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When the Mouseketeers were first hired each was given a screen test to assess their potential for film projects. Based on the results, director William Beaudine Sr asked producer Bill Walsh if he could use Darlene Gillespie as "Corky". Walt Disney ok'd the choice, and Darlene was immediately packed off to riding school. Her mother recounted in an interview how Darlene came home every day aching and sore, but immensely pleased with her good fortune. At fourteen, Darlene was older than Corky, but looked the part. Despite years of dance lessons she still retained some baby fat, and was very short for her age. Her braids and freckles went well with plaid, denim, and a cowboy hat, and Darlene's brash confidence suited Beaudine's conception of the character. Beaudine was an early exponent of what came to be called camp in the sixties. He encouraged Darlene's natural tendency to overact, and a certain degree of hokiness in the other actors as well. Fortunately, he had toned down this inclination for his first Disney project, The Adventures of Spin and Marty. Beaudine had come up with the basis for this story in late April of 1955. A long-time acquaintance of Walt Disney, he pitched the idea to him in early May. Walt bought it and hired Beaudine to direct his own treatment. The serial would use readily-available western props, costumes, and locations. It was assigned to be filmed during October, after the show's broadcast debut. Because Beaudine would be tied up with directing Circus Day shows and The Adventures of Spin and Marty, Bill Walsh hired outside writer Lillie Hayward to do the teleplay. Impressed by Darlene's voice, Walsh had songwriting couple Paul Smith and Gil George come up with four songs for the series: My Pa, Uncle Dan, Buckwheat Cakes, and Little One. It isn't known how much of the story Hayward provided. Most likely she simply broke it into episodes and wrote the voice-over narrative. Beaudine would already


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Corky and White Shadow

S01E01 An Introduction 30/01/1956
S01E02 The Holdup 31/01/1956
S01E03 The Birthday Party 01/02/1956
S01E04 The Birthday Song 02/02/1956
S01E05 White Shadow's Discovery 03/02/1956
S01E06 White Shadow's Clue 06/02/1956
S01E07 The Trap 07/02/1956
S01E08 The Getaway 08/02/1956
S01E09 Corky Trails the Dude 09/02/1956
S01E10 Snitch Finds a Clue 10/02/1956
S01E11 Corky Gets a Surprise 13/02/1956
S01E12 The Rattler 14/02/1956
S01E13 White Shadow Takes a Hand 15/02/1956
S01E14 More Trouble for Corky 16/02/1956
S01E15 The Jail Break 17/02/1956
S01E16 Outlaws on the Loose 20/02/1956
S01E17 The Search 21/02/1956
S01E18 White Shadow's Secret 22/02/1956