthy alumnus' widow to secure a substantial donation.
S01E10 Define Romance 03/05/1989 Hayden feels threatened when Christine dates another.
S01E11 Whose Team Is It, Anyway? 17/05/1989 Although Hayden needs a victory in his last game for a winning season, he may be forced to bench his star player for skipping practice.
S01E12 Hoot, Hoot Hike 31/05/1989 The poetry of football is turned into ballet by Kelly's dance instructor, who envisions a pas de deux with technical advisor Hayden.
S01E13 Dauber's Blow-Out 07/06/1989 Anti-fun Riley Pringle of the Conduct Committee joins Hayden in supervising Dauber's season-ending party.
S02E01 I Don't Know Much About Art, But I Know What Makes Me Mad 21/11/1989 While Christine, a woman of culture, tries to understand the appeal of football, Hayden's staunch aversion to art brings out her inner linebacker.
S02E02 Dauber's Got A Girl 28/11/1989 Hayden's plan to get even with the women's basketball coach jeopardizes Dauber's romance with her.
S02E03 Bring Me the Head of Stuart Rosebrock (1) 05/12/1989 Hayden accepts a dinner invitation from Kelly and her fiancé, Stuart. When the soon-to-be-wedded couple start bickering, Hayden enjoys the show.
S02E04 If A Coach Falls in the Woods (2) 12/12/1989 In a last-ditch attempt to thwart Kelly's marriage to Stuart, Hayden does the mature, fatherly thing and runs away.
S02E05 If Keith Jackson Calls, I'll Be At My Therapist's 19/12/1989 As the football season's pressure mounts, Hayden develops a hard-to-conceal facial tic before a nationwide television broadcast.
S02E06 I'm In The Mood For Luther 26/12/1989 In an effort to play the matchmaker, Christine decides to set the serially single Luther up on a blind date with one of her friends.
S02E07 A Man and A Woman (and Two Theater Majors) 02/01/1990 Soon after settling into a long-awaited romantic getaway, Hayden and Christine are beset upon by Kelly and Stuart.
S02E08 The Investment 09/01/1990 Luther takes a risk and invests in the Touchdown Club with Hayden's encouragement. But their friendship is put to the test when there's a break-in.
S02E09 I've Got A Secret 16/01/1990 When Hayden secretly recruits a top quarterback, Christine blabs to a sportscaster.
S02E10 The Curley O'Brien Award 23/01/1990 Hayden plans a victory party for an anticipated award.
S02E11 The Rosebrocks of Wisconsin 30/01/1990 When Hayden objects to Kelly spending all her time in Wisconsin with her new family, Kelly forces her father to meet her in-laws.
S02E12 Coaches Conference 13/02/1990 Hayden meets his idols at a conference, but his dreams of swimming with the big fishes drown in a sea of anonymity.
S02E13 Carnival Knowledge 20/02/1990 Coach Watkins gets revenge on Hayden when he mans a booth at the college carnival.
S02E14 Haven't I Slept With You Somewhere Before? 27/02/1990 Hayden believes the new president of Minnesota State is a woman with whom he once had a fling.
S02E15 Homewreckers 06/03/1990 Hayden seeks Luther's companionship while Christine works on the weekend, and while she is away nearly destroys her apartment.
S02E16 Professor Doolittle 13/03/1990 Hayden enrolls his team in the academic class he's been required to teach, and sets out to make it ""the easiest history class in history.""
S02E17 Sunshine on My Shoulder Makes Me Happy: A Show About Bird Ransom 20/03/1990 Hayden loses Luther's prized bird while the assistant coach vacations.
S02E18 Kelly Girl 04/04/1990 Hayden is pleased when Kelly volunteers to fill in for his vacationing secretary.
S02E19 A Jerk at the Opera 17/04/1990 When Hayden refuses to accompany Christine to the opera, she asks her old flame, and a predictably jealous Hayden follows them in disguise.
S02E20 Poodle Springs 05/05/1990 Hayden impresses Judy's parents when he saves their pet poodle.
S03E01 That Shouldn't Happen 25/09/1990 Hayden, ecstatic about his team being ranked top-20 for the first time, meets Christine's mother, then is shattered when his star player Bo is hurt and put on the injured list.
S03E02 Magnificent Abscession 02/10/1990 When Hayden has to miss a game because of a bad tooth, Luther must coach via phone instructions from him.
S03E03 The Day That Moses Came to Town 09/10/1990 Hayden gets jealous when the university president woos a basketball coach from Boston with promises of grandiose perks.
S03E04 Is This Your First Time on the Riverboat, Miss Watkins? 16/10/1990 Hayden reluctantly allows archrival Watkins to sit in on his poker night.
S03E05 Hayden's in the Kitchen with Dinah 23/10/1990 Hayden promises to stay with a bedridden Christine, rather than attend a long-awaited team victory celebration.
S03E06 Hayden and Luther's Excellent Adventure 30/10/1990 Hayden and Luther get stranded out of town the night Hayden is to escort Christine to an awards banquet in her honor.
S03E07 The Break-Up 06/11/1990 Hayden forsakes football with the guys to meet Christine's antique-dealer friend.
S03E08 The Iceman Goeth 13/11/1990 Even at a victory party, and with Elaine trying to seduce him, Hayden remains depressed over his breakup with Christine.
S03E09 Cabin Fever 27/11/1990 Christine wants all her belongings out of Hayden's house, and Luther might move in next door.
S03E10 Men Don't Heal 04/12/1990 Irritable over his breakup with Christine, Hayden attends a self-help group.
S03E11 When Hayden Met Christine 11/12/1990 Dateless for a charity ball, Hayden flashes back four years to when he first met Christine, at the same affair.
S03E12 Christmas Brains 18/12/1990 Grinch Hayden's ex-wife unexpectedly shows up at his holiday party with a gift idea that will make all his Christmases merry: she helps him decide to reunite with Christine.
S03E13 Dauber Graduates 08/01/1991 When Dauber finally graduates after eight years, Hayden promotes him to full-time coach, and their relationship changes.
S03E14 Puppy Love 22/01/1991 Hayden concocts a wild tale to keep a promised $10 million donation from going to the basketball department instead.
S03E15 The Marion Kind (1) 05/02/1991 Christine persuades Luther to have lunch with the reconciling best friend who stole his girl 37 years ago.
S03E16 The Marion Kind (2) 12/02/1991 When Luther's old friend steals his girlfriend again, Hayden and Peter try to spare Luther's feelings by hiding the fact.
S03E17 Leonard Kraleman: All-American 19/02/1991 Hayden tries to discourage a scrawny, unpopular student who wants to try out for the football team, and Christine schools him in the art of gaining popularity.
S03E18 2 BRs, MTN VW 26/02/1991 Whiny, well-meaning Stuart nearly drives Hayden to murder on a ski trip with Christine and Kelly.
S03E19 Hurley-Burleigh 12/03/1991 On his first trip to Las Vegas, athletic director Howard wants to sow some wild oats.
S03E20 Hayden Fox for Universal Jocks 26/03/1991 When Hayden discovers Christine's salary dwarfs his own, he decides to make extra cash as a spokesperson for an athletic supporter company.
S03E21 A Father and Son Reunion 02/04/1991 Hayden reunites Luther and his long-lost father.
S03E22 Diamonds are a Dentist's Best Friend 09/04/1991 Cash-poor Hayden buys Christine's engagement ring from a cut-rate jeweler/dentist.
S04E01 The Kick-off and the Kiss-off 27/09/1991 Hayden's photograph appears on the cover of Sports Illustrated after his team is ranked in the top 20.
S04E02 Since My Beaver Left Me 04/10/1991 Hayden tries to console Kelly, who would rather tell it to Christine.
S04E03 Don't Get Mad, Get Cooley 11/10/1991 Hayden sells Luther his old truck which soon breaks down, so Luther contacts a local news program to do a piece on Hayden in order to embarrass him. After cooler heads prevail, Luther and Coach race to get back the tape before it airs.
S04E04 A Real Guy's Guy 25/10/1991 Hayden pressures Kelly to date his star player, whom she finds very attractive -- until he tells her he is gay.
S04E05 Any Place I Hang Myself is Home 02/11/1991 Hayden grudgingly agrees to go house hunting with Christine, then buys a house without consulting her.
S04E06 Requiem for a Groundskeeper 09/11/1991 Hayden receives an oddball inheritance from an acquaintance.
S04E07 I Think I Can't, I Think I Can't 16/11/1991 Hayden and Luther spend an excruciating trip snowbound in a cramped train compartment after Luther trades in their plane tickets following a dream about an air crash.
S04E08 I Hate Barbara 23/11/1991 Hayden regrets his honesty when he tells Christine he hates her friend.
S04E09 Loonstruck 27/11/1991 The call of the loon forebodes more than Hayden expected when he agrees to speak at Burleigh's Fraternal Order of the Loon.
S04E10 The Pineapple Bowl (1) 07/12/1991 Hayden is beaten before he plays his first bowl game when he learns the opposing coach is his former mentor.
S04E11 The Pineapple Bowl (2) 17/12/1991 Hayden halts pre-game hoopla after a star player is injured in a bizarre limo accident.
S04E12 Rizzendough Revisited 06/01/1992 Hayden vies with Watkins for a benefactor's favor and her donations by leading an exercise class for seniors.
S04E13 Return of the Marriage Killer 11/01/1992 Hayden reveals secrets about his ex-wife Beth when her new fiancé (Jansen) asks him for advice.
S04E14 War of the Dopes 03/02/1992 A careless comment results in a food fight when Dauber moves into Luther's apartment building.
S04E15 The Woodchuck, the Beaver and the Fox: A Menage a Trois 08/02/1992 Kelly is the one surprised at Grandpa Rosebrock's 90th birthday party when Stuart arrives with his new girlfriend.
S04E16 No Good Deed Goes Unpunished 15/02/1992 When an arrogant chauvinist millionaire insults his girlfriend in public, Hayden and Christine come to her defense.
S04E17 Last of the Red-Hot Luthers 22/02/1992 After a one-night stand with Hayden's 60-year-old secretary, Luther is too ashamed to face her the next morning.
S04E18 The Old Fish and the Shoes 14/03/1992 Christine sells Hayden's Johnny Unitas-autographed football shoes; Luther catches the biggest pike in the lake only to lose it.
S04E19 Dateline-Bangkok 24/04/1992 Kelly falls for a correspondent stationed in Bangkok; Luther is upset because he thinks he's shrinking.
S04E20 If That's Opportunity, Don't Answer 02/05/1992 A network job offer poses Christine a dilemma: to stay in Minnesota with Hayden or move to New York.
S04E21 Frequent Flyers, Crossed Wires 11/05/1992 Hayden and Christine have conflicting commitments when a network premiere party is scheduled the same night as Hayden's sports banquet, at which he hopes to receive the coveted Curly O'Brien award. Out of the confusion arise a pair of resolutions: Christine decides to stay in Minnesota, while Hayden decides to move to New York to be with Christine.
S05E01 To Air is Human 14/09/1992 Hayden wins his first football game of the year and proposes to Christine on his new live television show.
S05E02 Big Brother, Little Brain 21/09/1992 Dauber's relationship with his girlfriend Judy is threatened when he becomes a Big Brother to an 8-year-old.
S05E03 Father of the Year 28/09/1992 Hayden hires Kelly's roommate to act as his daughter when Kelly refuses to attend his Father of the Year banquet.
S05E04 Born Luther 19/09/1992 Luther complains to Hayden about the lack of recognition for his contribution to the team's success -- then must face the media when the team loses.
S05E05 Shirley Burleigh, Girlie Friday 12/10/1992 Howard's wife Shirley comes to work in the athletic department as his temporary secretary and drives him crazy; Luther and Dauber fight to keep their favorite cereal alive.
S05E06 Rizzendough Rendezvous 19/10/1992 Hayden's enthusiasm for fund-raising threatens Luther's romance with wealthy widow Mrs. Rizzendough.
S05E07 Love Me Tender 26/10/1992 Luther reveals his true opinion of Christine following a close brush with death.
S05E08 The Bachelor Party 09/11/1992 Johnny Unitas, Dick Butkus and Bubba Smith upset Luther when they host Hayden's bachelor party.
S05E09 Dresswreckers 14/11/1992 Christine's plans for a perfect wedding go from bad to worse after Luther sets her wedding dress on fire.
S05E10 Vows 23/11/1992 Hayden and Christine marry in her childhood home.
S05E11 The Patriot Bowl 02/12/1992 Hayden's team plays in the Patriot Bowl under horrendous conditions.
S05E12 My True Love Gave To Me... 15/12/1992 Hayden's and Dauber's gifts to the women in their lives accidentally get switched -- and Judy thinks Dauber is proposing to her when she unwraps Christine's ring.
S05E13 The Commercial (1) 05/01/1993 Hayden is set to star in a coffee commercial with Christine, but his part is recast; Luther decides to write a screenplay.
S05E14 The Commercial (2) 12/01/1993 Hayden tries to restrain his jealousy over Christine's on-air romance with her new co-star in the coffee commercial.
S05E15 Buzzy Money 26/01/1993 Hayden is thrilled when Kelly receives a large check from her ex-husband, until he learns her plans for the money.
S05E16 Vegas Odds 02/02/1993 Hayden and Christine impulsively decide to get married while spending the weekend with Luther in Las Vegas.
S05E17 Burden of the Burleighs 16/02/1993 Hayden and Christine are driven crazy when Howard and Shirley decide to become their best friends.
S05E18 The Bigger They Are 23/02/1993 One of Hayden's former football players is forced into early retirement because of a surprising medical problem -- despite his very real knee injuries; the real reason is cancer.
S05E19 Luthario 09/03/1993 Luther begins questioning the relationship when his romance with Lorraine heats up.
S05E20 Dirty Tricks 30/03/1993 Judy threatens to quit coaching at Minnesota State when Hayden plays one last practical joke on her during an important ceremony.
S05E21 About Face 30/04/1993 Hayden tries to convince Christine that she does not need a face-lift to improve her chances in a job search.
S05E22 Why So Happy, Hayden? 11/05/1993 Hayden attempts to recruit Tyler Roberts, the country's top high-school football player from Note Dame.
S05E23 One for the Road 18/05/1993 Hayden and Christine's third attempt to get married includes plans for a wedding in the woods in a church that's due for demolition.
S06E01 Baby on Board? 14/09/1993 Hayden is rattled as he tries to nurse his new team to victory, even as Christine announces she wants to have a baby.
S06E02 Belly of the Beast 21/09/1993 Hayden stands up in court for Luther's defendant dog Quincy, who bit the MSU bandleader; Christine dozes during Hayden's advances.
S06E03 Nice Job If You Can Get It 28/09/1993 Hayden's overactive ego has him convinced that Christine's success is not her own doing.
S06E04 The Luck Stops Here 05/10/1993 Luther and Hayden have vastly different views on the reasons for the team's success.
S06E05 If She Can Make It There... 12/10/1993 Kelly's desire to work in New York upsets Hayden.
S06E06 Uneasy Riders 26/10/1993 Hayden and Dauber buy motorcycles.
S06E07 Piece O' Cake 02/11/1993 Luther, feeling a bit lonely, befriends a boy (Smollett) in need of a father
S06E08 Running On Empty 09/11/1993 Christine gingerly suggests that she and Hayden visit a fertility clinic.
S06E09 It Came From New York 16/11/1993 Kelly, having taken a bite out of the Big Apple, comes home for Thanksgiving a changed woman -- one that Hayden doesn't particularly like.
S06E10 The Playbook 30/11/1993 The playbook falls into enemy hands on the eve of Hayden's biggest game.
S06E11 The Pioneer Bowl 07/12/1993 On the day of the Pioneer Bowl, an accident puts Luther in the hospital with a concussion -- but the team wins the National Championship anyway.
S06E12 Christmas of the Van Damned 14/12/1993 Luther makes a nuisance of himself after tracing his family tree and learning of a large group of Van Dams living in the area.
S06E13 The Babywreckers 04/01/1994 Hayden is rattled when he and Christine agree to watch an infant for the weekend.
S06E14 Coach For a Day (1) 11/01/1994 Luther is offered the job of head football coach at nearby small Aberdeen college.
S06E15 Coach For a Day (2) 18/01/1994 Luther is embarrassed to confess his new job: managing a miniature golf course.
S06E16 My Cup Runneth Over 08/02/1994 Hayden begins wearing a special device to increase his sperm count. As a Valentine's gift he goes on Christine's TV show, where his special device leaks on camera.
S06E17 Like Father, Like Daughter 15/02/1994 Kelly can't attend when Hayden goes to New York to receive the Coach of the Year award.
S06E18 The Devil in Mrs. Burleigh 22/02/1994 While Howard and Hayden are away at a conference, Shirley confides in Christine that she's become attracted to another man.
S06E19 Blue Chip Blues 01/03/1994 The Screaming Eagles try to recruit the nations top QB. The players father roomed with Haden in college. After a one on one conversation with the blue chips QB, the player admits he only plays ball to please his eager father whose own football dreams were crushed by an injury. Haden convinces to give the young perspective time to decide his own life direction.
S06E20 The Stand-In 08/03/1994 Fed up with trying to increase his fertility, Hayden looks into getting a sperm donor -- quarterback Troy Aikman.
S06E21 Something Old, Something New 22/03/1994 An old girlfriend's visit rekindles Dauber's feelings and jeopardizes his relationship with Judy.
S06E22 One of the Guys 05/04/1994 Christine goes fishing with the guys and catches the biggest fish.
S06E23 My Best Friend's Girl 03/05/1994 Hayden and Christine have lukewarm reactions to Luther's outrageously uninhibited date.
S06E24 Goodbye, Mr. Putts 10/05/1994 In this episode Judy and three of the other woman's coaches challenge Hayden, Dauber, Howard and Luther to a game of golf with the winner getting the best athletic parking spots. The only problem for the guys is that Luther is a terrible player, after some argument Hayden finally relents to give Luther a shot against the woman. The men are poised to win on a put by Hayden, but he misses.
S06E25 Head Like a Wheel 17/05/1994 On his 49th birthday, Hayden wants to drive a race car.
S06E26 Coach - The One-Hour Special (1) 24/05/1994 This is an unusual greatest moments episode. The format is an interview with Hayden about his life and work at Minnesota State. In the first of this two part series Mary Hart interviews Hayden about the beginnings of his relationship with Christine. Another unusual part of this episode is its absence of a laugh track, leaving the jokes to push themselves.
S06E27 Coach - The One-Hour Special (2) 24/05/1994 In this second of the two-part interview with Mary Hart, the show explores Hayden's relationships with the other significant people in his life (i.e. Luther, Dauber, Howard, and his daughter). This two-part series is essentially a greatest moments episode from the first six seasons.
S07E01 Pros & Cons 12/09/1994 Hayden is offered a position at an unnamed pro team. He goes to New York to interview for the job. After first finding out about the offer, he doesn't tell Dauber or Luther. Finally he does and everyone becomes excited about a future in the NFL. Unfortunately Hayden is not offered the job. The show ends with Christine and Hayden discussing their unrelenting ambition that leaves them restless in Minnesota.
S07E02 It Should Happen to You 19/09/1994 Hayden hires an image consultant who sets out to make him a superstar.
S07E03 Graceless Under Fire 02/10/1994 Hayden's image consultant Susan Miller gets underfoot when he coaches the team.
S07E04 Judy's Turn 03/10/1994 In this Dauber centered episode, Judy returns from Romania after a trip with the woman's basketball team. Dauber is exited to see her, as it's the longest time they've ever been apart (one month). When Judy arrives, she tells Dauber that she had an affair with a Romanian man named Andre. Judy doesn't feels she can spend her life with Dauber, she breaks their two-year engagement.
S07E05 Above and Beyond the Call of Hayden 16/10/1994 Luther spends more time with Ruthanne and less with Hayden.
S07E06 Inconceivable 17/10/1994 Hayden and Christine have a major marital blowup over her seeming ""impregnability"" and the consequent mechanical nature of their recent love life. Luther gets into an unbelievable car deal with an elderly woman.
S07E07 Jailbirds 24/10/1994 Against Hayden's advice, Christine attends a bachelorette party thrown by Ruthanne and gets into trouble.
S07E08 My Fair Agent 07/11/1994 Hayden blames Christine for his sexist attitude toward an attractive co-worker.
S07E09 Be A Good Sport 19/11/1994 Cuts in the non-football athletic budget force Hayden into a televised debate.
S07E10 Working Girl 27/11/1994 Carter gives Bill Jennings an audition tape of one of his beautiful broadcasting students. Carter intends to replace Christine with a young female host to ""freshen up the show."" Carter's plan backfires as Jennings decides to replace him instead of Christine. In the midst of Hayden's celebration on Carter's firing, Carter shows up to beg Christine to help him get his job back. Christine agrees and the next morning talks with the Jennings to help Carter. In the midst of the meeting Carter bursts into the meeting and with Christine's aid he gets his job back.
S07E11 Out of Control 28/11/1994 An opposing player is badly hurt after Hayden encourages rough play.
S07E12 The Popcorn Bowl 12/12/1994 Just before a big bowl game, a rumor breaks out that Hayden may be taking a job in the pros.
S07E13 Luther and Ruthanne Take the Big 12 Steps 19/12/1994 Luther and Ruthanne try to help each other shed bad habits.
S07E14 Did Someone Call Me Snorer? 09/01/1995 Hayden refuses to go quietly when Christine insists that he head off his snoring problem with a trip to a sleep therapy clinic.
S07E15 Close Encounters of the Worst Kind 16/01/1995 Hayden and Christine agree to work out their marital problems via an anonymous ""encounter weekend"" for couples, but the entire process breaks down for Hayden once Howard and Shirley Burleigh join the group.
S07E16 The Kicker 23/01/1995 A letter from a European prospect inspires Hayden to go on an international recruiting trip -- to a country that's under martial law.
S07E17 The Walk-On 06/02/1995 Hayden refuses to admit that a middle-aged prospect might be too old to play on the team, and becomes his biggest supporter.
S07E18 Call Me Cupid 13/02/1995 A Valentine's Day dinner gives three couples heartburn when Hayden's efforts to fix up a lovelorn Dauber entirely miss their mark.
S07E19 Johnsonwreckers 20/02/1995 Hayden tries to befriend former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson -- but his efforts go to the dogs when Johnson's Super Bowl ring is eaten by Luther's dog.
S07E20 The Day I Met Frank Gifford 28/02/1995 Luther feels left out when Hayden and Christine are invited to New York for a dinner honoring Frank Gifford.
S07E21 Kelly's New Guy (1) 13/03/1995 When Hayden's daughter Kelly brings home new boyfriend Peter, Hayden is appalled to learn that Peter is the same age as Hayden.
S07E22 Kelly's New Guy (2) 20/03/1995 Kelly and Dauber decide to keep their relationship a secret from Hayden, but fate throws a monkey wrench into their plans.
S07E23 Ten Percent of Nothing 04/04/1995 Luther risks losing agent Art Hibke by making a self-arranged promotional appearance without telling Art -- and then refusing to pay his commission, which leads to a crazed dental drilling; Dauber tries a new image.
S07E24 Oh, A Pro Job (1) 03/05/1995 Hayden and Christine go on a Caribbean cruise to get away from it all, but can't seem to steer clear of a wealthy eccentric, who makes a surprising offer.
S07E25 Oh, A Pro Job (2) 10/05/1995 Hayden is tempted by an offer to coach a professional team, but fears that its eccentric owner would make all the big decisions herself.
S07E26 Oh, A Pro Job (2) 10/05/1995 Hayden is tempted by an offer to coach a professional team, but fears that its eccentric owner would make all the big decisions herself.
S08E01 Is It Hot In Here, Or Is It Me? (1) 13/09/1995 (Season premiere) Hayden leaves Minnesota for a new job as coach of an NFL team in Orlando, Florida. When he arrives, he finds that the team's owner has a game plan of her own.
S08E02 Is It Hot In Here, Or Is It Me? (2) 20/09/1995 Hayden tries to win over both Doris and the press while readying the Breakers for their first game.
S08E03 Fool For Lunch 27/09/1995 Luther bites off more than he can chew when he moves into a new apartment -- in a seniors-only community -- and three women compete for his attentions.
S08E04 She's Having Our Baby (1) 17/10/1995 Hayden and Christine decide to try adoption but learn that their ages may complicate the process; a new secretary puts Luther and Dawber under her spell.
S08E05 She's Having Our Baby (2) 24/10/1995 A pregnant women considers the Foxes as prospective adoptive parents for her baby; Luther and Dauber try to win over the rest of the Breakers' coaching staff.
S08E06 Bo Knows 31/10/1995 The Breakers' prospect for winning games seem bleak until Hayden's star quarterback from Minnesota State shows an interest in joining the team.
S08E07 Coach's Cornered 07/11/1995 After Doris fires the hostile host (Bakay) of her TV station's post-game show, she surprises Hayden by taking Luther's suggestion for a replacement: Christine.
S08E08 Turtle World 14/11/1995 Hayden regrets sponsoring Luther's harebrained investment in ""Turtle World"" when he learns that the animals featured in the attraction are dying in captivity.
S08E09 There's Got To Be A Mourning After (1) 21/11/1995 Luther muzzles his true feelings about the death of his beloved dog, Quincy, until Doris offers him some advice.
S08E10 There's Got To Be A Mourning After (2) 28/11/1995 Hayden and Luther try to iron out their differences over Luther's relationship with Doris. Meanwhile, in spite of the team's losing season, the coaching staff perks up.
S08E11 Bye Bye Burleigh (1) 05/12/1995 Hayden fumes when the Burleighs come for a surprise visit and then extend their stay.
S08E12 Bye Bye Burleigh (2) 12/12/1995 While Hayden waffles over helping Howard search for a new job, the coaches see a window of opportunity for scoring their first win of the season.
S08E13 The Tight End 19/12/1995 While Hayden's priority is the Breakers' first game of the season, Doris is concerned with re-signing a handsome washout (Wahlheim) so he can model a line of swimwear endorsed by the team -- and television commentators focus on the team's new sex symbol during a game.
S08E14 Nice Guys Get Cut 02/01/1996 Hayden loses his appetite when Christine invites soon-to-be-fired player Matt Luba over for dinner.
S08E15 Her Boyfriend's Back 26/01/1996 The father (Nelson) of the unborn baby whom Hayden and Christine plan to adopt comes back into Julie's life.
S08E16 The Gardener 06/02/1996 Hayden must confront his inept gardener when all the plants in the yard start to die; but when Hayden fires him, he gets a chilly reception from Luther, who thinks the daffy worker deserved a second chance.
S08E17 Patching Things Up 13/02/1996 Christine needs to cheer up Hayden after a doctor connects his diminished sex drive to ""male menopause.""
S08E18 Save the Wave 20/02/1996 Hayden rallies support for the team after Doris decides to move the Breakers to Los Angeles.
S08E19 Dauber's Vehicle 27/02/1996 Dauber turns a deaf ear to Hayden's advice while choosing a new car, and winds up with a model that he can't afford.
S08E20 Quarantine 12/03/1996 When Luther's pet monkey bites Hayden, he, Howard and the rest of the coaching staff are quarantined for fear of an outbreak of some kind of ""lethal monkey virus.""
S08E21 Van Damn vs. Fox 19/03/1996 When Luther burns himself at Hayden's barbecue, he skewers his host with a multimillion-dollar lawsuit for negligence.
S08E22 Fantasy Camp 02/04/1996 Hayden kicks himself for agreeing to coach at a football ""fantasy camp,"" but Luther and Dauber can't wait to have their team go up against his in the final game.
S08E23 Luther Get Your Gun 30/04/1996 Luther gets a shot at impressing Doris's high-class friends when he claims to be an expert hunter.
S08E24 A Player to be Named Later 07/05/1996 Hayden fears he'll look like a dummy if he fumbles the Breakers' first-choice pick in the NFL draft. Cameos include Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and receiver Keyshawn Johnson.
S08E25 Somebody's Baby 21/05/1996 Adoption complications develop when Julie's father returns.
S09E01 Sleepless in Orlando 28/09/1996 When Christine and baby Timothy both become ill, an exhausted Hayden has too much to do while preparing for an important game.
S09E02 Just Short of the Goal 05/10/1996 When Hayden passes on the chance to write a memoir of his failures with the Breakers, Luther makes a play for writing it himself -- without Hayden's involvement -- then discovers the topic is living with losing.
S09E03 Last Tango in Orlando 12/10/1996 When Doris brings in a gorgeous Brazilian soccer player to play kicker for the Breakers, Hayden is skeptical of his talent, while Luther becomes suspicious of his intentions towards Doris.
S09E04 Isn't It Romantic? 19/10/1996 Hayden's plans for an evening of dinner and dancing go awry when Christine resists leaving their baby at home.
S09E05 We Can Never Die 26/10/1996 Hayden and Christine ask the Burleighs to become Tim's legal guardians, but the eccentric couple's enthusiasm causes the Foxes to reconsider their request.
S09E06 Grimmworld 26/10/1996 Dauber's fairy-tale romance with his new girlfriend (Nicastro) is jeopardized when he begins to suspect that Hayden doesn't approve.
S09E07 In the Money 11/12/1996 When Luther and Doris plan to get married, Howard plans a huge televised half-time wedding for them during the Breakers vs. Niners game. Unfortunately, Luther's new obsession with Doris' money causes some problems.
S09E08 You Win Some, You Lose Some 18/12/1996 When Hayden and Christine made plans to celebrate Christmas in Minnesota, they never believed the Breakers had any chance of making it to the playoffs. But fate is with the team and it looks like Hayden will play the Bills in Buffalo instead of playing Santa to Tim on his first Christmas. Monday Night Football announcers Frank Gifford, Al Michaels and Dan Dierdorf have cameos.
S09E09 Wings Over Buffalo 20/12/1996 On their way to face the Buffalo Bills in a wild-card game, Luther's love of chicken wings saddles the Breakers with a severe case of food poisoning.
S09E10 Somewhere Out There 08/01/1997 In this very special episode which analogizes nine years of relationships between friends and family, Dauber believes he is contacted by aliens, and he considers leaving the Breakers, Orlando and Earth.
S09E11 A Boy and His Doll 22/01/1997 Howard and Shirley give Timothy a doll, but Luther feels the boy should have more masculine influences.
S09E12 The Body Gardener 05/02/1997 When Hayden's former gardener Kenny is fired by the Breakers, the guilt-ridden coach writes him a glowing job recommendation. But Hayden comes to regret that generosity when his words earn Kenny a job as his personal bodyguard.
S09E13 To Ski or Not to Ski 12/02/1997 When Doris invites the whole gang to spend Valentine's Day weekend at a ski resort she's thinking about buying, Hayden helps Christine conquer her fear of the slopes. Meanwhile, Dauber runs into his ex-fiancée Judy, which stirs some unresolved feelings. The gang heads off to a ski resort, where Hayden and Christine go their separate ways after an argument and Dauber spends his time trying to hide from Judy after spotting her in a grocery store.
S09E14 It's a Swamp Thing 19/02/1997 When Hayden, Luther, Dauber and Howard decide to celebrate ""Man Week"" in the Florida Everglades, Doris, Christine and Shirley decide to take a vacation of their own. Meanwhile, having allowed Luther to plan their trip, the men wind up in swamp mud with an alligator.
S09E15 Viva Las Ratings 26/02/1997 Luther plans to ""invest"" his life savings at an Elvis memorabilia auction in Las Vegas, but he gets into a heated bidding war with The Drew Carey Show's Mimi. In the end, Luther and Mimi go from bitter rivals to dance partners in a wild, Elvis-inspired dream sequence set to music.
S09E16 A Fox by Any Other Name 12/03/1997 Hayden recalls how Tim got his name as a result of the coach's mishap with a hospital clerk, which led to a baby-naming contest sponsored by an antagonistic sportswriter.
S09E17 The Stench of Death 26/03/1997 As a reward for the Breakers' successful season, Doris gives the coaches a session with her psychic, but Luther is troubled by the woman's prediction and convinces himself that a defensive tackle Hayden's trying to sign is out to kill him.
S09E18 Baby Coaches 02/04/1997 Hayden's insecurity gets the better of him when an obnoxious mother boasts that her baby girl -- who's just a few days older than Tim -- can already walk and talk. So the coach tries to bring Tim up to speed.
S09E19 Upsized 16/04/1997 Doris promotes Luther, leaving Hayden to find a new defensive coordinator, a job he thinks would be perfect for Dick Butkus -- until the former linebacker shows up and starts taking over.
S09E20 The Neighbor Hood 23/04/1997 Skeptical Hayden warns Christine not to trust the new neighbors.
S09E21 Leaving Orlando (1) 07/05/1997 In the first episode of the three-part series finale, Doris offers Hayden a 17-million-dollar package to stay with the Breakers for 10 years. When Hayden learns there are other teams in the league that want to lure him away, he and Christine plan to sneak off to the cabin to think things over
S09E22 Leaving Orlando (2) 14/05/1997 Hayden, Luther and Dauber return to Minnesota State, where they reminisce about their college-coaching years and see some familiar faces. Later, at the lake with Christine and Tim, Hayden shares his vision of the family's future -- an idea she quickly embraces.
S09E23 Leaving Orlando (3) 14/05/1997 Hayden, Luther and Dauber return to Minnesota State, where they reminisce about their college-coaching years and see some familiar faces. Later, at the lake with Christine and Tim, Hayden shares his vision of the family's future—an idea she quickly embraces.