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From the producers of the hit series Intervention comes a new one-of-a-kind series, Animal Planet's CONFESSIONS: ANIMAL HOARDING, an unflinchingly honest look at a human condition that affects people and animals. Animal hoarding is defined as a compulsive need to possess and control animals. It has no official psychological diagnosis or treatment and, in most cases, the problem is not addressed until it becomes a crime...until now.


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S01E01 Bonnie and Don 21/07/2010 Bonnie refuses to let her many dogs go outside, creating disgusting, unsanitary conditions in her home. Don's living conditions and life has worsened from acquiring thirty cats, so his wife now lives in their daughter's home.
S01E02 Janice and J.D. 28/07/2010 Janice has acquired so many dogs and cats that her current husband stops supporting her, her health suffers, and her family has to intervene. After a difficult childhood, J.D. has developed an addiction to saving animals, which is ruining her relationship with Patty.
S01E03 Lolette and Robin 04/08/2010 Robin has been taking in lots of pets and hoarding objects so much that her relationship with her husband suffers. She is depressed that her daughters are moving away from her. Lolette runs a cat shelter that has over 300 cats. Unfortunately, disease is spreading, so many of the cats are sick.
S01E04 Lauren and Jack 11/08/2010 A newlywed turns her house into an animal rescue when her Marine husband is deployed to Afghanistan, while a man is trapped in his house by a growing pack of feral dogs. 20-year-old Lauren's new home is overrun by stray animals. Her Marine husband is coming home next month and he doesn't know that the dogs have destroyed the house. Jack has become a slave to the care of his 45 feral dogs. Wracked by depression, he slips deeper into despair, as his family grows concerned.
S01E05 Flossie and Christine 18/08/2010 Two women feel compelled to rescue unwanted animals, while leading dramatically different lives. A mother spends tens of thousands of dollars in veterinary bills to care for her growing menagerie. A convenience store clerk is being driven to destitution by her house full of dogs, cats, pigs and a raccoon. In both cases, family members are deeply concerned that the situation has grown dangerously out of control.
S01E06 Jackie and Shelley 25/08/2010 A couple turns over their new house to 80 pet cats; a woman has a houseful of exotic birds.
S02E01 Chickens In My Home 14/01/2011 A retired Army linguist has filled his house with 158 roosters and hens. A popular waitress is fired because she reeks of cat urine.
S02E02 Chihuahua Nightmare 21/01/2011 A 27 year olds future in nursing is jeopardized by a growing hoard of dogs and cats. When a man's emotionally traumatized family moves in with him, he retreats into a hoard of Chihuahuas.
S02E03 Too Many Pitbulls 28/01/2011 A single dad believes he's on a mission from God to save pit bulls and a woman tries to stop her stubborn mother's cat hoarding before she ends up homeless. Follow Shane and Sharon as they come to grips with the perils of hoarding animals.
S02E04 82 Dogs and Counting 04/02/2011 A woman with more than 70 dogs refuses to see how they’re hurting her husband while a mom’s exotic bird collection gets between her and her daughter. Explore the worlds of Carolyn and Cynthia and their menagerie of pets.
S02E05 Trapped By Cats 11/02/2011 An eccentric loner faces jail time for refusing to give up dozens of mangy dogs. A mother uses a hoard of cats to keep her 26-year-old daughter from leaving home. Peer into the lives of Matthew and Vera.
S02E06 Big Dog Crisis 18/02/2011 A heartbroken man replaces his lost wife with a herd of Mastiffs. A woman's need to keep a houseful of stray animals pushes her marriage to the breaking point. Follow Ray and Donna's stories of loss and loss of control.
S02E07 80 Cats and a Baby 25/02/2011 A couple's desire to have a baby is threatened by their 80 cats and an elderly woman's struggle with alcohol turns into an obsession with stray cats. Can Carol and Mary overcome their animal hoarding? Tune in to find out.
S02E08 Addicted to Animals 04/03/2011 A mom's 37 cats drive her 13-year-old daughter to move in with the neighbors. A father must choose between his 13-year-old daughter and his cat-obsessed girlfriend. Find out if Flower and Christi can keep their families together while overcoming their addictions.
S02E09 Drowning in Cats 18/03/2011 An animal addict mom is on the verge of losing her teenage daughter while fishermen joins forces to save an animal hoarding deckhand. See how Dawn and Lloyd face the reality of their animal hoarding.
S02E10 She Gets My Goat 25/03/2011 An ex-addict becomes overly obsessed with rodents and reptiles and a woman's herd of goats and pit bulls pushes a family to the brink of foreclosure. Find out if Shane and Jean can gain control of their animal obsessions.
S03E01 Deadly Snakes in My Bedroom 24/08/2011 A man fills his bedroom with venomous snakes. A retired lawyer must choose between her husband - and her 250 lovebirds.
S03E02 My Truck's Filled with Dogs 31/08/2011 A hoard of over 130 rabbits have chewed a home to shreds. A man has begun living in his pickup truck to keep his 13 dogs from being seized
S03E03 Cats in My Freezer 07/09/2011 A 27-year-old who cleans obsessively - and keeps dead cats in her freezer. A family is shattered when mom picks pets over kids.
S03E04 Zoo in My Basement 14/09/2011 A street minister keeps a flock of over 150 pets in the basement of his home. A 22-year-old girl drops out of nursing school so she can dedicate her life to rescuing dogs.
S03E05 My Cat's are Killing My Daughter 21/09/2011 A mother faces the most painful choice of her life: her daughter's health or her beloved kittens. A chef's 60+ cats have destroyed his house - and are about to ruin his marriage
S03E06 Ghost Hunter Hoarder 30/12/2011 A ghost hunting hoarder must choose between the spirit world and a houseful of pets. A head trauma results in a woman filling her house with cats - and raccoons.
S03E07 99 Pets 06/01/2012 A woman wants her family - and her 99 pets. A retired rock musician picks his dogs over his daughters.
S03E08 Rats! 13/01/2012 A young woman identifies with rats. An 82-year-old clings to the dream of a destitute dog rescue.
S03E09 I Live in a Kennel 20/01/2012 A would-be breeder of Boodles, a cross between a bulldog and a poodle, is overwhelmed; a home remolder winds up living in a kennel.
S03E10 Thank God for (My) Pitbulls! 27/01/2012 A woman is adamant about keeping more than one hundred cats; a former minister's flock now consists of dogs.
S03E11 Pack of 38 Dogs 03/02/2012 A single dad has pythons; a medical worker secretly keeps a hoard of dogs.
S03E12 Junkyard Dogs 10/02/2012 A woman with multiple cats has a colorful past; a recidivist hoarder secretly keeps dogs in a junkyard.

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