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Cliff Huxtable, gynécologue et père de famille atypique vit le quotidien avec drôlerie et humour. Son épouse Clair et lui doivent faire face aux mille et une péripéties provoquées par la vie quotidienne d'une famille nombreuse. Leurs cinq enfants Sondra, Denise, Théodore, Vanessa et Rudy, ne sont pas là pour leur rendre la tâche plus facile...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Cosby Show

S01E01 La pagaille 20/09/1984 Cliff et Claire sont furieux quand Théo revient de l'école avec 4 "D" sur son carnet de note. Théo dit alors à ses parents qu'il n'a nullement l'intention de continuer ses études et de rentrer en fac. Le couple est également inquiet de la relation qu'entretient Denise, leur grande fille, avec un jeune homme au passé "douteux"...
S01E02 L'ablette 27/09/1984 When Rudy's pet fish, Lamont, dies, Cliff tries to bring the family together for a funeral in the bathroom. The festivities end when Rudy gets bored and leaves to watch TV.
S01E03 Le cauchemar 04/10/1984 Vanessa claims that she is old enough to watch a scary movie, but Cliff still forbids it. Vanessa sneaks out anyway, but ends up having nightmares as a result.
S01E04 Le fils indigne 11/10/1984 Freshman Theo tries out for the football team and makes it. Cliff is overjoyed, but his pride falters when he discovers his son will never be a star. Theo, however, is just happy being on the team.
S01E05 Sacrée chemise 18/10/1984 Theo wants to impress a girl by wearing an expensive shirt by designer Gordon Gartrelle. Since Cliff and Clair will not pay for it, Denise offers to make a copy of the shirt for him. Guest appearance by Kadeem Hardison, who years later would portray Dwayne Wayne on the Cosby Show spinoff, A Different World.
S01E06 Les traditions 25/10/1984 Cliff's father, Russell, pays a visit and begins questioning Cliff about the kids' college choices. He asks Denise about Hillman, his and Cliff's alma mater. Denise is dead-set against it at first, until Russell tells her that the males outnumber the females there. First appearance of Earle Hyman as Russell Huxtable, Cliff's father.
S01E07 Un bébé de plus 01/11/1984 While Clair cares for a friend's baby, she begins to consider having another. Cliff desperately tries to talk her out of it, claiming that babies are "false advertising." Clair's mother, Carrie, then reminds her that the older you are when you have kids, the older you'll be if they end up having to come back and live at home. First appearance of Ethel Ayler as Carrie Hanks, Clair's mother.
S01E08 Une clarinette de trop 08/11/1984 Vanessa plays clarinet in the school's orchestra. Though she tries her best and practices daily, she simply cannot play the instrument. She plays an embarrassing solo at the school concert, but her parents support her anyway. Guest Dizzy Gillespie as Mr. Hampton, Vanessa's music teacher.
S01E09 Le chien de garde 15/11/1984 Denise has a new boyfriend, David, but is reluctant to bring him home. She fears that Cliff will, like always, make fun of the boy and ruin her chances with him. Cliff and Clair are initially impressed with David until he expresses some unwanted opinions about medicine and the law at dinner. Kristoff St. John plays boyfriend David.
S01E10 Bonjour Sandra 22/11/1984 Sondra, the eldest Huxtable child makes her first appearance when she visits home for Thanksgiving. She plans on going to Paris for the summer, and hopes that her parents will support the decision.
S01E11 L'escapade 06/12/1984 Clair is exhausted from constantly caring for the children. Cliff decides to take her out on the town for "You're Not a Mother Night." They go to a fancy restaurant and hotel. While there, some of Clair's motherly instincts start kicking in-but they stop in time for a romantic evening.
S01E12 Pauvre Rudy 13/12/1984 Clair could be named partner at her law firm if an interview goes well-but Rudy is sick! Cliff vows to take care of her while Clair works, and engages in some unique doctoring methods. Clair is named partner and Rudy is fine by the end.
S01E13 Fête des pères 20/12/1984 Cliff complains about the poor quality of his annual Father's Day gifts. He challenges the children to find some better presents for a December Father's Day. They give him thoughtful-if not quite attractive-presents.
S01E14 L'indépendance 10/01/1985 Theo gets his ear pierced to impress a girl, but Denise thinks it might be infected. She is correct, and Theo must go to Cliff. Cliff hopes that Grandpa Huxtable will punish Theo, but the old man instead relates the story of how Cliff tried to slick back his hair to impress Clair, but ended up burning it off! Russell brags, and Anna reminds him of the time that he had a tattoo of her name placed on his chest, but ended up with a huge scar on his chest when he tried to remove it after Anna found out he was actually trying to impress another girl! First appearance of Clarice Taylor as Anna Huxtable, Cliff's mother.
S01E15 Le médecin de l'année 17/01/1985 Cliff is set to receive an important award, but a woman goes into labor right before the ceremony. Theo delivers his speech for him. Aleta Mitchell as Mrs. Randall, Elisa de la Roche as Nurse, Sheldon Leonard as Dr. Wexler
S01E16 Surprise partie 31/01/1985 Cliff danse le Charleston dans le salon avec sa femme afin de s'entraîner pour la soirée qu'ils vont passer avec leurs amis.
S01E17 Théo et son joint 07/02/1985 Cliff et Clair découvrent un joint de marijuana dans le livre d'école de Theo. Ils cherchent qui a voulu le faire accuser.
S01E18 Le génie de Vanessa 14/02/1985 Vanessa est dans une nouvelle classe pour les forts en science. Elle rend son premier devoir et s'attend à obtenir une bonne note, comme avant, mais les autres élèves ont un meilleur niveau et sa première note est décevante.
S01E19 Claire attaque 21/02/1985 Sondra s'est fait voler par un garagiste malhonnête, Eddie, le roi de l'auto. Claire, furieuse, le mène devant la justice pour rétablir le bon droit de sa fille...
S01E20 Le bon vieux temps 28/02/1985 Vingt-cinq ans après, l'ancien entraîneur de Cliff à l'université d'Hillman lui offre la chance de prendre sa revanche contre Turner, de l'université de Norton, qui avait été sa seule défaite.
S01E21 Démon de midi 14/03/1985 Claire brûlait d'envie de connaître Nikki, une femme avec laquelle un ami de Cliff a refait sa vie après son veuvage. Mais qu'elle n'est pas sa surprise quand elle découvre que l'heureuse élue est très jeune...
S01E22 Les petits monstres 28/03/1985 Cliff tente d'amuser les enfants et va jusqu'à les faire monter sur son dos, pendant que Claire participe à un séminaire...
S01E23 Restons calmes 02/05/1985 Théo trouve, sur l'aire de jeu du centre d'animation de Keystone, un enfant qui a été battu. Après l'avoir accompagné dans le bureau du directeur, Tony Castillo, il essaie, en compagnie de Cliff et de Tony, d'aider le garçonnet. Mais ce dernier reste muet...
S01E24 L'anniversaire 09/05/1985 Cliff essaie vainement de savoir quel sera son cadeau d'anniversaire. Quant à Claire, elle organise une soirée pour toute la famille...
S02E01 La rentrée des classes 00/00/0000 Cliff and Clair are overjoyed with the arrivial of the new school year, as their children are finally out of the house.
S02E02 Le mixeur 03/10/1985 Cliff, who has a fetish for electronic appliances, buys a juicer. Rudy and Peter, bored from Vanessa's inattentive baby-sitting, decide to use it even they are not allowed to use appliances. David Langston Smyrl as Mr. Lucas. Peter Costa as Peter.
S02E03 Les noces d'or 10/10/1985 For Russell and Anna's 49th wedding anniversary, the family commissions a portrait of the couple as newlyweds, and offers them a cruise to Europe. Later in the evening, the whole family performs Ray Charles' "Night Time Is the Right Time", with Theo, Rudy and Cliff each lip-synching a solo. Earle Hyman as Russell. Clarice Taylor as Anna.
S02E04 Le préféré de Cliff 17/10/1985 Sondra breaks up with her boyfriend Elvin and is depressed, taking it out on the family. Cliff and Clair aren't exactly unhappy; they find Elvin rather annoying. Later, he appears at the house with flowers and tries to apologize. While there, he offers some of his sexist rhetoric to Clair, who quickly becomes annoyed. First appearance of Geoffrey Owens as Elvin. Joseph C. Phillips appears as Daryl (Phillips joins the cast in Season 6 as Denise's new husband, Navy Lt. Martin Kendall)
S02E05 Théo amoureux 24/10/1985 When friend Suzanne accompanies Denise to observe the Huxtables' normal behavior, a smitten Theo behaves far from normally. Robin Givens as Suzanne. Blair Underwood as Mark.
S02E06 Carnaval 31/10/1985 Vanessa has a crush on a one Robert Forman, who comes to her Halloween party. Daydreaming about her love, she drops an entire tray of glasses and embarrasses herself in front of the guests. Pam Potillo as Janet. Dondre Whitfield as Robert. Akili Prince as Scott. (Years later, Prince would originate the role of Terrence Frye on All My Children. Upon leaving that series, he was replaced by Whitfield.)
S02E07 Le triomphe de Rudy 07/11/1985 Rudy plays football and becomes a star, much to the chagrin of Clair, who worries she'll get hurt. But reluctance turns to excitement when Rudy is the star of her first game. Ethel Ayler as Carrie Hanks. Peter Costa as Peter.
S02E08 La voiture de Denise 14/11/1985 Denise wants to buy a car. She plans to use her savings to do so, but Cliff and Clair quickly point out flaws in her plan. The answer to everyone's problems comes from friend Mr. Lucas, who has an old car he is willing to sell. Denise proves herself a good driver, and the car is hers. David Langston Smyrl as Mr. Lucas.
S02E09 La sœur de Claire 21/11/1985 Clair's sister Sarah gets engaged. First appearance of Joe Williams as Clair's father Al Hanks. Ethel Ayler as Carrie Hanks. Mario Van Peebles as Garvin.
S02E10 L'orteil de Claire 05/12/1985 While preparing to go out on a proposal anniversary dinner, Clair breaks her toe, but tries not to let it upset her routine. In the end, she develops a unique piece of footwear to hide her cast.
S02E11 L'amie de Denise 12/12/1985 Denise asks Cliff to talk to her friend, who has a medical problem. Cliff diagnoses the girl as having a mild bladder infection, but learns that she was wary of telling her parents without certainty. Cliff and Clair decide to show the kids that they can tell them anything, but the children quickly point out that their parents will just get angry. Cliff admits that anger is part of problems, but tells the children that no matter what, they will be loved.
S02E12 Le prof bien-aimé 02/01/1986 Theo's math teacher comes for dinner, to Theo's extreme consternation. He thinks she plans to tell his parents of a bad grade on a math test. To his surprise, Mrs. Westlake comes to dinner looking young, attractive, and even with a sense of humor; and she has a very good surprise! Mrs. Westlake also gives Theo his test-he actually gets an 89, and he proceeds to embrace her, much to his shock. Sonia Braga as Mrs. Westlake.
S02E13 Les enchères 09/01/1986 Clair bids on a painting by her great-uncle that her grandmother had once owned. Attempting to win her favor, Elvin tries to bake her a cake but fails miserably; he then gets advice from Cliff on how to pass himself off as a good cook. In real life, the painting used in the episode is Funeral Procession by Ellis Wilson.
S02E14 Dernier avertissement 16/01/1986 Vanessa steals a sweater from Denise. The two soon begin to fight. In the end, Rudy's choice of television viewing, the "I Have A Dream" speech, reminds the whole family of what a real problem is. Excerpt from Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech featured at the end of the episode (Originally aired four days before the first observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day as a U.S. federal holiday).
S02E15 Être ou ne pas être 30/01/1986 Theo and his friend Cockroach scheme to pass a test on William Shakespeare's "Macbeth", which neither one has read. First appearance of Carl Anthony Payne II as Cockroach. Phylicia Ayers-Allen changes her professional name to Phylicia Rash?d, after marrying NBC sportscaster Ahmad Rash?d.
S02E16 Un bon dentiste 02/02/1986 Peter goes to the dentist, but has Rudy come along for moral support so Peter won't be afraid of the dentist anymore. Danny Kaye (in one of his last appearances) as Dr. Burns, who is also Cliff's dentist.
S02E17 Le trombone de grand-père 13/02/1986 Russell plays in a tribute with the band he played in years ago. Guest appearances by jazz musicians Tito Puente, Art Blakey, Percy Heath, Jimmy Heath, Tommy Flanagan, Eric Gale, Joe Wilder, Carlos Valdes ("Patato"), Bootsie Barnes, and Jimmy Oliver. Slide Hampton provided the audio track for Russell's trombone solos.
S02E18 Invitation à la maison 20/02/1986 After his limo collides with Denise's car, Stevie Wonder (appearing as himself) invites the Huxtables to a recording session. Wonder performs "I Just Called to Say I Love You" with Clair and the family. Absent: Sabrina Le Beauf as Sondra Huxtable.
S02E19 On affiche « COMPLET » 27/02/1986 After an exhausting midnight shift at the hospital and a night's sleep, all Cliff wants is to read his paper in peace - but the children have taken over every room in the house. Classic scene: Denise's boyfriend sings reggae in front of the living room TV.
S02E20 Heureux ensemble 13/03/1986 A close friend of Cliff's, played by Samuel E. Wright, is overcome with sadness due to his daughter's recurring drug addiction. His feelings are set off as he observes the close relationship between Cliff, Clair, and Denise, who is his daughter's age.
S02E21 Un monde nouveau 20/03/1986 Theo's math teacher has a baby and Cockroach shows a different side. Carl Anthony Payne II as Cockroach. Sonia Braga as Mrs. Westlake. Cockroach's full real name, Walter Bradley, is revealed in this episode (only his first name was previously mentioned).
S02E22 Les bons élèves 00/00/0000 After Theo claims that he'll have no problem making it in the "real world", the Huxtables convert their house in the "Real World Apartments" and teach him a lesson about the real world; i.e., needing employment and references to get an apartment, income to get a bank loan, having to pay for his meals, etc. Carl Anthony Payne II as Cockroach.
S02E23 La partie de cartes 10/04/1986 Cliff plays pinochle with his father, a former teacher, and a friend. Theo buys a cheap ring for his girlfriend Tanya. Earle Hyman as Russell. Roscoe Lee Browne as Dr. Foster.
S02E24 Une belle course 08/05/1986 In a charity run, Cliff races at the Penn Relays with "Tailwind" Turner and -- as apparent payback for the race a year prior -- ends up having to run the final leg against Olympic gold medalist Valerie Brisco-Hooks. Josh Culbreath as Col. Sanford "Tailwind" Turner. Valerie Brisco-Hooks appears as herself. Cameo appearance by Bill Cosby's real wife, Camille Cosby (uncredited).
S02E25 La grande décision 15/05/1986 After much deliberation, Denise chooses the college that she will attend in the fall. Earle Hyman as Russell. Clarice Taylor as Anna.
S02E26 The Saturday Game 00/00/0000
S03E01 Donne-leur la vie 25/09/1986 The Huxtable house is thrown into chaos after Rudy finds a snake in the basement. Carl Anthony Payne II as Cockroach. Peter Costa as Peter.
S03E02 Une journée bien difficile 02/10/1986 Clair challenges Cliff to not eat any salty food for the day. Denise leaves for her freshman year at Hillman College.
S03E03 Noces d'or 09/10/1986 Russell and Anna's 50th wedding anniversary. The family performs James Brown's "I Got the Feelin' " in this sequel to Season 2's "Happy Anniversary". Earle Hyman as Russell. Clarice Taylor as Anna. Geoffrey Owens as Elvin. Appearance by Frank Foster and the Count Basie Orchestra. First mention of Rudy's desire to have a husband named "Bud" when she grows up.
S03E04 S.O.S. cœur en détresse 16/10/1986 Although he has a steady girlfriend, Theo wants to start dating someone else. Carl Anthony Payne II as Cockroach.
S03E05 Rimmel et rouge à lèvres 23/10/1986 After Clair specifically forbids her from wearing make-up, Vanessa, behind her mothers back does it anyways.
S03E06 La marche de Washington 30/10/1986 Theo writes a report on the March on Washington. But gets a poor grade and is asked to redo his project. Much to his surprise he learns more about the march from his family than he did from books. Meanwhile Vanessa is worried about asking a boy to the turn-around dance. Earle Hyman as Russell. Clarice Taylor as Anna. Joe Williams as Al Hanks. Ethel Ayler as Carrie Hanks.
S03E07 Un pilote dans la famille 06/11/1986 Theo and Cockroach decide they want to learn to fly, but Cliff doesn't want to waste his money on another dream of his son's. Carl Anthony Payne II as Cockroach. First appearance of Deon Richmond as Kenny, a.k.a. "Bud".
S03E08 Gosses de riches 13/11/1986 Friends call Vanessa a stuck-up rich girl at school. Guest appearance by Essence Atkins.
S03E09 Études en péril 20/11/1986 Denise's college career starts with a D, but Denise is to scared to show her parents. Clair needs to rest in bed because of a pinched nerve. Rudy portrays "the wind" in a school play. Rosalind Cash as Dr. Hughes (The episode is preceded by a 30-second anti-drug public service announcement featuring Bill Cosby).
S03E10 Difficile de satisfaire tout le monde 04/12/1986 Rudy and Peter find a dog and attempt to take care of it without her parents knowing. Peter Costa as Peter.
S03E11 Souvenirs de guerre 11/12/1986 Cliff and his father's friend play a challenging game of cards. Venesa prepares to go to a skating party with date Robert Forman, soon find a very cute guy will cross her path Earle Hyman as Russell.
S03E12 Que de responsabilités ! 18/12/1986 Cliff is in charge when Clair leaves for 10 days.
S03E13 La bête humaine 08/01/1987 Elvin helps Theo with some wrestling moves, although he and Sondra have made plans for the weekend, and reveals that he is thinking of marrying her. Geoffrey Owens as Elvin.
S03E14 Pas de club pour le docteur 15/01/1987 Cliff establishes the Huxtable Men's Club when the women are away to help Theo get over his sadnes of a lost date. Venessa is very excited that big sister Denise is letting her go to the Village with Denise's college friends.
S03E15 Adieu Betty Lou 22/01/1987 Cliff buys a new car. Rudy cuts some animal pictures out of Cliff's expensive books for school. Guest appearance by Sinbad, who would later portray Walter Oakes on the Cosby Show spinoff, A Different World. Watched by almost 65 million viewers when it originally aired, "Say Hello to a Good Buy" was the series' highest rated episode.
S03E16 S.0.S. docteur Huxtable 05/02/1987 Denise has a blind date, but is really scared. So she asks Theo to grade him for her!!!! But this soon leads to a big hilarious mix up. Dondre Whitfield as Robert. Absent: Sabrina Le Beauf as Sondra Huxtable.
S03E17 Allô, docteur Huxtable 12/02/1987 Cliff is called to the hospital for 3 deliveries, Malinda Williams appearance, Patricia Richardson appearance.
S03E18 Docteur ou papa ? 19/02/1987 Rudy gets hurt from Theo's rough games. Rudy cries. Theo gets punished. Clair goes to a doctor and gets the same advice that Cliff gave her. Cliff learns that the woman who cleans up the Doctor's Lounge at the hospital (Rita Moreno) has been fired. Absent: Sabrina Le Beauf as Sondra Huxtable and Lisa Bonet as Denise Huxtable.
S03E19 Gai, marions-nous 26/02/1987 Denise holds a bridal shower for her pregnant and bride-to-be friend Veronica, but finds out some disturbing information. Absent: Sabrina Le Beauf as Sondra Huxtable, although mentioned.
S03E20 Bon anniversaire, Cliff 12/03/1987 Cliff's 50th birthday has all kinds of surprises.
S03E21 Farces et attrapes 00/00/0000 When Sondra and Elvin announce their engagement, Clair and the children use the news to play a practical joke on Cliff, who launches a counter-offensive of his own. Geoffrey Owens as Elvin.
S03E22 La grippe andalouse 02/04/1987 While Cliff and Clair have the flu, Theo tries to keep the house going.
S03E23 Beau et chauve à la fois 09/04/1987 Cliff's Navy friend comes to visit. Cockroach shaves his head to be in a rock video. Robert Culp (Bill Cosby's co-star from the 1960s TV series I Spy) appears as Scott Kelly.
S03E24 Hamburger, mon amour 30/04/1987 Clair's sister decides she wants to be a mother. Cliff takes Rudy and her friends out to eat at a fancy restaurant.
S03E25 L'université 07/05/1987 The Huxtable family goes to Hillman College to attend a ceremony in honor of its president's retirement. Guest appearance by Joe Seneca. Filmed at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. The episode serves as a backdoor pilot for the spinoff series A Different World, which premieres in the fall of 1987.
S04E01 Vive la vie 24/09/1987 The newlywed Sondra and Elvin return from their honeymoon with shocking news for Cliff and Clair: they want to abandon their dreams of being a lawyer and doctor and open an outdoorsman's "wilderness store." Geoffrey Owens (Elvin) becoms a regular cast member.
S04E02 Le procès Théodore 01/10/1987 Theo and Cockroach come home unusually late from a track meet, and the Huxtables got a phone message earlier from the track coach. They both deny anything out of the ordinary happened, but attorney Clair knows better. A mock trial is held for Theo and Cockroach at the Huxtables' for Clair to get to the bottom of the situation. Carl Anthony Payne II as Cockroach. Bill Cosby and Keshia Knight Pulliam appear on the episode of A Different World which airs later that evening.
S04E03 Demi-saison, demi-portion 00/00/0000 Rudy wants to wear summer clothes in winter to a party, while Cliff tries to get rid of an old water heater.
S04E04 Trous de mémoire 15/10/1987 While setting up the house as a "haunted house" for Halloween, Cliff discover's he's lost a power drill that his neighbor loaned to him. First appearance of Wallace Shawn as Jeffrey Ingalls.
S04E05 Shakespeare 22/10/1987 Christopher Plummer and Roscoe Lee Browne appear. Theo must read Julius Caesar for school, but complains that it is boring. Russel and his friends read scenes from the play aloud, and Theo is enthralled. Later, the men read from a different work of literature-a story Rudy wrote!
S04E06 Scène de ménage 29/10/1987 Cliff and Clair have a marital argument after Theo gets detained by police for riding in a car with an unlicensed driver.
S04E07 La pilule 05/11/1987 Rudy goes to an older widowed lady's house each afternoon to have tea and play cards, but notices that she refuses to take her daily medication for diabetes. She tells Cliff, who devises a plan to try to convince her that she needs the meds to live. Eileen Heckart appearance. Keshia Knight Pulliam appears on the episode of A Different World which airs later that evening.
S04E08 Flashback (1) 00/00/0000 Sondra and Elvin have their first marital fight, and Elvin comes to the Huxtable house for comfort and support. Clair shares about the difficulties in their house as flashbacks are shown.
S04E09 Flashback (2) 00/00/0000 Flashbacks are shown while history is shared with Elvin.
S04E10 Où est Rudy ? 19/11/1987 Theo and Vanessa lose track of Rudy in a mall while Clair enters a squash exhibition. Earle Hyman (Russell) appears on the episode of A Different World which airs later that evening.
S04E11 Danse mania 03/12/1987 Theo and Cockroach have tickets to appear on television on the dance show "Dance Mania", but are told that only one of them can enter the studio during the filming because of fire laws. Theo miscalculates by offering to let Cockroach go in (thinking he'll refuse) and gets angry when Cockroach takes him up on the offer. First appearances of Troy Winbush as Denny, and Adam Sandler as Smitty. Final appearance of Carl Anthony Payne II as Cockroach. Bill Cosby appears on the episode of A Different World which airs later that evening.
S04E12 Dans les vestiaires 10/12/1987 Theo and his classmates brag about their dates with girls in the locker room, but Theo's mood changes when one of the guys goes out with Vanessa and brags about it the next day. Troy Winbush as Denny. Adam Sandler as Smitty.
S04E13 Une triste soirée théâtrale 17/12/1987 Vaudeville is shown to Rudy and her friends, who are unimpressed. Deon Richmond as Kenny.
S04E14 Sacrée soirée ! 07/01/1988 Clair drags Cliff to her book club meeting, and he's the lone male there. Much to Clair's surprise, Cliff knows quite a bit about the book in question! Meanwhile, the kids attempt a sleepover at Sondra and Elvin's run-down studio apartment, but are overwhelmed by the noise and lack of utilities. Appearances by Angela Bassett and S. Epatha Merkerson.
S04E15 Violon ou cymbales 14/01/1988 Rudy has to play the violin in music class at school, but gets jealous because she thinks her classmates' instruments are more fun. Deon Richmond as Kenny. Naoka Nakagawa as Kim.
S04E16 La visite 21/01/1988 Theo visits a friend in the hospital who has cancer. Troy Winbush as Denny. Adam Sandler as Smitty. Special appearance by Armand Hammer.
S04E17 Tambour-major 04/02/1988 Vanessa tries out for the drum major at school. Theo playfully mocks her efforts, but learns from friends that Vanessa is the target of sexism and intervenes on her behalf. Meanwhile, Cliff cooks up a batch of extremely spicy chili as Russell tries to pay off a loan from an old friend. Deon Richmond as Kenny. Troy Winbush as Denny. Guest appearance by Dub Taylor.
S04E18 Plomberie 11/02/1988 Clair tries to stop Cliff from fixing a leaky pipe by hiring a team of professionals: friends of Sondra and Elvin from Princeton.
S04E19 Il était une fois 18/02/1988 Rudy writes a fairy tale, and the colorful story is acted out in her fantasy. Members of the family play the roles of a village full of happy people and a mean group that ruins their fun. At the end of the episode, Rudy declares that when she becomes "president of the world", she will put a stop to all mean people. Cliff and Clair proceed to watch news reports of weapons' testing and bombings, and urge her to "hurry, because we need you right now." Earle Hyman as Russell.
S04E20 Pétanque 25/02/1988 Cliff and a friend play pétanque. First appearance of Sullivan Walker as Dr. James Harmon.
S04E21 Fais-moi confiance 03/03/1988 A friend of Clair's has marital problems; Cliff takes a "mini-vacation" in the house as Theo, Rudy, and Vanessa try to stump each other with riddles.
S04E22 À la maison pour le week-end 17/03/1988 Denise comes home from college, but seems to have more time for her friends than for the family.
S04E23 Le bal de fin d'année 24/03/1988 Theo, Denny and Smitty go to great lengths to impress their dates for the senior prom but fail disastrously; Cliff and Clair relive their own prom. Troy Winbush as Denny. Adam Sandler as Smitty. First appearance of Michelle Thomas as Justine. Phylicia Rash?d appears on the episode of A Different World which airs later that evening.
S04E24 Le héros 28/04/1988 When the Huxtable men go fishing, Theo catches a dead body, and soon attracts attention from the media. This success goes to his head, while Rudy and Kenny find a nest of baby birds, but the mother bird is missing. The two stories eventually cross in a surprising-and rather humiliating-lesson for Theo. Deon Richmond as Kenny.
S05E01 Le retour au bercail 00/00/0000 As Theo begins his freshman year at New York University, Denise announces that she is dropping out of Hillman College. Sondra is revealed to be pregnant. First mention of Cliff's theory that the children keep returning home because "they want the house."
S05E02 Une faim de loup 13/10/1988 Cliff prepares for a physical. John Amos as Dr. Bradley Herbert, Jr.
S05E03 Rudy, Rudy, toute la nuit 20/10/1988 Rudy's friend sleeps over.
S05E04 Le déménagement 27/10/1988 Everyone wants pregnant Sondra and Elvin to find a new house. Elvin's surname, Tibideaux, is revealed.
S05E05 Ciao, la famille ! 03/11/1988 Denise leaves Brooklyn for a job in Africa (Lisa Bonet's last appearance of Season 5).
S05E06 La naissance (1) 10/11/1988 Sondra goes into labor, and Elvin is a nervous wreck. Deon Richmond as Kenny. Michelle Thomas as Justine. First appearances of Reno Wilson as Howard, and Elizabeth Narvaez as Kara. Guest appearance by Naomi Campbell.
S05E07 La naissance (2) 10/11/1988 Sondra gives birth to twins—a boy and a girl—who are named after Nelson Mandela and his then-wife Winnie. Elvin decides to return to medical school.
S05E08 Cyrano de Huxtable 00/00/0000 Theo wants to date his friend Howard's ex-girlfriend, but he is stunned upon learning who she wants to date. Troy Winbush as Denny. Reno Wilson as Howard.
S05E09 Le chemin de Broadway 01/12/1988 Vanessa, Janet and Kara want to be professional singers; Russell wins a prize in a sweepstakes, which turns out to be a toaster. Pam Potillo as Janet. Elizabeth Narvaez as Kara. Guest appearance by singer Betty Carter.
S05E10 Il faut souffrir pour être belle 08/12/1988 Clair secretly goes on a crash diet and exercise program to lose five pounds in a week so she can fit into a dress. Appearance by Debbie Allen; voice-over by Ahmad Rash?d (Phylicia Rash?d's sister and husband).
S05E11 Le petit hamster est mort 15/12/1988 Rudy takes care of a friend's hamster for the weekend.
S05E12 La faute 05/01/1989 Rudy lies to cover for Vanessa, who secretly goes out on a date with her older boyfriend.
S05E13 Baby-sitter 12/01/1989 While the family attends a Michael Jackson concert, Cliff babysits his grandchildren Nelson and Winnie. First mention of Cliff's younger brother James, who died of rheumatic fever as a child (Bill Cosby's actual brother James died of the same illness at the age of six).
S05E14 L'adieu aux meubles 00/00/0000 Clair appears as a panelist on a local Sunday morning talk show entitled "Retrospective". Clair buys a new couch and Cliff tries to keep the old one. Clair's law firm is identified as Greentree, Bradley & Dexter.
S05E15 Week-end en enfer 02/02/1989 With the rest of the family gone for the night, Theo throws a "small" party that gets out of control. Troy Winbush as Denny. Reno Wilson as Howard. First appearance of Alex Ruiz as Lou. Cameo appearance by Joie Lee. Phylicia Rash?d (Clair), Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Theo), Tempestt Bledsoe (Vanessa), and Elizabeth Narvaez (Kara) appear on the episode of A Different World which airs later that evening.
S05E16 Le B.A.-BA 06/02/1989 Cliff tracks down the grandfather of one of his patients: an expectant teenage mother with no other family. Clair deduces that the charming man is illiterate. Guest appearance by Sammy Davis, Jr.
S05E17 La déclaration des droits de Rudy 09/02/1989 Rudy wants to change some of her rules. Voice-over by Ed McMahon (from The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson).
S05E18 Dr Cosby marabout 16/02/1989 Theo consults a voodoo shopkeeper for advice on winning his girlfriend back. Troy Winbush as Denny. Reno Wilson as Howard. Alex Ruiz as Lou. Michelle Thomas as Justine. Guest appearances by Moses Gunn and Harold Perrineau.
S05E19 Le retour du marteau 23/02/1989 Cliff's old basketball friend comes to visit. Guest appearance by U.S. Senator (and former NBA basketball player) Bill Bradley.
S05E20 Bienvenu au club ! 09/03/1989 Sondra bemoans taking care of the twins.
S05E21 Le baiser de Jeanne d'Arc 16/03/1989 After catching Theo kissing another woman in the lounge of her dormitory, Justine breaks up with him. Desperate to win her back, Theo turns to Cliff for advice. Michelle Thomas as Justine. First appearance of Vanessa A. Williams as Jade.
S05E22 Birthday blues 30/03/1989 Clair's 46th birthday.
S05E23 Une chambre sans vue 00/00/0000 Vanessa and Rudy argue and fight. After the sisters do physical damage to the house, Cliff exiles them to the basement.
S05E24 Je ne suis jamais seul 00/00/0000 Theo's friend Denny finds an expensive watch and gives it to his girlfriend, but it is soon revealed to be stolen merchandise. Troy Winbush as Denny. Alex Ruiz as Lou. Vanessa A. Williams as Jade.
S05E25 Les mères 04/05/1989 Sondra comes down with strep throat, prompting her mother Clair and Elvin's mother Francine to "steal" the babies.
S05E26 Le voyage en Égypte 11/05/1989 Theo wants to go to Egypt for an archaeological dig. Reno Wilson as Howard. Alex Ruiz as Lou. Deon Richmond as Kenny.
S06E01 Petite maman 21/09/1989 Denise returns from Africa, with a new husband and stepdaughter in tow. Joseph C. Phillips and Raven-Symoné join the cast as Martin and Olivia Kendall. Last appearance of Peter Costa as Peter.
S06E02 Les surfers 28/09/1989 After recreating one of Cliff's stories, Theo and his roommates are kicked out of their apartment. First appearance of Keith Diamond as Danny. Guest appearance by Anthony Quinn.
S06E03 Un verre, ça va ! 05/10/1989 Vanessa and her friends get drunk playing a drinking game. Pam Potillo as Janet. Elizabeth Narvaez as Kara. Guest appearance by Bill Cosby's real-life daughter Ensa Cosby, upon whom the character Vanessa is loosely based.
S06E04 La nouvelle maison 12/10/1989 Denise forgets to respond to a letter from the Navy and confirm that she and Martin want housing on the naval base in Rhode Island.
S06E05 Les dyslexiques 19/10/1989 Theo is diagnosed with dyslexia, a learning disability which contributed to the academic problems he has had over the years. Michelle Thomas as Justine.
S06E06 La panne d'électricité 26/10/1989 Denise and Olivia babysit Winnie and Nelson (Sondra and Elvin's twins).
S06E07 Entrez dans la danse 02/11/1989 Rudy and one of her classmates have a crush on each other, but peer pressure could ruin things. Guest appearance by Elaine Stritch.
S06E08 Heureux événments 09/11/1989 Cliff dreams that men worldwide have become pregnant -- including his son Theo, his sons-in-law Elvin and Martin, and himself. Voice-over by NBC News correspondent John Palmer.
S06E09 Dîner en famille 16/11/1989 Denise invites Martin's ex-wife Paula for Thanksgiving dinner. Clair continues to send Cliff to the store for last-minute groceries, despite the fact that it is a cold and rainy Thanksgiving Day. Victoria Rowell as Paula.
S06E10 Belle-maman 30/11/1989 Martin's parents (Olivia's grandparents) come for a visit. Actor Moses Gunn and jazz singer Nancy Wilson guest star as Martin's parents.
S06E11 Ah, les filles... 07/12/1989 Cliff is in charge while Clair and Denise are out of town. Guest: Elaine Stritch as Mrs. McGee
S06E12 Le mariage 14/12/1989 As Christmas approaches, Cliff and Martin get to know each other better. Denise and Martin recreate their wedding ceremony, which allows Cliff to give his daughter away.
S06E13 Cinémas 04/01/1990 Elvin takes two female college friends to dinner to reminisce and Sondra becomes very upset.
S06E14 Les monstres 00/00/0000 Guest appearance by The Muppets (Performed by Jerry Nelson, Dave Goelz, Richard Hunt, and Kevin Clash.) Voice-over by Wallace Shawn.
S06E15 Un bon conseil 18/01/1990 Denise causes trouble while trying to help Vanessa get a date.
S06E16 Bon anniversaire 25/01/1990 Olivia's 4th birthday.
S06E17 Chantez-moi le blues 01/02/1990 Theo thinks about proposing to Justine. Kenny, who was "born to sing the blues," gets the chance to sing with a legendary blues singer/guitarist. Deon Richmond as Kenny. Michelle Thomas as Justine. Guest appearance by B.B. King
S06E18 L'argent ne fait pas le bonheur 08/02/1990 Rudy steals money from Clair to buy a sweatshirt (Rudy and her friend Kim do the Electric Slide). Deon Richmond as Kenny.
S06E19 Faites-en autant 15/02/1990 Rudy is forced to take tap dancing lessons for a school project. Cliff is presented with a "challenge" he cannot resist. Guest appearances by Howard "Sandman" Sims and Elaine Stritch.
S06E20 Soyez romantique 00/00/0000 Cliff, Elvin and Martin secretly compete to determine who is the most romantic husband in the Huxtable family.
S06E21 Le linge sale se lave en famille 15/03/1990 Cliff and Clair discover that Theo has moved in with Justine. Last Appearance Of Michelle Thomas as Justine. Victoria Rowell as Paula.
S06E22 Les vacances de Claire 22/03/1990 Clair is burned out from work and family pressures and hurries off to the woods.
S06E23 En route pour Baltimore 05/04/1990 Vanessa and her friends sneak out of town to attend a concert in Baltimore, but encounter huge problems along the way. Afterwards, she must face the wrath of Cliff and an infuriated Clair.
S06E24 Soyez vous-même 19/04/1990 The Huxtables' nerdy neighbor (Wallace Shawn) reinvents himself after a divorce.
S06E25 Termine tes études 26/04/1990 Denise wants to become a teacher . . . without finishing college. Guest appearance by Max Roach.
S06E26 La visite de la vieille tante 03/05/1990 "Gram Tee", Cliff's 98 year old great aunt, comes to visit the family.
S07E01 Enfin seuls ! 20/09/1990 Denise takes classes locally at Medgar Evers College, while Vanessa enrolls at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. Rudy starts sixth grade. Olivia starts preschool. In a scene prior to the opening credits, Olivia enters Cliff's bedroom wearing a Bart Simpson mask. It is a nod to FOX's decision to move The Simpsons to Thursdays at 8:00 pm Eastern/Pacific, presenting The Cosby Show with its first true ratings challenge.
S07E02 Le disque de collection 27/09/1990 Cliff tries to win a classic jazz record at an auction, while filling in for Denise as volunteer parent at Olivia's preschool. Sullivan Walker as Dr. James Harmon.
S07E03 Repas de famille 00/00/0000 The Huxtable family erupts in a battle of the sexes after Theo suggests having a stripper at Martin's post-wedding bachelor party.
S07E04 Mise au point 11/10/1990 Clair's teenage second cousin moves in with the family. Erika Alexander joins the cast as Pam. First appearances of Karen Malina White as Charmaine, Allen Payne as Lance, and Mushond Lee as Slide.
S07E05 Règlements de compte 00/00/0000 After Vanessa gets into a minor car accident and tries to cover it up, Cliff and Clair complain about the various small disasters the children have caused them, and the children fight back by complaining about ways Cliff and Clair have embarrassed them.
S07E06 Silence, on tourne 00/00/0000 Rudy and Kenny do a video project.
S07E07 Premier amour (1) 01/11/1990 Under pressure from her boyfriend to become sexually active, Pam considers using birth control. Karen Malina White as Charmaine. Allen Payne as Lance. Mushond Lee as Slide.
S07E08 Premier amour (2) 01/11/1990 Pam and Slide argue over whether they should become sexually active.
S07E09 Une femme de plus 08/11/1990 Rudy gets her first period. Clair plans "Women's day" where she goes out alone with Rudy and answers any questions she has, but Rudy refuses to talk. Keith Diamond as Danny.
S07E10 L'appartement 00/00/0000 Seeking privacy, Denise and Martin decide to look for their own apartment.
S07E11 C'est un garçon 29/11/1990 The husband of one of Cliff's patients worries that he will be a poor father because he has no athletic ability. After Pam breaks up with Slide, she and the class brain are attracted to each other.
S07E12 Le droit de choisir 06/12/1990 Clair enters menopause. She takes the news fine, but the kids treat her as if she's losing her mind.
S07E13 Le match 13/12/1990 Elvin and Sondra help friends move during a football game.
S07E14 L'examen 03/01/1991 Theo will make the dean's list if he gets an A on his final, but a beautiful exchange student planning to leave the next day for Barbados distracts him. Vanessa A. Williams appears (now portraying Cheryl).
S07E15 Étudiez, les étudiants 10/01/1991 Pam's grades have improved, but she worries that she will not be able to afford college. Karen Malina White as Charmaine. Allen Payne as Lance. Mushond Lee as Slide.
S07E16 Tête-à-tête 31/01/1991 Cliff's patient and her husband are convinced that they are prepared for every scenario ... and then labor begins.
S07E17 C'est une fille 07/02/1991 Rudy begs Martin to let her babysit Olivia. Cliff and Dr. Harmon enter a pinochle tournament as partners ... and so do their wives.
S07E18 Le tournoi 14/02/1991 To celebrate his 27th wedding anniversary with Clair, Cliff recreates the Callaloo Pot, a Caribbean restaurant where the couple dined on their honeymoon.
S07E19 Bon anniversaire 21/02/1991 An old friend of Clair visits, along with her husband. Rudy prepares for her first date.
S07E20 Régime végétarien 28/02/1991 Theo's friend Denny thinks his girlfriend is cheating on him.
S07E21 Remèdes de bonne femme 07/03/1991 When Olivia comes down with a cold, everyone (except Cliff) has a different home remedy to offer as a cure. Russell and Anna celebrate another wedding anniversary. Cliff, Rudy and Olivia perform Koko Taylor's "I'm A Woman".
S07E22 Le rêve de Rudy 00/00/0000 Rudy has a nightmare about Olivia always getting her way.
S07E23 Le roi du baseball 04/04/1991 Cliff goes bowling with his friends.
S07E24 Roméo et Juliette 11/04/1991 Clair tries to prevent Cliff from buying a new appliance from his friend Jake. Lost episode from Season 6. Guest appearances by Red Buttons and E. G. Marshall. Last appearance of Lisa Bonet as Denise.
S07E25 Théo à l'école (1) 25/04/1991 Theo, who is majoring in pediatric psychology, begins an internship as a junior counselor at the community center; he soon suspects that one of the children there is dyslexic. First appearances of Merlin Santana as Stanley and Eugene Byrd as Eugene.
S07E26 Théo à l'école (2) 02/05/1991 Theo continues his attempts to help Stanley and the other children at the community center.
S08E01 La bague de fiançailles 19/09/1991 18-year-old Vanessa reveals that she has been engaged to a 29-year-old man for six months.
S08E02 Un bon plan 26/09/1991 While Cliff plans to add a new room to the house for Clair's private use. Sondra and Elvin are about to purchase their first home.
S08E03 Pouvoir de séduction 03/10/1991 During his first parent-counselor meeting, Theo connects with a single mother.
S08E04 Pam s'inscrit à l'université 10/10/1991 Pam realizes that her poor grades will prevent her from attending the same college as her best friend.
S08E05 Une soirée avec les vieux 17/10/1991 When Rudy and her friends lie to their parents to get into an age-restricted club, Pam, Lance and Charmaine spy on them.
S08E06 L'évidence qui grise 24/10/1991 Winnie and Nelson drive Cliff and Clair crazy while Elvin and Sondra wait to move into their new house.
S08E07 Bricketh le bricoleur 31/10/1991 Vanessa's grandparents meet her fiancé Dabnis, who bonds with Cliff over a plumbing job.
S08E08 Olivia au musée 07/11/1991 Cliff chaperones Olivia's field trip to the museum, while Theo falls victim to a scammer.
S08E09 Réservé aux messieurs 14/11/1991 Cliff teaches a "for men only" class at the community center.
S08E10 Olivia a disparu 21/11/1991 Olivia tries to delay Martin's return to Asia.
S08E11 Deux c'est trop 05/12/1991 Vanessa and Dabnis have relationship problems, as do Rudy and Stanley.
S08E12 Nouvelle copine 19/12/1991 As Christmas approaches, Clair gets a wonderful present: the completion of her special room.
S08E13 Bon appétit, Théo ! 02/01/1992 Theo must decide between graduate school at NYU and a corporate job in San Francisco.
S08E14 Ça va barder 09/01/1992 Pam, Lance, Charmaine and a group of senior citizens protest a grocery chain that gives preferential treatment to customers in wealthier neighborhoods.
S08E15 Papa, la dame accouche 16/01/1992 To make Rudy jealous and force Stanley out of the picture, Kenny pretends he is dating another girl.
S08E16 À plein régime 30/01/1992 Rudy and her friends want to ride the subway.
S08E17 Guet-apens 06/02/1992 Sondra, Elvin and the twins finally move into their own house in New Jersey.
S08E18 Chaudière, rupture et crémaillère 06/02/1992 Cliff is devastated to hear that Vanessa and Dabnis have broken their engagement.
S08E19 À en perdre la boule 13/02/1992 Theo turns down a corporate job offer in San Francisco to attend graduate school at NYU.
S08E20 Le bon vieux temps 20/02/1992 Clair and her college friends plan a retirement party for a former professor.
S08E21 Une pêche d'enfer 27/02/1992 Cliff and Clair see Rudy changing, while Sondra and Elvin ponder who should be the twins' legal guardian if they were to die.
S08E22 Baby-sitting et percussions 26/03/1992 Cliff and Clair go to a local radio station for a live salsa performance.
S08E23 Les présents ne sont pas toujours déductibles 23/04/1992 Kenny turns to Rudy and Cliff for help after lying to his girlfriend about plans for her birthday party.
S08E24 Le bouquet final (1) 30/04/1992 Theo prepares to graduate from New York University.
S08E25 Le bouquet final (2) 30/04/1992 Theo graduates from NYU, Denise reveals that she is pregnant and Olivia leaves to join Denise and Martin in Singapore.
S00E02 Season 2 DVD Extra: Special Commentary 00/00/0000
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S00E05 Season 2 DVD Extra: Cliff's Parenting Tips 00/00/0000
S00E06 Season 2 DVD Extra: New Interview with Director Jay Sandrich 00/00/0000
S00E07 The Last Laugh Memories Of The Cosby Show 00/00/0000
S00E08 The Cosby Outtakes Show 00/00/0000
S00E09 Bill Cosby 49 (1987) 00/00/0000
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