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truTV is about to take a very different look at the pawn business in this all new series! Go behind the scenes at Gun Plus, a unique pawn store that specializes in weapons and military-inspired collectables.


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S01E00 00/00/0000
S01E01 Sniper Rifle Challenge 15/07/2012 In the premiere of this series chronicling the goings-on at a pawn shop that specializes in weapons and military items in Fort Bragg, N.C., a wounded soldier wants his sniper rifle customized so that it can be fired from his wheelchair.
S01E02 Shoot House 22/07/2012 A possible security threat has the staff on alert and leads to a run-in between a manager and a salesman; a combat-vet-turned-gunsmith brings in his first handmade rifle; a father wants to purchase his 7-year-old daughter's first firearm.
S01E03 Engraved Gun 29/07/2012 Owner Chris promises a special engraving on a gun for the wife of a soldier; Ethan tries to close a deal on a rare machine gun; and a jilted lover wants to unload a tricked-out Bushmaster rifle so he can blow town.
S01E04 Warhorse Knife 05/08/2012 Bernard reconnects with a long-lost treasure but fears it might not be his at the end of the day; the appearance of a rare palm pistol triggers a bidding war; trash talk at the shop reaches a tipping point.
S01E05 Wounded Warriors 12/08/2012 The staff join in a big shoot-out with the Wounded Warriors, a group of injured vets, and the day ends with Martin being challenged by the ace Warrior sharpshooter.
S01E06 Machine Gun Challenge 19/08/2012 Chris is spitting bullets after learning that Ethan bought a rare Browning machine gun that doesn't work, but gunsmith Josh goes to work on it hoping to score a big profit for the store and pull his coworker out of the wringer.
S01E07 LeMat Revolver 26/08/2012 The store is offered to buy a rare Confederate army revolver; a 150-year-old civil war relic or a brilliantly engineered fake.

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