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Brand new British comedy pilots from BBC Three.


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S255E01 Dead Air 13/07/2015 A respected late-night radio DJ is unexpectedly given an opportunity to inherit the coveted breakfast slot. Should he sell out now he has a shot at the big time, or should he maintain his integrity? His entourage includes an idiot best friend, a career-threatening agent, a highly strung producer and an irritatingly successful rival radio DJ.
S255E02 Sunny D 13/07/2015 Dane is 29, ambitious, frustrated and very funny. He still lives with his parents, in a crammed box room which he shares with his mum's cleaning equipment. He is a twin, which guarantees that any affection, support and enjoyment in his home life has always been split in half. Alongside his twin sister Kadean, Dane's nemesis is his boss Steve, who represents everything that Dane is determined to escape from. Dane needs his salary if he is ever going to break away from his privacy-free home life, but he is desperate to follow his dream. Driven on by personal ambition, the support of his girlfriend Nicola and best friend Sam, today could finally be the day when everything is about to change.
S255E03 Radges 13/07/2015 Sitcom pilot set in a pupil referral unit for out-of-control kids. Mab, Lauren and Kieran try to negotiate being 'weirdos' in smalltown Scotland. Mab deals with trying to get a new boyfriend before getting rid of the old one, while Lauren tries to shake off unwanted attention from the scary Erin.
S255E04 Fishbowl 13/07/2015 After just one term at university, Hattie has lost all her money to an online casino and is in debt to her drug dealer. So naturally, concerned parents Phil and Ramona bring her home to keep an eye on her while she recovers. But despite Ramona confiscating Hattie's keys, phone and shoes and despite Phil's unmistakable delight at having his only daughter and best friend back home, Hattie is determined to escape. Phil and Ramona aren't the only ones who are glad to have Hattie home. Childhood friend and not-so-secret admirer Vincent feared he'd lost Hattie to higher education while honorary uncle, 'Uncle' Les, sees in Hattie a potential ally in escaping the lovingly suburban clutches of their cul-de-sac. As if parental love wasn't bad enough, back at uni Hattie's former drug dealer is now threatening her best friend Sophie. It's time for Hattie to make a break for it. And if that means seducing Vincent, humouring Les, lying to Phil and matching wits with Ramona, it can't be any worse than the alternative - staying at home with the people who love you more than anyone else in the whole world.
S255E05 People Time 13/07/2015 Sketch show from seven writer-performers, all playing a colourful cast of quirky characters. Featuring Jamie Demetriou, Natasia Demetriou, Daran Johnson, Claudia O'Doherty, Alastair Roberts, Ellie White and Liam Williams.
S255E06 Funz and Gamez 13/07/2015 Unique new entertainment show where the laughs are more important than the prizes. Lots of happy families join Phil and his gang in a series of simple but somewhat twisted games and challenges, all played out in front of the studio audience. Ably assisted by Bonzo the Dog, Jim the Elf and the rather more unsavoury Uncle Mick, Phil surprises unsuspecting audience members and even treats one lucky family to a surprise holiday. But what will they have to go through to get there?
S255E07 Ackee & Saltfish 30/11/2016 Rachel is horrified when she finds that Olivia has brought home a new addition to the household - Gertrude the cat. Especially when it turns out Olivia's not been completely honest about where she found her...
S255E08 OtherwOrld 20/07/2014 Aliens, mismatched pandas and a blow-up doll collide in an explosion of comedy, combining puppets with some of the funniest comedy talent in this dimension. An alien parasite and his reluctant human host, Matthew present a tourist broadcast from a parallel world in an attempt to entice us to their planet, the OtherwOrld. On a whistle-stop tour, we are introduced to Su and Cha Cha, two pandas caught up in an interspecies love triangle, a dirty old wardrobe and Popcorn, an Evil henchmen’s cat with a hairball problem. Between each sketch, whilst the alien extolls the wonders of his planet, Matthew attempts to warn us of the true misery of living with an alien inside of you. Unfortunately for him, his alien companion is more than happy to give him a firm kick in the kidneys (from the inside) to keep him in check. Sketch comedy from another planet … Welcome to OtherwOrld.
S255E09 Jenny Bede: AAA 24/10/2014 Comedian Jenny Bede presents Access All Areas - the new pop show which has all the latest music news, pop videos and star guests. On this show - we have a sneak preview of a new collaboration between pop princess Miley Cyrus and British indie folksters Mumford and Sons. Jenny goes behind the scenes on Nikki Minaj's controversial new kids tv show 'Lil Nickeez'. Studio guest Taylor Swift performs her new single 'Screw You". Peter Andre waxes lyrical about his musical heroes and in music news Jenny unveils Beyonce's scrapped music videos and warns viewers about Prince popping up in unexpected places.

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