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Go Eun Chan, l'héroine qui est âgée de 24 ans, est ce que l'on pourrait qualifier de garçon manqué à tel point qu'énormément de personnes la prenne pour un mec. Il faut dire que pour elle la vie n'est pas facile. Afin de survenir aux besoins de sa famille, la jeune fille travaille d'arrache pied pour y arriver, entre livreuse de lait, coursier, et prof de Taekwondo, ses journées sont très chargées. De plus son apparence peu soignée et ses cheveux à la garçonne ne font pas d'elle une vraie jeune fille... C'est pour cette raison que Choi Han Kyul, fils d'une très riche famille, est persuadé que c'est un homme. Et quand ses parents décident qu'il est temps qu'il se marie, et lui donnent des rendez vous arranger, il décide d'embaucher Eun Chan, qui a énormément besoin d'argent, afin d'en faire son amant et faire en sorte de faire courir la rumeur qu'il est gay... Cela amène son lot de complication : ils ne s'apprécient guère, le jeune garçon n'est en réalité qu'une jeune fille, et bien sur bien d'autres complications qui vont venir pimenter leur folle aventure...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Coffee Prince

S01E01 First Cup 02/07/2007 Eun-chan supports her family by working two jobs; as Taekwondo instructor and food delivering girl. While making a delivery, she meets Han-gyeol. Han-gyeol is the grandson of chairwoman Bang of Dongin Foods, a company that has a thriving coffee business. Han-gyeol is a smart young man but he is fiercely independent and abhors the thought of being tied down by one career in his life. Sporting a short haircut, Eun-chan looks like a guy instead of a girl. Meanwhile, Chairwoman Bang arranges blind dates for her grandson Han-gyeol to see him settle down.
S01E02 Second Cup 03/07/2007 Hyan Gyul still thinking she's a man, asks Eun Chan to pretend to be his "gay lover". She agrees to only show up on his blind dates. Hyan Gyul's grandmother owns a coffee shop and she forces him to visit it with here, and then she reveals his new assignment.
S01E03 Third Cup 09/07/2007 Han Kyul is forced to take over the Coffee Prince shop by his grandmother, and he enlists Eun Chan's help.
S01E04 Fourth Cup 10/07/2007 It is the grand opening for Coffee Prince, but business is harder to bring in than they expected.
S01E05 Fifth Cup 16/07/2007 The Coffee Princes head out to the countryside for their first team-building retreat, but one more person learns of Eun Chan's secret.
S01E06 Sixth Cup 17/07/2007 Eun Chan goes on her first "date" with Han Sung. Han Kyul struggles with his unexpected feelings for Eun Chan.
S01E07 Seventh Cup 23/07/2007 Han Kyul fires Eun Chan, which affects them, and all of the other Princes, more than either of them care to admit.
S01E08 Eighth Cup 24/07/2007 Still confused, Han Kyul proposes that he and Eun Chan become sworn brothers.
S01E09 Ninth Cup 30/07/2007 Han Kyul and Eun Chan celebrate their momentary bliss of brotherhood, but it is quickly shattered.
S01E10 Tenth Cup 31/07/2007 As the Coffee Prince Concert quickly approaches, the relationships between Eun Chan and Han Kyul, and Yoo Joo and Han Sung begin to fall apart.
S01E11 Eleventh Cup 06/08/2007 Eun Chan wishes to reveal her true identity. Yoo Joo receives an offer from the States that threatens her relationship with Han Sung.
S01E12 Twelfth Cup 07/08/2007 Betrayed on all sides, Han Kyul hesitates on forgiving Eun Chan. Meanwhile, Yoo Joo prepares to leave for New York.
S01E13 Thirteenth Cup 13/08/2007 Han Kyul and Eun Chan enjoy the "honeymoon phase" of their relationship, despite their awareness that he might leave for the States in a month.
S01E14 Forteenth Cup 14/08/2007 Eun Chan is introduced to Han Kyul's family as his new girlfriend. Yoo Joo tells Han Sung that she is expecting.
S01E15 Fifteenth Cup 20/08/2007 Yoo Joo and Han Sung's wedding makes Han Kyul more anxious to marry Eun Chan.
S01E16 Sixteenth Cup 21/08/2007 Han Kyul's grandmother is in the hospital, but that doesn't stop her from meddling in his relationship with Eun Chan.
S01E17 Final Cup 27/08/2007 On her last day at work, Eun-chan says bye to her coworkers who she got to know so well. When she sees the nametag she always wore at work, Eun-chan gets emotional. Min-yeob, Ha-rim, and Seok-ki give a mirror and cosmetics to Eun-chan as farewell gifts. When Eun-chan reads a touching letter from Ha-rim, tears well up in her eyes. On the day Eun-chan leaves for Italy, Han-gyeol decides not to see her off at the airport because he feels like he’ll stop her from going. The baristas at the Coffee Prince cafe feel like the place is empty without Eun-chan. Eun-chan tells Han-gyeol she loves him as she leaves Korea.
S00E01 Special 28/08/2007

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