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Colt .45 (also known as The Colt Cousins) was an American Western series loosely based on the 1950 Warner Bros. film of the same name Christopher Colt was apparently a gun salesman but was in fact a government agent tracking down notorious bad guys.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Colt .45

S01E01 Judgement Day (The Peacemaker) 18/10/1957 Gun salesman Christopher Colt arrives in Cottonwood, Arizona, ready to sell his new line of guns, but a young missionary gets on his case for helping contribute to the culture of violence in the west.
S01E02 A Time To Die 25/10/1957 Returning a prisoner through the desert, Chris gets overpowered by the man's accomplices and is left to die without a horse or water.
S01E03 The Three Thousand Dollar Bullet 01/11/1957 A wanted man Chris is after gets shot down in a saloon after he shoots another man. Three men then try to claim the reward for the criminal. Chris pretends to be the dead man's friend, but things get tense when someone in town recognizes him.
S01E04 Gallows At Granite Gap 08/11/1957 Chris captures the notorious outlaw The Comanche Kid in Granite Gap. The townspeople are bound and determined to hang him, but an elderly woman believes that the Kid is her long-long son.
S01E05 Small Man 15/11/1957 Chris encounters an apparent tenderfoot who never seems to lose a gunfight.
S01E06 Final Payment 22/11/1957 Chris and a pal go undercover to expose two crooks who are defrauding the government
S01E07 One Good Turn 29/11/1957 Chris steps in when a gang of renegades begin terrorizing a small Mexican village.
S01E08 Last Chance 06/12/1957 Planning to go on a hunting trip with a sheriff pal, Chris gets interrupted by a woman who claims she witnessed a murder.
S01E09 Young Gun 13/12/1957 A vengeful youth cons Chris into selling him a gun so that he can hunt down the outlaw who killed his father during a bank robbery.
S01E10 Rebellion 20/12/1957 The only clue for a secessionist conspiracy is a peso bill marked with a black cross.
S01E11 The Gypsies 27/12/1957 When a lawman's gal runs off with a gypsy chief it's up to Chris to soothe things over.
S01E12 Sign In The Sand 03/01/1958 Chris and another government agent are assigned to protect an Army payroll shipment from an outlaw gang.
S01E13 The Mirage 10/01/1958 It's Chris Colt to the rescue when Army renegades begin terrorizing a Mexican village.
S01E14 Blood Money 17/01/1958 An outlaw offers to give himself up provided Chris give the $500 reward to his galpal who needs an operation to save her life.
S01E15 Dead Reckoning 24/01/1958 Chris impersonates a notorious robber in order to find out when and where a large robbery is supposed to take place.
S01E16 Decoy 31/01/1958 Chris goes after outlaws who stole his sample of firearms.
S01E17 Rare Specimen 07/02/1958 Undercover government agent Chris Colt is wounded during a train robbery. A woman passenger uses a piece of needlework to patch up his bullet-torn jacket and this piece of fabric provides a valuable clue later on.
S01E18 Mantrap 14/02/1958
S01E19 Ghost Town 21/02/1958 On the trail of a bandit and his galpal, Chris finds that he has some competition in the girl's father.
S01E20 Golden Gun 28/02/1958 Gunfighter Frank Wilson arrives in the town his son is living in. He is challenged to a gunfight at the bar, reluctantly kills the challenger and then collapses. The doctor says it's only a matter of time before Wilson dies. His son, Frank Wilson, Jr., is using an alias as he is ashamed of his father's reputation. Colt tells Frank Jr. of his father's condition and he visits his father just before he dies, bequeathing him his golden gun and a map as to where he hid $50,000 in stolen money. Frank, Jr. is challenged to a gunfight, wins and decides to leave town with his girlfriend. She will not leave if he keeps the $50,000. He enlists Colt's aid to find the money and turns it in to the Marshal, asking him to spread the story that Frank Wilson, Jr. is dead.
S01E21 Circle Of Fear 07/03/1958 Chris and six others take refuge in a desert pass after their stagecoach is attacked by Apaches.
S01E22 Split Second 14/03/1958
S01E23 Point Of Honor 21/03/1958
S01E24 The Deserters 28/03/1958
S01E25 The Manbuster 04/04/1958
S01E26 Long Odds 11/04/1958
S02E01 The Escape 05/04/1959
S02E02 Dead Aim 12/04/1959
S02E03 The Magic Box 19/04/1959
S02E04 The Confession 26/04/1959
S02E05 The Man Who Loved Lincoln 03/05/1959
S02E06 The Sanctuary 10/05/1959
S02E07 The Saga Of Sam Bass 17/05/1959
S02E08 Amnesty 24/05/1959
S02E09 The Pirate 31/05/1959
S02E10 Law West Of The Pecos 07/06/1959
S02E11 Don't Tell Joe 14/06/1959
S02E12 Return To El Paso 21/06/1959
S02E13 Night Of Decision 28/06/1959
S03E01 Queen Of Dixie 04/10/1959
S03E02 The Reckoning 11/10/1959
S03E03 The Devil's Godson 18/10/1959
S03E04 The Rival Gun 25/10/1959
S03E05 The Hothead 01/11/1959
S03E06 A Legend Of Buffalo Bill 08/11/1959
S03E07 Yellow Terror 15/11/1959
S03E08 Tar And Feathers 22/11/1959
S03E09 Alias Mr. Howard 06/12/1959
S03E10 Calamity 13/12/1959
S03E11 Under False Pretenses 10/01/1960
S03E12 Impasse 31/01/1960
S03E13 Arizona Anderson 14/02/1960
S03E14 The Cause 28/02/1960
S03E15 Phantom Trail 13/03/1960
S03E16 Breakthrough 27/03/1960
S03E17 Chain Of Command 05/04/1960
S03E18 Alibi 12/04/1960
S03E19 Absent Without Leave 19/04/1960
S03E20 Strange Encounter 26/04/1960
S03E21 Trial By Rope 03/05/1960
S03E22 The Gandy Dancers 10/05/1960
S03E23 Martial Law 17/05/1960
S03E24 Attack 24/05/1960
S03E25 Bounty List 31/05/1960
S03E26 Appointment In Agoura 07/06/1960
S03E27 Showdown At Goldtown 14/06/1960
S03E28 The Trespasser 21/06/1960