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If it can be treated one second earlier, the heart might start beating again. If there is one extra helicopter, another life in danger may be saved. If one more life can be saved, the Japanese medical community may regain trust. There are more lives in this country that can be saved. The "Doctor Helicopter" system was legalized in Japan in June 2007. A medical team is dispatched to the patients on a helicopter to provide medical care in the field as soon as possible. One day, four young physicians are assigned to this latest medical system. The doctors experience traumatic medical situations, deal with personal ambitions, witness the fragility of life, and they grow personally and professionally. --Fuji TV


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S01E01 Decision 03/07/2008 The four newbies will be doing "normal" work at the ICU, but they have the aim to right the Doctor Heli. However, only their supervisor decides who will ride on it and he'll base his decision on their skills. While Shiraishi fails to make the right decision on the actual scene, Aizawa can handle the situation. Meanwhile, Hiyama and Fujikawa have to realize that the "normal" work in the hospital is tough and emotionally challenging as well.
S01E02 Responsibility 10/07/2008 Aizawa makes a mistake when he chose a seemingly more interesting case and sent an old woman back home instead that later collapses and falls into coma, leaving Aizawa with feelings of guilt. Hiyama is allowed to get on the Heli, but at the actual scene she cannot do much. Since the seniors are busy, Aizawa comes to help her out. Meanwhile, Fujikawa has to deal with a man that is wearing bras and Shiaishi dealing with a woman with a broken nose that don't want it to be operated.
S01E03 Sudden Change 17/07/2008 Due to several reasons the four trainees will be alone during the night without a senior. A drunken man arrives that needs to have a complicated operation, that Aizawa and Hiyama perform with the help of the other two until a senior finally arrives. At the end of the episode, Shiaishi is allowed on the Heli, replacing Aizawa, who is not sohappy about this turn of events.
S01E04 Mother's Love 24/07/2008 Aizawa's put in charge of a very important task; Fujikawa makes a mistake in the ER; no one seems to be able to identify Shiraishi's patient's odd illness; Dr. Kuroda is unsatisfied with Fujikawa's work, but is having a change of heart regarding Hiyama. Personal histories of the trainees start to unravel.
S01E05 The Past 31/07/2008 A gas pipe explodes in a factory causing over thirty casualties, one of which gets blown against a protruding iron bar. The senior doctors are busy, and the rescue can't help either. Dr. Mitsui's past is catching up with her, causing a stir in the hospital.
S01E06 Unconditional Love 07/08/2008 Aizawa's grandmother is hospitalized and suffers from demence causing her to not recognize her own grandson. Aizawa tried hard to not get emotionally involved to carry on his work properly, but in the end, he breaks down, crying while he takes care for her. Fujikawa gets a patient whose son had cast a curse on him. When all symptomps are alike the spell, he is on the verge of giving up, but Saejima, the nurse, finds out the cause.
S01E07 Confession 14/08/2008 Aizawa's grandmother refuses to eat, so Fujikawa tries his best, but can't bring her to eat. He asks Aizawa to come and spend some time with her, but he rather wants to operate and practise his skills. In the end, however, he visits her, although she still doesn't recognize him. Saejime gets visited by her ex-boyfriend, who is ill and sits in a wheelchair. She breaks up with him as he is a burden to her, though she feels really bad for being that egoistic.
S01E08 Unavoidable Decision 21/08/2008 A whole family keeps the four trainees busy. The mother and daughter are dominant, the grandfather doesn't care about rules (he leaves to take a look at the heli) and the father is calm. The lil girl is all over Aizawa, who grows fond of her too. The two male family members have to undergo an operation leaving their women worrying, but things go well. Shiaishi and Kuroda take the heli, but the scene is still dangerous and Kuroda saves Shiaishi from getting hit by a metal bar which lands on him.
S01E09 Broken Bond 28/08/2008 Aizawa had to amputate Kuroda's arm at the scene and they were re-attaching it again, but with not much hope that he'll be able to use it again. At the same time, Kuroda's son has an accident and was brought to the hospital the heli wehere he had to undergo an operation. While doing so, they saw that the boy has a brain tumor. Shiraishi is struggling with the guilt she feels while Aizawa is worrying if amputation was the right decision.
S01E10 Wavering Heart 04/09/2008 Shiaishi hands in her resignation, but the boss doesn't accept it. When she goes to Kuroda to excuse, a patient's constitution gets worse and she has to perform an emergency operation with Kuroda supervising her. Hiyama, Aizawa and Mitsui get a pregnant woman and although it's dangerous decide to rescue the mother and the child. The ep ends with Hiyama, Aizawa and Shiaishi arriving at a scene of a mass accident with lots of injured.
S01E11 Life and Death 11/09/2008 In the final episode of the season, the four trainees have to fight to keep the victims of the accident. They manage to save several lives, but also loose some. Fujikawa is allowed to use the heli for the first time. They all show that they are able to give their best in complicated situations and were acknowledged by their seniors.
S01E12 Special 00/00/0000 The four trainees are back and immediately have to deal with another huge accident. They all head to the scene (on heli, of course) where they try to rescue as many people as possible. Although Kuroda quit, he appears at the scene and helps his trainees to carry out complicated operations on scene. Hiyama falls from the train and is discovered unconciousness by Kuroda, who reanimates her and transports her back to the hospital where she undergoes an operation.
S02E01 Miracle of Holy Night 11/01/2010 The four trainees are back, with a new supervisor who was hired to judge if they pass or if they still need training. This time, Aizawa rescues a child that was lying in the water for more than half an hour. He managed to reanimate him, but they don't know how much damage his brain suffered. Hiyama seems to start having problems with her heart and Saejima lives in her bitter-sweet relationship with her not curable boyfriend.
S02E02 Own way 18/01/2010 Hiyama is still suffering from her heart operation and wonders if she should let her heart be tested. Shiaishi tries to fly with the heli more that the other ones, never forgetting what Dr. Kuroda told her. Fujikawa has to realize that he also cannot save everyone when he loses someone on the scene after trying his best. What beats him the most is that if Aizawa had been on the heli, he might have been able to rescue the man. However, Aizawa tells him, that he also lost people this week.
S02E03 Truth and lies 25/01/2010 A huge accident happened at a train station. Shiaishi is in charge for the tagging while all the other senior doctors and Aizawa are needed for 3 people that crashed on the stairs, a ski sticking through the body of the two people on top. There is only the possibility to save two out of three. Hiyama decides for an operation on her heart. At the end of the episode, Aizawa's father seems to be alive.
S02E04 Bygone days 01/02/2010 Hiyama discovers that Shiaishi had done a mistake in the previous night duty that was life threatening for a patient. She is told by her boss to take a break once in a while and Hiyama tells her that she shouldn't take all the work on her, but that they can do it together. A bit later, they perform a surgery together as none of the seniors is available which strengthens their bond. Aizawa has to deal with a young girl who's pregnant but doesn't want to have the baby.
S02E05 Lovers 08/02/2010 This episode was about the death of Saejima's boyfriend who was once a doctor too and her tutor, but suffered from an illness that wasn't curable. He refrained from treatments that would extend his life, so he left his body to die out of its own will. However, when it happened, Saejima was on flight with the heli. Aizawa was dealing with a 7 year old child out of the orphanage. Due to his own history he was able to understand her and gain her trust.
S02E06 Secret 15/02/2010 A brain dead child is lying in the ICU and it's Hiyama's task to inform the mother and ask her to sign and give the okay to stop the machines. However, Hiyama gets too much involved (emotionally) and removes the breathing tube, causing the boy to die. The uncle of the boy is therefore talking to a lawyer. Aizawa talks to his father and has to get to know that his mother committed suicide because she didn't want to raise him anymore and Shiraishi learns that her father has lung cancer.
S02E07 Guilt 22/02/2010 Hiyama's situation gets worse. The uncle brings the case up in front of the court and she gets suspended from working on a patient. Aizawa goes to have a talk with his father, wnating to know more about his mom, but leaves his dad furiously. Seajima forgets to pack an important tool into the bag on the heli, which brings some trouble to Aizawa and Shiraishi. Fujikawa tries his best to help her out of her gloomy thougts and slowly manages to break through her shell.
S02E08 Reason 01/03/2010
S02E09 Wounds of the Heart 08/03/2010 After injuring his spine, a skier has to abandon the sport. A business woman goes from a simple fall off her bike to a brain tumor operation.
S02E10 Crossroads 15/03/2010 Dr. Saijo has to perform a delicate operation on chief Tadokoro; Hiyama still hasn't recovered fully from her almost-lawsuit; Fujikawa sees a familiar face on location. A request for Doctor Heli comes in; there's been a plane crash.
S02E11 Graduation ~ Definition of Miracle 22/03/2010 As safety has been confirmed at the plane crash site, the doctors can finally go and examine the wounded; it's another harsh location to work in. The trainees reach the evaluation day; whoever passes has to decide on their post-graduation specialization.

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