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Countryfile is a British Sunday-morning television programme by the BBC which first aired in 1988 and reports on rural and environmental issues within the United Kingdom. It is presented primarily by John Craven, with reports from a pool of presenters. The issues which it addresses are generally those within the rural public consciousness of the UK, such as animal-culling, fox hunting, organic farming, EU agricultural policy, pollution, and open access land, and as such the nature of the programme is often highly political, sometimes airing debates between pressure groups. In recent years, the show has hardly featured farming issues, and concentrates on rural arts and sports, using recorded segments which are often repeated several times over a period of a year or two.


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S20E15 2008-01-06 00/00/0000
S20E16 2008-01-13 00/00/0000
S20E17 2008-01-20 00/00/0000
S20E18 2008-01-27 00/00/0000
S20E19 2008-02-03 00/00/0000
S20E20 2008-02-10 00/00/0000
S20E21 2008-02-17 00/00/0000
S20E22 2008-02-24 00/00/0000
S20E23 2008-03-02 00/00/0000
S20E24 2008-03-09 00/00/0000
S20E25 2008-03-16 00/00/0000
S20E26 2008-03-23 00/00/0000
S20E27 2008-03-30 00/00/0000
S20E28 2008-04-06 00/00/0000
S20E29 2008-04-20 00/00/0000
S20E30 2008-04-27 00/00/0000
S20E31 2008-05-04 00/00/0000
S20E32 2008-05-11 00/00/0000
S20E33 2008-05-18 00/00/0000
S20E34 2008-05-25 00/00/0000
S20E35 2008-06-01 00/00/0000
S20E36 2008-06-08 00/00/0000
S20E37 2008-06-15 00/00/0000
S20E38 2008-06-22 00/00/0000
S20E39 2008-06-29 00/00/0000
S20E40 2008-07-06 00/00/0000
S20E41 2008-07-13 00/00/0000
S20E42 2008-07-20 00/00/0000
S20E43 20th Anniversary Edition 00/00/0000 20th anniversary show This week Countryfile celebrates its 20th anniversary. Since 1988 the programme has been reporting on the people, places and stories making news in the British countryside. Swaledale The first ever Countryfile was filmed in Swaledale in North Yorkshire. The sweeping river valley is carved out by the River Swale, but access to the river is an ongoing issue. John Craven heads to Keld on the river bank to revisit a story which Countryfile reported on two decades ago. Many canoeists think they should have access to rivers just like ramblers do in the countryside, however, anglers are concerned that their private, and often paid for, retreats will be overwhelmed. John also explores an institution which the show has become famous for - the BBC weather forecast. Weatherman Bill Giles, who presented the first ever Countryfile weather forecast, takes a trip down memory lane. John gets a surprise when he comes face to face with his dead ringer. Impressionist Jon Culshaw dons the famous red jacket, Wellington boots and glasses for their first meeting.
S20E44 2008-08-03 00/00/0000
S20E45 2008-08-10 00/00/0000 John Craven visits Weymouth as it prepares to host the 2012 Olympic sailing events.
S20E46 2008-08-17 00/00/0000
S20E47 2008-08-24 00/00/0000
S20E48 2008-08-31 00/00/0000 John Craven heads to Warwickshire, where this year's harvest is in full swing.
S21E01 2008-09-07 00/00/0000 John Craven heads to Dunster in Somerset, where a castle is getting a green makeover.
S21E02 2008-09-14 00/00/0000 Countryfile Photographic Competition with its theme of Animals in Action is judged.
S21E03 2008-09-21 00/00/0000 The team visits the village of Cerne Abbas and reports on British blueberries.
S21E04 2008-09-28 00/00/0000 John Craven heads for Castle Howard in North Yorkshire.
S21E05 2008-10-12 00/00/0000 John Craven reveals why there's more to Stonehenge than its mysterious standing stones.
S21E06 2008-10-19 00/00/0000 John Craven visits Calder Valley to discover how the countryside inspired poet Ted Hughes.
S21E07 2008-10-26 00/00/0000 John Craven heads to Calke Abbey in Derbyshire as it prepares to celebrate Halloween.
S21E08 2008-11-02 00/00/0000 John Craven visits the farm bought by the public for four million pounds.
S21E09 2008-11-09 00/00/0000 Countryfile marks Remembrance Sunday by heading to Cannock Chase in Staffordshire.
S21E10 2008-11-16 00/00/0000 John Craven heads to the Fal Estuary in Cornwall as oyster fishing season gets underway.
S21E11 2008-11-23 00/00/0000 John Craven heads to Wytham Woods in Oxfordshire to study the effects of climate change.
S21E12 2008-11-30 00/00/0000 John Craven visits the Lake District to mark 75 years of the mountain rescue service.
S21E13 2008-12-07 00/00/0000 John Craven explores the mines in the Forest of Dean in Gloucester.
S21E14 2008-12-14 00/00/0000 John Craven investigates the Christmas preparations in Scotland's Cairngorms.
S21E15 2009-01-04 00/00/0000 John Craven celebrates the nation's love affair with the horse.
S21E16 2009-01-11 00/00/0000 A look at how the British countryside is transformed with the passing of each season.
S21E17 2009-01-18 00/00/0000 John Craven visits the Cairngorm Mountains to assess the ski season and taste the whisky.
S21E18 2009-01-25 00/00/0000 John Craven explores the New Forest, where controversial plans are causing concern.
S21E19 2009-02-01 00/00/0000 John Craven assesses the impact of a marine improvement programme on the Norfolk coast.
S21E20 2009-02-08 00/00/0000 John heads to Cambridge University, while Miriam O'Reilly looks at Britain's rat problem.
S21E21 1,000th Episode 00/00/0000 John Craven marks the 1,000th episode by revisiting the story of the foot-and-mouth crisis
S21E22 2009-02-22 00/00/0000 John Craven visits Kew Gardens to celebrate its 250th anniversary.
S21E23 2009-03-01 00/00/0000 John Craven marks St David's Day by heading to the hills of Pumlumon in mid Wales.
S21E24 2009-03-08 00/00/0000 John Craven visits Slimbridge to mark the centenary of the birth of Sir Peter Scott.
S21E25 2009-03-15 00/00/0000 John Craven is in County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland to explore the UK's first geopark.
S21E26 2009-03-22 00/00/0000 John Craven visits Belvoir Castle, and Miriam O'Reilly reports on a vicious plant disease.
S21E27 2009-03-29 00/00/0000 Would a huge barrage across the Severn Estuary ruin priceless archaeological sites?
S21E31 31 00/00/0000
S21E32 32 00/00/0000
S21E33 33 00/00/0000
S23E01 11th March 2012 00/00/0000 Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury explore North Kent. It may be known as the Garden of England, but Julia discovers there is more to this place than its apples and pears. Savvy food producers are finding there is a taste here for all sorts of food, like snails. She meets a snail breeder and a woman hoping to put snails on the map of Kent produce. While Julia samples the area's slimy delights, Matt is in the woods, where the locals are finding out new ways to make the trees pay. Elsewhere, John Craven investigates the impact everyday foods have on the environment, and reveals some of the worst offenders. Down on the farm, Adam has his hands full as he readies his farm for spring.
S23E02 18th March 2012 00/00/0000 Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury visit the New Forest. Matt finds out how the local ponies are keeping an invasive pond weed in check, and Julia gets to grips with some big machinery to help clear the land for a special conservation project. Ellie Harrison is also in the New Forest, getting out of breath as she discovers the delights of adventure racing. John Craven is in Scotland, where deer-stalking is a vital part of the Highland's economy. He investigates why huge numbers of them are being culled to make way for trees. Adam Henson keeps lots of rare breed chickens on his farm in the Cotswolds, but this week he looks to add some unusual egg-laying hens to his collection.
S23E03 25th March 2012 00/00/0000 Julia Bradbury and Matt Baker are in Middle England finding out what rural Leicestershire has to offer. Matt meets two young sisters who are keeping the family farming tradition alive. Julia heads over the border to Rutland to discover why wild birds need protection from the local otters, before sampling some of Leicestershire's finest foods. John Craven visits some of the driest parts of Britain to find out who the droughts are hurting the most. And, now the weather seems to be getting warmer, Adam Henson's letting some of his cattle out of their winter housing and back into the fields - much to their delight.
S23E04 00/00/0000
S23E05 8th April 2012 00/00/0000 Matt Baker heads to Wales to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Monmouth and Brecon canal, while Ellie Harrison discovers why the Brecon Beacons provide the perfect terrain for soldiers training for international conflicts. Down on the farm, Adam is keeping a close eye on his indoor lambing sheds, but he still finds time for a trip to Dartmoor to learn about the rare breed sheep which give birth outside. Meanwhile, Jules Hudson is at the other end of the country in Lancashire, discovering why a thriving farming community was evicted from the land eighty years ago. Plus John Craven investigates why badger baiting is on the rise in the British countryside and reveals what is being done to clamp down on this barbaric practice.
S23E06 15th April 2012 00/00/0000 Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison head to the South Pennines, where old rivals Yorkshire and Lancashire collide. It is also home to the Pennine Way, which runs through the backbone of England. Ellie takes in part of the Pennine Way with local poet Simon Armitage. Meanwhile, Matt uses two wheels for some extreme mountain biking. Elsewhere, Tom Heap investigates the controversy surrounding onshore wind turbines. Down on the farm, Adam is taking delivery of thousands of new workers. He is hoping the honey bee will help pollinate his fields of oil seed rape.
S23E07 22nd April 2012 00/00/0000 Ellie Harrison is in Hampshire, where she delves back into the programme's archives to re-discover some of the amazingly different journeys the team have been on around the UK. Ellie walks in the footsteps of journalist, radical politician, farmer and traveller William Cobbett as she travels through his beloved home village of Botley. She also takes a steam train on the famous Watercress Line and learns about the history of this once busy transport link. And Ellie is not the only one on the train; Julia Bradbury is on the Pennistone Line in Yorkshire, where music helps her journey pass by. Matt Baker is on horseback in Lancashire as he treads an old packhorse route. John Craven is under sail power as he travels around the Llyn Peninsula in the company of dolphins, and Adam Henson explores the Dorset coast by kayak.
S23E08 29th April 2012 00/00/0000 Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison experience the bracing mix of sandy beaches and remote heathland that make up much of the Suffolk coastline. Matt heads to the seaside town of Southwold to help spruce up the famous beach huts. Ellie is further inland, exploring the old industrial waterways which now inspire a host of artists. Tom Heap is on the opposite side of the country, finding out why we are still digging up one of our greatest natural defences against climate change, peat. Meanwhile, Adam Henson pays tribute to an extraordinary race horse.
S23E09 13 May 2012 (HD) 00/00/0000 Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison are amongst the rolling hills and wooded valleys of Exmoor. At this time of year red deer are shedding their antlers, so Matt goes to see if he can find some, while Ellie gets to try her hand at falconry with a Harris hawk. Tom Heap is in the north of England investigating the growing problem of abandoned and neglected horses. Meanwhile, Adam Henson goes to meet a farmer who is losing half his Longhorn cattle to TB.
S24E01 4th September 2011 00/00/0000
S24E02 11th September 2011 00/00/0000
S24E03 18th September 2011 00/00/0000
S24E04 25th September 2011 00/00/0000
S24E05 2nd October 2011 00/00/0000
S24E06 9th October 2011 00/00/0000
S24E07 16th October 2011 00/00/0000
S24E08 23rd October 2011 00/00/0000
S24E09 30th October 2011 00/00/0000
S24E10 6th November 2011 00/00/0000
S24E11 13th November 2011 00/00/0000
S24E12 20th November 2011 00/00/0000
S24E13 27th November 2011 00/00/0000
S24E14 4th December 2011 00/00/0000
S24E15 11th December 2011 00/00/0000
S24E16 18th December 2011 00/00/0000
S24E17 28th December 2011 00/00/0000
S24E18 4th January 2012 00/00/0000
S24E19 8th January 2012 00/00/0000
S24E20 15th January 2012 00/00/0000
S24E21 22nd January 2012 00/00/0000
S24E22 29th January 2012 00/00/0000
S24E23 5th February 2012 00/00/0000
S24E24 12th February 2012 00/00/0000
S24E25 19th February 2012 00/00/0000
S24E26 26th February 2012 00/00/0000
S24E27 4th March 2012 00/00/0000
S24E28 11th March 2012 00/00/0000
S24E29 18th March 2012 00/00/0000
S24E30 25th March 2012 00/00/0000
S24E31 1st April 2012 00/00/0000 Countryfile is in County Durham. Matt Baker visits the family farm, where his children give him a hand with lambing. Julia Bradbury learns more about an adder project on the moors, and she discovers why the River Wear has been named as one of the 10 most improved rivers for cleanliness in the country. Helen Skelton gets up close to a naked reclining lady over the border in Northumberland as she looks at a new landscape sculpture from artist Charles Jencks. John Craven investigates the devastating new virus to hit the countryside, Schmallenberg. And Adam is on his farm, where his kunekune sow has just given birth.
S24E32 8th April 2012 00/00/0000
S24E33 15th April 2012 00/00/0000
S24E34 22nd April 2012 00/00/0000
S24E35 29th April 2012 00/00/0000
S24E36 6th May 2012 00/00/0000
S24E37 13th May 2012 00/00/0000
S24E38 20th May 2012 00/00/0000
S24E39 27th May 2012 00/00/0000
S24E40 3rd June 2012 00/00/0000
S24E41 10th June 2012 00/00/0000
S24E42 17th June 2012 00/00/0000
S24E43 24th June 2012 00/00/0000
S24E44 1st July 2012 00/00/0000
S24E45 8th July 2012 00/00/0000
S24E46 15th July 2012 00/00/0000
S24E47 22nd July 2012 00/00/0000
S24E48 29th July 2012 00/00/0000
S24E49 5th August 2012 00/00/0000
S24E50 12th August 2012 00/00/0000
S24E51 19th August 2012 00/00/0000
S24E52 26th August 2012 00/00/0000
S24E53 2nd September 2012 00/00/0000
S24E54 Furness Peninsula 00/00/0000 A unique insight into how the Furness Peninsula has been shaped by nature and man.
S24E55 Nottinghamshire 00/00/0000 Matt and Ellie discover the ancient woodlands and industrial heritage of Nottinghamshire.
S24E56 Lochaber 00/00/0000 In Lochaber, Matt Baker goes on the greatest railway journey in the world.
S24E57 Usk Valley 00/00/0000 Julia Bradbury and John Craven explore the Usk Valley, known as the gateway to Wales.
S24E58 Northumberland 00/00/0000 The team visit England's most northerly county, Northumberland.
S24E59 Hampshire 00/00/0000 In a special edition of Countryfile, Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury explore Hampshire.
S24E60 East Sussex 00/00/0000 Matt Baker explores the East Sussex coastline and looks at some of its iconic legacies.
S24E61 Anglesey 00/00/0000 The Countryfile team explore Anglesey, Wales's largest island.
S24E62 West Sussex 00/00/0000 Ellie Harrison spends the day with expert woodsman Ben Law in West Sussex.
S24E63 Forest of Dean Remembrance 00/00/0000 Countryfile visits the Royal Forest of Dean, one of our most ancient woodlands.
S24E64 Leicestershire 00/00/0000 John Craven and Julia Bradbury head to rural Leicestershire.
S24E65 Somerset 00/00/0000 Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury explore Somerset's countryside and coastline.
S24E66 South Downs 00/00/0000 The team visit the heart of rural England, exploring the chalk-lands of the South Downs.
S24E67 South Gloucestershire 00/00/0000 Countryfile is deep in Gloucestershire exploring some woodland treasures.
S24E68 Snettisham 00/00/0000 Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury visit the RSPB bird reserve at Snettisham.
S24E69 Christmas Special 00/00/0000 The team help with the preparations for a seasonal celebration deep in rural Warwickshire.
S24E70 30th December 2012 00/00/0000 Ellie looks back at the men and women who have been inspired by the British countryside.
S25E01 Horses and Dogs 00/00/0000 A look through the archives to see how horses and dogs are an integral part of rural life.
S25E02 Hertfordshire 00/00/0000 Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury head to the Hertfordshire countryside.
S25E03 Exmoor 00/00/0000 Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury head to Exmoor, where Julia learns about Alfred Vowles.
S25E04 South Wales 00/00/0000 Matt Baker and John Craven head to South Wales.
S25E05 Yorkshire Dales 00/00/0000 John Craven explores the historic ruins of Jervaulx Abbey, once home to Cistercian monks.
S25E06 Cornwall Coast 00/00/0000 Countryfile heads to the north Cornwall coast. Matt Baker explores its glens and ruins.
S25E07 Cotswolds 00/00/0000 In this edition of Countryfile, Adam Henson ventures no more than 10 miles from his Cotswolds farm as discovers the delights of the local food available right on his doorstep. His mission is simple: he is to collect the ingredients to make a pizza for his family's evening meal. He visits a local flour mill for the dough for the pizza base, a local halloumi cheese maker and a man who makes meatballs from his herd of Hereford cattle. It is an unusual combination, so what his daughter Ella make of it? Adam also delves back into the Countryfile archives to dig out the best of the foodie stories covered on the programme. Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison take each other on in the battle of the Yorkshire puddings, Julia Bradbury is on her home turf in Leicestershire tucking into stilton cheese and pork pies, Jules Hudson is out fishing off the Cornish coast for sardines and Katie Knapman discovers the unusual taste of Yorkshire sushi.
S25E08 Bristol 00/00/0000 Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury are in Bristol, a city with the countryside on its doorstep.
S25E09 Northumberland 00/00/0000 Countryfile heads to the wild, rugged and dramatic landscape of Northumberland.
S25E10 A Royal Appointment 00/00/0000 The Countryfile team pay a special visit to Prince Charles on his Gloucestershire farm.
S25E11 Lyme Bay 00/00/0000 Countryfile is in Lyme Bay, where the rugged west Dorset and east Devon coastlines meet.
S25E12 Golden Valley 00/00/0000 Matt Baker is with the farmers trying to make a living from sheep in the Golden Valley.
S25E13 Spring Compilation 00/00/0000 In this special edition of Countryfile, Ellie Harrison charts the arrival of spring. She is on St Michaels Mount in Cornwall, where the season comes early. The daffodils are in full bloom, the days are getting longer, and the islanders are busy getting everything ready for the start of the tourist season. She catches up with the boatman launching a newly refurbished ferry, joins the team given the stately rooms a deep spring clean, and talks the chaplain to find out why St Michaels Mount is such a place of pilgrimage. Whilst Ellie is on the island, she looks back at some of the best spring stories to have featured on Countryfile. These include the time Julia took to the skies above Herefordshire in search of our ancient orchards, and when Matt went to Exmoor to look for signs of our biggest mammal. Plus a second look at what happened when Adam went on a spring round-up with a difference. And since this is Easter Sunday, Ellie rings in spring on St Michael's Mount in time-honoured fashion.
S25E14 Northamptonshire 00/00/0000 Matt Baker explores the Grand Union Canal and Julia Bradbury discovers hidden heritage.
S25E15 Suffolk 00/00/0000 Matt explores Suffolk's boating heritage as he puts the finishing touches to a boat.
S25E16 Luddenden 00/00/0000 In Calderdale, West Yorkshire, Ellie Harrison follows in the footsteps of Whitely Turner.
S25E17 Country Architecture Compilation 00/00/0000 Ellie Harrison visits the historic Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire.
S25E18 Cambridgeshire 00/00/0000 Ellie Harrison takes a peek behind the scenes at Newmarket, the home of horse racing.
S25E19 Hampshire 00/00/0000 Matt Baker explores the maritime history of Hampshire.
S25E20 Henley-on-Thames 00/00/0000 Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury head to the Thames Valley, on the doorstep of London. This area of countryside has at its heart the river that bears its name. Matt takes to the water with an Olympian to find out what makes Henley-on-Thames such a breeding ground for gold medal winning rowers. Meanwhile, Julia is at Burnham Beeches on the hunt for giant wood ants with an unusual defence mechanism which led to the discovery of formic acid. John Craven visits the Household Cavalry as they take part in an equine health survey launched by the charity Blue Cross. Elsewhere, Tom Heap is on the south west coast to find out why our seabirds are in decline; and down on the farm, Adam's Highland bull Eric is causing a bit of a stir.
S25E21 The Humber 00/00/0000 Countryfile travels to Yorkshire and the Humber, with Matt out on the Humber estuary.
S25E22 Fife 00/00/0000 Countryfile is in the historic kingdom of Fife. Matt Baker explores Tentsmuir forest.
S25E23 Teign Valley 00/00/0000 The Countryfile team launch their annual photographic competition.
S25E24 North Wales Woodfest 00/00/0000 Ellie Harrison and Matt Baker head to North Wales, and Matt heads to the Woodfest.
S25E25 Kent 00/00/0000 The Countryfile team are on the coastal flatlands of Kent.
S25E26 Transport Compilation 00/00/0000 John Craven visits the Lake District and looks back at transport-related stories.
S25E27 Cambrian Mountains 00/00/0000 The Countryfile team explore the Cambrian mountains, one of Wales' best-kept secrets.
S25E28 Shetland 00/00/0000 Ellie Harrison and Adam Henson head for the Shetlands, where Ellie meets seaweed farmers.
S25E29 Peak District 01/12/2013 The team is in the Peak District, where John Craven looks at the secrets this familiar landscape is hiding deep underground. There's the precious shining mineral called Blue John, of which a new seam has just been discovered, thanks to a family riddle. In 2014, part of the Tour de France cycle race route will take in the highs of the Peak District. Ellie Harrison tests out part of this challenging route with a seasoned cyclist. Along the way she finds out the history of a very special site where tanks were tested ahead of going to the front in World War II. Helen Skelton is also in the Peaks, in the village of Tideswell which is trying to persuade local people to buy their food from the village shops. She takes part in a local initiative which teaches people where their food comes from in the countryside, and also learns to shoot at targets and then cook up a delicious game pie. Over the last few decades more and more of the fish we eat has come from farms. Tom Heap is in Scotland to see fish farming for himself, discover the benefits and find out about the controversy that this relatively new form of farming has caused. Adam Henson is on Exmoor, helping out with the annual round-up of wild native ponies.
S25E30 Cheshire 08/12/2013 The Countryfile team are in Cheshire, where John Craven looks into the history of silk in the area. It all started with farmers making buttons for extra cash, and developed into an industry supporting 70 mills along the rivers. Helen Skelton is also in the county, meeting renowned fantasy author Alan Garner OBE. Cheshire born and bred, Alan's work has been inspired by the landscapes of the county. Jules Hudson is at Beeston Castle. On a clear day the stunning ruin looks out across nine counties. Jules looks into the history of the fortress and hunts out some of the wildlife species who live there. John Craven is also be at Jodrell Bank Observatory, seeing how telescopes in farmers' fields are leading the way in the technology we take for granted. Four years ago, the government announced plans for a national path around the whole of the English coastline. Tom Heap investigates why less than 1% of this project has been completed, and travels to Wales to discover why their own coastal path has been such a success. Adam Henson is on the Mendip Hills in Somerset on a family dairy farm with a difference. They produce 14,000 tonnes of cheese a year, and it is all run on 100% green energy.
S25E36 Staithes 08/09/2013 Ellie Harrison and Matt Baker head for Staithes on the north Yorkshire coast. It is an old fishing village that has long been a magnet for artists. Matt meets the new breed of painters putting Staithes back on the art map, and even offers up his own contribution to the village's annual Arts and Heritage Festival. Up on the moors, Ellie discovers an ancient bee bole - the only one of its kind in the UK. Boles were places where bees would have been kept centuries ago. She also meets the family of bee keepers doing all they can to keep our native black bees alive. Back down in the village, Ellie has a close encounter with a feisty lobster and learns all about traditional Staithes bonnets. Tom Heap investigates solar power and asks why we are installing so many in farmers' fields when we have so many spare rooftops. Adam is busy harvesting his wheat, which he shows us is much more versatile than we think. And wildlife cameraman Richard Taylor Jones goes looking for kingfishers to film near his Kent home.
S25E37 Dorset 15/09/2013 Ellie Harrison and Matt Baker are in Dorset for the Great Dorset Steam Fair. It is the biggest steam gathering in the UK, and Matt goes behind the scenes meeting the enthusiasts keeping the boilers stoked and wheels oiled. In an echo of Dorset's agricultural past Ellie spends time with a Romany gypsy family. They were once the main seasonal workforce, but now there are few left living the old life. She then meets the lady bringing a bit of tropical heat to Dorset's rural byways, before throwing down the gauntlet to Matt back at the Steam Fair. Julia looks at the efforts being made to help small furry animals cross one busy Kent road. Jules Hudson is in Wales' Elan Valley to find out the part played by its reservoirs in the Dambusters raids. And Adam looks at the threat to livestock from nuisance dogs.
S25E38 Devon 22/09/2013 Ellie Harrison and Matt Baker are in Devon, where Ellie gets to witness a very special homecoming. She meets Joey - the lifelike horse puppet that features in the successful stage play, War Horse. Joey has come to Iddelsleigh - the small village that inspired the story - and Ellie is there to greet him. Ellie then heads to North Devon to find out how beavers are being used to help manage the last of the region's rare culm grassland. Just a few miles away, Matt is deep in the woods at the start of a massive multi-million pound programme to regenerate some of the country's last tracts of pristine ancient woodland. Wildlife cameraman Richard Taylor Jones shows us the stars moving across the heavens with some amazing 'starlapse' photography. Tom Heap asks whether the number of domestic cats in the UK is posing a threat to our wildlife. And down on Adam's farm it may be harvest time, but there are still animals to be looked after. So Adam has a seasonal stock take.
S25E39 Shropshire 29/09/2013 Countryfile is in Shropshire. Its countryside is rich picking for some of Britain's finest homegrown foods. Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison head to the small market town of Ludlow for its annual food and drink festival. This place is up there with the best when it comes to all things local. Matt samples a few delights on offer at the festival, and he meets the farmer putting the county's native breed of sheep back on the culinary map. Meanwhile, Ellie finds out how rare breed pigs are giving our continental cousins a run for their money, and doing their bit for conservation too. Elsewhere, Tom Heap looks at the threat that non-native invasive species are posing to British plants and wildlife - and even to our own houses. But, as he discovers, some home-grown species also seem to be upsetting the delicate balance of flora and fauna in the countryside. And Adam is in Wales catching up with two sheep dog handlers representing Wales in this year's One Man and His Dog competition.
S25E40 Abergavenny 06/10/2013 The team are in Abergavenny, a town famous for its markets and its food. Matt Baker is looking at the history and heritage of the old mining town of Blaenavon, seeing how the old spoil heaps have become rich habitat for a surprising number of creatures. The spoil heaps have also been made into a world-class BMX bike trail - Matt takes on some local young people in a time trial. He also sees how one old pit is now producing cheese rather than coal. Julia Bradbury is combining her love of food and art; she is at the Abergavenny Food Festival, where a group of artistically minded local people get together to make huge sculptures based on the food on show. Julia also explores the Monmouthshire and Brecon canal, and joins the team of volunteers restoring the waterway and bringing it back to life. Helen Skelton is in Scotland, meeting two of the contestants in this year's One Man and His Dog. John Craven heads to Essex to surprise the winner of this year's photographic competition - and to launch the Countryfile Calendar for 2014. Tom Heap is in Lincolnshire, investigating the criminal gangs behind widespread illegal hare coursing in the countryside.
S25E41 Compilation - Wild Harvest 13/10/2013 In this special edition of Countryfile, John Craven is in Somerset where something strange is going on: a mast. Once every ten years or so, trees, shrubs and hedgerows all produce a super abundance of fruit. John finds out it is nature's way of compensating for bad seasons. He then heads for the hedgerows, where amongst the blackberries he finds the odd wild apple tree - the result of casually discarded apple cores. He starts picking and soon has enough to take along to a community apple pressing event, where he catches up with the original cider-drinking superstars, The Wurzels. During his Wild Harvest, John looks back at some of the best of all things autumnal to have featured on Countryfile. Like the time Matt hooked up with Antony Worrall Thompson to celebrate British sweet chestnuts. Or when Julia got a lesson in the science of autumn from BBC weatherman John Hammond. And the time Ellie went to Wales to discover the dark arts of mushroom growing.
S25E42 Yorkshire Dales 20/10/2013 John Craven visits the remote and strange landscape of Crummack Dale in the Yorkshire Dales. Here he learns about the Norber Erratics - giant boulders scattered after the last ice age, which have inspired painters, poets and dancers. And in a Countryfile exclusive he witnesses the first ever release of captive bred native crayfish anywhere in the UK. Ellie Harrison is in Kent, discovering the old industrial sites that are amongst the best nature reserves in the country. Tom Heap investigates whether our love of foraging is threatening the countryside. And Helen Skelton and Adam Henson meet more contestants taking part in this year's One Man and His Dog competition.
S25E43 One Man and His Dog 27/10/2013 For the first time, Countryfile is home to the BBC's One Man and His Dog competition, showcasing the time-honoured skills and traditions of sheep dog trialling. The very best sheep dogs and their handlers from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales compete to become the 2013 champions. Matt Baker takes to the commentary box to take us through all the trialling action. Julia Bradbury finds out if the collie really is the brains in the operation, or if the simple sheep has been pulling the wool over our eyes. And Adam is in Bala in North Wales - the birthplace of sheep dog trialling - helping farmers bring down more than 900 Welsh mountain sheep from the hills.
S25E44 Hertfordshire 03/11/2013 The team are in the county of Hertfordshire. When Matt Baker and his family moved to the county 18 months ago, they took on an orchard of 16 apple trees along with their new house. Matt brings in the experts to learn how to look after his new orchard, and discovers what varieties of apples it might hold. Julia Bradbury is exploring the Hertfordshire countryside, which inspired the world-famous sculptor Henry Moore. His love of the landscape was evident in his work - especially his love of sheep, as Julia soon finds out. Ellie Harrison is also in Hertfordshire. looking at the wildlife hidden in its reservoirs. The dumping of rubbish on farmland is costing millions of pounds a year in clean-up costs - and damaging the environment. Tom Heap investigates the scale of the problem and finds out what is being done to stamp it out. Adam Henson is away from his farm and in Cornwall, helping to reintroduce sheep to the mystical ruins of Tintagel Castle - not an easy task, as he soon finds out.
S25E45 Cannock Chase 10/11/2013 On this week's programme, the team are in the wilds of Cannock Chase in Staffordshire. Julia Bradbury explores how with more than two million visitors a year coming on foot, mountain bike and horseback, volunteers are key to managing the landscape. She'll also be at the ancestral home of the Earl of Lichfield, Shugborough Hall, seeing how the local council manage a stately home. Matt Baker is celebrating the centenary of Staffordshire's county council farms. He joins in at milking time for first time farmers Giles and Emily and has a surprise for one farmer who first appeared on Countryfile as a teenager in 1995. As Countryfile marks Remembrance Sunday, Jules Hudson looks at the role Cannock Chase played as a training ground for troops. From the spread of Spanish slugs to disease resistant ash trees, Tom Heap is finding out why more and more organisations are using the public to gather and analyse huge amounts of information about the countryside. But can people power ever be as effective as the work of trained professionals? Adam Henson is in Ireland. This year the country has suffered its worst ever fodder crisis. Adam meets the man who thinks he's got the solution, he can grow fresh green fodder every day of the year - whatever the weather!
S25E46 Suffolk 17/11/2013 The team are in the coastal county of Suffolk. Julia Bradbury celebrates the centenary of the birth of one of our greatest composers, Benjamin Britten. He was inspired by many aspects of the Suffolk countryside, so Julia spends some time looking at one of his less well known operas, Curlew River. Matt Baker is with some of the county's best loved but rarest farm animals, the magnificent Suffolk Punch heavy horse. Ellie Harrison is also in Suffolk, meeting some alpacas on a farm where they are ultrasounding the pregnant mothers to be. Julia Bradbury is also looking for wildlife in an unlikely place, Sizewell B Nuclear Power Station. Tom Heap is in Scotland, finding out why hill farmers think they are going to get a raw deal in the future. Then he heads to Wales, where upland farmers are challenging the controversial view that they should no longer receive subsidies. Adam Henson is away from his Cotswold farm this week and is in Wales, where a young woman has won a competition to run a sheep farm in Snowdonia for a year - as Adam arrives, she is just taking in her first load of ewes.
S25E47 Compilation - Our Living Laboratory 24/11/2013 Countryfile looks at the part the landscape has played in making scientific breakthroughs, and the way in which such breakthroughs have changed our understanding of the land we live in. John Craven heads to Wytham Woods, Oxford University's 'laboratory with leaves'. It is 70 years since Charles Elton first made scientific observations in these woods; John walks in his footsteps to find out how Elton's work still plays a part in shaping our ideas of the world, and meets the scientists carrying his work forward. John also looks back at the best of Countryfile's forays into the world of science, including Matt Baker's look at the pioneer of natural history; Gilbert White and Julia Bradbury's trip to the coast to uncover the story of the palaeontologist and fossil collector, Mary Anning; the time when Adam learned how Hollywood wizardry is helping scientists breed the perfect pig; and when Tom Heap found out how robotics could transform farming in the future.
S25E50 Padstow 15/12/2013 Countryfile is in North Cornwall. Matt Baker visits a stately home with an interesting past. Prideaux Place has been in the same family for fourteen generations and once housed American soldiers during the Second World War as they prepared for the D-Day landings. Matt gets access to the 'American Wing' which has remained untouched since 1943. Prideaux Place is thought to have the oldest fallow deer park herd in the country. Matt helps catch one special buck that's got himself in a spot of bother. Meanwhile, Helen Skelton is finding out why artists, writers and poets flock to Cornwall for inspiration. She also gets on her bike to test out a new woodland trail where cycling and conservation are working hand in hand. And Adam's in Dorset meeting a young shepherd and his Christmas lambs that are taking centre stage in a nativity. Tom Heap learns about plans to expand British farming to make the most of the increasing global market for dairy products. He travels to Wales to meet a farmer who is increasing his herd of dairy cattle and believes this is an opportunity not to be missed. But, Tom also hears from those who can't afford to expand - as well as people concerned about the consequences of producing more milk.
S25E51 Christmas Special 22/12/2013 The Countryfile team celebrate the festive season with a woodland Christmas at Westonbirt Arboretum in Gloucestershire, lighting up a mile-long stretch of enchanted woodland with glitter balls, lasers, meteorite lights and bubbles full of smoke. Julia Bradbury acts as lighting apprentice for the day, learning from the experts how to create a magical festive display. Matt Baker learns about the history of the ancient woodland, and how the Forestry Commission keep the trees happy and healthy. John Craven is with the volunteers who run the hedgehog hospitals. They are overflowing at this time of year with juvenile hedgehogs who need fattening up before they go into hibernation. Tom Heap finds out how farmers capitalise on Christmas. Some sell Christmas trees and mistletoe, while others have reindeers for Christmas events. Adam Henson is on his farm settling his animals in for the Christmas period, with his father and his son lending a hand. He also visits his local agricultural college in Cirencester, seeing how the students there prepare for their break and tracking down the choir for a few carols. Ellie Harrison is with Michelin award-winning chef Tom Kerridge as they cook up something tasty with partridge and pears in the woodland. The whole team come together at the end of the programme for the big light switch on and some festive cheer.
S25E52 Compilation - Wildlife Winners and Losers 29/12/2013 Ellie Harrison explores the plight of some of our most endangered animals. From water voles to wildcats, Ellie finds out what is being done to bring them back from the brink. She looks at plans to reintroduce big cats like the lynx, and finds out more about the beavers and wild boar already at large in the British countryside. Ellie spends the day at a wildlife sanctuary in Kent, where she helps get the water voles ready for their winter health check. She ventures into the lair of a wild wolf pack, and she gets up close to a wildcat kitten that has already had a fight for life. During her time at the sanctuary, Ellie looks back at some of the wildlife winners and losers that have featured on the programme in the past. These include Julia Bradbury's visit to the Yorkshire Dales to take perfect pictures of red squirrels in the snow, and Matt Baker's journey underground to see how old man-made caves are providing the perfect habitat for horseshoe bats. There is also another look at John Craven's visit to the Lakes to see for himself the final chapter in the 20-year reintroduction of red kites.