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Pick it up. It's for you! Crank Yankers features some of the funniest characters from old Elmer Higgins to a very special someone they call Ed. Crank Yankers also features celebrates like Snoop Dogg, Tenacious D (In the nude) and Ween. So sit back pull up a phone and enjoy the cranks.And just remember: The crank calls you are about to hear are real. The names have not been changed. Screw the innocent.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Crank Yankers

S01E01 Jimmy Kimmel & Wanda Sykes 02/06/2002 Someone crapped in Gladys' car. Elmer tries to get an appartment. Batman's Nemesis tries to find Batman. And Special Ed wants to go to Hawaii. Birchum tries to get a job. Also starring Billy West and Tenacious D.
S01E02 Denis Leary & Sarah Silverman 09/06/2002 Blind stripper Cammie wants to join a strip club but is denied. Spoonie Luv(From Up Above) wants to send flowers and asks for inappropriate things to be written on the card. Denis Leary's friend's pet is a problem pet. And Special Ed's got mail and finds out he's got lower standerds because he uses "I Got Mail".
S01E03 Wu Tang Clan 16/06/2002 Shavin books a room for the Wu Tang Clan. Haddassah wants to be a nanny. Rob's friend(who's deaf) wants to call a phone sex line. And Elmer keeps finding chicken beaks in his dinner.
S01E04 Jimmy Kimmel & Wanda Sykes 23/06/2002 Spoonie calls a country club for tee time but they don't have tee time. Niles needs a healthcare giver. And Elmer needs some hearing aids.
S01E05 David Alan Grier & Dave Attell 30/06/2002 Bobby seeks out a job. Cammie needs computer help. Birtchum loses a fake leg. And Danny is sick.
S01E06 Susie Essman & Jim Florentine 07/07/2002 Niles wants invitations for an ass slaping contest. Tony Deloge wants votes. Helen's son gives her a foul mouthed parrot. And Bobby tries to sign up to be a consulor to help kids on drugs. Also starring The Touchtone Terrorists.
S01E07 Sarah Silverman & Tracy Morgan 14/07/2002 Haddassah has a survey. Spoonie's got an idea for greeting cards. Sav macauley is on the Phone Zone. And Bobby accidentally kills his grandfather. Also featuring Ween.
S01E08 Kevin Nealon & Super Dave Osborne 21/07/2002 Spoonie wants hot girls. Helen calls a grocery store. OCD Ken wants love. And Terrence calls Subway.
S01E09 Jimmy Kimmel & Adam Carolla 28/07/2002 Karl Malone wants Beanie Babies. Danny calls a caterer. Elmer lodges a complaint to the cable company about what he saw on TV. Birchum calls for a moving company. And Haddassah calls the Department of Waste.
S01E10 Dane Cook & Sarah Silverman 04/08/2002 Spoonie orders flowers. Gene Winterbuck makes a call to a library. Haddassah catches crabs. And someone took a pee on Elmer's house.
S02E01 Jimmy Kimmel & Sarah Silverman 04/03/2003 Elmer needs a gift for his wife so he buys anal beads. Special Ed wants to buy a CD with a certain song on it.
S02E02 Wanda Sykes & Robert Schimmel 11/03/2003 Spoon Love needs karate lessons before he goes back to jail. Gladys finds a pornography cassette of her sons.
S02E03 Snoop Dogg & Kevin Nealon 18/03/2003 Guest star Snoop Dogg calls to run for public office. And Haddassah gets harassed by a salesperson.
S02E04 Jeff Garlin & Gilbert Gottfried 25/03/2003 George Zucco has swelling testicles. And Bobby hits an innocent bystander then shoots him.
S02E05 Fred Armisen & Kevin Nealon 01/04/2003 Hadassah has a perfume rash on her vagina. OCD Ken gets "trapped" in a bathroom and needs someone to repeatedly hit the pound key. And Special Ed calls a farm to tell them knock knock jokes but just pisses one of the farmers off.
S02E06 Wanda Sykes & Bobcat Goldthwait 08/04/2003 Gladys' kids super glue her butt to a toilet seat. Steven calls a talent agency and only does Bobcat Goldthwait impressions.
S02E07 Adam Carolla & Jim Florentine 15/04/2003 A blind Stripper applies for college. Birchum wants to get swimming lessons for his conjoined kids at the YMCA.
S02E08 Adam Carolla & Dr. Drew Pinsky 22/04/2003 Bobby Fletcher calls a country store to complain about expired grape soda that keeps making him belch. Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew Pinsky talk hip-hop.
S02E09 Jimmy Kimmel & David Alan Grier 29/04/2003 Elmer calls about a gay cruise.
S02E10 Fred Armisen & Sarah Silverman 06/05/2003 Hadassah Calls a Landfill, Chip calls a hardware store, Kevin and Katie call a bowling alley, Spoonie Needs Driving Lessons, Niles Standish wants a balloon ride, Niles Standish wants a balloon ride, Helen Higgins Calls an Art School, Bobby Fletcher wants to join the Peace Corps.
S02E11 Jimmy Kimmel & Fred Armisen 16/09/2003 Terrence Catheter calls trying to book an appearance for JK Rowling, Ed wants to go to a ball game, Professor Fermstein calls a coed, David orders flowers, Birchum calls with a warning, Chip calls taco bell acting like he’s from the corporate office.
S02E12 Wanda Sykes & Kevin Nealon 23/09/2003 Gladys Murphy calls volunteering for conjugal visits, Elmer needs a dentist, Bobby Fletcher wants a new best friend, Dr. Premise can’t speak, Niles Standish is getting married, Ken is stuck in the restroom.
S02E13 Adam Carolla & Kevin Kimmel 30/09/2003 Birchum expresses his feelings on female police officers, Hadassah wants to conceive, Ed peed in the pool, Jeff needs a new job, Kevin gets help with his homework, Cammie Has Some Questions.
S02E14 Jimmy Kimmel & Gilbert Gottfried 07/10/2003 Bobby Fletcher needs a loan, Elmer can't get out of his bed, Niles Standish needs a new suit, Arthur Johnson gets even, Ken calls a pharmacy, George Zucco Plans a family event.
S02E15 David Alan Grier & Super Dave Osborne 14/10/2003 Terence Catheter calls looking for a stalker for his client George Wendt, Tony Deloge is trying to get a free meal, Birchum's Uncle died, Cammie's been having encounters with the paranormal, A store manager calls a retirement home, Ed calls a library.
S02E16 Robert Smigel & Adam Carolla 21/10/2003 Elmer is having technical problems, Adam and Dr. Drew make a best of show for the holidays, Larson calls about a house sitting, George Zucco wants to rent a tape, Agent Tierney issues an odd citation, Adam and Dr. Drew reach out to their listeners, Gladys calls a store.
S02E17 David Alan Grier & Jeff Garlin 28/10/2003 Birchum needs kids to work around the house, Cammie wants a deal on a rental car, Special Ed likes Donkey Kong, Helen Higgins calls about a film she dropped off, Jeff calls looking for a toy, Concierge gives wake up calls to random hotel room, Danny needs an engagement ring.
S02E18 Jimmy Kimmel & Adam Carolla 00/00/0000 Elmer checks his lucky numbers, Dr. Mark Premise looks for love, Birchum applies for a job, Dick Rodgers has a personal revelation, Kevin & Katie call a Butcher Shop, Gladys has some concerns about her son, and Tony Deloge books a speaking engagement,
S02E19 Bob Odenkirk & Fred Armisen 00/00/0000 Niles Standish calls about a new hobby, Samir is throwing a party, Clay calls looking for a gift for his girlfriend, Terence needs a new pair of boots for Hall and Oates, Cammie calls a Gynecologist's office.
S02E20 Jim Florentine & Kathy Griffin 00/00/0000 Sonny calls delivering a singing phone-a-gram, Katie wants a credit card, Bobby Fletcher calls a retirement home looking for acting talent, Asha gets an unexpected delivery, Elmer plans a reunion., Maria calls about getting some plastic surgery for her 11 year old daughter, Ed calls a man asking if he knows any special people.
S02E21 Sarah Silverman & David Alan Grier 00/00/0000 Hadassah has a problem with her new toy, The Concierge conducts a survey, Danny has questions about child birth, Katie needs help with her book report, Bobby calls to make a reservation for his family, and Elmer's Son tries to make a secret phone call.
S02E22 Kevin Nealon & Wanda Sykes 00/00/0000 Bobby needs a locksmith, Gladys calls a breast feeding expert, Terrence needs help with his new boss, Ken calls wanting to hire a bodyguard, Cammie teaches teens about Sex, Ray needs some language lessons.
S02E23 Jamie Kennedy & David Alan Grier 24/02/2004 Birchum calls a Private Investigator,Wally Calls an Exterminator, Stompie Wants to have fun, Hadassah gets a new job.
S02E24 Wanda Sykes & Kevin Nealon 02/03/2004 Niles calls with a complaint, Jack wants to buy a used car, Gladys wrestles with doing the right thing, Kevin wants a new playmate, Theo calls hoping to adopt some kittens.
S02E25 Adam Carolla & David Alan Grier 00/00/0000 Tobias gives a free reading, Jim bugs a Pizza Place, Chip fights racism, Ed needs piano lessons, Elmer has a Birthday, and The Truth wants to be a Sportscaster.
S02E26 Sarah Silverman & Jeff Goldblum 00/00/0000 Jeff plans a surprise, Cammie learns about Judaism, Marshall calls about a tattoo, Nick needs help with his kid, Sonny Tanning calls a High School Principal, Haddasah wants to learn a trade, Viva Eduardo Especial!
S02E27 Seth Green & Jamie Kennedy 00/00/0000 Birchum makes Funeral arrangements, Marcia wants to enroll her son in Pre-School, Gene wants to get in shape, Elmer calls with a safety concern, Travis needs some clothes for his Wife, and Ezekiel Magoo takes a stand.
S02E28 Wanda Sykes & Adam Carolla 00/00/0000 Gladys develops a negative attitude, Katie wants a job at a Grocery Store, Tobias predicts the future, Niles needs a Dentist, Bobby needs a new job, Foreign guy books a Cruise, Vote for Tony Deloge, and a Prank Call Blooper.
S02E29 Kevin Nealon & Sarah Silverman 11/11/2003 Ken calls a paper with breaking news, Tab wants to hypnotize his Grandmother, Hadassah's having a Baby, Ed calls a Restaurant, Cammie wants to learn magic, and Terrence wants to buy some dolls for Demie.
S02E30 Jimmy Kimmel & Fred Armisen 18/11/2003 Katie's having a party, Terrence is looking for new artwork, Sonny Tanning delivers a singing Phone-O-Gram, Birchum needs some able bodies, Chip Le Las Comiquitas, Bobby wants to lose some weight, and Hadassah desperately needs a Plumber.
S02E31 Best-of Special 1 00/00/0000
S02E32 Best-of Special 2 17/02/2004
S03E01 Eminem & Tracy Morgan 14/09/2004 Special Ed and Special Em want to go bowling; Spoonie makes reservations for a special night.
S03E02 Jack & Sharon Osbourne 21/09/2004 Gladys calls a man about balls; Elmer needs driving lessons.
S03E03 Andy Richter & Sarah Silverman 03/08/2004 Cammie needs a house sitter; Hadassah interviews an artist.
S03E04 Bob Odenkirk & Adam Carolla 31/08/2004 Special Ed needs his hair cut; Birchum is on the hunt.
S03E05 Jimmy Kimmel & Kevin Nealon 17/08/2004 Niles recruits for a basketball team; Special Ed in space.
S03E06 Jimmy Kimmel & Adam Carolla 10/08/2004 The Truth needs to hire a P.I.; Sonny Tanning calls a nursing home.
S03E07 Wanda Sykes & Kevin Nealon 24/08/2004 Gladys gets ready for a big date; Birchum calls a homeless shelter.
S03E08 Adam Carolla & David Alan Grier 09/02/2005 Cammie gets steamy home videos edited professionally; Niles answers a personal ad.
S03E09 Dane Cook & Kevin Nealon 09/03/2005 Rudy needs help with his script; Special Ed calls a doughnut shop.
S03E10 Tracy Morgan & Adam Carolla 24/07/2004 Norman complains of senior abuse; Terrence casts a show for Spike Lee.
S03E11 Wanda Sykes & Kevin Nealon 23/02/2005 Elmer calls a bus depot to reclaim his lost pacemaker; Gladys calls a charm school for her daughter.
S03E12 Tracy Morgan & Jimmy Kimmel 26/01/2005 Special Ed tries to get the alcohol monkey off his back; Rudy learns about breast feeding.
S03E13 Ludacris & Drew Carey 20/07/2004 Ludacris calls his label head with some exciting news; Gladys has a problem with her new phone.
S03E14 Bob Odenkirk & Tracy Morgan 02/03/2005 Spoonie plans a night out; Elmer searches for the right personal assistant.
S03E15 Drew Carey & Jeff Goldblum 12/01/2005 Cammie needs a sturdy bed for her nighttime activities; Kevin and Kate conduct a survey.
S03E16 Jason Schwartzman & David Alan Grier 02/02/2005 Terrence casts a reality show; Hadassah develops a sentimental attachment to someone else's lost wallet.
S03E17 Wanda Sykes & Sarah Silverman 19/01/2005 Murray calls a restaurant to complain; Birchum recruits strong men to do his chores.
S03E18 Tracy Morgan & Jimmy Kimmel 16/02/2005 Spoonie Luv promotes his one-man love-scene videos; Elmer calls a news station.
S03E19 Ludacris & Kevin Nealon 07/09/2004 Cammie has doubts about Santa; Hadassah interviews an NFL quarterback for a teen magazine.
S03E20 Holiday Special 21/12/2004 Hadassah calls to rent a Santa; Ed wants to play with reindeers.
S03E21 Best-of Special 1 28/09/2004 Join Gladys and all of your favorites in this collection of the craziest and crudest calls from the third season of Crank Yankers.
S03E22 Best-of Special 2 16/03/2005 Join Terrence and all of your favorites in this collection of the craziest and crudest calls from the third season of Crank Yankers.
S03E98 00/00/0000
S03E99 00/00/0000
S04E01 Lil Jon, Sarah Silverman 00/00/0000 "Lil Jon Hires a Backup Musician" "Chip is Moving" "Andy Milonakis Calls His Neighbors" "Incoming Call: Bobby's Roommate Needs to Use the Phone" "Hadassah Calls Mall Security" "Terrence Books An Appointment for Jessica Simpson" Hadassah Follow-up
S04E02 Jimmy Kimmel, Steve-O 16/02/2007 "Special Ed Calls a Fruit Market" "Steve-O Wants to Set a Record" "Hadassah Gives Away a Hummer" "Niles Wants to Rent a Moon Bounce" "Mark Thomas Helps Disable a Virus" "Elmer Calls a Boot Store With a Complaint" "Jon Helps His Grandma Book a Trip"
S04E03 Dane Cook, Chamillionaire 23/02/2007 "Chamillionaire Gets Sued" "Chip Calls a Plastic Surgeon" "Maverick Has a Bone to Pick" "Terrence Books a Limo for His Client" "The Concierge Offer an Apology" "Jack Larson is Worried About His Dog"
S04E04 Good Charlotte, Lil Jon 02/03/2007 "Incoming Call: Joel and Benji are Looking for an Assistant" "Incoming Call: Dr. Premise Interviews an Assistant" "Israeli Guy Needs to Book a Trip" "Incoming Call: Yankerville Parcel Service Loses a Package" "Hadassah is Bored" "Lil Jon Wants to Enroll His Son in a Daycare" (featuring Special Ed!)
S04E05 Dave Chappelle, Seth Green 09/03/2007 "Special Ed Has a Bug Problem" "Francis Wants to Give Awards to His Team" "Wayne McClammy Calls a Cattle Ranch" "Elmer Feels Violated" "Birchum Calls A Dog Walker" "Bobby Calls a Tanning Salon" "Russel Has High Hopes for a Prank"
S04E06 Andy Milonakis, Ryan Dunn 16/03/2007 "Incoming Call: A Telemarketer Calls Special Ed" "Andy Milonakis Calls His Neighbors" "Terrence Calls a Church for Paris Hilton" "Wayne McClammy Wants a Tattoo" "Chip Plans a Family Meal" "Incoming Call: Yankerville Parcel Service Loses a Package" "Ryan Tries to be a Good Father"
S04E07 Adam Carolla, Dane Cook 23/03/2007 "Taylor From the Real World Calls a Medieval Theme Restaurant" "Terrence Hires a Chef for Star Jones" "Incoming Call: Bobby and Don Terrorize a Telemarketer" "Sav Macauly Calls From the Phone Zone" "Birchum Searches For a Missing Person" Sav Macauly Follow-Up
S04E08 Jimmy Kimmel, Nick Cannon 30/03/2007 "Incoming Call: Nick Cannon Has a Car For Sale" "Birchum Wants Gymnastics Lessons For His Daughters" "Chip Calls a Mexican Restaurant" "Incoming Call: Somebody Miss-dials A Psychic Hotline" "Th Truth Books a Hotel Suite" "Elmer Wants to Bury His Brother"