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L’histoire nous fait suivre Sakura Sakurakoji, lycéenne experte en arts martiaux et un mystérieux étudiant fraîchement transféré du nom de Rei Ogami. Rei est membre de l’Eden, une organisation gouvernementale agissant dans l’ombre, dont le but apparent est de faire respecter l’ordre. Il utilise son pouvoir pour éliminer tous ceux qui échappent à la Justice.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Code:Breaker

S01E01 Le Jugement d’un Dieu grandiose 07/10/2012 One rainy night, high school student Sakura Sakurakoji sees people being burned alive. At school the next day, she meets new transfer student Rei Ogami, the boy she believes was with the burning people. Sakura then resolves to uncover Rei's involvement.
S01E02 Le feu bleu de la spirale qui explose 14/10/2012 Sakura wakes up in her own bedroom after being found outside the night before. Fearful of Ogami, she becomes protective of Aoba, who mistakes Sakura's actions for unfriendliness. Sakrura calls Ogami out to get to the bottom of the events in the park.
S01E03 La fureur du courage / le marteau sculpté 21/10/2012 Ogami and Sakura walk to school together, so that they can keep a mutual eye on each other. Not everyone is happy with the attention Sakura is paying Ogami, however. Later, Sakura accompanies Ogami to one of his jobs, and is surprised by what she sees.
S01E04 Le cri de guerre 28/10/2012 Ogami is given his next assignment by the Eden council. Toki picks up Sakura to walk to school, claiming that he is Ogami's friend. Ogami catches up, and starts fighting with Toki, but Sakura stops them both. Toki tours Sakura and Ogami's school.
S01E05 Le festin des souhaits 04/11/2012 Ogami, Toki, and Sakura attempt to infiltrate a government-run facility, and encounter two large men with their own special abilities. They locate Diet member Tabata, their target, and are about to carry out their mission when a new secret is revealed.
S01E06 Lost one 11/11/2012 Toki has a breakfast meeting with the Prime Minister. On their way to school, Sakura and Ogami run into Rui Hachioji, who has a message for Ogami. Sakura urges Ogami to open up and befriend the others in their class, but the class has a surpise of its own.
S01E07 Sakura, dans la lumière 18/11/2012 As Ogami lies unconscious, Heike and Kanda fill Sakura in on their Code: Breaker roles. Sakura invites everyone to her house to stay out of danger while Ogami recovers. The remaining Code: Breakers also meet up there, when they get an uninvited visitor.
S01E08 Le Roi et le soldat, l’enfant et la maison 25/11/2012 In the aftermath of Hitomi's visit, Toki runs off by himself, while the others put their heads together to figure out what Hitomi's objective was. For different reasons, both Sakura and her parents reaveal to Ogami how important their family is to them.
S01E09 Le temps stoppé 02/12/2012 The Code: Breakers believe that Hitomi is behind the explosions throughout the city. They receive an anonymous message informing them of Hitomi's location. Ogami rushes to the site hoping to find Sakura there as well, but finds an unexpected surprise.
S01E10 Le monde que voient les gens 09/12/2012 Hitomi is made a Code: Breaker at the age of 16, and works for the organization for over a decade. As his allies fall in the line of duty, he reminds himself that he is working to create a world where children can laugh. Then a shocking secret is revealed.
S01E11 Les cinquante mille otages 16/12/2012 The Code: Breaker team discovers where the bombs are planted. There are too many of them to deal with, but between the police, the Kizakura-gumi gang, and Yuki, they do their best to deal with them. Meanwhile, Ogami heads to Sky Tower to confront Hitomi.
S01E12 Le démon, le dieu, les gens et Sakura qui observe 23/12/2012 Toki arrives at the rooftop where the Prime Minister is being held. Oji and Yukihina fight for the custody of the children with special abilities. Inside Sky Tower, Hitomi fights Ogami to a standstill, and threatens to fulfil his plans to change the world.
S01E13 Le dieu et la fleur qui éclot 23/12/2012 Heike is astounded by the full extent of his Ogami's capabilities, as Ogami and Hitomi engage in a final showdown. Hitomi reveals why he had no choice but to carry out his plan, and swears vengeance against the Prime Minister. Sakura says her goodbyes.
S00E01 code:extra 1,2,3 & Plus 1 17/12/2012
S00E02 code:100 & extra HANAMI & Plus 2 15/02/2013
S00E03 code:4koma Special Theater 17/04/2013

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