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This show is about a dog named Courage that was found by Muriel Bagge who lives on a farm in the middle of Nowhere with her husband Eustace Bagge. Eustace dislikes Courage and calls him "Stupid Dog". Muriel on the other hand is different from Eustace and loves Courage. But, weird things happen in Nowhere and it's now up to Courage to save them.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Courage the Cowardly Dog

S01E01 A Night at the Katz Motel 12/11/1999 Courage, Muriel, and Eustace stay at a motel and get freaked out by spiders and a crazy cat called Katz, who hunts them down. Muriel comes to the rescue and saves Courage from Katz, then takes everyone home.
S01E02 Cajun Granny Stew 00/00/0000 Muriel and Courage are feeding birds at the park. A cajun fox walks by and decides to capture Muriel, so he can make a cajun granny stew. Courage and the fox fight over her on land and on an airplane. Finally, Courage saves her at the last minute.
S01E03 The Shadow of Courage 00/00/0000 A scientist dies and his shadow spooks the town of Nowhere and then the Bagge's house. The shadow then admits he is tired of scaring people and decides to become a star in the sky, literally!
S01E04 Dr. Le Quack, Amnesia Specialist 00/00/0000 Muriel is hit on the head by a fly-away piece of the roof and develops amnesia. Eustace takes full advantage of this and turns his wife into a "slave woman." Courage goes on the internet to find an amnesia specialist, but is answered by Le Quack, a thief who poses as a doctor! Courage tries to get help, while Le Quack tortures Muriel for information on where her valuables are.
S01E05 Courage Meets Bigfoot 00/00/0000 Bigfoot comes to the Bagge house. Courage and Bigfoot have a food fight, dance in Carmen Miranda outfits and have a good time. All the fun comes to an abrupt stop as soon as a mob of people arrive to get a reward for Bigfoot. Bigfoot's dad shows up and takes him home, without anyone getting hurt.
S01E08 Freaky Fred 03/12/1999 Muriel invites her deranged relative, Fred, to their home. He has a problem, though. He can't stop giving haircuts. He shaves all of Courage's hair off, and he gets caught by the police, who send him back to an insane asylum.
S01E14 The Clutching Foot 00/00/0000 Eustace gets a terrible foot fungus, and it grows until it takes over Eustace's body! The foot makes Courage steal money or else Muriel "gets it." Courage goes on the computer and finds out dog spit will get rid of the fungus. So, he licks the foot until it's gone and Eustace is back.
S01E15 The Hunchback of Nowhere 00/00/0000 A hunchback who is rejected by everyone wants to find a house to sleep in. He goes to the Bagge house, but Eustace rejects him. It's raining and Courage gets Eustace's raincoat and finds the hunchback in the barn. He is very friendly and together have fun doing shadow puppets, acrobatic stunts and bell ringing. Muriel is happy to have the hunchback stay with them, but Eustace wants him to go.
S01E16 The Gods Must Be Goosey 00/00/0000 A Goose God wants to marry Muriel. He flirts with her, but Courage is angry because he thinks the Goose God will take Muriel away forever. He tries to act as though Eustace is being nice to Muriel. Muriel says she can't marry the goose god because she's "already spoken for". The Goose God tries to kidnap her, but when Courage makes Eustace's truck honk, the Goose God loves it and leaves Muriel. He ends up marrying Eustace's truck!
S01E17 Queen of the Black Puddle 02/03/2000 A Queen who lives in a puddle in the yard of the farm rises up out of the puddle. Eustace sees this Queen and decides to follow the hot chick. Little does he know that she is bad and plans to eat him. She drags him into the puddle, and Courage follows to save Eustace. She lives in a castle, which is where she plans to eat him. Courage saves him and gets out of the puddle as they just miss being captured.
S01E18 Everyone Wants to Direct 02/03/2000 Benton Tarentella and Erin Von Volkheim are two dead jailed movie directors who plan to capture Muriel and eat her. Eustace loves this idea of being in a movie for the money, while Muriel loves to be on camera. Courage hates the idea. Eustace eventually locks Courage up in a trunk because he kept trying to stop this real movie from happening. Courage finds the script in the trunk and rewrites it so Muriel gets saved. Then, Benton and Erin get in a fight and claim to never work together again, giving up on their realistic movie idea and to bury themselves back where they've always been buried: under the Bagge's basement! Everything goes back to normal.
S01E19 The Snowman Cometh 09/03/2000 Courage, Muriel, and Eustace go on vacation to the North Pole. Courage goes out to get firewood and comes back to the igloo (where they were staying) and finds everybody else is gone. Courage knew it was a snowman because he saw it earlier. He figured out that the snowman was taking a liquid from Eustace and Muriel's body to be able to live in hot weather and not melt. Courage gets captured by the snowman but breaks out and saves both. The snowman falls into icy water while chasing them and freezes into a giant ice cube. Muriel, Courage, and Eustace go home.
S01E20 The Precious, Wonderful, Adorable, Loveable Duckling 09/03/2000 Courage finds a duck egg, brings it inside, and gives it to Eustace. Eustace thinks he is going to eat it for breakfast, but finds out its still alive. It hatches and thinks Eustace is his mom. The duck becomes ""Eustace's slave"" and it is jealous of Muriel and Courage, which makes it do nasty tricks on both. Courage eventually puts a stop to this, in which...
S01E21 Heads of Beef 00/00/0000 Muriel is sick, so she sends Courage and Eustace to go to the bakery for her. Eustace gets in his truck and decides to go to eat first. He goes to a place called ""Burgers: Really Cheap!"". The owner is a pig named Jonn Bonne. He gives Eustace and Courage burgers. When Courage sees a guy come into a room and not come back, he thinks he was made into a burger because the burger looks just like him. He goes down and sees Jonn Bonne and his wife talking over a silhoutte of a person's head on a table! The Bonnes go after Courage, but he escapes through the mail slot and runs all the way home. Muriel has gotten better. It turns out the heads were really sculptures made of hamburger meat that Jonn Bonne makes. He, his wife, Eustace and that guy eat one of Eustace.
S01E22 Klub Katz 00/00/0000 Courage, Muriel, and Eustace go on a cruise, but a tidal wave strands them onto an island. Katz returns and says he'll let stay at ""Klub Katz"". Muriel and Eustace go into a ""spa"", where they're turned in
S01E23 Revenge of the Chicken from Outer Space 23/03/2000 Courage notices a familar UFO come toward the Bagge's House. He sees a chicken (the same chicken from the pilot episode. Courage shot the chicken with a raygun and blew up the chicken's head) The chicken wantsa revenge, so he captures Muriel. Courage saves her before any harm is done. He captures Eustace and pulls off his head with a plunger! The chicken (with Eustace's head) chases Muriel and Courage, but later everything turns out OK with the exception of Eustace's missing head.
S01E24 Journey to the Center of Nowhere 00/00/0000 Muriel's homegrown eggplants (that live underground) aren't getting enough water and try to attack her. Courage, after constantly trying, finally stops the eggplants from eating Muriel and give the eggplants water. Everything goes back to normal, and Muriel wins an award for the best eggplants.
S01E25 Little Muriel 00/00/0000 Little Muriel: Muriel is picked up by a tornado and is turned into a little kid. Courage has to put up with Little Muriel's antics and must find a tornado spinning the opposite direction to change Muriel back.
S01E26 The Great Fusilli 00/00/0000 The Great Fusilli: A traveling trailer comes by. The Great Fusilli houses it and decides to make Eustace, Muriel, and Courage acting stars in his portable set. But Courage discovers a bunch of marionettes and sees that Eustace and Muriel have transformed into marionettes. Courage must stop the madness.
S02E01 The Magic Tree of Nowhere 00/00/0000 Eustace grows a magical tree that can grant him whatever he wants. When it gets more attention than Eustace, he decides to cut it down. Courage protects it, but eventually it's cut down. However, the tree has enough power to give Courage the cure to Muriel's new bloated head sickness.
S02E02 Robot Randy 31/10/2000 On a distant planet, there was a race of robots who lived to kill stuff. One non-bloodthirsty robot named Randy was banished from his planet. To show he's worth it, he goes to Earth and enslaves Muriel, Eustace, and Courage. Later, Courage finds Randy alone talking to himself on how he doesn't want to destroy, and he really likes carving wood. Later, when the three fail to follow Randy's orders, Randy is about to crush Eustace and Muriel. Courage challenges Randy to a break dancing competition to set their fates. Courage wins, having Muriel and Courage get Randy to renew his faith in carving a reindeer. On his home planet, Randy opens a wood reindeer stand and m...
S02E03 Curse of Shirley 00/00/0000 Shirley, the medium, places a curse on Eustace. The curse is that a raincloud floats over Eustace's head. The more heartless he is, the more extreme the storm gets. The only way to break the curse is for Eustace to show kindness. Courage has to hold a mirror up to Eustace's face, which causes Eustace to have a flashback and sees himself as a little boy in the mirror. He shows kindness by giving the little boy his hat because he is cold. He actually puts it on Courage's head thinking that he is the boy. The curse goes away, but then returns.
S02E04 Courage in the Big Stinkin' City 00/00/0000 Muriel is slated to perform at New York City. A shady bug named Shwick claims to work for the show and brings them to a room below the stage. The bug sends Courage to pick up a package and if he doesn't, he'd kill Muriel. Courage brings it back, but it's broken. Courage grabs Muriel and runs toward the stage to preform. Swhwick chases them onto the stage, where the police spot and arrest him.
S02E05 Family Business 14/11/2000 Basil, a confused burgular, comes to the Bagge house. At one minute he tries to take them hostage, the next minute he invites himself to a dinner with Eustace, Muriel, and Courage. He renames all of them, he thinks they are his family. He calls Courage ""Nigel"", Muriel is ""Mama Mash Potatos"" and Eustace is ""Uncle Twinkle Toes"". After the strange supper, the burgular takes all three of them to Mount Rushmore. He wants to remove all of the heads off it! The police struggle to get the burgular (in Lincoln's nose) Courage just saves him, and the burgular then decides to take up a new profession... Eel Massaging!
S02E06 1000 Years of Courage 14/11/2000 During Bingo, Muriel, Eustace, and Courage are sent 1000 years into the future, to a world where bananas are the inhabidants of the Earth. Courage and the bananas find out the mayor of the bananas is a monkey. Courage and the bananas then overthrow the king monkey and put him on display on a stage and make him preform. The Bagge's get sent...
S02E07 Courage Meets the Mummy 19/01/2001 A baker back in eygptian times was killed by the queen because she thinks he stole the cookies he baked for her and sold them.He was mummified. One day the mummy awakes and sets out to find the queen, he comes to Muriel's house and thinks Muriel is the queen (she looks very much like her) and Courage hypnotises Muriel into being a queen and Eustace into the royal pumba. Actually the royal pumba back in ancient times was the real criminal not the baker.Eustace is to be mummified (not really, just to get the mummy satisfied by saying this). The Queen (Muriel) says the baker is innocent, and is sorry for him and says how can she make it up to him? She gives the mummy one of Eustace's favorite sheets to sleep in and he gives her a cookie recipe.
S02E08 Invisible Muriel 19/01/2001 Courage digs up a strange neon glowing rock. He gives it to Muriel as a gift. It turns out that that's an invisibilty stone and Muriel starts to disappear. The authorities capture Muriel and Courage m...
S02E09 Human Habitrail 22/02/2001 Doc Gerbil, a fake vacuum cleaner seller,comes to Courage,Eustace, and Muriel's House and takes out a vacuum cleaner and sucks up Muriel and Eustace into it. He takes them to his labratory and puts them in a human habitrail. He peforms experiments on them. Courage manages to get them back.
S02E10 Mission to the Sun 00/00/0000 Courage is ordered to go to the sun and fix the lightbulb on it. Everything is ok until Muriel's brain gets taken over by an alien! It makes Muriel mean and trys to throw Courage out of the spaceship. Meanwhile Eustace's hat gets stuck in the toliet and gets pumped out into space! Eustace chases after it. Muriel then destroys wires in the spaceship and the ship goes out of control and dives into the sun! Luckily there ok. Courage fixes the lightbulb and Muriel's alien leaves. To get back home, they see Eustace riding on a asteroid holding his hat! They hitch a ride and get home. But the Alien says he'll be back,(as the episode ends the alien enters Eustace's brain...
S02E11 Courage the Fly 16/03/2001 Courage gets turned into a fly by Di Lung outside his house .Eustace trys to smack him, because he hates flys. He trys three times to get the fly but keeps hiting Muriel instead.Courage then must stop a salalite from hitting the house. It crashes in there yard.Muriel and Eustace then find out Courage turned into a fly. Eustace walks into the house and wants to get rid of the dog-fly.Muriel says how can you think of getting Courage at a time like this, the satalite almost hit the house. Eustace replies ""It didn't even come close"".Suddenly the satalite raises out of the ground and picks Eustace up with it as it shoots up toward space.Muriel and Courage then just sit in their rocking chair.
S02E12 Katz Candy 16/03/2001 Katz wants one of Muriel's recipes and wants to know the secret ingredient so he can win an annual contest that Muriel always wins.He sends out a jelly monster (made out of real jelly) to capture Muriel & Courage follows to save Muriel. Katz holds Muriel captive in his cand
S02E13 Nowhere TV 03/04/2001 Eustace and Muriel's tv breaks and they call Le Quak to fix it,but Le Quack does something to the Tv to make it hypnotize people.He makes them go steal money and eventually Courage fights Le Quack in a 3D Television Battle and the police come and capture Le Quack, Muriel, & Eustace become their normal selves again.
S02E14 Mega Muriel the Magnificent 00/00/0000 Courage's Computer,who is sick and tired of answering Courage's questions about shadows,monsters,etc. and thinks there not scary so he does something evil ... he uploads his memory into Muriel's body and control's it. He does stunts to make Courage have to rescue the Computer (which is in Muriel's body) Eventually he gets stuck and Courage has to save him from a machine. Even the Nowhere News was there to telecast these stunts of Muriel or (the Computer). Eventually the computer apologizes and goes back into the monitor and Muriel returns to her normal self.
S02E15 Bad Hair Day 10/04/2001 We find out that Muriel has a rare blood type of ABXYZ. People from Growth Industries take her away where her hair is experimented on. The whole scheme is backed up by Ma.Courage saves Muriel.
S02E16 The Forbidden Hat Of Gold 00/00/0000
S02E17 Serpent of Evil River 17/04/2001 Courage, Eustace and Muriel take a fishing trip but find out the salior is a little messed up in the head and kindof acts like a villian. The sailor wants to capture a serpent and makes Muriel bait and the serpent takes Muriel under water ( the rest follow except Eustace) under water to only find out that the serpent just wanted an audience to sing opera to. She didn't want to hard anyone. So Courage saves Muriel and they go home on the ship and hold the sailor captive, but Eustace is trapped on an island with monkeys!
S02E18 The Transplant 17/04/2001 Courage finds a bone in the backyard, which turns out to be the bone of the extinct kangaroo monster as Courage's compter says.(Apparently the scientists weren't very creative in the name). A whole skeleton is found and Eustace sells bones to scientists. When Courage comes Eustace accidently falls off the roof, and their doctor says a bone transplant is needed. Courage decides to use the kangaroo monster bone to transplant into
S02E19 Car Broke, Phone Yes 26/10/2001 A strange person comes to the house. Muriel shows good hospitality toward it and the creature turns out to be an alien in disguise. The alien steals Muriel's kindness and Muriel becomes just like Eustace. Courage goes after the alien and eventually, gets Muriel's kindness back.
S02E20 Cowboy Courage 26/10/2001 Courage dreams about being a sherif in a Western city. Accompanied by Muriel, they go after the ghost of bank-robbing Eustace, or better known as The Whip.
S02E21 Evil Weevil 00/00/0000 Courage,Eustace and Muriel are driving down the road and smash into what looks like a giant fly. Muriel invites him to dinner and at first is polite and helpful. But he ends up being too helpful. He is a weevil. He eats the blood out of Muriel and Eustace and tells them he is giving them a back massage. After a game of skill with the weevil courage gets rid of him by putting the weevil's mouth on the weevil ,he eats himself up and shrinks to a size of a fly. Muriel and Eustace come out okay and are fed back to health by Courage.
S02E22 McPherson Phantom 02/11/2001 Muriel gets blamed whenever she gives Eustace or helps Eustace because something weird happens after she does so. Courage can't figure out what it is. Eustace blames Muriel for trying to get rid of him. Muriel is innocent and is doing nothing. Eustace calls his mother to work out this problem, but she is actually part of this problem. While Courage trys to get Muriel and Eustace on friendly grounds, Eustace's mother bumps into a...
S02E23 The House of Discontent 09/11/2001 Eustace's plants never grow right. The moon has gotten tired of watching Eustace fail to grow just 1 plant so he haunts the house by making objects like food,applainces,etc. come to life. He tells Muriel,Eustace, and Courage they must get out of the house if they don't grow 1 plant by midnight. At exactly 12:00 Courage takes some of Eustace's sweat ( he is sweating beacause of the moons torture which is making the house extremly hot for them so they'll move out of the house) and puts it on the plant,it grows! They stay at the house and the moon stops being unfriendly. Eustace puts up a plant stand and is dermited to sell plants since he grew this plant ""all by himself""!
S02E24 The Sand Whale Strikes 00/00/0000 A whale a long time ago gave his accordian to Icket Bagge(Eustace's father)while playing a unfair game.Now he wants it back.He arrives at the Bagge house and thinks Eustace is Icket. He swims through sand barrages and through the house and eats Muriel and Eustace.
S02E25 The Tower of Dr. Zalost 16/11/2001 A giant moving tower on wheels and (computer generated) legs shoots magical cannonballs that turn everyone in Nowhere green and sad. It is the work of the green-skinned Dr. Zhalost who wants to make everyone in Nowhere miserable like he is. He demands 33 1/3 billion dollars from the mayor. His assistant is a hunchbackish rat with a scar called Rat. Zalost gets the money, but he is still not satsified. Meanwhile, Muriel is making happy plums. Eustace is mad the paper isn't delivered so he tries to get it, and after a failed attempt, he meets up with Zhalost's tower. It follows Eustace and fires cannonballs. Eustace isn't effected because he doesn't have much feeling. But Muriel is hit, so Courage needs to find a way to make her normal. Courage hides in a pizza box that Eustace delivers to Rat. Courage finds piles and piles of cannonballs and he accidently realeases some and one hits Rat. Rat turns into a giant demon rat. Courage fires happy plums because Muriel said...
S03E01 Muriel Meets Her Match 00/00/0000 A criminal lady named Maria Ladrones and her husband who is just a hand, (named Milo Ladrones) comes to Muriel's house when the TV needs fixing. Eustace goes in the van to watch their TV. For fun, Mariah says, she makes her hair like Muriel's and dresses up like Muriel. She steals Muriel's gift certificate and everything. When Mariah and Milo steal a diamond the police think Muriel did it because Mariah looked like Muriel. Courage must clear Muriel's name.
S03E02 Courage Vs. Mecha-Courage 00/00/0000 The science teen (or Di Lung as some call him) makes an ultra robot he calls Mecha-Courage. It takes Courage's place. Muriel and Eustace can't tell the difference, and they like Mecha-Courage better. (mostly Eustace) Courage challenges Mecha-Courage to a battle in the Roman Colessium! Mecha-Courage beats Courage good, but in the end, his battery runs out and he blows up. Courage is happy to be back with Muriel.
S03E03 Campsite of Terror 00/00/0000 Courage,Muriel,and Eustace are camping and two raccoons kidnap Muriel because they want a mother.Eustace is trying to capture the raccoons for a reward.The raccons end up capturing him, to have for company and watch televison with him. Courage and Muriel return home.
S03E04 The Record Deal 00/00/0000 While Eustace is driving home,Shirley the Medium throws out a Velvet Vic record when doing some spring cleaning and Eustace plays the record Velvet Vic comes out and then Muriel becomes trapped in the record and Courage has to get her out.
S03E05 Stormy Weather 00/00/0000 A storm goddess who always has a raincloud around her, comes to the Bagge house. She's looking for her dog, Duncan, who looks just like Courage. She wants a new dog so desperate she tries to steal Courage. Muriel argues with her, while the stormcloud destorys the house.Mr.(Charlie) Mouse tells Courage where Duncan is. Courage looks for Duncan and finally finds him in a sewer licking the God Bone. He gets him back and the goddess goes away and all's well with the exception that the house is still destroyed and Eustace was sucked up by the cloud.
S03E06 The Sandman Sleeps 00/00/0000 The Sandman can't sleep so he steals Muriel's sleep ability and Muriel can't sleep for days. Courage takes her for a drive and hears the sandman's snoring and the sandman decides to give back Muriel's sleep because Courage found him his teddy bear, which helps him sleep.
S03E07 Hard Drive Courage 00/00/0000 While the computer downloads the recipie for a cold reminie soup for Eustace's sickness, it is infected with a virus who caputures Muriel into the computer.Courage must go in after her to save her and the computer.He saves her and Eustace becomes healthy again.
S03E08 The Ride of the Valkyries 00/00/0000 During a vacation to a viking location, Muriel is mistaken as the leader of a group of vikings! Courage now has to retrieve her before the battle against the trolls. One of the trolls and the valkyries get married and peace is settled between the 2 groups. Courage and Muriel attend the wedding.
S03E09 Scuba Scuba Doo 00/00/0000 Courage,Muriel,and Eustace are scuba diving while on vacation and Muriel discovers little people.Eustance tells his mom about that and her company,Growth Industries wants to take the coral they live in to make wigs.Courage saves the little people of the coral and he goes down into there history.
S03E10 Conway the Contaminationist 00/00/0000 A plane crashes down at the Bagge house.A guy inside the plane named Conway claimes by living in a dirty house you can live better, and pay less.The Bagge house gets full of garbage, and Muriel and Eustice get really skinny. The dirty atmosphere ruins their health. Courage turns Conway's plane into a big vacuum and sucks up the dirtyness in their house. Conway leaves, and Muriel and Eustice return to normal health.
S03E11 Katz Under the Sea 00/00/0000 Courage and Muriel go on a much needed trip to get away from Eustace. They go aboard the Katz submarine and Muriel is put to work making tea. Courage is really not allowed on the ship but he sneaks into someone's suitcase and pretends to be a ventriloquist dummy. He finds out that Katz plans to sink the ship with everybody on it. Courage burps up bubbles and everybody floats to the surface to safety,except Katz who gets ate by a shark.
S03E12 Curtain Of Cruelty 00/00/0000 Floyd the bald guy (from the segment Hothead) decides to send a cruelty wave or ""curtain"" out into town and turn everyone mean. While Eustace,Muriel, and Courage are buying meats at the market. The wave hits. Its ineffentant on Eustace cause he already is mean. Muriel and Courage use fabric softer on there shirts so thats why they don't got mean cause there ""soft"".Muriel and Courage are taken to a prisoner training camp for being nice and Eustace is elected canadiate for Mayor.Courage finds the machine that sends o...
S03E13 Feast of the Bullfrogs 00/00/0000 A group of bullfrogs with no pond invade the Bagge house. Their leader is named Buffo. They build a pond on the floor and Eustace and Muriel have to act like frogs and will even be eaten. Courage sticks bees to flypaper and sticks it on the ceiling near the fan. The bullfrogs, thinking it's appetizers stick their tongues to it, but Courage turns the fan on which whirls the tongues around and Courage holds their tongues and tosses them away. All except for Buffo, who goes away and becomes a baseball player.
S03E14 Tulip's Worm 00/00/0000 Two teddy bears in a spaceship land on Earth to look for a worm. One is quite handy with a laser gun. Courage plays the horn and it attracts a worm, which just happens to be the worm that the teddy bears are after. When Muriel won't tell them where it is, and the teddy bears blow up part of their house. The worm comes and it turns out he is a giant blue worm from outer space that eats the teddy bears as well as Muriel. The worm belongs to a giant...
S03E15 So In Louvre Are We Two 00/00/0000 Courage,Muriel,and Eustace win a trip to an art museum in Europe. Muriel talks about how her mother aways said that Muriel aways looked liked the Mona Lisa. They go into the museum right before closing time and then get locked in. They fall asleep in their and when they wake up Muriel walks up to the painting of the Mona Lisa and gets pulled in. Then the Mona Lisa steps out of the painting (the plantets align and the portrait people switch places with real people) Eustace switches places with the thinker and Courage has to chase down the Mona Lisa so he can get Muriel back. The Thinker and the Mona Lisa go on a date into some portraits. Courage and Muriel enter a painting of what they say looks like there house (and it is) and they sit there at home wondering where Eustace is?
S03E16 Night of the Scarecrow 00/00/0000 Courage,Muriel,and Eustace are leaving the county fair, they get chased off the road by a swarm of crows into a corn field. The car crashes into a scarecrow. Mur...
S03E17 Mondo Magic 00/00/0000 A magic kit comes to Courage's house and Courage preforms all kinds of magic tricks. After awhile, this magician named Mondo comes out to help Courage preform tricks. He makes Eustace go in the TV and for his last act he gives Muriel these wierd alienish eyes. Courage pulls off his skin to reveal Mondo is really a green monster. He says Muriel will transform into a monster like he is and marry her. Muriel is transforming, and Courage tries to get Dr. Vindaloo's help but Mondo turns Vindaloo into a cabbage! Courage's magic save the day by turning Mondo into a rabbit.
S03E18 Watch The Birdies 00/00/0000 Muriel and Courage are feeding birds outside.Suddenly Muriel is taken away by a gigantic vulture! The vulture makes Muriel watch her baby birds (while she goes to look for a new husband) and if the birds feathers are harmed in anyway, she eat Muriel with a cereal spoon! Courage has to feed the birds and protect it from bees. Then a snake comes and starts to go after the baby birds but then go...
S03E19 Fishy Business 00/00/0000 A lady fish or fishonnary comes to take Muriel, Courage and Eustace back to ""where they came from"". It turns out they really go to an underwater bio-dome becausea all life originally came from the sea. These three fish judges annouce them guilty of uncivilized behavior (sipping tea, wearing shoes, etc.). So they put them in a goldfish bowl with gills that let them breathe underwater. They have to act like fish and even eat fishfood! Courage must save everyone.
S03E20 Angry Nasty People 00/00/0000 Benton Tarentella returns to make a show about ""angry nasty"" people with Muriel, Eustace and Courage. Eustace is the star because he's very mean. Benton literally takes Eustace's meaness and gives it a form! It's known as Mr. Nasty. Eustace and Mr. Nasty make lots of money and Muriel and Courage are mad because they always get made fun of on the show. So Courage makes Mr. Nasty angry and throws Benton into quicksand. Now Eustace is on a talkshow and loses his money to Mr. Nasty.
S03E21 Dome of Doom 00/00/0000 Eustace is mad they he can't grow plants, so they buy a dome that covers the house.A salesman comes to Courage,Muriel, and Eustace's home to set up dome on top of their house so produce will grow there.When they go outside to pick produce it attacks them and takes over the house.Storms build up inside the dome. Eventually Courage thinks up a plan to destroy the man-eating produce and they end up eating each other.Eustace gets to keep some of it... and the dome is removed.
S03E22 Snowman's Revenge 00/00/0000 Muriel, Eustace and Coruage come home to find out everything is covered in snow!! They find the Snowman has returned!!!! He has a blue thumb he uses to freeze things. He puts a huge pole in their house, and it will blot out the sun, making it snow everywhere. He succeeds, but is still sad he doesn't have any of his snowpeople friends. He says the hole in the Ozone Layer melted them and the North Pole. So Coruage goes on a plane and literally sews up the hole in the Ozone Layer! The sno
S03E23 The Quilt Club 00/00/0000 While shopping for quilting supplies, Muriel meets the mysterious Siamese-twin Stitch sisters, who invite her to join their ""quilt club""... if she can prove she's good enough! Muriel becomes obsessed with proving she's ""quilt club"" material, but when the Stitch sisters come over to initate her, they use their wicked magic to literally make Muriel into quilt material!
S03E24 Swindlin' Wind 00/00/0000 After Eustace cheats Shirley the Medium at the County Fair, she puts a curse on Eustace and Muriel that drives them to try and swindle each other every chance they get! Courage will have to convince Shirley to break the curse, by getting one of the two victims to do something nice for the other (in a roundabout way).
S03E25 The King of Flan 00/00/0000 Muriel and Eustace get hypnotised by a Flan Infomercial. The whole town of Nowhere gets hypnotised. They eat Flan's food product and get fat. Courage must stop Flan so he wouldn't make any more people fat and hypnotised.Courage makes Flan eat his own product and he gets hypnotised and fat himself.
S03E26 Courage Under the Volcano 00/00/0000 While on vacation a tribe brings Muriel to a volcano to sacrifice her to the volcano god.To save Muriel, Courage must go under the volcano to save her.
S04E01 A Beaver's Tale 00/00/0000 The Bagge's yard gets flouded, Eustace and Muriel go for a swim. Everything is alright until the water rises too high and enters their house. Courage paddles around in the water to the town of Nowhere and stops when he sees a beaver putting up a dam. Courage trys to ask him nicely to stop building it because it ruining there home, but the beaver just hits him with his tail. Courage then finds out the beaver's real love is for music and not construction. The beaver starts to hit his tail as a rythem on the dam.Courage picks the string on his yo-yo, like an instrument. The beaver's tale constatly hiting the dam eventually breaks it. Courage's house's water level drys up to nothing. Muriel and Eustace then attend a concert in a local karaoke-type place to watch Courage and the beaver play their instruments.
S04E02 The Nutcracker 00/00/0000 Muriel,Courage, and Eustace head down to the local dump to look for stuff they might want. Most of it is just pure junk except this nutcracker they fin
S04E03 Rumpledkiltskin 00/00/0000 Muriel gets a telegram, from her uncle Agnes,saying that all of her relatives died that knew a kilt pattern. Muriel is the only family member left who knows how to make it. He wants her to come to Scotland and make a kilt for him.Eustace refuses to go to Scotland, because he hates Scotland. Muriel and Courage go over to Scotland to help him. He takes them to a castle and tells Muriel to make a couple thousand kilts for his factory. She says no. Uncle Agnes suddenly admits he is not her uncle, then warns her he'll make her into a pie if she doesn't listen. Courage overhears a conversation of ""Agnes"" and his mother.He kicked her out for saying his real name to many times.Courage then plays a game of charades with Muriel in front of him so she will say his name. She figures it out and Rumplekiltskin (his real name) doesn't force her to make a couple thousand kilts.
S04E04 Housecalls 00/00/0000 A lonely doctor named Gerheart gets tired of being lonely in his run down old house. He invents
S04E05 Le Quack Balloon 00/00/0000 Le Quack is back,once again, this time in a hot air balloon. Muriel is geting ready to bake cookies when he arrives and is using a cookbook.Le Quack switches the cookbook to a Swedish cookbook when she is not looking, the cookie recipe now requires vinegar that is only in Sweden. Le Quack says he'll take Muriel to Sweden in his hot air balloon. It's all really a trick. He attaches Muriel to a bungee cord and makes her steal things when she comes down and up. Courage goes, leashed with Eustace and finds Le Quack's big plan is to have Muriel rob the Swedish piggy bank.Unfortunately for Le Quack it is garded by a General and cannons which shoot the balloon down.Eustace gets stuck in a cannon and it launches, he lands in the bathroom of his house and his head gets stuck in the toliet when he lands! He finds his glasses in there. Muriel and Courage escape from Le Quack and find the Swedish vinegar.
S04E06 Windmill Vandals 00/00/0000 The windmill is broken. Courage finds that whenever the windmill stops... four armored skeletons on horseback come towards him! He finds signs on the windmill vanes and his computer says they are mystic signs made by the first owner of the farm house. Vandals who had a broken paddle wheel needed energy, so they tried to steal the windmill, but the owner put mystic signs on them to keep them away. Whenever, it stops, the ghosts of the vandals come back... and they want to cut everyone's head off! The windmill eventually gets fixed and the skeletons go away.
S04E07 The Uncommon Cold 00/00/0000 Muriel gets a terrible cold, and after a while, she sees a talking slug that wants help. Following directions, Courage and Muriel go to a swamp where there are slugs that are ruled by a snake named Big Bayou. He sheds his skin and makes the slugs make statues out of them. They say Bayou has a magic book that will free them and cure Muriel. Courage gets the book and cures Muriel. Bayou then comes after him, and he bites the book, and his venom magically makes the snake-skin statues attack him. Muriel uses her nail-file to free the slugs.
S04E08 Farmer-Hunter, Farmer-Hunted 00/00/0000 It's the first day of hunting season, and Eustace goes hunting to prove he's better then his dead brother, Horace. He uses Horace's old gun, a laser gun! Courage goes with him to makes sure he's safe. Eustace spots a bunch of deer and fails to shoot them. The father deer then gets his own laser gun and goes after Eustace! Courage says he can settle this by having a game show with the deer and Eustace called, "Hunt For Knowledge." The deer wins. Eustace tries to shoot him, but instead he hits a bear's lollipop. When he asks who shot it, Eustace takes the deer's antlers and says he's a deer. But then hunters come by and think he's a deer and shoot him. His head gets mounted on a car.
S04E09 Bride of the Swamp Monster 00/00/0000 Muriel buys a necklace at a store in which two pictures can fit inside. She puts a picture of herself and Courage on one side, and Eustace on the other side. After they leave the store, Eustace's truck crashes into a swamp. Muriel and Courage have to help push Eustace's truck out of the mud. Muriel loses her necklace in the swamp while pushing the truck. A swamp monster finds it, opens it up, and looks at Muriel's picture. He thinks it's his long lost bride swamp monster. He goes to the Bagge house and kidnaps her. He brings Muriel to the swamp in a wedding dress. Courage finds the real swamp bride and brings her back to him. Courage rescues Muriel.
S04E10 Goat Pain 00/00/0000 Muriel's back starts to hurt, so Eustace takes her to Dr. Vindaloo because she can't make him any food in that condition. He tells them they must go to a top of Mount Nowhere, where a hot spring is located in order to heal her. Courage, Muriel, and Eustace head up toward the mountain. On top lives a goat, who has been neglected by humans, trashing his habitat, and draining up the spring. Eventually, he was the only one left, and now, he chases people off the island by hitting them with his horns. After the goat tells his story, he makes Muriel and Courage hold up gigantic rocks for torture. Courage then accidentally re-opens the hot spring and he cleans up the garbage. The goat and Muriel return to normal health by relaxing in the spring.
S04E11 Muriel Blows Up 00/00/0000 After a missile explodes over the farmhouse, Muriel finds a giant carrot growing in her garden. After eating it, Muriel begins to expand. On TV, the General warns Nowhere about the missile and says only he can disarm it. Using a computer camera, Courage sees a carrot robot. Courage goes in and eats it, then gets burped out. As courage begins to expand, he goes to General, who goes inside Courage and disarms the carrot. Courage burps them up, only to have Eustace eat it. Because the carrot was not properly disabled, Eustace explodes.
S04E12 Profiles in Courage 00/00/0000 At the fair, Muriel and Eustace get full size silhouettes of themselves. On the ride home, Courage notices that they are beginning to move. That night, the profiles take Muriel And Eustace's life to be human. After Courage shows them that being paper is more fun, they give it back. Their creator comes and realizes the silhouettes are happier being paper, and he thanks him.
S04E13 The Mask 00/00/0000 A strange mask wearing women comes to the farmhouse and says dogs are evil. With that, she hits Courage. Muriel thinks they are just playing and invites her to tea. While there, she says that long ago her best friend Bunny fell for a horrible dog. After trying to convince her to leave, the dog threatend her and she had to leave. After that, she rerapedly hurts Courage. At dinner, she says that she wears her mask to hide from reality. Muriel says she has to face reality, but she reveals that Muriel has been sneaking food and Eustace can't fix every thing like he says he can. This causes a fight between Eustace and Muriel. Courage spys on the woman that night and sees her play with a toy mouse. She takes off her mask to reavel she's a cat. Convinced she's a wanted crimnal, Courage locks the doors to the bedroom and attic doors, steals the mouse, and drives off to go to the police. He stops at a diner where the rat reconizes the cat's mouse and says her names Kitty. He says Bunn
S04E14 Squatting Tiger, Hidden Dog 00/00/0000 A Chinese Emporess (and Di Lung) capture Muriel to rid her of her bones. Courage is then put through a series of tests to see if he can rescue Muriel.
S04E15 Muted Muriel 00/00/0000 Muriel refuses to talk after Eustace keeps ignoring her, so Shirley makes a giant starfish attack and it can only be stopped at the sound of Muriel's voice.
S04E16 Aqua-Farmer 00/00/0000 Eustace,Muriel, and Courage go to Nowhere Wet World in which they watch the famous Jojo the dolphin preform some stunts and tricks.The dolphin is mean to Eustace and spits popcorn in his face.Eustace complains about how he can swim better than Jojo.Eustace loses the first challange. Eustace and Jojo then make out an agreement for the next day. If Eustace would lose, Jojo could keep Muriel, in which she would have to live as a mermaid with him. Courage and Muriel give him some training at their house to get him ready. Courage eventually succeeds in making Eustace a good swimer. Eustace ends up winning the race against Jojo, because Courage hypnotised Jojo.
S04E17 Food of the Dragon 00/00/0000 Muriel and Courage make the house look like a pirate theme, Eustace isn't too thrilled about it. Muriel and Courage are dressed up in pirate clothes. The three of them eat seafood, then all of the sudden comes a dragon. He eats Eustace, and chases after Muriel and Courage. The dragon tells them he wishes he could fly, and if Courage could teach him how to fly, he would not eat them. Courage, after many attempts, tries to make him fly, but fails. The dragon doesn't want to eat them, but has no choice, so he continues to chase them through the town of Nowhere, and into the jungle. Once Courage and Muriel get to a body of water in the jungle, another dragon appears, who is friendly because he is a water dragon who just eats seafood. The other dragon finds out this water dragon is his long lost brother, and he wasn't meant to fly since he is also a water dragon. Courage, Muriel, and the two water dragons eat some seafood together. The one dragon spits out Eustace, but a bad flying dragon flies overhead and eats him again.
S04E18 The Last Starmakers 00/00/0000 A star making squid has just had babies(in eggs)She looses her husband to a giant inhaling whale. The squid ends up landing on Earth where she lays there with her eggs. Courage isn't sure about her at first, until he notices that she makes stars. This also flatters Muriel, but Eustace calls the military so he can get money! The military uses the squid and the eggs for research. Muriel sends Courage to help the squid. With the help, the eggs finally hatch and the baby squids float up into the heavens. The mother squid turns into a garden. And once again, Eustace gets his just desserts at the end.
S04E19 Son of the Chicken From Outer Space 00/00/0000 Ashamed at what happened to her husband, the wife of the Chicken from Outer Space sends their three-headed son to destroy Courage. When they land, they try to just zap him, but they hit Eustace instead. Then they tried a bomb disguised as an egg, but Courage puts it in the toilet, and blows up Eustace. And they finally try tieing Courage up and running over him with a train. The three-headed chicken fails and starts getting in a fight with itself. They start crying because it's mother said that if they don't kill Courage, they can't come home. The middle head always carries a camera, so Courage has them take pictures of Courage being tortured. With that, the chicken bades farewell, but Eustace, Muriel, and Courage end up looking like a three-headed chicken.
S04E20 Courageous Cure 00/00/0000 Two multi-armed aliens come to Earth to find an antidote for a disease that makes everyone on their planet beat each other up with their arms. They expriment on Eustace and Muriel, only to find they don't have the antibodies to get the cure. Courage had the cure in him the whole time, and the aliens get it.
S04E21 Ball of Revenge 00/00/0000 Eustace finally gets tired of Muriel treating Courage so well, so he does something to finally destroy Courage once and for all. He gathers together the villains Courage fought to destroy Courage!
S04E22 Cabaret Courage 00/00/0000 Eustace and Muriel never returned a book named 'The pixie and the Prickle Pirate' so they become characters in the book until Courage pays the fine.
S04E23 Wrath of The Librarian 00/00/0000 Eustace and Muriel never returned a book named "The Pixie and the Prickle Pirate," so they become characters in the book until Courage pays the fine. So Courage tries to find ways of gaining money, even making a performance of Eustace and Muriel as characters
S04E24 Remembrance of Courage Past 00/00/0000 Courage remembers the time when his parents were sent to outer space by an evil vet.
S04E25 Perfect 22/11/2002 Eustace is sick and tired of how Courage constantly doing things wrong. A strict teacher arrives and attempts to make Courage "perfect", but keeps failing.