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Cette série met en scène les enquêtes du Dominic Da Vinci, responsable d'une équipe de médecins légistes et de policiers, dans la ville de Vancouver.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Coroner Da Vinci

S01E02 Little Sister (2) 14/10/1998 Da Vinci reopens several cases, causing a further rift with his ex-wife.
S01E03 Little Sister (3) 21/10/1998 Da Vinci is convinced a serial murderer has been on the loose for years.
S01E04 The Quality of Mercy 28/10/1998 When television news reporter Hope Martin (Lynda Boyd) breaks a story about mercy killing, Detectives Leary and Shannon start digging around for more details, and Da Vinci calls a Coroner's Inquest to force Martin to reveal her source. The issue of euthanasia is divisive and as the investigation proceeds Da Vinci finds himself at odds with the police and his superiors about the reality and the ethics of what happened. His elderly father's recent debilitating stroke further complicates his response. Danny Leary is back in town, but the reunion with his older brother Mick is far from idyllic. It looks like he is hooked on drugs and, unbeknownst to Mick, hanging around with two hoods that turn up dead.
S01E05 Known to the Ministry 04/11/1998 Following a rash of fatal drug overdoses, Da Vinci learns that one of the dead addicts had an infant, who is missing. Manny, a police informer leads Leary, with new partner Angela Kosmo, to the woman's drug dealers. They arrest Todd and Sioux, and through them Larry discovers that the killer heroin came from a French-Canadian supplier who, along with his partner, was murdered, gang-execution style, just days previously.
S01E06 We All Fall Down 11/11/1998 The Coroner's office investigates the cause of a devastating fire at a seniors' care facility that left most of the residents dead and an elderly man missing. Arson or accident may have caused the fire but while he investigates with Chief Fire Investigator Henry Whiteside, Da Vinci uncovers evidence of abuse at the home. The harsh realities of caring for the elderly are brought into sharp focus by his own mother's increasing inability to care for his father alone. Mick's partner Kosmo and his brother Danny have struck up a friendship that has the potential for a romance. Danny's club looks like it might get off the ground, although his business partners appear to be mob-connected.
S01E07 The Stranger Inside 18/11/1998 When a young woman's dead body is dumped in an underground parking lot with no apparent signs of injury, Da Vinci and the police are intrigued. Patricia's autopsy turns up surprising answers and Da Vinci's investigation draws him into the world of S&M. Someone with a lot of power is trying to manipulate Chief Coroner James Flynn and Da Vinci into keeping the facts and the faces of those involved with Mistress Harriet hidden.
S01E08 Gabriel 25/11/1998 When a street kid turns up dead on the dockside Leary is convinced that the young runaway was tortured to death by other kids and Sunny backs up his theory. The killing reminds Da Vinci of a tragedy in his past in which a police investigation proved fruitless. Determined not to let that happen in this case, Da Vinci pursues a suspect who may help him resolve whether police negligence was involved in the boy's death.
S01E09 The Most Dangerous Time 02/12/1998 A noisy house party ends in tragedy when a fifteen-year-old teenager is found shot dead. Initially it looks like another death in a recent spate of teen suicides in Vancouver. Rumors soon start circulating around her school that she didn't fire the gun. As the teenagers close ranks Da Vinci, Leary, and Kosmo find it difficult to piece together a clear picture of the unpopular girl. The school counselor describes Jodie as an intelligent, hard-working loner, and a talented writer, whose only close friend was her sensitive, highly intense boyfriend Peter Florick. Jodie's brother, who owned the handgun, had previously warned Peter away from his sister and even Peter's classmates think he killed the girl. Troubled by his own ignorance of his teenage daughter Gabriella's friends and feelings, Da Vinci initiates a thorough investigation. The net tightens around Danny when a mobster's girlfriend, Summer, seems to be getting too close to Leon. It becomes suffocatingly tight when Leon confronts the undercover cop who has been tailing him.
S01E10 The Bridge 09/12/1998 Da Vinci has fallen off the wagon in a big way with a drunken evening at the police bar, which he can't remember. A homeless man is critically injured in a hit-and-run accident in the alley behind the bar on the same night, and Da Vinci comes under suspicion. All the enemies he's made over his career come out of the woodwork, anxious to see him implicated in the crime. Da Vinci's current investigation involves the discovery of a buried skeleton found beneath the Burrard Street Bridge. As Da Vinci struggles to piece together what happened to the homeless man, he stumbles on surprising insights into the Burrard Bridge death.
S01E11 Final Chapter 13/01/1999 Patricia Da Vinci's career is on a high when she is asked to be a guest speaker at the prestigious Seattle Homicide Conference. Her presentation involves the recent case of the prostitute serial killer Charlie Josephs, who himself was found murdered. Her re-examination of the case leads to the discovery of several discrepancies and uncovers some new clues in Joseph's death, clues that seem to implicate the police. Sioux, who is now a police informant for Kosmo, implicates Danny in the drug trade and Kosmo is forced to examine her feelings for him.
S01E12 The Hunt (1) 27/01/1999 Da Vinci, Leary, and Sunny are in Seattle attending an international Homicide Conference. A presentation by San Francisco-based FBI Special Agent Charlotte Turner turns up similar cases across the Pacific Northwest, and appears to include the death Da Vinci is currently working to solve. Turner comes to Vancouver and Da Vinci finds himself coordinating an investigation that has international implications. As more abductions/murders fit the pattern it seems that a couple, Dean and his wife Mona, are responsible. Joanna, a young woman who was abducted but managed to escape, leads Shannon and Leary back to the farmhouse where she was held and they arrest Dean. Mona, however, has managed to sneak across the border into the States and Da Vinci offers Danny a deal if he can find out where she is. Meanwhile Da Vinci finds himself struggling with the ethics of paying Dean for information about other victims.
S01E13 The Capture (2) 03/02/1999 Da Vinci, Leary and Sunny are in Seattle at a conference, and are shocked to discover similar cases across the Pacific Northwest, that appears to include the death Da Vinci is currently working to solve.
S01E15 Lodge Night 00/00/0000 Joe arrives as the new boy in school, and the boys decide to initiate him into their secret club, the Cluck Cluck Klams. During the proceedings, a couple of auto thieves break into the barn, and when they make their getaway, Farina and Jackie are in the back seat.
S02E01 A Cinderella Story (1) 00/00/0000 Da Vinci is back in the headlines when he calls for Vancouver City to set up a red light district following the death of a high-priced escort, and the continuing mystery of the 28 missing prostitutes who are presumed dead.
S02E02 A Cinderella Story (2) 00/00/0000 Da Vinci is back in the headlines when he calls for Vancouver City to set up a red light district following the death of a high-priced escort, and the continuing mystery of the 28 missing prostitutes who are presumed dead.
S02E03 The Hanged Man 00/00/0000 Da Vinci desperately searches for the truth behind a death in custody and implications of police corruption. The death of an elderly woman during a suspected home invasion puts rookie Coroner Winston at odds with the Chief Pathologist.
S02E04 Tommy's on the Corner 00/00/0000 Da Vinci has to untangle the truth of two fatalities that happened during a controversial high-speed police car chase. Shannon and Leary try to solve that the hold up of an armoured car.
S02E05 His Wife 00/00/0000 Kosmo and Leary discover that when it comes to spousal abuse nothing is simple. Da Vinci steers through a political minefield when a body turns up under suspicious circumstances.
S02E06 Sister's Light 00/00/0000 A fishing boat goes down in calm seas and three men with more than a century of experience die. Da Vinci, who is coping with his own grief, must navigate his way through the secrets of a grieving family, a stonewalling corporation and his own sympathies to find the truth.
S02E07 A Nice Place in the Country 00/00/0000 The excavation for a water main turns up human bones. Kosmo takes up the challenge of piecing together the puzzle of Vancouver's 28 missing prostitutes.
S02E08 Blues in A-Minor 00/00/0000 The death of a child always hits hard for those who have to investigate, especially when it looks like suicide. Da Vinci tries to rein in a community on a quest to publicly expose a suspect.
S02E09 The Looking Glass 00/00/0000 A police shooting is always a complicated, politically charged matter. Da Vinci convenes a Coroner's Court to investigate, and untangle the web of conflicting evidence, some of it presented by his closest colleagues
S02E10 The Lottery 00/00/0000 Da Vinci and Shannon investigate a death that brings them face to face with their own ethics. Meanwhile, Leary takes on a dangerous undercover assignment.
S02E11 Bang Like That 00/00/0000 When a baby dies from a brain injury, pathology turns up a lot of unanswered questions. Da Vinci is on the case. The police investigate a possible drug-related shooting.
S02E12 Fantasy 00/00/0000 The police catch a man with a sex-trade worker bound and gagged in his truck. Da Vinci questions whether this was a consensual act or the work of a man who has killed before.
S02E13 Reality 00/00/0000 Larry Williams is out on bail. Da Vinci and the police must find evidence that will put him behind bars before his fantasies lead him to kill.
S03E01 That's the Way the Story Goes 00/00/0000 Da Vinci ""tilts at windmills"" while investigating a death on the streets of his beloved downtown eastside. Shannon and Leary pursue an enigmatic double murder.
S03E02 Bring Back the Dead 00/00/0000 A death in custody is reported, but the prison warden says that no one's died. Da Vinci investigates. Shannon and Leary lead the homicide team in the search for a young boy who disappears after his mother is beaten to death.
S03E03 It's a Bad Corner 00/00/0000 Da Vinci is challenged by the father of a young woman killed in a fire. When a squeegee kid is killed, Shannon and Leary don't have much to go on except the observations of an unreliable witness.
S03E04 Do You Wanna Dance 00/00/0000 Da Vinci and Kosmo unravel the relationship between a young boxer and his mother's abusive boyfriend. Shannon and Leary pursue another cabbie murder. Patricia and Bobby Marlowe teach a group of medical students the nuances of crime scene investigation.
S03E05 The Hottest Place in Hell 00/00/0000 Da Vinci prepares for an inquest into a propane truck accident. Will a reluctant witness stop him from finding out what really happened? A skeleton is discovered in the Grandview Cut, Kosmo and Leary go undercover to investigate.
S03E06 This Shit Is Evil 00/00/0000 Da Vinci investigates the death of a man left to die outside the emergency room. The whole homicide team is called in when an infant is abducted from her nursery.
S03E07 An Act of God 00/00/0000 A decomposed body in the back of a stolen truck puts Shannon and Leary on the trail of a bounty hunter. A young man dies working for his father's contruction company: Da Vinci investigates. Kosmo helps a woman who thinks her husband is an imposter.
S03E08 All Tricked Up 00/00/0000 When the body of a woman is discovered in a trunk shipped across the border, Da Vinci is called in to investigate. Shannon and Leary pursue the killer of a pool hustler burned to death in a car fire.
S03E09 Better Broke Than Naked 00/00/0000 Da Vinci leads the search for the body of a boy who fell into a river. Is there something more to the death than just a tragic accident? Kosmo investigates a man whose wife has disappeared. A doctor is shot on his way to a clinic. Shannon and Leary chase down his killer.
S03E10 You See How It Begins? 00/00/0000 A jockey is found dead in a stall at the race track. Da Vinci investigates. A former member of the Guatemalan secret police claims to be dying after being attacked at a bus stop. Pursuing the attacker, Leary confronts the harsh truth about the victim's past.
S03E11 It's Backwards Day 00/00/0000 In this real-time episode, a hit and run in an alley on the downtown Eastside and a shooting at a convenience store put Da Vinci, Shannon and Leary in a high-pressure situation.
S03E12 The Sparkle Tour 00/00/0000 After a downtown Eastside activist is found dead, Da Vinci is approached by a witness who last saw the victim getting into a police cruiser. A woman is found dead in a dumpster with no signs of what killed her. Kosmo and Winston investigate.
S03E13 I'm an Anomaly and an Anachronism, but I'm Alone 00/00/0000 Patricia, Sunny and Da Vinci give conflicting testimony in a murder trial. Da Vinci, Shannon, and Leary investigate the shooting death of a cancer patient.
S04E01 Too Late For Mr. Early 00/00/0000 Working with Shannon and Leary, Da Vinci investigates an apparent suicide in the woods of an ex-convict released on day parole. Patricia starts her new job as a professor at the university. Sunny finds some artifacts of interest in historic Chinatown. Detective Kosmo tries a new approach to an old unsolved case.
S04E02 Oppenheimer Park 00/00/0000 Da Vinci has to track down a body that is stolen conspicuously from the death scene. Shannon and Leary investigate an elderly woman found dead in the washroom of Vancouver's most notorious park.
S04E03 Banging on the Wall 00/00/0000 An eight year old's mysterious death leaves Da Vinci demanding answers. Shannon and Leary look into the double shooting of a stripper and a bouncer.
S04E04 Cheap Aftershave 00/00/0000 A detained Chinese boat migrant dies while on a hunger strike. Da Vinci investigates. Shannon and Leary's prime suspect is a possible stalker as they continue their investigation of a double homicide.
S04E05 Ugly Quick 04/11/2001 An officer is shot dead and Detective Leary is in the hot seat. Da Vinci and Kurtz investigate the circumstances surrounding the police shooting.
S04E06 Birds Have Been At Her 11/11/2001 When a dead woman is found floating at sea in a small boat, Da Vinci is called in to investigate. Shannon and Leary probe the disappearance of a young pregnant woman.
S04E07 Shoulda Been A Priest 00/00/0000 Da Vinci's morning is swamped when a young man is found in a rail yard boxcar and a body washes up under the Burrard Street Bridge. While performing an autopsy with her students, Patricia uncovers some new evidence that may help Detective Kosmo.
S04E08 Sixes and Sevens 00/00/0000 Traffic Inspector Zack Mc Nab calls in Da Vinci to investigate a suspicious highway accident that's missing a driver. Shannon and Leary look into the murder of an elderly lady in a west end penthouse. Kosmo runs into a dead end with her prime suspect in the case of the missing prostitutes.
S04E09 Be A Cruel Twist 06/01/2002 A fire in a basement claims two lives and Da Vinci is there to investigate. Shannon and Leary are called to the dig site in Chinatown when Sunny makes a new discovery. An abandoned eastside house may provide the answer to Kosmo's questions.
S04E10 Simple, Sad 13/01/2002 Gina asks Da Vinci to look into the hospital death of an infant. Danny Leary joins the undercover operation to get close with the wife of Kosmo's prime suspect.
S04E11 Pretend You Didn't See Me 00/00/0000 At Vancouver's most notorious street corner, Da Vinci tries to track down the next of kin of a recent suicide, but is called to investigate the bizarre falling death of a schizophrenic man.
S04E12 Gather Up All The Little People 00/00/0000 Da Vinci looks into the suicide of an eleven year-old boy in an amusement park. Undercover detective Danny Leary pushes for a confession as time is running out on Kosmo's missing women operation.
S04E13 In The Bear Pit 00/00/0000 Zack calls in Da Vinci when a body is found in the trunk of a car at the scene of an accident. Shannon and Leary investigate the death of a man found in the Stanley Park Zoo's deserted bear pit.
S05E01 A Big Whiff of A Real Bad Smell 00/00/0000 Da Vinci investigates a deadly house fire, while Leary and Shannon try to solve a case involving a missing person.
S05E02 Ass Covering Day 00/00/0000 Da Vinci investigates the death of a man who was crushed by a parking-garage door. Meanwhile, Shannon and Leary search for suspects involved in a suspicious death.
S05E03 A Big Enough Fan 00/00/0000 Da Vinci investigates a cemetery with remains buried together, and declares it a crime scene. Meanwhile, a man claims that ahomeless man killed his wife, and another man is injured in a suspicious house fire.
S05E04 Run By The Monkeys 00/00/0000 Da Vinci becomes suspicious of a man who survived two house fires. Meanwhile, Shannon and Leary investigate a double murder.
S05E05 At First It Was Funny 00/00/0000 Kosmo investigates the fatal shooting of a drug dealer. Meanwhile, Da Vinci has difficulty with his house-fire investigation, and Leary and Shannon search for suspects in a gas-station robbery.
S05E06 Dizzy Looking Down 00/00/0000 Leary and Shannon investigate whether a hermit killed his wife. Meanwhile, Da Vinci looks into the death of a man who appears to have fallen out of the sky.
S05E07 God Forbid We Call It What It Is 00/00/0000 Da Vinci uncovers some disturbing information about one of the commingled bodies. Meanwhile, Kosmo finds more evidence that a cop may be involved in a drug dealer's death and Rose continues to help Shannon and Leary in their search for a killer.
S05E08 Doing The Chicken Scratch 19/01/2003 After a drinking binge, Leary scrambles to piece together the events of the previous night, leaving Shannon and Rose to have to work together. Meanwhile, Da Vinci thinks he knows who's responsible for commingling the bodies at the cemetery.
S05E09 For Just Bein' Indian 26/01/2003 A fatal crash is linked to Rose and Shannon's robbery-homicide case. Meanwhile, unreliable witnesses plague Da Vinci's investigation into the commingled bodies.
S05E10 Dogs Don't Bite People 02/02/2003 Da Vinci is called to a fishing boat after a crew member is found dead in his bunk. Meanwhile, Kosmo encounters some obstacles as she continues to search for the killer of a small-time drug dealer.
S05E11 The Ducks Are Too Depressing 09/02/2003 Da Vinci and Zack have different theories about a possible hit and run. Meanwhile, Leary and Shannon try to figure out what happened to a cabbie found dead in his taxi.
S05E12 You Got Monkey Chatter 23/02/2003 Da Vinci investigates a homicide after a body is found amongst some blackberry bushes. Meanwhile, Laura Maitland creates new problems for Kurtz.
S05E13 Everybody Needs A Working Girl 23/02/2003 Shannon and Leary investigate the death of a woman whose body is found in the trunk of her car. Meanwhile, Da Vinci and Kosmo deal with a single, welfare mother.
S06E01 Thanks For The Toaster Oven 23/11/2003 While Da Vinci is concerned about a potential surge in elderly deaths, he receives a surprising proposal. Meanwhile, Kosmo and Leary investigate a body found in a grow op house.
S06E02 Send In The Clowns 23/11/2003 Da Vinci investigates the death of an ex-cop turned boxer. Meanwhile, Mick and Angela, investigate a body found in a house.
S06E03 Bury My Own Bones 00/00/0000 Da Vinci lobbies for the creation of a safe drug-use site, as well as a red-light district. Meanwhile, Kosmo and Leary look into a possible multiple-homicide case.
S06E04 Iffy Areas Around The Edges 00/00/0000 Da Vinci investigates the death of an Aboriginal Peoples needle-exchange worker. Meanwhile, Rose and Leo take on a case after a man receives a severed finger through the mail.
S06E05 Twenty Five Dollar Conversation 14/12/2003 Da Vinci investigates a body found by the train tracks. Meanwhile, Shannon and Rose ask Suki for help on a case.
S06E06 Can Bend But I Won't Break 18/01/2004 A woman finds her husband dead from an apparent suicide. Meanwhile, Kosmo and Leary investigate a body found in a parking garage.
S06E07 Out Of The Bag And All Over The Street 25/01/2004 Da Vinci tries to piece together an apparent murder/suicide. Meanwhile, Shannon and Rose investigate a severed head found in a bucket.
S06E08 The Squirrels Are Of English Decent 00/00/0000 After a death in Stanley Park Da Vinci is forced to deal with the media response. Meanwhile, Kosmo and Leary investigate a man's body discovered on a tour bus.
S06E09 Jungle's Dark But Full of Diamonds 00/00/0000 The team investiages a man found hanging in a vacant house and an elderly man found dead in the woods.
S06E10 There's A Story Goes Along With This 00/00/0000 Da Vinci examines the scene of an industrial accident. Meanwhile, Shannon and Rose investigate when a woman dies in an ambulance en route to the hospital.
S06E11 Okay It's Official 21/03/2004 Da Vinci and Zack investigate a death on a golf course. Meanwhile, Shannon and Rose look into a student's drowning.
S06E12 A Man When He's Down 04/04/2004 Da Vinci investigates an overdose, while resisting pressure to use grief stricken parents to further his bid for Chief of Police. Meanwhile, Shannon and Rose call in Kosmo and Leary when a homicide is connected to their case against Brian.
S06E13 Seven Tentacles 04/04/2004 Da Vinci prepares for his interview in front of the police board. Meanwhile, Shannon investigates the murder of an American journalist.
S07E01 Not So Pretty Now 12/10/2004 Da Vinci investigates a hit-and-run involving the mayor's car. Meanwhile, Leary & Kosmo looks into the suspicious beating death of a drug dealer.
S07E02 Wash the Blood Out of the Ring 19/10/2004 Da Vinci investigates the death of man who fell off the roof of his apartment building while attempting to steal cable. Meanwhile Kosmo and Leary uncover a witness in the police beating of a young drug dealer. Later, Zack and Da Vinci uncover some startling news about the mayor.
S07E03 That Sounds Like What We Call A Mutiny 26/10/2004 Da Vinci investigates a death among the mutinous crew of a Chinese freighter. Meanwhile, Kosmo and Leary delve deeper into the police beating of a young drug dealer.
S07E04 Mr. Ellis Himself Woulda Been Proud 02/11/2004 The Mayor & the new Police Chief stand in the way of Da Vinci and his on-going investigations of a hit-and-run and a police beating. Meanwhile, Kosmo is investigated by Internal Affairs and Shannon & Rose work the case of a mummified baby found in a dumpster.
S07E05 That's Why They Call It A Conspiracy 09/11/2004 Da Vinci begins to suspect that a widespread conspiracy is protecting the Mayor in the hit-and-run investigation. Meanwhile, a murdered drug runner turns out to be a childhood friend of Leary's and Kosmo's relationship with Sue attracts the attention of Internal Affairs.
S07E06 You Promised Me A Celebrity 16/11/2004 While Da Vinci remains at odds with the Mayor and Police Chief he attracts attention from Ottawa. Meanwhile, Leary and Kosmo discover that a murdered drug runner was under police surveillance and Shannon's reaction to a personal loss puts his job in jeopardy.
S07E07 First The Seducing Then The Screwing 23/11/2004 Da Vinci discovers he's the target of a private investigation. Meanwhile, Brian further implicates Sue in the murder of one of his informants.
S07E08 The Ol' Coco Bop 30/11/2004 Da Vinci must get the support of the mayor and police for his red light district proposal. Meanwhile, Sue is secretly interrogated by Internal Affairs and Angela desperately tries to get her.
S07E09 Better Go Herd Your Ducks 07/12/2004 Da Vinci is up to his eyeballs when the media learns of the mayor's involvement in the hit-and-run, at the same time the wife of a dead longshoreman insists her husband was killed by his co-workers. Meanwhile, Leary uncovers a possible Russian connection in the murder of his childhood friend.
S07E10 Ride A Crippled Horse 11/01/2005 Da Vinci investigates a body in the sewer. Meanwhile, Brian accompanies Rose on a homicide case, and Kosmo is troubled by a witness from the past, at the same time that Shannon, while moonlighting as a hotel security guard, discovers some dirt.
S07E11 A Delicate Bloodbath 18/01/2005 Da Vinci manipulates both sides in the upcoming race to his own advantage. Meanwhile, Brian and Rose investigate the suspicious suicide of a key witness.
S07E12 Before They Twist The Knife 23/01/2005 A decision from the Mayor and a fatality at the safe injection site bring Da Vinci's political future into focus. Meanwhile, despite being demoted to robbery, Kosmo is happy to learn the Crown is investigating Brian's policework, and Leary catches a break when a potential witness to Will's murder comes forward.
S07E13 Must Be A Night For Fires 23/01/2005 Da Vinci gathers his political allies hoping to emerge as a front-runner for mayor. Meanwhile, Leary races to arrest Will's murderer before the DEA can slip him across the border, and a body in a burned-out car and an arson fire at Kosmo's house may be ominously connected.