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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Cracking Up

S01E01 The Pilot 00/00/0000 In Beverly Hills, Calif., a psychology student counsels a wealthy couple's introverted son.
S01E02 Birds Do It 00/00/0000 Ben decides to tell Ted and Lesley that Tanner walked in on him and his new girlfriend during an intimate moment but finds that they're uncomfortable with the subject of sex. Meanwhile, Liam learns that Preston has no experience with women so he sets Preston up on a date with a more experienced girl.
S01E03 Scared Straight 00/00/0000 Lesley and Ted hire Bruce, a substance abuse counselor, to scare their kids out of trying drugs but soon find themselves hiding from the terrifying man after they, along with Ben, accidentally eat a marijuana cake that Liam brought.
S01E04 Panic House 00/00/0000 Lesley creates a panic room after a break-in at the house and then proceeds to forget the password after accidentally locking the family in it along with Ben.
S01E05 Grudge Match 00/00/0000 Ben tries to teach Tanner that winning isn't everything while trying to show Lesley and Ted that the boy is actually a talented artist. Also, Lesley tries to teach Chloe and her cheer sqaud some of her old cheerleading moves during a game of basketball in which Ted gets very corruptive.
S01E06 Prom Night 00/00/0000 Ted invites Lesley's old high school prom date to their home after Ben learns that Ted is still jealous of him. Liam is asked to chaperone Chloe, Preston and their dates to the prom.
S01E07 Learning Disability 12/04/2004 When Ted insists that work is more important than spending time with his family, Liam decides to throw a keg party while Ted is out of town.
S01E08 The Fixer 17/04/2004 Lesley and Ted's lack of involvement in their children's education prompts Ben to invite Tanner's stern teacher over to dinner, but unfortunately it's the same night Lesley decides to test Tanner's new medication. Meanwhile Chloe and Preston fight for the attention of their new tutor.
S01E09 Daddy's Home 10/05/2004
S01E10 The Pool Man 17/05/2004 When the family's pool-cleaning guy suddenly drops dead right before Tanner's birthday party, Ben grapples with the emotional aftermath and encourages everyone to express their feelings much to his regret.
S01E11 The Bully 24/05/2004
S01E12 Come Home Lassie 31/05/2004
S01E13 Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité 07/06/2004