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Come Date With Me is the dating version of the successful UK and Australian reality competition program, Come Dine with Me and features six groups of hopeful singles with each group appearing for five episodes. The Come Date With Me week begins with one ‘feature’ girl who has been matched to five single guys. They are all invited to her home for a dinner party, and she meets them for the first time at her front door. At the end of this first night she must eliminate one of her bachelors from the competition. For the rest of the week, the remaining four guys take it in turns to host a dinner party in the evening, taking the ‘feature’ girl out on a date during the day. She scores the dates and the dinner parties out of 10 but keeps the scores to herself. At the end of the week the ‘feature’ announces the winner, who receives $1,000 cash to take her on a luxury date. Across the series, we see three girls and three guys become the ‘feature’, each being chased by five members of the opposite sex. Although the participants are all serious about finding a partner, it’s meant to be a fun process. The ‘matches’ are naturally competitive with each other in a good-humoured way, and sabotage at a rivals dinner party table is encouraged. Some take it more seriously than others! The Come Date With Me narration style is cheeky and irreverent, but serious dating and relationships issues are discussed as the groups gets more comfortable with each other across the week. What the ‘feature’ has to work out with all this dinner party chatter, and dating action, is who is he/she most compatible with and who is genuinely looking for romance. The ‘feature’ can change one of the scores at any time if she/he has a valid reason. This keeps the jeopardy across the week as to who will be chosen on the final night. There’s no reason you can’t meet the ‘love of your life’ on a TV reality show!!


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S01E01 Episode 1 08/12/2013 Single wine salesman Janoah has been known to enjoy a night out or two, but at 26 he's decided its time to find the right girl and settle down. With five single ladies coming around for dinner tonight Janoah is hoping to find the one.
S01E02 Episode 2 09/12/2013 Danielle M has mapped her day out with military precision. She is the first single lady to take Janoah on a one-on-one date, before hosting a dinner party for all five of them in her apartment. Will Janoah get along with Danielle M?
S01E03 Episode 3 10/12/2013 It's lingerie waitress, Dana's turn for her one-on-one date with Janoah and takes him out on the water on a luxury speed boat which he loves. Dana's dinner party however, does not go as planned!
S01E04 Episode 4 11/12/2013 Scarlette is out to try and impress Janoah and decides that a kiss on the first date is the way to go! Will Janoah think the same way? Scarlette's pink themed party which ends in a game of Charades starts well, but who spoils the fun?
S01E05 Episode 5 12/12/2013 Danielle B has been the quiet one all week but thinks her laid back approach will win him in the end. Dani's one-on-one date with Janoah is an art drawing class with a difference. How will he react and who will he choose as the winner?
S01E06 Episode 6 16/12/2013 29-year-old Sarah calls herself a "couture chef" catering for private dinner parties for the rich and famous. She is hosting five bachelors who are out to impress, who will make it through to the one-on-one dates?
S01E07 Episode 7 16/12/2013 Project engineer Mantas is the first of the bachelors to take Sarah on a one-on-one date then cook a meal for her and the other bachelors. How will his roller blading date and dinner party hosting fair with Sarah?
S01E08 Episode 8 17/12/2013 Plumber Matthew is a bit concerned he needs to make up ground after his argument with Sarah the night before about country music. Will his archery planned date and pin the tail on the donkey dinner party pay off?
S01E09 Episode 9 18/12/2013 Matt sets up a date with Sarah at a pottery class and plans a French themed dinner party followed by some yoga. However, someone is out to spoil the night and get close to Sarah.
S01E10 Episode 10 20/12/2013
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