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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Cop Show

S01E01 The Dream feat. Jerry Seinfeld 18/02/2015 Ever wonder what Jerry Seinfeld looks like when he’s mortified? Watch him give Colin Quinn artistic feedback on ‘Cop Show’ to find out!
S01E02 Hipster Drug Gang feat. Amy Schumer 25/02/2015 Guest star Amy Schumer is the ringleader of an all-girl hipster drug gang, and there’s only one man who can bring them down
S01E03 Warlord feat. Jim Gaffigan 04/03/2015 Comedian Jim Gaffigan guest stars as a powerful warlord unwilling to cooperate with Colin and his team. Will Colin be able to strong-arm him into submission?
S01E04 The Real Cop feat. Nick DiPaolo 11/03/2015 Colin and his team call in forensics expert Nick DiPaolo to help unravel the details of a gruesome crime. Can the team dry heave their way to a conviction?
S01E05 Weekend Update feat. Michael Che 18/03/2015 Guest star Michael Che steals the show from Colin Quinn as a rookie cop called in to help solve a puzzling crime.
S01E06 The Rat feat. Jim Norton 25/03/2015 Comedian Jim Norton guest stars as a thief turned key witness. Will Colin and his team trap this rat in their interrogation room, or will another criminal walk the NYC streets as a free man?
S01E07 The Know-It-All feat.Tom Papa 01/04/2015 Comedian Tom Papa flirts with danger, and pretty much anything that breathes on this week’s Cop Show starring Colin Quinn.
S01E08 Potty Mouth feat. Pat Cooper 08/04/2015 Pat Cooper gives Cop Show the send-off it deserves as a vulgar Brooklyn cop. Will Colin and his team be able to wrangle this legendary bad boy into early retirement?

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