Affiche Cosmic Quantum Ray
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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Cosmic Quantum Ray

S01E01 Allison Attacks! 00/00/0000 Team Quantum faces a rematch with Kronecker the Undefeated on Earth, who uses his friend Allison as his host body!
S01E02 Sliptilicus 00/00/0000 A giant mess of space jelly oozes into Robbie's school dance. Can Team Quantum stop this slippery stuff before it sucks up all of Earth's friction?!
S01E03 It Was Nothing! 00/00/0000 Professor Evil Brainhead and his hamster escape from prison and try to take over Robbie's class.
S01E04 What's Up with Gravity? 00/00/0000 Team Quantum must stop the evil Contessa De Worm from stealing and selling Earth's gravity; the situation turns dire when the Contessa captures a real estate agent...ROBBIE'S MOM!
S01E05 There's a Universe in Scott's Head! 00/00/0000 Robbie is entrusted with a device containing a baby universe; trouble brews when Scott Stotz accidentally downloads it into his head and Professor Evil Brainhead comes looking for it!
S01E06 Olga's Dish of Doom 00/00/0000 Team Quantum must help Olga protect a powerful device that creates anything the user asks for from Contessa De Worm, not realizing part of it was left on Earth with the Emergency Cafeteria Squad!
S01E07 Chip Monahan: Alien Squirrel Master! 00/00/0000 In order to steal an indestructible battleship from Team Quantum's protection, alien squirrels kidnap Chip Monahan and turn him into their ALIEN SQUIRREL MASTER!
S01E08 What's a Bucketworth? 00/00/0000 Team Quantum tries to stop Contessa De Worm from turning Earth's coal into diamonds.
S01E09 Me, Robot 00/00/0000 Bucketworth builds a robot duplicate.
S01E10 Are We There Yet? 00/00/0000 A bus gets captured at Area 52.
S01E11 Un-Real Estate 00/00/0000 Contessa De Worm tries to make her own solar system.
S01E12 Mr. Charm's Bad Vibration 00/00/0000 Kronecker tries to destroy Quantum Ray.
S01E13 Eat @ Olga's 00/00/0000 Olga opens her own place on the moon.
S01E14 Allison's New Pet 00/00/0000 Alison feeds her new pet the wrong food.
S01E15 Rings of Fire 00/00/0000 Guy Gamma attacks earth.
S01E16 Return of the Alien Squirrel Master 00/00/0000 Evil squirrels try to destroy the universe.
S01E17 Hall of Fame 00/00/0000 Ray's father is honored at a ceremony.
S01E18 Here Today, Gone Yesterday 00/00/0000 A pen that allows the user to see the future.
S01E19 Pirates of the Dark Matter 00/00/0000 Kronecker comes to earth and kidnaps the kids.
S01E20 Wild, Wild Wormhole 00/00/0000 Guy Gamma teams up with Rob-O to form a super-hero team.
S01E21 Let's Play a Game 00/00/0000 Team Quantum is trapped in a virtual reality prison.
S01E22 Oh, Mother! 00/00/0000 Professor Evil Brainhead is captured by Team Quantum.
S01E23 Tangled up in Twins 00/00/0000 Geecey is kidnapped by Contessa De Worm; Allison becomes Atee's ``substitute sister.''
S01E24 Cosmic Quantum... Robbie!? 00/00/0000 Ray and Robbie's minds are switched.
S01E25 The Incredible Shrinking Ray 00/00/0000 The squirrels get their paws on a shrink ray.
S01E26 Ms. Zooty's 00/00/0000 Zooty runs a beauty pageant against De Worm.